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  1. hit the salmon river yesterday, got a nice little 24 inch steelhead on the 3rd cast then about 30 little 3-4 inchers. was definitely just nice to be out
  2. that's a good day right there!!!
  3. I got the idea of cutting the gills while they're still alive from the captain of the charter boat that me and my father go on a few times a year on lake Ontario. as soon as the fish come out of the net he cuts their gills and leaves them on the deck to bleed out for maybe a minute and then throws them in the cooler. meat is super clean. I started doing that with bass and the fillets are really clean and delicious. I would recommend breading or batter dipping bass, walleye of perch and then frying over baking though. freshwater fish fry!!!
  4. you can also cut the gills to dispatch them and they will bleed out leaving the meat perfectly white. works with any fish really
  5. just had some brown trout the other night that was in my freezer since May 2018. I was a little hesitant to try it but it was vacuum sealed and tasted great. cooked a moose steak along with the trout in case it wasn't good but it was all fantastic. had a little steak leftover and had moose steak and eggs the next morning. my moose taste pretty similar to deer, the muscle grain is a little bigger so the texture is slightly different and the flavor is maybe a little more mild
  6. my freezer is pretty packed
  7. mountin man taxidermy in kendall. guy is as legit as they come
  8. I took a taxidermy class and my teacher said he can do 3 deer shoulder mounts a day. tans his own hides too. he does 200 - 300 a year too plus fish and everything else. dude was like a machine. I think his nephew helps part time so maybe that explains his productivity. might be the same with this guy
  9. good looking buck, good looking mount! all your trophy's look real good. mountain lion is my fav!!!
  10. can't apply for 3 years I think, got mine last year. 41 inch bull. fyi applying for a cow tag increases your chances by 40% you can then swap them for bull tags with other people. they will want cash plus your cow tag, I paid $1500. I went through OMM outfitters and they took care of the whole thing for me, first class outfit!!!
  11. the one I shot this year was running with another one, first time I saw two together in person. we get a lot of pics of two together though. thought I had a pic of 4 all together but I can't find it
  12. this has been amazingly helpful! thanks to all of you!!!
  13. just got a FoxPro patriot and was wondering which calls you guys use and how long and such. probably gonna just do early mornings and late evenings to start because I don't have any night gear yet. plus one of the spots I plan on going to is a cut corn field right behind some neighbors houses and I don't think they would appreciate gun shots in the middle of the night. plan on doing some night hunting down there eventually but gonna have to go way back in the woods. I have no experience predator hunting so any help would be appreciated. haven't seen any foxes on this property but there is at least 1 bobcat down there. would love to get one of them. lots of coyotes though. thanks
  14. looks like the yotes left just enough cape for a shoulder mount!