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  1. As the title says I am looking to purchase land in Schoharie county. Minimum of 15 acres. If anybody knows of anything please let me know. Thanks,
  2. Got it. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Good to know. I guess I will have a bunch of 10x10 sheds around my property. lol
  4. Excellent information. Good to know. Thats pretty much what I thought. Question is did you have utilities hooked up to your trailer such as septic/water and electric?
  5. I think that will be my safest option. Thanks for the info.
  6. Got it. Thanks. I was asking the realtors but I dont trust them since they are just interested in selling the property.
  7. From what I heard is that vacant land is not taxed the same as land with a house. Since there is no residence then you are not responsible to pay the same taxes. I may be wrong and I want to know for sure before I make any purchases. What local official could I contact for accurate information?
  8. Interesting. So the trailer I am thinking of is one of those 13ft travel trailers that you tow. I am assuming I would have to register that? The cabin I was thinking of is one of the small prefabs from the amish that can go up on blocks. Would I need a building permit for that?
  9. Understood. Thank you. But is there a difference of whether I put a trailer or rough cabin on blocks compared to putting up a permanent home or would it be the same thing? Reason I ask is because then instead of looking for a vacant land I might look for one with a small home on it with the utilities already put in. I figured if the taxes are signifcantly lower then I would get a vacant land and put a trailer on it for the time being to save some costs.
  10. Correction, I believe you pay a much smaller percentage of school taxes as opposed to if you have a permanent structure or home. What constitutes a permanent structure though? If I put a rough cabin or trailer on blocks, no foundation or slab, is that considered a permanent structure and would that raise my taxes? For example my buddy has two properties in schoharie county. One is vacant land and he pays around $700/yr for 70 acres. The other property is two miles away and is 20 acres with a house and he pays $6000/yr.
  11. I am interested in buying a piece of land maybe around 15-30 acres for hunting/recreation. I want to make a small camp setup with either a trailer or small cabin. For now I want to keep it simple and low cost. Then maybe when I retire I will put a nice home. What I want to know is if I put a trailer or small rough cabin, with or without a well/septic and electric will that increase the property taxes? What makes the property taxes increase from having a vacant land? Basically I want to avoid the jump of paying the school taxes which I believe you dont pay on vacant land. Any help is appreciated.
  12. I used this guy. John J Lindsey 518-605-9106. Got me a reduced plea with no points. His price was fair.
  13. Ok so I think I got it. Basically with my bow and muzzleloader tag I can get a total of two does or one doe (or buck with antler less than 3 inches) and one buck for a total of 2 deer whether it be with bow, crossbow or muzzleloader. If l got just a bow tag then I would only be entitled to one either sex.
  14. The way I interpret it since they make you buy a muzzleloader tag is that I can shoot a deer during bow season with my bow then I can shoot a deer with a crossbow or muzzleloader when that season opens which is the last two weeks of bow. However there is no specific details in writing that states that.
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