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  1. I would like your input. My wife wants me to earn extra $$. I'm thinking of making/building food plots for poeple who would like one put in but don't have the means or eqiupment to do so. Do you think this could work for a small bussiness? To earn extra cash? Here are some pictores of my food plot. landowner
  2. I stalk to the fridge and grab another BUD-LITE. They never run away.
  3. i keep my back tag in my zippered portain of my back pack. I live in 3M. I also have lost my back tag while hunting. I wouls rather be asked to see it and explain why it is not on my back, than get caught hunting without it.
  4. Just to let you in on somthing. Trespassers do not wear back tags.
  5. A few years ago I saw a monster of a buck, I was hunting on the edge of a big swamp. He had chocholate antlers they were great looking. I only seen him one time. I wished I had him on my wall.
  6. I only shoot does if they are alone. I try to shoot 6 or better with the bow and rifle. I would shoot a 4 pointer if he was atleast 16 or wider. I one time shot fawn by mistake, I felt bad for taking such a young deer.
  7. I went out to the stand this morning. No one their. I put a note on the stand with my phone number. I will give him a week if the stand is still their I will then dissasemble it, and keep the ratchet strap. Is this ok?
  8. What a great story tell him I said great job. you must be very proud of that boy. You must have been a great mentor. Pat your self on the back.
  9. I love the outdoors, quiet, getting closer to nature, excitment of have a deer getting with in bow range really gets my heart pumping. I do love the taste of wild game. I have been hunting for about 35 years since I was 10. My son loves it as I did.
  10. Here is my take on this issue. I live in 3M I only own 50 acres. I pay the taxes. If they want to hunt, go hunt state land. I work very hard to keep my property clean. I also do food plots and shell oot lots of $$$. I had a hunting camp that used it to hunt Phesant, I let a few of these guys hunt deer, one day I'm out on my tour of the land I see one of them standing over 1 dead doe and 1 dead fawn. Guess what he and his friend were now off my property for good. One other guy, back in the day when I was feeding the deer. We had a pieball button buck on our land all summer. Another person thought it was a very great looking deer and he had to take it. Gone. I let friends and family hunt no strangers.
  11. I have not had any luck with the wind. Same here I also see deer moving just before dark. I had deer down wind of me 2 days in a row. I must say they sure do have a great sence of smell. I almost had a turkey and a rabbit today. I will be spending late tomorrow morning moving a stand where I have been seeing deer moving from bedding to food sorce. I hoping this will get me in the game.
  12. I don't like to share and of my land w/trespassers. The deer come and go as we all know. I like to keep whats mine, mine. I guess you don't want to share all those "150" class bucks you see.
  13. This a hole put his stand about 40 yards in open view of the power line road that goes thru my land!
  14. A few years ago I had this a hole trying to hunt the power line that is on my land. He said he was going to hunt Orange County property. He had the nerve to say for me to get a tax map to show him that the land is in fact mine. I now keep copies of that on hane at all time. Just today my friend cought someone tring to hunt the power line property. My friend told him that I own the land. They left. My friend is a very big guy. It was my life long dream to own property, so every hunting season comes and I spend more time patroling it than hunting it. I kind of like it now its like a game for me. I could tell so many stories about a holes trying to hunt my land. What is your favorite story? I owe him one.
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