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  1. Yes actually me and the wife just got done talking about going lpn to rn. Like I told my wife either way it's the field i want and I will get one or the other. Hoping working before I start classes will help allow me to figure out which one is the best for me.
  2. Well I got the job. 2 week notice going in tonight. Starting May 3rd. I'll be on my way to becoming a nurse and start to enjoy my life more not working 7 days a week unless I choose to. I will be working out of the ICU at Basset Medical in Cooperstown.
  3. The one good thing about my current job is I work 3rd shift 6 days which actually puts me at work 7 days a week just how the schedule is so I'm used to the crap shifts and lack of sleep. It would be nice to get a good day shift once I become an rn but I do know that is easier said then done. However with how these shifts apparently work I can actually enjoy a day off and do the things I enjoy and even allow me to do more with the family which is what I want the most. I'm always working and if I'm not I'm sleeping so I can work again.
  4. That would be cool however looks like that is in the Rochester area? If so it's about 3hrs from me. Thank you for reaching out to me. I will certainly take a look at it.
  5. As long as I get the job I will have about the same schedule. I wont get the 3 months off or month for hunting but its 3days on 4 off. From what they said could end up with 6 days in between. With unlimited overtime. Plus I'll be in a job I want and give me more time for family and hobbies once I get done with my schooling.
  6. Thanks for the support. I enjoy machining and it's a great skill to have and very happy I learned a trade like that. Met some of the smartest people and great people doing what I currently do. I just cant see myself doing that line of work another 30yrs or more. I know schooling will be tough but I feel that since it's what I really want to do I'll get through it some way. Wether it means taking online courses, in person or a combination I'll get it done.
  7. Last year I posted asking information about becoming a CO. After a few months of debating with myself I decided that I dont have that type of confrontational personality needed for it. However the one thing I have always enjoyed was helping people. Ever since I was a kid I was always willing to lend a helping hand. Late last year it kind of hit me like a brick wall what it was I wanted to do. I currently work as a machinist in a factory. It pays good most of the people I can tolerate. Its just not what I want to do. I figured at 33 I better get it figured out. I worked in t
  8. Not first shot but first good group with the recurve 20yrds.
  9. I'll take it for my first day with my new toy. Lost one arrow while figuring out an anchor point. I tried just pulling back and shooting and did ok. Then I switched to aiming and found a solid anchor point and I didnt have baseball groups but they stayed inside a paper plate. The picture is of my best group at 20yards. long way to go but it's a start. I do want to try a tab. I dont like how thick the glove is. However its brand new and really stiff.
  10. Yep bought a 2012 ford fusion 3 months ago in cash. Put basic coverage on my old truck since I dont drive it much now but weekend chores full on my car. Insurance went up maybe $15 and I'm saving about 100 in gas a month already. I use the car for taking kids to practice and everything else now. Very happy I bought it
  11. Better view of the area. Flipped it so it was the correct way for north and south. Also has the topo of the area. Topo doesnt go that ridge on the right justice it's almost straight up to get to the top.
  12. Yep. Theres actually a pull off 3/4 mile up the road in the main piece. Park there and walk to the spot. I've learned that trick before. This buck bed hunting is new to me. However I've seen more 2.5 plus bucks since starting. Just learning how they approach and their actual bed is still tricky for me. I have learned that if you want to get within their bedrooms you need to scout 10x more then before. I'll post more info after I scout it again.
  13. Thanks for the info. I didnt cover everything I wanted and will do one last scouting trip to pin point his most likely entrance and exit. I do believe he is going onto the private land to feed. They have corn,hay fields and apple trees. All within 200yards of this swamp. Phade the thermals is my biggest concern so my plan was to try and hunt it on a more steady wind to try and help eliminate the thermal pull. Northcountryman I can slip in from that way off the road on the bottom. I could almost see the tree I wanted to get to without making a bunch of noise. This sp
  14. Last year it was blowing mainly nw which would be blowing from the bottom of the picture towards to the top. I cant cut anything because it is stateland. I did forget to mention that there is crop fields just to the bottom side of the picture that is private. For access I can loop in through the hardwoods down either road and or try to find a path in through where the shaded orange part is which is just off the one road. That's why I was having a hard time figuring it out. My thinking with the shaded orange spot since it's not as thick I can use that area to sneak as close as
  15. So I scouted this swamp the other day and want some opinions. It's not far off of 2 roads. However there is a wall of brush and down trees to get into the middle of it. Theres about 40 rubs running along the bottom part where the transition is and they all come to a point where the large tree is fallen over at the bottom. The down tree is under the buck symbol where I found 2 beds. The root ball stand almost 15 tall and 20ft wide with beds and a massive rub on the other side. The shaded orange is more open and easier to get into without making much noise. The blue line going a
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