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  1. Karpteach

    AWD vs 4WD

    I agree! We have a 14 Forester and are adding a 2019 Outback this summer/Fall!!! Never buying a 4 wd ever again.
  2. Wow, that’s crazy! Hope everyone involved stays OK.
  3. Karpteach

    Show us your pup!

    This is my Gracie. She rescued us. She has more tree rats and possums under her 1.5 yo belt, than I do under my 53 yo belt.
  4. Karpteach

    Jerry VanDyke has died

    RIP funny man. He was great in McLintock as a “dude”.
  5. No no that’s his brother! His name is Nutz SoH Hung!! He’s the little brother!
  6. Karpteach

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    All you need is a knife and two pair of pliers. They are SO worth it.
  7. Karpteach

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    You could eat the wings of the ray. Depending on the species of ray, they can taste like scallops or steak!
  8. Karpteach

    Their back...

    It’s ok folks. High school lets out at three. Dang people, let shit go!
  9. Karpteach

    Old school

    My daughter is in middle school. The books are huge and heavy. However, most of her homework is done on an iPad.
  10. Karpteach

    Gutter Cleaning

    After seeing the picture... you got a bargain! Your health is worth more than $140.
  11. Karpteach

    My new Puppy

    Beautiful pup. I’ve seen mini beagles go into rabbit holes, they have some strong hunting instincts. Best of luck with the stud.
  12. Karpteach


    Dogs make life a whole lot better!
  13. Karpteach

    Wisconsin Gun Buck Photos

    Wow, JUST WOW!!!