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  1. But they hunt all year day & night. How about the guy with the most kills, that must count for something.
  2. hunter49

    Taking down ground blinds

    So, how many guys feel like they are trying to screw a football when trying to fold up your ground blind & put it in the carrying bag/container?? I took mine down & it was like wrestling with an alligator. The hubs don't fold or match up nothing goes where it belongs. Worked up a sweat & cursing & calling it every name in the book. If someone was watching they would have been laughing their ass off. I can't be the only one, come on tell the truth. lol
  3. hunter49

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I took bow hunting /archery class 30yrs. ago, why should I have to take another one to use a X-bow? Besides anti's say x-bows are more like guns, so does that mean every time I use a different cal. rifle or shot gun I need to take another gun hunting course?? WTH! I agree with Ohio, hunt with the weapon of your choice.
  4. hunter49

    New Bow, What Kind & Where?

    FYI, Earth Spirits Archery is going to have a clearance sale starting on their bows & X-bows.
  5. hunter49

    Always cold!? What’s everyone wearing ?

    Good old fashion wool pants & long johns. Plus keep your feet warm.
  6. hunter49

    New Bow, What Kind & Where?

    I bought my X-bow from him. He does all the set up & they have a nice indoor range. Also lets you try out whatever you want.
  7. hunter49

    New Bow, What Kind & Where?

    Earth Spirit Archery in Warsaw NY.
  8. hunter49

    Did anyone watch the debate last night?

    They all suck, they are all crooks, & in the debates they are all about NYC. with very little mention of upstate & western NY. We need to get rid of NYC. & make another state!
  9. hunter49

    My Dad passed away yesterday

    Sorry for your loss.
  10. hunter49

    Other Pan Fish

    Culvercreek, how long do you cook the fish? I find when I cook it ,it loose it's flavor & is blah tasting. Thanks.
  11. hunter49

    Cape Cod pictures

    Great pics. looks like a nice trip!
  12. hunter49

    Memorial day

    Thank you to all our Vets & God Bless!
  13. hunter49

    The Royal Weddin’

    Yea enough already , where's bugs bunny & road runner!?
  14. hunter49

    Wasn't her time

    My father had that happen to him once the guy walked right into his truck mirror stepping off the curb.
  15. hunter49

    Hell of a way to die

    Went on 2 trouble calls years ago, of wires down. One was a doe & the other was a beagle both were electrocuted. It cooks from the inside out! Bad smelling also! We had one guy get rapped at work,(7,200 volts) went in his hand & blew out the heel of his foot! Not pretty!