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  1. Zhe Wiz

    10ML II

    I've left mine loaded for extended periods, no issues.
  2. Oh yea, we're neighbors! I use N120 (60 grains) with 300 grain Barnes Originals. I don't think that powder is still available, but thankfully I have a couple pounds left. I'll have to try something else when I run out.
  3. You're gonna love it. I love mine! Same as yours except I have the thumbhole stock.
  4. We could just "donate" NYC and surrounding to New Jersey. No new state created, just a shift. Trouble is Jersey probably doesn't even want them. :-)
  5. Yes, the fumble was huge. He had a GAPING hole to run though if the Packers don't strip the ball there. The call didn't lose the game, Cowboys had plenty of chances. Missed field goal/6 point swing before half hurt badly too.
  6. Yes, and there's another rule that states if he completes a 'move common to football' before losing control, then it's a completion. I completely disagree with your statement that "Dez didn't have complete control while taking any steps." He had COMPLETE control and took TWO OR THREE steps (depending on how you count!) before diving for the goal line. Definite football move. The fact that we're even having this conversation tells me it's a stupid rule. Watch the play? Did he catch it? I haven't had a single person watch the play and honestly answer 'no'.
  7. In my opinion his reaching for the pylon was a "common football move" and should have made it a completion. How many steps does one need to take before it's a fumble vs an incompletion? The rule is absolutely horrible. (The rest of this isn't directed at you Bubba, just my general rant. And for full disclosure, I'm a H U G E Cowboy fan since the 70's.) Oh and the difference between this week's bad call and last week's? The Cowboys got screwed going for the win. The Lions? Tell me where Stafford was throwing that ball. Does anyone other than me get the irony when he says "it's too bad that game had to be decided by the refs." Isn't it obvious he was TRYING to get that game, or at least that play decided by the refs? He threw that ball into the back of the defender for one reason and one reason only - to draw the flag. They picked up the flag after discussion and NOW he's pissed that the refs decided the game? NO, he's pissed because the refs didn't decide the game FOR him, but rather AGAINST him. BS. Have the balls to throw the ball where your receiver has a chance to catch it like Romo did. Don't wuss out and throw the ball in a place where you hope it will draw a flag. Cowboys didn't lose because of the reversal (tell me how in the hell there was enough evidence there to overturn the call anyway) but it sure didn't help. Same with last week's game. Plus, who here can honestly say it felt good to have two consecutive games screwed up by officiating regardless of if the same team that was benefitted one week was screwed the next. That's a good thing? Two wrongs DO make a right? We should be talking about two great games, instead we're going to be talking about the damn refs.
  8. My nephew shot one this year on my property just outside of Dryden, NY. She was quite the traveller. :-) Zhe Wiz
  9. I bought one! Couldn't wait any longer. I heard Sweeney the weenie is retiring, now we just have to get rid of Cuomo the .... No I won't go there... On Tuesday and we'll be all set. VOTE ON TUESDAY PLEASE EVERYONE!!!! Anyway, I bought an Orion 150 with crank. Should be here on Election Day. I'll have it all set up and sighted in by next weekend. There are a few places at Cornell where I'm likely to use it during gun season too. Places that allow xbows, but not guns. Can't wait to try it out. Anyone had luck with 100 grain slick trick magnums out of a Scorpyd? I'd like to stay fixed blade if I can find on that'll shoot.
  10. Leave poor Belo alone. He's still hurt that his beloved "tradition" (compound bow = tradition??) is nearly dead. Poor thing.
  11. I've used a cargo carrier on the back of my Forester, a covered trailer behind my Prius and Impreza. Trailer is nice, but a pain to hook and unhook every trip. This year will be a cargo carrier on the back of my Grand Cherokee. Nice to have enough ground clearance to use it again.
  12. Don't get me wrong guys! I'm likely to buy one of these eventually. Kinda waiting for NY to get its act together and allow xbows for the entire archery season. When that happens I'll be unloading my bow and current xbow (reverse limb Horton) and buying one of these. But damn, they are expensive!! Nice to hear the cocker doesn't prevent a good cheek wield.
  13. First, how the heck do you cheek wield that thing with the auto cocker? Seems like it gets in the way? Oh, and how many months financing is available? 60? 72? I've bought cars that cost less.
  14. NY has a MINIMUM width, but no Max. See here. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/68802.html
  15. I have that reticle on my Browning Gold Shotty. Absolutely, hands down my favorite reticle for deer hunting. I love it. I wish there were more scopes that had it as an option.