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  1. 518BowSlayer

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Yea, outfitters have their own facility Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  2. 518BowSlayer

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Departing 1 week from today!!!
  3. 518BowSlayer

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    took the full 8 hours but we got our limit. 5 kings, 3 cohos, and a steelhead. great day on the water!!!
  4. 518BowSlayer

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    What were you using under the floats? Egg sacks? Flies? Jigs? Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
  5. 518BowSlayer

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    will do
  6. 518BowSlayer

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    sure did, they took care of the whole tag swap for me. all I had to do was write checks and mail out some paperwork. they couldn't have made it any easier. and from the looks of it, I have tremendous odds of smoking a giant bull. no doubt I made the right choice with this outfit!!!
  7. 518BowSlayer

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    I leave 2 weeks from today for Eagle Lake Maine! it's starting to get real!!!
  8. 518BowSlayer

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    heading out to the big lake for salmon on Tuesday, I imagine they are stacking up towards the mouths of the rivers considering some are already heading upstream
  9. Bull, actually got a cow tag through the lottery but was able to swap it for a bull
  10. I leave 3 weeks from sunday for my maine moose hunt. couldn't be more excited. elk is next on the bucket list. take lots of pictures and good luck out there!!!
  11. 518BowSlayer

    Whats the Cause ?

    just shedding their summer coat, no need for concern
  12. 518BowSlayer

    My initial / on going review of the EZV sight.

    i tried the ezv sight for a few months but switched back to pins. it's a really cool concept but just didn't work for me. I would practice with one of those life size cardboard cut outs of a deer in front of a target but found it difficult to judge exactly where vitals started and stopped at varying distances. I can't hold a bow steady enough to factor in distance, shot angle, and anatomy on an all brown animal. I know you have to factor all that in with pin sights too but I just couldn't get the hang of it. having a pin that tells me exactly where the arrow will hit at a certain distance just feels more comfortable to me. it's a great product but it just didn't work for me
  13. 518BowSlayer

    Great mount!

    yup, that is freakin awesome!!!
  14. 518BowSlayer

    European Mount Question

    probably gonna try that for my next euro. snow camo is definitely the way to go. looks awesome!
  15. 518BowSlayer

    NY Buck of a Lifetime

    sweet buck! sweet mount! I like the 1st position where it kinda looks like a wall pedestal. those other bucks are still bigger than anything I ever shot!