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  1. Nice shooting. Im hoping to hit up Gilbertsville and Oxford this year. Oxford has 2 different courses never been to Gilbertsville and its only 10mins away.
  2. Heres a link to the bridge history and more photos. https://bridgehunter.com/ny/chenango/bh52745/ its marked as a new york state historic sight with one of those blue signs.
  3. This bridge was built in 1894 i beileve that picture is the first train to cross it. If you look through the trees that is my parents house for the last 30yrs and my uncles 20 yrs prior. That little windo is the attic anf to get to it you had to go through my bedroom which is on that side of the house. The picture is taken from my aunts meadow that they've owned for 40yrs. The old bases are still in the brook and the old tracks used as the snowmobile trails. You can also find old pieces of the track.
  4. If you go their website its there. I think it said 249. https://www.revolutioninnovations.com/
  5. Saw this on a video from the ata show. Seems like a good idea especially if you cant afford a real mount.
  6. Thanks. I was hoping you would respond and see if my numbers looked about right. Is there an app on your phone you use,book?
  7. Whats everyone using for arrow inserts? Ide like to have from 100-150grains worth of insert weight. Ive been looking at the goldtip since i can screw in extra weights in the back to adjust. I bought my arrows went with the victory arrows elite was selling because of the sale there having. But its the spine and around the weight i wanted. Ive also decided to go with the magnus blackhornet.
  8. My sisters down there for elite. She always has a blast meeting other reps and the people walking around.
  9. Anybody shot either one of these? My friend and me are going bow shopping here soon atleast for him. He likes the short axel bows so he wants to shoot the valor. Figured ide go take a look at these 2. Brother also is ordering a Valor.
  10. Had issues also all night so i didnt try again until this afternoon. I could get on espn, basspro during that time so it is this site.
  11. Sounds like fun. Ill have to see if theres one near me.
  12. This is what i kinda had in mind with the magnus stinger.