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  1. "paid guide" lmao no thanks free works but i woudnt even think about trying to take money, Not even a donation,,,,, Not in this state, Not with our laws,
  2. Im a stand hunter for archery during gun i like to walk, I think every tree in the woods can produce a good buck at some point in the season, But on every property there is 1 tree that does it every year without fail, Thats the tree i try and find, That one tree that every deer walks by every time they come through, doe or buck, Just watch the wind and i prefer to hunt nights with a bow and morning with a gun,
  3. I use the Versa Carry for my .40 shield its pretty decent, I bought the clipdraw for it. on the shield you remove the back plate on the slide and put the metal one that comes with the kit in its place then the clip bolts to that, Problem is with the Versa Carry and the clip draw it would wear a hole in my jeans where the muzzle end of the slide rubbed on them, Now i have a Safariland IWB with a single belt clip that is really comy and hasnt worn a hole in my jeans yet, Not to mention i carry all day every day and the lint build up on the inside and outside of the weapon from my undershirt and jeans is a pain, Your constantly cleaning it, And blowing the lint out with an air hose, Havent had the issue with the Safariland holster,
  4. Im giving away Safe Space Kits, They come with a little tent a box of crayons, 1 teddy bear a box of tissues and a soft blankie, When Uptown gets sad, all he has to do is put this little tent up and wham! Just like that instant Safe Space,
  5. I havent done any drives in the last 3 or 4 years, But i hunted with my buddies family for years after, Ive given up the chasing them since i get a few weeks in november off, Now i just sit and wait, I find it much more rewarding and see even more deer then i ever have before, That opening morning had a real effect on me, Ive been overly cautious, not that its a bad thing but i refuse too shoot over 40 yds from the ground with a shotgun, The deer has to be standing in front of something that will stop the slug, so needless to say in 18 years of hunting this was the first year i filled out a buck tag with a gun, Ive had chances in the past but have never felt comfortable, But now rifle is open, I sit in a treestand and still wont take shots over 75yds, Plus i stopped hunting stateland, Too many people just want to hear the bang of the gun, Its dangerous,
  6. Outside of the fast way down the tree using a climber, There have been two times in my life where i was scared,I mean truly afraid, First one was on opening day around fifteen years ago, A large group of us set up a deer drive in Sampson State Park, The standers where on the north side of the patch we were pushing and we were coming from the south, Now if any of you have ever been in Sampson you know how thick and nasty this place is, Well the guy who set the standers out must not have been thinking very clearly, Instead of posting them up on a good wide trail where everybody could see one another he set them on a ditch line, Well that ditch line started out right by that wide open trail at one end and by the time it got to the other end the ditch was about 75yds away from that path, Essentially putting the standers in a diagonal line up through the brush, To make matters worse nobody could see one another and had no idea where anybody was, Well the deer busted out in the top half of this line and the shots started, The deer circled back into the drive and came out 168yds farther down the line of standers, When one of the guys, his first year hunting seen them he fired 5 times, hitting one of the deer, Then you could here screaming, Help! help! Then the radios went crazy, I heard my brother had been shot, So i hauled ass toward the screaming, I was relived to find my brother ok, But one of my friends lay there in a pool of blood, One of those 12gauge rounds had made it through the brush, It hit him right square in his right nostril and buried itself deep within my friends head, He was still alive amazingly, coherent and didnt seem to be in a lot of pain, Now people are losing it all around me, Trying to get my buddy to lay down, I seen that laying him on his back wasnt going to work, He would drown in his own blood if he did that, We propped him up allowed the blood to flow freely, It wasnt arterial bleeding but there was still a good sized puddle on the ground, It took almost 25 minutes for the ambulance to arrive on seen and stabilize him to be transported to the hospital, Where he under went surgery, The slug had shattered the bones in his face and had to be wired together, Thats not even the end of it, The slug had lodged about an 1/8 inch from the top vertebrae of his spine, The Drs. Decided it would be to risky to remove it and left it in, A week after my buddy came home from the hospital he was laying on the couch watching tv, The shotgun slug worked its way through the soft tissues in his head popped through the roof of his mouth and landed in his throat causing him to choke on it, He manage to spit it out and it rolled across the living room floor, As far as i know he still has it, The slug almost killed him twice, The second time i was scared isnt as bad, But when somebody opens up and you can here slugs hissing past you, and see the leaves falling off bushes right in front of you, close enough to where you just stand there and dont know if you should move because you might get shot, measured it out 3 feet is how far away the bullets came, one more step and i would have taken atleast one round in the leg,
  7. Im assuming most people really dont want to hear this, The real 2 reasons we have a hunting season, 1. The claims paid out by auto insurance companies, 2. The funds from hunting license sales, To think otherwise is foolish, Thats why its a privilege not a right,
  8. I have a 14ft starcraft with a 10 horse on it, Motor comes in the basement when its cold, But if cayuga doesnt get enough ice ill bring my boat out of Union Springs for perch, Some years you can walk out and ice fish but the last few years that hasnt really been the case, That lake sneeks up on you to, Looks good headed out by the time you get to the island it could have 5ft breakers in winter it can be even worse, But if you can get out there and stay for awhile its some of the best fishing around,
  9. Never had one stolen, Did have one end up with a shotgun slug in it, But right now we got about 8 out and they will stay out all year, I get batteries at cost from my place of employment, Its rather cheap to run them, Last time i bought batteries it was a case of 96 c and a case of 96 aa and its was just over 40.00 some of the cams have been running on the same batteries for a long time others eat them like M&M's But as long as i can get batteries cheap ill keep them in the field,
  10. The artic pro have way different soles than the other styles very aggressive tread and are more like a normal boot if not thicker they have some weight to them but when you put them on and tuck your pant legs in youll never notice them,,
  11. Muck boot Artic pros are the way too go, Got mine last year from tractor supply in january for 120.00 and my feet freeze normally, But with a pair of bass pros wool socks and some toasty toes im good for hours on stand, Ive gotta walk through about a foot of water too get to my stand and this year they have really made a huge difference,
  12. 7:04 legal light, First shots 6:32 could barely see,
  13. I tend too always aim for the lower third, Since starting this paractice ive seen every single deer ive shot go down within sight,
  14. It depends on where in the state you reside. The 7 round rule still excisits in most of the state. The Buffalo area is where the law was lifted. I live in seneca county I'm stuck to 7 in the mag 1 in the chamber