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  1. Rattled up no less than three bucks this AM.. Wouldn't you know it, all were buttons! Nice big mama doe hung around, just out of shooting distance. One little guy hung around for at least 30 minutes. I was about ready to give him a name and put a collar on him. In the end, no shots taken, but had a relaxing couple of hours in the blind.
  2. OldNewbie

    Be careful out there

    They taught us that in Boy Scouts.. they called them 'widow makers'.
  3. OldNewbie

    Red neck

    If one of your tractors is up on blocks, it counts.
  4. OldNewbie

    Snow cover

    The snow gives you so much information, also. It's been very interesting seeing my own tracks to and from the blind behind the house pile up on top of each other, makes you realize how much scent you must leave hunting the same spot repeatedly. Also really enjoyed the still hunts I did on state land, seeing all kinds of tracks in the snow - deer, rabbit, squirrel, fisher, bobcat, grouse, turkey, fox, and coyote. I found one spot near me where no less than five different deer trails intersected. Putting a tree stand there next year for sure. I do wish we'd had some warmer days, I might have spent more time in the tree stands vs. the ground blind.
  5. OldNewbie

    I'm a proud dad of an Eagle Scout!

    I learned to fish, shoot, hunt, tie knots, build a fire, cook through Scouts. I still try to do a good turn daily. You and your son both have something to be proud of.
  6. I got out on some state forest land this afternoon.. Walked down a nice horse/snowmobile trail in the woods, downhill across a creek and up the other side.. started to look like good deer woods.. and BLAM goes a shot, not that far away. I stood still for a minute or so then BLAM. Another blast. Figured whatever deer were there were either dead or running scared, so reversed my steps.. coming back up the hill saw three guys just getting set up.. about 50 yards from the road.. Whole thing looked Deliverance sketchy.. so I left. Drove down the hill to the apple orchard, walked a trail, saw some tracks.. but no live bodies. And on the way home I saw 8 does and a buck, less than a mile from my house. Of course!
  7. That right there qualifies as Too Much Information...
  8. OldNewbie

    Visual or audio?

    Sitting in my ground blind, I have a limited field of view. I often hear a footfall or twig snap, then another 3 min later, then another.. when they finally come into view I already have my bow at least on my lap or at the ready. I do sometimes scan the far woods with binoculars, but more from boredom than anything else. Can't say I ever spotted a deer through glassing that I didn't see first without the binos. Tried a ladder stand this year and shot a doe from it. Visibility is much better, but its just not as comfy as the ground blind with the padded swivel office chair (a curb alert find).
  9. OldNewbie

    Favorite way to Cook a Venison Roast

    Last one I did I butterflied it if you call it that.. sliced it like a loaf of bread, but not quite all the way through, then put in a pyrex baking dish overnight in the fridge with a marinade making sure each 'slice' was coated with the marinade. Next day drained the marinade, covered top of dish with alum foil and baked in the oven till the outside was done and the inside still pink. There were no leftovers.. Marinade: pretty common recipe made from soy, worcestershire, steak sauce, salt pepper vinegar oil and whatever.
  10. OldNewbie

    Snow up in 8n

    What part of 8W are you in NYtracker? We got three inches last night, had to shovel this morning. (On a hilltop near Beaver Dams).
  11. I have tried to use a Butt-Out on several deer and each time it has ripped a hole in the poop chute. I just stick it in turn and pull it back out. Is there some trick to making them work?
  12. As a beginner I've found it helpful to tie the back legs to nearby trees to hold them apart.
  13. OldNewbie

    Dick's Sporting Goods is taking a little dive

    I just think Dick's management made some bad decisions. Why on earth would someone build a huge new Field and Stream less than a mile from a Dicks, which continues to carry a lot of the exact same hunting, fishing, outdoor gear etc. Big increase in operating costs and probably debt.. Did they really think they would make it up in increased sales?
  14. OldNewbie

    Deer activity when it’s Super cold

    I agree, on mornings when its very cold they sit a bit longer before getting on their feet. At least until there is some sun to warm their backs.
  15. OldNewbie

    Heart recipe

    I agree, and so does my seventeen year old daughter.. She loves deer heart. Last night we had it sauteed in olive oil, slathered in Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and served over white rice. My minature dachshund got the scraps. Smiles all around. I am definitely trying the marinade recipe next time! I always marinate back straps and other roasts before grilling.