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  1. Sugar maple tree that I harvested end of winter early spring. Inoculated the logs with plugs and capped with hot wax. The mycelium spreads through the log and eventually fruiting body shiitakes form
  2. Outdoor limited.com has 243 ammo
  3. I used to burn through a lot of rubbers back in the day truck bed lol
  4. Blade upside down? low tire pressure?
  5. I saw silent predator wool clothing at the Syracuse sportsman show some 20 years ago.. Can anyone confirm if they are still in business? Contact number?
  6. Been a member on this site for ten years I just Came across the today chuckle during the pandemic. I spent days going through all the pages , thankfully I screen shot all the good ones nothing like a good laugh would send them to close friends and family got great humor in things like: why didnt the Mexican shoot a deer? he didn’t habanero! seems like you should be able to block these younger kids on the site just like you can naughty stuff on the tv for those that aren’t yet 18-21 or older ?? Begging you to bring the good ol’ days back ! thansk bucktracker
  7. So I’m always checking a few websites that ship ammo to nys but cannot recently find what I’m looking for.. here is my question: has anyone ordered ammo from Midwest USA? and does the ammo need to be shipped to an fll dealer?
  8. Thanks I'll give that a shot Salmon Run
  9. Hey everyone, Just curious if anyone else experiences these issues with trail cameras set up out in an open area, such as a field edge. On cold heavy frosty nights the lense gets glazed over with frost and affects motion sensor as well. I know I'm not getting pictures because of this. Can't be the only one out there dealing with this.... anyone have any tips or tricks to prevent this?
  10. Yeah that's an unreal buck. Right in my county! I'd like to hear what it scores with all that mass. Looks like a 200" rack to me...
  11. Recovered my doe the following morning! She went about 60 yds and likely died soon after I shot her. Very little blood the first 20-30 yds then absolutely nothing, no blood on brush/ branches. After being down on my hands and knees for an hour looking for more blood/sign i started to do archs in the direction I knew she headed. Was so relieved when I found her belly up and dead. The broad head and 3" of shaft were left in her so I was super cautious gutting her . Found it in the lungs, must have hit something else major because she had severe internal bleeding. There were about 6 huge clumps of congealed blood in her chest cavity. First ever doe with the bow, I've shot two bucks previous to her also first kill with rage hypodermic, not sure how I feel about rage... one of the blades broke in half, glad I saw it and found it. I also broke a rib which is likely why I didn't get a pass thru shot. I've shot muzzy 4 blades previous to rage . I think they bounce off the ribs better and keep going further... thanks for the help fellow hunters !!!
  12. Yes saw the arrow hit her and watched her run away with it in her till she ran through saplings where it broke off. I guess my question is the white hair.?? If I got white and brown hair then is that likely below lungs/heart/vitals?
  13. Could use some help. Hit a doe last night around 5:45 pm with the bow at15 yds. Gave her two hrs before I searched for her. The arrow didn't pass thru, it was hanging out of her as she ran into some saplings. The arrow snapped off leaving the broad head and 6" of the shaft in her. I found blood and white/ brown hair on saplings about 1 1/2-2 ft off the ground for maybe 20-30 yds. I couldn't find any more blood at that point and figured I'd try first thing in the am. Any advice based on the scenario? White hair... low belly shot? It happened so fast, I know the arrow stuck her right behind the shoulder, just maybe a little low... im going out at first light in the am...I'm in the Cicero , cny area, does anyone have a deer search contact info for this area in 7f? thanks for the help/advice!
  14. Hey all, Was thinking bout starting to do some shed hunting here soon. I'm from the CNY area and have always considered looking in state parks and town parks that harbor deer. Just curious if anyone has ever shed hunted in Green Lakes state park? I always see a shit ton of deer when I go out there! Thanks for the input..
  15. Think it has been sitting for a season, but just in awsome condition. It has some chew on the tip of the g3 and some nawing on the tip of the main beam and brow. Despite that, it has great coloration in the base region for sitting alomst a year. So lucky to finally find one. It was like touching a tit for the first time!!!
  16. Figured I share my success, Finally found my first shed antler ever!! Was just walking around the middle of some hardwoods this morning following some tracks and there is was. I saw just the antler beam and g3 looking me in the eye, I couldnt believe it!! Put some leather to the ground the past spring looking mulitiple areas for sheds, dumb luck I guess!
  17. yeah no luck yet... hope he keeps knockin up them does
  18. OOOO man .. big boy, and 8 with a split brow tine going 9. I'm thinking he scores at least 130?? He stood in front of the camera for like 5 minutes, got like 15 pics!!!
  19. I hunt in Onondaga Co. on private land
  20. Finally something with some antler shows up on camera!! Obviously not a Booner, but decent for where I hunt!! Whats the guess for a score on this little guy? 100"?
  21. Was wondering if anyone could help lead me in the right direction to search for some sheds in Letchworth State Park. Been there 5 years ago during the summer.. and the place is huge. Hunted Hector.. it is also large. Got some spare time coming up and would like to be able to collect some sheds...!! Thanks for any input.. Buck Tracker
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