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  1. Got this guy last day of the season. He came in to about 40yrds and wasn’t letting him go last day of the season with a tag in my pocket
  2. Be out in the morning at my opening day spot. Didn’t go today and last sit I didn’t see anything there but tracks all over and they blew the scrape wide open. Only looking for a buck. Would like 2.5 or older but we will see what gets the juices flowing in the morning.
  3. Was a long last 3 days. Put in well over 8 miles since opening day. Very few deer were spotted by my hunting party. I took my dad home about 1030 opening morning and made it back to my stand by 1230 at 115 this big doe popped out at 30yrds. As soon as I realized she was alone I let her have went maybe 10yards. Be back out tomorrow morning at my opening day spot. @REDNECK4LIFE32and I walked part of the property today and came across fresh tracks of what appeared a couple bucks trailing a doe. Never did see any of them.
  4. Ready to go now rifle is all good to go
  5. Everyone switched to a different forum in the last 3 weeks. Well most switched
  6. Rifles all good. Took my dad out to see how far he can handle the walk Saturday. He has a bunch of physical issues and may be his last year ever to hunt and first in 5 years. Anyways get about to where I want to see if he can make it and up jumps an absolutely massive buck. 18-20” wide huge mass g2s have to be pushing 10”. He looked at me and said yep this spot will do.
  7. Good luck to those going out. I woke up to a series of photos. Had a doe followed by a huge 8pt, 10mins later the big 6, 5 mins later one of the smaller 6pts all trotting after her.
  8. Just have to double check rifle tomorrow and all good to go. Still have Wednesday- Friday mornings to hunt so I’m not done with bow yet.
  9. Coyote howl. There used to it hearing them and they bound off I get down and out.
  10. Going to catch up to one of these bucks that keep showing up on camera. Was nice having snow while out hunting.
  11. Bumped 4 going in just saw tails so no idea what they were
  12. Getting ready and heading out hoping to catch up with the g2 buck
  13. Think it was an arrow wound that got infected or some sort of disease?
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