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  1. I just got a Scott Exxus, switching from a Wrist. So far I really like it while shooting at a target, well see how it doesn this season. I also like the fact that I can clip it to the d-loop so its always ready
  2. In case anyone was wondering.....I just spoke with the DEC and the lifetime bow gives you the bow/mz either sex tag, but you also need a mz privilege to get the bow/mz anterless tag. I guess I didn't realize that the super sportsman included the mz privilege. I went ahead and ordered the lifetime mz too cause I wanted the tag for more options plus id like to get involved in mz at some point in my hunting career.
  3. people who have a lifetime license and a lifetime bow license, did you receive a bow/mz anterless tag??
  4. I got the lifetime sportsman and the lifetime bow so I should have all the same tags no??
  5. I got my license today! Question tho, this is the first year i bought the lifetime, I only have my bow/mz either sex tag and reg season deer, last year when I had my super sportsman I also had a bow/mz antlerless tag. Why am I missing that this time? Also, I did my dmp last week, so I'm guessing that will be mailed separately?
  6. If you are simply accompanying your grandson without a weapon you shouldn't need one. your NOT hunting. Your entitled to be in the woods without a weapon.
  7. This is my first year with the lifetime, so I'm not to sure
  8. Ok, I thought it was just me who hasn't received their lifetime license yet. One of my buddies got his on Saturday. I dont understand why I havent received mine yet tho?!
  9. I love my lone wolf and the lone wolf sticks with the rope mod and camo tape.
  10. If you move out of state the lifetime is still valid until you take that 6 foot dirt nap. Also, you need to purchase a separate bow lifetime. The sportsman is &65 and the bow is $235 I think. That will basically give you the super sportsman. You will still need to pay the $10 each year for DMP
  11. I have a like new Eberlestock Tailhook pack I would like to sell. I bought brand new last fall and only used it once. After buying a new blind, I havent hunted in my stand so I no longer have need for it. Pack is in Excellent condition!! New pack is $229 through Eberlestock so I think $160 tyd should be more than fare. Willing to trade for either a Tenzing 2200 or Predator gear (early season).
  12. Hey bud. Is Stony Point close to Sterling? If you can send me the info I would really appreciate it.
  13. I have yet to score my first deer smart guy . I have let 2 button bucks and 3spikes go as I was in AR areas so I didnt shoot them, although i had a DMP tag. I am simply asking a question to try and fully understand the laws. Jeez, everyone is a general on these forums
  14. Ok, that makes sense. So does this rule apply in all areas then? The concept is the same with respect to an AR area right? You just need to have a doe tag to be able to take that and tag it as such obviously?