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  1. meaningless post.......shouldnt have started a new thread
  2. Have you read any of my posts.....i think you read everything wrong
  3. Again greed is the only reason for restrictions .......not the well being of the animal.. Just so you can brag with the horns.....********************....all commercial hunting now
  4. The point is why does the life of the buck matter and not a doe.....
  5. Im seeing more and more push for this......i truely believe it is more wanting to brag about a huge rack then to see a buck have time to live and not die at a year old.....i have come to this conclusion by not seeing any of these people care if a doe is killed at a year old.....why just a buck and not a doe.....i say its just to have something to hold and brag.......greed is the end result....not meat or the excitement of hunting
  6. upstatehunter


    This your opinion not everyone elses
  7. Never once did I say I was expecting to kill a great buck. that is YOUR opinion of thought not mine.
  8. Lol ill always be hunting no matter what
  9. We are going for fun. It will actually be my stag party as I am getting married December 2nd. We are looking at 3-4 days. Im juist as happy taking a doe as I am a massive buck (well horns do get a little more excitement but happy either way).
  10. the call i purchased has crow alarm, adult distress and baby crow distress......anyone know which one is good to start with
  11. Sounds like how southern tier opening weekend is
  12. Any trails/horse trails there. I like having logging roads and such around when I enter a new piece of land
  13. are the chances of seeing deer slim? Not even a wall hanger just deer in general
  14. We are planning a trip to Ohio this coming fall for there gun season. Has anyone ever been there and hunted public land, a do it yourself hunt. Will be 8 guys total. Any recommendations on this. Also the Ohio DNR is sending me maps and other info on land access and license information. Thanks