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  1. My opinion is what classifies an assault/military weapon is the high capacity mag. Why would anyone need a 30 round mag other than someone who can't hit their target. So i'm in for limiting mags to 4 rounds.
  2. Thanks Dave6x6 I am happy with what I got as I cannot afford those high end cams. Just as long as they show me what I have on my 10 acres.
  3. How disappointing is it to call a gobbler and hear him being shot
  4. I also love Dick's. I just wish they would sell and install bowstrings
  5. I'll be 58 next season. Minds still young, body not so. Still walk to stands and this year started to use a wheelbarrow or sled to haul out deer during bow and gun season. Normally hunt on 60 acres.If hands or feet get really cold just walk around or go back to camp for an hour or two but still hunt from inside. I also hunt turkey and duck. Duck is a little rough not much of a fan of standing in waist high 40 degree water as i used to be. Just seems to be A little harder putting on waders, carrying gear etc.But still and will enjoy as long as I can. Hunting is my life and will probably meet my maker in the woods hopefully not for another 20+ years.
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