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  1. Swamp_bucks

    Living rm project

    With the new house we wanted to go log cabinish style. Well the lv rm walls are first hoping floors as well this year if i can swing it. Doing a stone wall entertainment area by converting a closet. Then other walls will be pine board. Heres a picture from today you can tell by the yellow boards why we are upgrading. Going to take me longer than i thought but it should turn out good.
  2. Swamp_bucks

    More snow

    Thats what i told my wife. Told her i new better than to start spring cleanup before april. Seems like whenever i get a chance to it snows a couple days after. Gotta love ny weather.
  3. Swamp_bucks

    More snow

    Really wish i wasnt hoping i can pull it up.
  4. Swamp_bucks

    More snow

    Just started spring cleanup today and get a notification on my phone. Winter storm watch friday into saturday 5-10 inches possible. I hate snow.
  5. Swamp_bucks

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    Nice truck i have a 2009 f150 i love it. Starting to rust now but it starts up and drives like it did 4 yrs ago when i got it.
  6. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    Yea they were the 300s. Just picked up some beamen hunter 400 and beaman speed 340. 3 each just so i can see difference. I did shoot the 400s at 20 and 30 yrds they seemed to fly pretty good.
  7. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    Yea i was adjusting every shot. I will try doing adjustments after 2 or 3 shots.
  8. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    Like i said first attempt have alot to learn still
  9. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    Same arrow but i realized i was over correcting.
  10. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    I have tuesday off so going to try it then. Still need some tweaking,and going to still try to take it to a guy i was referred to. Mainly got bored today wanted to see if i could do it.
  11. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    I was 6ft from paper and just stepped back to see the difference. I shot decent at 20-30 yrds but its still not perfect seems to fly better but not great.
  12. Swamp_bucks

    First attempt at paper tuning

    So this is my first attempt at paper tuning. Set up a little rig in my garage after watching some videos. Bow was off more then i thought. Have some pics just wanted to see what you guys thought. Sorry about sideway pictures, holes seem even but my bare shaft in 3rd picture (shots taken at 10 yrds)is still just a little angled not as bad as picture showed though so not sure what to do next to fix it. Could it be form?
  13. Swamp_bucks

    Free cam for a youth

    Thats a great thing to do. Good for you.
  14. Swamp_bucks

    Shed Hunting 2019

    Went out today looking on lease they still have alot of snow. Giving it a couple more weeks. But good news they are going to talk with me to the farmer who rents there field and see if he will let me rent his 25 acre woods. Figured it wouldnt hurt to have some extra help trying to get the piece. I already have rights to retrieve any game talked to him last year.
  15. Swamp_bucks


    Yea thats one thing ive read from most reviews online about it is the sling and butt can be noisey.