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  1. I have one too, hanging off a 1 ton diesel. Works wonders. Has saved me countless dollars in body work. Only bad thing is if you hit something hard enough, the energy is transferred right into the frame. So, hit something big enough, hard enough, and you're going to be left with a bent frame.
  2. jmg343

    What's doing in 7P

    Thats good news if you ask me. I'll be up for opening weekend. Ill be sitting in my normal spot, up on a mountain top in South New Berlin. Depending on how things go Saturday, I may sit my friends farm 20 miles or so away in New Lisbon on Sunday. Good luck to ya!
  3. Just think of all of the cool things you can buy with the money you'll be saving. I would just ask myself what I want more, this cigarette or a new dirtbike (enter your own desire here). Unless, that is, you've got plenty of discretionary income, in which case. Smoke 'em if you got 'em, but I might suggest the green filling.
  4. By the looks of that panic bar and the handle above it, you better be pushing and pulling at the same time.
  5. I took one last year with 4 ladder sections and his trail cam too. Stand was brandy new with red warning stickers on it still and the plastic from his ratchet straps left on the ground at the base of his tree. Left a note on the tree that said "If you'd like your stand, cam, etc. back, call this number XXX-XXX-XXXX. Also, pick up your trash, scumbag." With an arrow pointing down to the plastic bags. Never got a call. Only way for the guy to get to where he was was to cross through NYS Watershed Property that it is illegal for him to be on, too. Checked his cam, only pictures on it were of me.
  6. Medellin has a far superior product.
  7. I'd be happy if it took over a good chunk of my lawn.
  8. Havent searched the Food plot threads too thoroughly just yet. And, I prefer the indoor strains.
  9. I have a piece of my property, about 20' wide by 100' long. Get some mid and late day sun, but not an immense amount. On one side of the swath, the West side, is my lawn. On the East side is the woods, about 100 acres +/-. To the south would be my neighbors lawn and to the North would be more of my property, ferns, pine trees, and such. Is there something I could plant in this swath that would provide a good food source for the deer? Something they would be enticed by and want to repeatedly return to. Is there something that would thrive here? Something that requires moderate to little sun, and about the same amount of water. Would it even be worth it?
  10. You think someone that gets caught with an illegally tagged deer, or a deer not tagged at all, that gets his/her license revoked for life will stop hunting? I doubt it. I would think that that person will just continue to hunt, just now without a license. Not enough DEC officers out there for there to be a real threat of getting caught several times, or even once.
  11. Driving defensively should not be confused with driving cautiously, however. Some, a lot, of the overly cautious drivers on the roads make driving less pleasurable and more dangerous for others on the road. Sometimes driving defensively requires driving aggressively. There are a lot of times when people rely on their brakes and its the throttle that would've gotten them out of trouble.
  12. Kind of off topic, but brings me to a question: It's 2 am, you're home alone in pitch black darkness. You hear a fart. Do you laugh? Or are you scared?
  13. The highway units in the 5 boroughs of NYC are just that. They are assigned to the parkways and interstates that pass through the 5 boroughs and they enforce all of the VTL. A lot of them are real hardasses too, they'd write their own mother a ticket.