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  1. my family are meat hunters we look for the does with out young ones but will not shoot that years young and will take any buck that has 3points one side we also hunt for the big bone heads and we dont shoot unless its going to be a kill NO brown and down BUT LATE MUZZEL LOADER WE TURN ANY tag in to a doe tag as the law states
  2. The heat is on had a small 6 come in last night grunting nose to the ground and he stunk that boy was rutting maybe more are
  3. we have ice on the winshields this morning great start will see whats moving
  4. from a little more up state delaware county there has been photos and sightings here for years Now some were put in the books as large Bob cats But the photos dont lie there are big cats in NY state
  5. The string jump or matrix moveas my son calls it. Is very real happens alot every one that bow hunts WILL have it happen to them at some point if you can see there eyes they can see you and there going to be ready to run in the blink of your eye and as was stated in above post there going to drop there bodys to run always aim the lower 1/3 of the chest if they have an eye on you good luck and be safe
  6. Dad 6424


    I have never had any luck grunt calling this early i would wait till they get real stupid i think we are a week or so from that. In the area we hunt the big boys are crusing there scrap lines we are seeing the same bucks at just about the same times the last 3 days my son missed a nice 8 last night will try to load a photo of the buck later tonight good luck be safe
  7. ok so let me get this right ALL OF YOU want the youth season just SOME OF YOU JUST NOT ON YOUR TIME i dont care when IT IS get hte kids involved theres more deer out there there shooting the first thing that come past let them hunt
  8. stay with it the big boys like bad weather
  9. see doc get xrays mri and try a lighter draw weight bow
  10. How many of you have been scouting and came across pot plants
  11. one of the farms i hunt on has an Albino wood chuck and the owner wont let it be shot cool pic
  12. Have both use both like both ever try 243 ??? good flat shooters and no kick
  13. wow dont know if I would or not if it is not illegal DAMN SKIPPY IT WOULD BE HANGING very cool
  14. Dont get upset about not seeing deer every time and enjoy the time have fun its a gift to do what we do I spend as much time as i can in the stands my wife goes and sits with me more eyes on the shooting lanes and keeps me from napping lol just have fun .dont get me wrong it is also being ready with the right equipment and making the shot count in the words of Ted Nugget.aim small miss small good luck