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  1. Hmm ok so I have to look for red oak trees?
  2. Yeah I moved my main stand about 20 yards away, but I don't think it did anything. I also have a tree I saddle hunt from near the big bedding area, but the deer haven't even been going there either. There is one other spot I'm thinking of going to check out, where I walked into a doe sleeping.
  3. Thanks! Yeah I'm hoping during peak rut they'll be wandering through more often!
  4. There have definitely been a lot of changes...someone bought the 30 acres to my east and cleared out about half of the deer bedding area, and someone else bought 50 acres to my south and set up a few large tents where their kids run around, and then my neighbor cleared out 9 acres to my north where the doe used to come through every single evening. I had a beautiful 6 pointer on opening day within 15 yards of me...passed on him and haven't seen him since, and barely seen any doe since then either.
  5. I just heard on TV that this year oak trees aren't producing as many acorns. Would that help explain why I've been seeing a SIGNIFICANT decrease in deer activity? This time in previous years I had been seeing multiple big bucks in the stand as well as on the cameras, but this year I've barely seen anything so far. So frustrating.
  6. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one!! I’ve been “taking a break” from the woods and it’s killing me...But when I thought about it, I realized I’ve only been taking a break for 1 day!
  7. Decided to get out of my stand and walk around...saw a doe sleeping 35 yards in front of me me, waited for her to wake up and look at me, and debated for a long time whether I should shoot her or not. Would have been a cool story, my first stalk kill. Decided not to shoot, and followed her around, watching her bed down a few more times.
  8. 37° out. Haven’t seen or heard a single deer. Nothing on the trail camera for the past several days either. I wonder what’s going on?? In past years I would see several doe at least every single day.