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  1. I am selling my Mission Sub-1 crossbow. It is in UA camo and comes with the complete package. Scope, bolts, case, broadheads, etc. etc. I bought it for one trip and it was never used. I paid over $2k for the whole package. Looking for $1500. Text me at 516-946-7720
  2. Funny, Last weekend I found a bunch of scrapes and 3 solid, fresh rubs but no Bucks
  3. You can certainly question authority and the laws that are made. It is the foundation of our government. If you don't like a law, do something about it. Speak to an elected official, or make your voice heard during election time. But as long as a law is in place, it's the law. And if your method of questioning that law is to break it, the you must deal with the repercussions. And that's not just of the authorities but also of those people who honor and respect the laws despite their disagreement with a particular law. The concept is quite simple. But certain people have a sense of entitlement and superiority which is disgusting. You are no better than anyone else. And if you have the nerve to flaunt that and publicly discuss how you did something illegal and want a pat on the back for it, we'll then you are just a dope.
  4. A140" isnt a megladon, that aside the thing I find funny is that your original situation occurred in the morning, under the light, supposedly, of a full moon. So, I guess to add to your hypothetical situation, if the sun goes down and a full moon comes up, and you can still see the 11, er, not 11 pointer, can you just keep on shooting straight through the night? Don't try to justify your illegal actions. The laws are laws. Like it or not. Not guidelines or suggestions. It takes a special person who thinks they're better than the rest and can do what they want.
  5. The fact that you couldn't tell if it was the 11pt you were after or not clearly shows that there was not nearly enough light and it was a dumbass thing to do. That said, nice buck. There's the pat on the back you were looking for with your " Nuthin Special" post.
  6. It's crazy that they're going to the NLCS in the same season they had John Mayberry Jr. Batting cleanup at one point and a guy with a funny hat as their best reliever
  7. Don't forget to strap the seat section to the tree once you get to your desired height. The strap that holds the two sections together when it is packed should be used once you get up in the tree. Just wrap it around the tree and the bars on the backside of the seat section. A lot of people don't do this and it really makes the stand firm and stable in the tree.
  8. Someone should tell these guys its more fun to hunt without wearing orange. Idiots
  9. For Sale - 13' Boston Whaler Duck Boat. 48sp Johnson. Custom cap and bench with tons of storage. Custom blind included. Needs a battery and paint job. Will throw in a gallon of Parker Duck Boat paint. $2,500.00 for boat, $500 for trailer.
  10. I really can't understand how this happens. People like this should be arrested. It is inconceivable how a person could take a shot like that. A kill shot should be aimed at a 9" diameter area around the vitals. No reason for any other shot. If you don't have a clear sight picture then you don't shoot. Very simple. It's unreal what some morons will shoot at.
  11. Where on LI are you? Call some of your local hunting stores. I took the class at LI outdoorsman in RVC
  12. The practice points that come with many broadheads do the job as well. And they're free (kinda). Rage practice heads are great for small game. Plus, I like them better because theres a better chance of your arrow surviving the shot. I have broken every arrow that I have shot with a Judo. The practice heads are still sharp and will bury themselves whereas the judo points cause blunt force impact on the arrow as well.
  13. I had a turkey "buzz the tower" Maverick and Goose style. The tower, mind you, was my head. So much for scent control in the woods when, rather than soil myself, I just let some gas go. This season I had a good scare when I was climbing a tree that was too smooth, too hard and too icy for a climber and took a slide about 5 feet down the trunk. At least my girlish scream sounded like a doe bleet.
  14. With the amount of shots fired in that video, I'm going to buy stock in federal, Remington and Winchester.
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