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  1. Thanks! the one was right at 1 1/4'' and the other at 7/8" which was broke off. We played some games this week. Had him pretty close couple mornings ago but did not push a shot as it was very thick. I'm glad I waited!
  2. Had an amazing last day! Tagged out with about a half hour before I had to give up for work. Nice bird I have been hunting the last couple weeks. Ivory tip and all! Finally met his match today! Was a tougher year for me than usual.
  3. I use H4350, temp stable and gets them cooking! But I also have a 26" shilen varmint barrel with a 1:8 twist. Shooting 105Gr Bergers at 3050fps. I monkey around with some benchrest shooting and long range stuff with this load. I have had good luck with IMR 4350 in my sporter Savage model 11 with 87gr Vmax. Produced somewhere little over half inch group at 100 yards.
  4. I hear ya there! Luckily I do have some other good spots. This one is just nice and conveniant as it is right out my back door and extends my hunting range as I like to walk and talk. The goal is to hopefully not over-use it. He does live quite a ways away and don't think he will be hunting much which probably will help my case. I def will use your experience to help mine! Thanks Wooly!
  5. Need a little opinion on what you guys think this means when I asked my neighbor for permission to hunt outback. I recently had purchased a house with land with about 30 acres or so. The property bordering me is about 150 acres or so give or take. I have met the land owner several times and have had great conversation with him. I was looking to seek permission to turkey hunt only as I know he likes to whitetail hunt and didn't want to overstep my boundaries. I had asked if it was okay if he cared if I walked along the logging roads to hunt turkey out back. His reply was that he does turkey hunt a little but usually doesn't get out much. He told me where he typically hears the birds and said come spring we can deconflict times and places during the spring. I am taking this as yes go-ahead as long as I am not hunting and we don't run into each other when he does hunt. I also mentioned if he needed any help like posting, etc I am always willing to help and offered to hunt together. His reply was sounds good. What do you think? I am trying to be respectful and not overstep my boundaries.
  6. Mathews Halon 32 6 QAD HDX rest BeeStinger Stab CBE Tekhybred single pin Gold Tip Platinum Peirce 340 Arrows
  7. As long as you follow the book guidelines you will not have a problem. Many of these guns did not leave the factory without being tested 3 times the normal pressure the barrel would see. I have shot two deer with mine so far and got it last year at a gun show! Randy Wakeman has done a lot of research on this muzzle-loader.
  8. Thanks I guess I didn't search through the site well enough!
  9. Headed out to Ohio in a few weeks and thought of bringing out some literature for the slower hours of the long 12 hour sits! I was wondering what are some of your favorite reads or authors are?! I am big in to the Benoit books by Townley. The eberhardt books are good too. I just bought a Steve Rinella book (meat eater) but would like to add another.
  10. Thanks!! will most likely use just for pics as i have my brownings for video
  11. Anyone running any of these? I have a lot of Brownings and always had good luck with Moultrie too. The m-40 is intriguing with the 90ft detection and 100ft flash. Amazon has them for $104.
  12. nice pick up with the new rifle bill for the rest of Broome County! Johnson City Gander? I may go down there and poke around a bit tonight.
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