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  1. I had 2 8-pointers on my property several weeks ago, haven't seen anything since then. I've been hearing a lot of bucks being found dead from EHD.
  2. There are still a big 7 pointer, 8, and 10 pointer in my woods, who are all coming around almost every single night. The 10 pointer even left a fresh rub a few nights ago. Even if I never get a chance to see them during the day, at least I know that nobody else got them either...
  3. I took the head of the 10 pointer I found that had been killed by EHD and cleaned it up
  4. There he goes again. Almost every night this guy and another 8 pointer are coming around. Never seen either of them during the day (except last year when they were both smaller).
  5. I was thinking just a few days because all the intestines are still intact. Every time I’ve gutted a deer, the intestines are gone the next day.
  6. Well after chasing a big 10-pointer all season without any success, today I went kayaking nearby and found this other 10-pointer dead in the water. Looks like he recently died, I don’t think he was shot because all his organs are intact. Well good to know he lived a long life and passed on his genes.
  7. Beautiful very lightly used rifle. If you've never handled a Tikka before, the action is smooth as butter. Nice heavy barrel. Gun and scope together worth $1300. Selling for $1000.
  8. Another fresh new rub. I was just here yesterday! These guys are toying with me.
  9. Saw another fresh rub this morning deeper in the woods. But no bucks on the cameras for the past 2 weeks.
  10. I'm in 3J, and this is the worst season to date. Saw a 6-pointer on opening day, and not a single one since then. But on the cameras I've had a 7, 8, and 10 pointers only at night.
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