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  1. One day during the peak of the rut this year, I watched the 2 regulars...both 4-pointers...that I had been seeing every day. Then a 6-pointer I had never seen before comes in. I give him a pass, and a few minutes later, ANOTHER 6-pointer comes in, even bigger. At this point, my buck fever was so bad that I foolishly thought that this guy was the 10-pointer I had been watching for 3 years, so I shot him before positively identifying him. When I walked up to him and realized that it was only a 6-pointer, I kicked myself and wondered what would have happened if I had let him pass too... Ever since that day, I have not seen a single mature buck, in person or on my trail cameras...
  2. All I know is that since regular season began, I haven't seen a single mature buck anywhere, even on my trail cameras.
  3. Are there still any bucks out there? I haven't seen any on my trail cameras, and spent the entire day Monday following tracks and only saw doe.
  4. Yeah rifle. I can set it up tonight in the dark and leave it there until Wednesday when I go out, but my buddy says that I should set up that morning instead?
  5. Thanks everyone! Should I hang the stand up beforehand, or just wait until the morning of?
  6. Yesterday I found a huge bedding area...woke up a doe and watched 5 others walk in. Didn’t see any bucks though. I am considering setting up a stand tonight on the edge of it. I will have an opportunity to hunt Wednesday morning. Any thoughts/recommendations? Will there even be any bucks in there?
  7. I thought that buck movement would have decreased significantly here in 3J since gun season started last week, and it seems like we are in the post-rut. But I've been seeing a 4 pointer consistently, and then today I almost hit an 8-pointer while driving near my house. Gonna keep my hopes up!
  8. Yesterday I saw 3 bucks before 8 am. Today not a single one all day!
  9. Just had a group of 3 doe, a 4 pointer and a beautiful 6 pointer all walk together past my stand.
  10. Saw the 10-pointer yesterday morning and this morning. Called him in both days within 15 yards, but still couldn’t get a clear shot. What are the chances he’ll be there again tomorrow morning??
  11. I took a break, came back, spooked a doe. And then who do I see pop up right behind her?? The 10-pointer again! Right next to my tree stand!
  12. Saw two young bucks this morning in 3J. Then I saw a monster 10-pointer following a doe around. I tried to call him, and he would turn and look at me, but then go back to following the doe.
  13. Still hiding that chrome cup from him, I see. Yeah, I'm pretty confident I'll see him again. I've been seeing him fairly often on the cameras.