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  1. My plan today was to get to my spot early wait until gray light and still hunt my way until I came across scrapes or freshest sign I could. First step was getting over the stream that was knee deep or higher every where and running very fast. Eventually I made it to where a tree had fallen across the stream and very carefully inched across it. I still hunted 3/4mile around with very little sign. I was starting to get discouraged but kept going then finally the rubs picked up and all led to a spot I had scouted over the summer and new of some buck beds in that general area. I was at the spot I thought would put me in the game. As I was trying to pick out a tree to climb I noticed movement to my right and it ended up being a small 3 pt cruising with his nose to the ground. Seeing the trail he took I split the difference between his trail and another above me giving me a 25 yard shot to both. I was finally setup at 930 and ready to hunt. I was setup roughly 60 yards from a big swamp At about 10 I thought I could here something in the direction the blue jays were making a racket but couldn't see anything. So I hit the grunt tube 4 or 5 times. At about 1015 I saw movement coming up from the swamp and could tell right away it was bigger than the 3 pt in both body and horns. He started to walk away from me so I hit the grunt tube and snort wheezed. He stopped on a dime turned my direction and started making rubs and scrapes. He held up at 45 yards and had a snack of green leaves. Eventually he made it to 18 yards behind 2 trees so I could draw . Only problem was he was heading straight at me and was preparing myself for a possible straight on shot. Once he got to 10yards he had me picked out in the tree and took a small step to his right opening up the front pocket for a shot. Before he could bolt the arrow was off and up to the fletching. Instantly blood sprayed out and he bounced off some trees. he went to make it up a small bank but did a back flip. He went maybe 60yrds total before he died. So here was the only negative on the morning. After the shot I turned to put my bow back on the hanger when I hear a stick snap. I look up and there is a 80-100inch buck staring at me at 40yrds. All I could do was laugh. Didn't think in a million years there would of been a second buck. He new something wasn't right but couldn't figure it out. I will be after him come gun season. I will always be checking to make sure there are no other deer in the area. I was so focused on the buck I took I never heard the bigger dear come in. 1/2 mile drag through a nasty swamp took forever but he's home and hanging in the garage. I have to work the next 3 days so I think I'm going to run him to a local butcher. Sorry for the long post. Ill update it later with pictures.
  2. I'll have my wife take some pictures when I get him home.
  3. Post of the story later. But I saw 3 bucks total today and grunted this guy in for a 10 yrd shot.
  4. That's why I'm hoping to get in during grey light. I haven't had a chance to really check for fresh scrapes the last 2 weeks. Hoping with the wind and rain I can sneak in quite to a bedding area I know of and find a fresh community scrape and do a hang and hunt. Drove past the area today and the rain has the swamp a little full with the main stream rushing. It should keep them to the edges a little more and out of the center of it is my hope.
  5. Be out from sunup to 2pm. Didn't get a chance to go look for scrapes today. So my plan is to be at the piece of stateland I want to hunt throw my stand on my back and still hunt my way until I come across good sign and then setup the rest of the day. Hope is they should be opening up scrapes after all the rain. What are your thoughts of hunting scrapes after rain?
  6. Just saw that hoping I end up getting the day off I put in for it will give me 6 in a row starting Saturday. Feel better hopefully it's not covid. We had a respiratory infection run through my house 2 weeks ago.
  7. I have Wednesday off so I'm sitting until 1 regardless of weather then heave from the 30th-3rd off and will do the same. Still waiting on. My schedule for the following 8 weeks. Have some time to take off still just need to plan it.
  8. Once we made it 200yards and no beds we had a feeling there wasn't going to be a deer anywhere to find.
  9. Yea. Was more broadside then we described it as well. Very confident it's still alive. He has a bunch cameras out so hopefully it shows up on camera.
  10. Well not good. We tracked steady bloody for 500 yards. We found no beds no sign of guts being hit. Blood was bright red the entire time. Never jumped him at any point. Being 12hrs after the shot he should of bedded atleast once and never did. Last spot we found was at a rub that looked like he had rubbed it as he walked past it.
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