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  1. Brand new out of the box, never fired. Beautiful mirror finish gun, an absolute piece of art. Comes with 1 Colt 8-round magazine. $1200 Must have NY firearms license. Contact Andrew at sir.andrew.chen@gmail.com. I am located in New Paltz, NY.
  2. I'm thinking about going out later today in the rain. I've read that rain does not affect deer, but in my experience, I never see anything while it's coming down, but they all come out right after it stops. What's everyone else's experience?
  3. One day during the peak of the rut this year, I watched the 2 regulars...both 4-pointers...that I had been seeing every day. Then a 6-pointer I had never seen before comes in. I give him a pass, and a few minutes later, ANOTHER 6-pointer comes in, even bigger. At this point, my buck fever was so bad that I foolishly thought that this guy was the 10-pointer I had been watching for 3 years, so I shot him before positively identifying him. When I walked up to him and realized that it was only a 6-pointer, I kicked myself and wondered what would have happened if I had let him pass too... Ever since that day, I have not seen a single mature buck, in person or on my trail cameras...
  4. All I know is that since regular season began, I haven't seen a single mature buck anywhere, even on my trail cameras.
  5. Are there still any bucks out there? I haven't seen any on my trail cameras, and spent the entire day Monday following tracks and only saw doe.
  6. Yeah rifle. I can set it up tonight in the dark and leave it there until Wednesday when I go out, but my buddy says that I should set up that morning instead?
  7. Thanks everyone! Should I hang the stand up beforehand, or just wait until the morning of?
  8. Yesterday I found a huge bedding area...woke up a doe and watched 5 others walk in. Didn’t see any bucks though. I am considering setting up a stand tonight on the edge of it. I will have an opportunity to hunt Wednesday morning. Any thoughts/recommendations? Will there even be any bucks in there?
  9. I thought that buck movement would have decreased significantly here in 3J since gun season started last week, and it seems like we are in the post-rut. But I've been seeing a 4 pointer consistently, and then today I almost hit an 8-pointer while driving near my house. Gonna keep my hopes up!
  10. Yesterday I saw 3 bucks before 8 am. Today not a single one all day!