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  1. Swamp_bucks

    Time to lose the weight

    2 goal met today jogged .5miles straight. Took me 6 mins but i did it. And 60 crunches under 2 mins. Next goals .75 miles in 10 mins 80 crunches in 2 mins. Eveeyone else working at losing weight just keep pushing. Starting to get addicted to the weight room and jogging again.
  2. Swamp_bucks

    Lost a hunting partner today

    Sorry for your loss.
  3. Swamp_bucks

    Time to lose the weight

    Week 1 update. Scale at home my wife said was broke so starting weight is 267 based on scale at work, better then 280 like i thought. Figured out a HIIT routine with weights. Along with jogging and my daughter talked me into yoga which seems to help my back tightness. Also figured out a healthy sweet tooth. Favorite so far is chocolate rice cakes with peanut butter and banana. So after week 1 weight im down to 260. So going the right way.
  4. Swamp_bucks

    Time to lose the weight

    Starting weight 280 pictures are from 5 mins ago so i know where i started.
  5. Swamp_bucks

    Time to lose the weight

    It is time. Ive been over weight most of my life except for a 4 yr span. I dropped 80lbs in high school and kept it off until i was 21-22. Decided this was the year i have a free gym at work im going to use. My biggest hurtle will be my sweets. I plan on low carb higher protien diet along with more excerise. Im 31 and can maybe run 100yrds before needing to take a break. So my hope is if i make it public and track my progress some how some way it will give me that extra push to get into a healthier lifestyle. My wife will be doing the same. She will be focusing more on walking and body weight training(think thats what its called, pushup,situps,squats type of things). Ill post weekly updates with weight and progress. My goals out of this. Is to be down 50-80lbs before this time next year. And to eventually run in a 5k within 2 years with my SIL. Along with being able to hike to my hunting spots and not have my heart feel like its coming out of my chest.
  6. Swamp_bucks

    Stupid Truck/car mods

    Theres an s10 running around in my area with a single stack with caps and when he revs it the caps just wiggle.
  7. Swamp_bucks

    Looking for a new pup

    We are looking for small/medium size i already have a horse with my dane mix.
  8. Swamp_bucks

    Looking for a new pup

    Wasnt planning on getting one seeing how 4 or 5 months ago planned on getting rid of the 2 we had do to lack of space,but we bought the bigger house and have room now and life just changed. We had to get rid of the one dog because she got to aggressive bit me and i have kids so it was not the place for her. Now the other one is lonley. Well looked today found 2 we liked just not the right fit at chenango spca. They dont like cats and we have 2. Ill be heading to canastota sunday to look at a couple more.
  9. Swamp_bucks

    Looking for a new pup

    Well wife just gave me the ok to go find another pup. Found 2 both shelter dogs. One is a bassot/mastiff mix. It has hound legs with a mastiff face and color pretty cool looking. The other is a small bulldog mix. Me and the youngest daughter will be going tomorrow to look at them. Hoping they are good with cats,kids and my dane.
  10. Swamp_bucks

    16/8 Diet ?

    Never heard of it. After new years im going on a lower carb diet and going to try and kick the mt dew and start working out. Obesity runs in the family struggled with weight my entire life. Any of you guys that have any tricks for a sweet tooth that is my curse.
  11. Swamp_bucks

    Noob questions on hunting on public land

    I scout everytime i go into the woods especially newer pieces. I like to be sat atleast a good 45 mins before it starts getting light.( not as much for bow). Bow im in the trees gun usually on the ground. ive killed deer 50 yards from my truck all the way up to 1mile, hunt where the sign is. All of the stateland i hunt if you can park on the road you can go in. I have 4 pieces i walk right onto from private land and one of my better spots i just pull close to the ditch.
  12. Swamp_bucks

    Happy birthday Wooly !

    Happy birthday
  13. Swamp_bucks

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Me and misses dont get anything for each other but kiddos bought me a worlds greatest dad mug. Plus i have a house of happy kids especially my 2yr old son with his paw patrol stuff he doesnt no what to play with. So a very good morning.
  14. Swamp_bucks

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry christmas