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  1. That's really cool. It would be neat to see how it grows different from it's sibling.
  2. All ordered up and now time to wait. Can't wait to see and start shooting. It should be here by end of this week early next.
  3. Can't wait to get it. Talked to ron again over the weekend he's going to set me up great. It'll leave that shop ready to hunt. I'm really pumped for this season now. Not going to know what to do with such a nice bow.
  4. I'll be using my trophy ridge react one sight from last year. Love the single pin. I'll also be using a qad pro series drop away I've had laying around. With my thumb release I purchased last year. In buying the matching quiver and stabilizer for it. Seeing how I won't buy a new bow for a along time I went all out.
  5. Ordering it tomorrow going with KUIU Verde. For you that don't know this is the Verde pattern. I like different looking bows and I really like the Verde for some reason.
  6. Well I made the decision I'm going with the ritual 33. Gives me that longer bow I'm after but being a little shorter than the 35. I know it's only 2 inches but I wanted one around 31-33 ata. Now to decide on the color I'm torn between the ninja black and the KUIU colors. I wouldnt mind any of them reall all there colors are great and the detail in the camo is awesome. The graphite gray is nice also saw that on a kure at the bow shop.
  7. I'm fine. My wife and my mother may have drank enough to drown a whale. So they are nursing the hangovers.
  8. Daughter turns 10 sunday so we decided to give her an early present. He's 10 weeks old got him for free. She's already named him oliver. Not the best picture but he likes moving.
  9. That's what I'm leaning towards more then the valor. The enlist is nice but that draw weight and i cant seem to find 60lb limbs but by the time i find the limbs and buy the bow could probably just get the ritual.
  10. Went today to shoot the bows. Ember was what I was eye balling but that's off the table isn't what I was looking for. I shot another valor and I'm not sure what the difference was between the 2 I shot but it felt smoother then the one I shot Tuesday. Then he had an enlist sitting there for pretty cheap. Problem was it has 70lb limbs. It shot great very smooth draw I just don't no how long my shoulder can handle it. Granted I can get it down to close to 60lbs. If it had 60 or 50lbs limbs it would be home with me. Still not sure I want that shorter axle bow of the valor. He didn't end up having a 33 I was hoping for. Time to think about what route I want to go.
  11. Hoping to shoot the 33 Thursday
  12. Nope all the stateland I hunt is within 20mins of me. Just going to be more aggressive. If i see an uptick in pressure because more people are out i will just need to adjust and find that out of the way spot. My opening day of gun spot is off the beaten trail and 1.5miles in. It will keep people away and push the deer to me. Hope for early does 6pt or better for gun or bow which is usually a 2yr old or better in my area. However if its a small 6 it may get a pass because i have 50hrs of vacation planned from Halloween to thanksgiving. If it comes down to the last day and i have tags anything legal will get it.
  13. Yea I've heard nothing but great things and when I went last time he's was very diligent with everything.
  14. On rte. 8 i believe it's been 5 years since I've been but it was at his house. Last time I was there he sold obsession and elite but I think I heard he's a Mathews and elite dealer now.
  15. I asked her about 100 times what the catch was. She just said I deserved it. But that was my first thought what's the catch. I even asked her if it was a joke it's a sick one I would rather her pull the old I'm pregnant joke. Guess there's only one way to find out. But the bow and wait.