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  1. I want everyone to know that I am stricty a trophy hunter and I am proud to tell all and any who will listen.I will not shoot any deer with three (3) ins. or less of ears. That is right , every deer I shoot must have ears that are three ins. or better.
  2. If you can't open the link, go to (salmoncrazy.com) click on forums and you can read all about it.
  3. If you fish the Salmon river you may want to check this out. (http://www.syracuse....d other la. html) The steelhead are dying in the salmon river and other lake Ontario tributaries and the DEC dosn't know why. The dead steelhead started showing up about the third week in Nov., on the banks and bottom of the river.Fisherman have been saying that the fish are loaded with gill lice. The DEC are saying that the gill lice are not killing the fish and it might be that they need vitamin B . They don't know what is killing the fish. Steelhead are the only fish dying off.
  4. It has always been that ten (10) percent of hunters kill ninety (90) percent of the deer year in and year out. I also know from people that I talk to that the Bow hunters are more likely to take more than one buck with the bow than gun hunters because it is so much easier to do and not get caught. I know there is good and bad in all types of hunting , but Bow hunters seem to stand out more than others. If I had any say about the laws I would vote for one deer, buck or doe, per season period. That way everyone would see more deer and more bucks I know the Bow hunters are going to jump on me for saying this , but it a fact of life and I know what I am talking about because I have hunted with a bow for fifty (50) some years and have seen it first hand.
  5. thunnus, Why do you think that someone who smokes won't take deer. There was a study done a few years back to see if cig. smoke would spook the deer off. Guess what? They found that deer could not tell the difference between cig. and or wood smoke.Deer are not worried or frighten of smoke. It is human scent that spook them. The study was done by DEER and DEER HUNTING mag. I have know this for many years first hand. I have bow hunted for close to 50 years and gun hunted for 54 years . I have taken many buck year in and out and have had to set a lite cig down at times to take a shot with bow and gun. Oh yes ,I hunt on the ground in natural ground blinds and have for many years. To me someone who uses a treestand are not true hunters , only shooters. The number one most people over look for scent control is my number one in scent clover is baking soda. I put it in my hats and all over my body. Try it, it works!
  6. He has to be talking about DSR, Good fishing in the fall. Spring time fish are up and the river.
  7. I was just there a week ago today,The river is loaded with steelhead. The flow was real low and made for tough fishing and the fish were real picky and not very aggressive. We still went 6 for 11. When I go up in spring ,I like to go the last week of March ,I feel that is the best time for steel. You will get some dropbacks and fresh fish then. Last March when I went I was 12 for 18 and three that I lost were because I screwed up. All fish taken with beads on the center pin. I have always fished with (Salmon river Guide) The guides name are Shane and Richard Thomas.. Check them out on (www.SALMONRIVERGUIDE.COM)II have gone with one or the other and have always had a good time and always a lot of fish.This pass week makes it 8 years in a row that I have gone with them. They will work very hard to get you fish and are on the river everyday and know the fish are holding.Also you may want to check out (www.salmoncrazy.com) . Tight lines and good fishing. NOODLE ONE
  8. Go to the last spot of blood that you can find, then turn and back track 20 to 30 yards and keep looking for blood off to the side of trail, you will need to look a good ten yards from the trail because if she did back track and then jumped off to one side or the other. If that is what she did she will be beded 20 to 30 yards off to the side so she can watch her back trail.I have had this happen to me with two deer and found then dead in there bed. If you can not find any blood off to the side ,then go back to the last blood and mark the spot and then walking in circles starting small and with each circle getting bigger . You will need to move slow and if the blood is there you should find it. Good luck and good hunting.
  9. If anyone has a 4/10 single shot shotgun that they want to part with let me know.I am looking to buy one.
  10. Those pigeons know how to disguise themselfs.
  11. I have been gettimg them for many years. I can't remember when I got my first one, but I have been getting one for a long time.. Yes, I do think that it is worth it for them. They must feel that it is a good inventment for them. I know that I more than pay for mine with how much I buy from them.. I spend many dollars with them. I buy everthing for hunting, fishing ,and clothing. I feel that Cabela's is a (5) five star store when it comes to customer service.
  12. I am lucky , I live 30 min away from Deposit and make the trip down a couple times a week. There is some great trout fishing all up and down that river with some big fish if you fish right.
  13. The turkey hunting has been real slow here with little or no gobbling all season. I did call in a lot of hens and a few jakes that I didn't want to shoot so this morning I told myself enough turkey hunting and time to do a little trout fishing. I headed down the East branch Delaware . I center pin for trout and always have good luck and catch some big fish fishing that way. For the people who don't know what center pinning is, it is fishing with a float and a free wheeling reel with no drag and a 13' foot noodle rod. I drifted though the hole I was fishing three times and on the four th. drift my float went down and I set the hook. Nothing happen or moved, so I put more pressure on my line and that is when he took off and there was no turning him. I had him on for a good (5) five min. and only saw the top of his tail across the river and it was big. I am thinking that it had to a big brown. When he wanted to make a run all I could do was hang on because there was no stopping him. After five min he came off. He didn't break my line, he just pulled free from the hook. I did hook and land a 15' or 16' ins rainbow that was all colored up down it sides. I only fished for two or two and a half hours because the wind was blowing (20 mph) and it made it hard to control my line and float and I could not get the drifts I wanted . Tomorrow is suppose to be nice with less wind ,so when I get up I will check the wind and if everything is right I am heading down to see if I can hook up again with the big boy.
  14. You are not alone in not hearing any gobblers. You are about 20 or 25 miles north of me and everyone that I know who hunts turkeys are haviing the same problems. I don't know if it was the winter kill off or the birds are late this year. I know guys who have just given up on hunting this spring because of it. I am surprised that you say that the Afton area is that bad. Afton has always been good for hunting turkey and deer no matter where you hunt up there. I have gone in to places that in the pass were good for birds and there is no gobbling or sign of birds..There are no birds out in the fields and I am not seeing any birds crossing the back roads.If this continues I see the DEC shutting down turkey hunting as we know it.
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