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  1. 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    Im in and my nephew
  2. Great to be out

    Day startes out pretty good went on my weekly hike with the dog and my son which is in the picture below. Then we went to the New York State country hall of fame in cortland to see my wifes uncles plaque from when he got inducted his name is Tom Carhart. This was our first time going and it was nice to see my wifes family in something like that. They are all big music fans. The person who gave us the tour was merle matts who we ended up finding out played in quite a few gigs with my wifes dad. If you are a music lover i would sugest to go they also had alot of big nashville stars stuff there as well. Other picture is me and my son in front of waylon jennings shirt. (Son is named after him) From there we went over to dougs fish fry which i stop at whenever im in cortland. When we got home me and 2 of my kids played catch in the yard. Now we are getting ready to play board games. Nice to be able to spend that type of time with the family. Hope everyone else had a good holiday week/weekend.
  3. Guns you want to buy next.

    I want a Cva wolf, any over under that wont break the bank, and henry silverboy to go with the golden boy i purchased a couple months ago.
  4. Beatin the heat plan

    Ill be out in it the whole weekend tomorrow is golf and yard work sunday will be more yard work or a hike. Might need to mention i work in a factory that has been about 95-105 inside for the last 2 weeks with 100percent humidity and no fan to move the air. So a nice hot day outside with a breeze is comfortable to me.
  5. Summit climber

    Thats what my wife said.
  6. Summit climber

    Just looked the company up. Its all simple stuff, and good priced when i order this stand ill be ordering some of his stuff. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Summit climber

    Im not close to rochester but thanks for the offer. And i had a climber i used on shag bark before so i know that feeling. And know 250 doesnt shimmy well on a tree or anywhere else.
  8. Summit climber

    Looking into a new climber wont be using family friends property anymore. Between the drive and 3 kids it makes it hard. So i will be hunting stateland more. Just seeing if anyone likes the summit, and or any other options for someone pushing 250lbs. This is the model im looking at.
  9. Most of the african wildlife just no interest. Or any bear tried eating it and dont like the meat so they are off the table as well.
  10. What kind of camo is this ?

    Great another type of camo i can't afford.
  11. how often is the buck you shoot one you have on trailcam?

    Only happened once. First gun buck but it was alot like your first 2 pictures. He walked past the camera and then i shot him. Ive had other chances just never able to connect.
  12. Tying The Knot.....Literally

  13. New girl in the neighborhood...

    So cool would love to see one some day.
  14. Would you shoot a piebald deer ?

    I think i would give any piebald/albino a pass. I was always told they are as untouchable of an animal as a bald eagle and you let them walk. I have never seen one in person but it would be very cool to see one. But i would never be mad if someone i knew took one unless it was a skipper.
  15. Henry .22 Fireman’s commemorative

    Congrats on retirement and on a very deserving and beautiful gun. Those sights do take some time to get used to when i got my henry 2 months ago it took a good afternoon of shooting until i got comfortable with them. Enjoy your retirement.