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  1. I have made a couple phone calls to places about camping during my hunting trip. Just trying to finalize lodging and had a quick question. My question for you can you camp right on the state game lands in PA? I know on some NY stateland you can camp on without a permit or anything wasn't sure if the same can be down in PA.
  2. Just talked to my BIL the other day about this. He's a landscaper out of southern PA and was telling me he bought a mower in February for 10k went back because he had a different mower crap the bed on him and that same mower he just bought went up $4k. So he decided to rebuild his older one and hope prices go down soon and the rebuild will get him through the season.
  3. Just going to be a matter of shooting different ones. I personally think elite and bowtech have some of the smoothest draw cycles. I can pull and hold my ritual for a long time without the best shoulders. Hope you find one that works for you so you can get out.
  4. Hopefully I doesn't slam you guys like the one did too morris and gilbersville the other day. They got hit hard by a flash flood.
  5. Look into the elite ember. They have a bare bow and a full setup bow for under 600 I want to say. Smooth draw and can get it down to 40lbs and when your shoulder feel better you can crank it back up to 60lbs if you want.
  6. I'll be putting my cameras out finally tomorrow or Wednesday.
  7. Nice. Ive been wanting to go but it won't stop raining.
  8. 35yard shot I'll take that group for me all day long. I'll shoot broadheads in a couple weeks to make sure I'm still all good and don't need to tinker more. I left all my broadheads on the arrows from last year so beside sharpening them quick I should be all good to go. Then I'll be shooting 3-5 arrows a day until season.
  9. I don't have any warm weather rain gear for early season. I'm just looking for something that works but won't break the bank.
  10. I said the same thing yesterday to one of my friends. Seems like every tree is loaded this year around me
  11. Have you tried asking any local farmers? Some might let you lease or hunt for free.
  12. I would imagine most are filling up. Plenty of time to scout some stateland if you need a place to hunt.
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