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  1. Does anyone else see more government oversight and/or control over your daily life with something like this coming to fruition?
  2. It's a sad day when people are more concerned about what other countries think, rather than what's best for their country.
  3. Hey all, Going to be up in Turin visiting family the week of the 15th. While I don't have property to hunt in that area, if there was anyone going out for yotes or anything else in season and wanted some company, PM me. I'm a responsible able-bodied person. Thanks in advance! -NSNH
  4. my goof is living in a doe only zone.....
  5. Yep, couldn't get on yesterday - still can't today... Good thing I didn't urgently need it... NYS runs like a top!
  6. That is really neat! 31 years is pretty awesome!
  7. Man, I would love to see what he looks like in another year!
  8. I got some neat things... Fresh broadheads, new harness (still need to order), extinguisher deer call (we will see how well it works, trying to cut down on bulk for public land hunts deep in woods. It does the job of a traditional grunt and a bleat can and only takes up the space of a grunt call), a lightweight set of inexpensive camo coveralls to wear once I get to my tree after long public land treks in shorts and a t-shirt (October). I am most excited about these though: This year's goal is to go ultralight weight for climber hunts. Also bought some things I already had but am tired of moving from pack to pack, or even worse...forgetting! With those side accessory bags and less bulky equipment, I will no longer need to carry a pack on my back along with the climber. I also picked up 3 sets of underarmor long underwear for a good deal mid-summer. These aren't just for hunting so they theoretically don't count.
  9. Cool, the tag kinda takes away from the nice job you did...
  10. Although those prices are high, I love that track! The place is clean and well organized. The pool in turn one was a cool sight - never seen one at a race track before.