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  1. Thanks for the input. I'm just going to schedule like I normally do and if get a good pattern on one leading into the season I'll just take a day. I always take the first day off anyways just because.
  2. Looking to start scheduling some of my vacation time. I've been doing a ton of research on early season seems like the first 4 day can be the best time to tag a big buck besides the rut. I like the idea of the woods being pretty empty since most people hold off towards the rut for vacation. I think you would need to have a good pattern on one for it to work. What are your thoughts?
  3. Yea I emailed them and discussed my plan and he said that it would all work I just needed different length 5/16th grade 8 bolts.
  4. Well made the purchase. XOP Vanish Evolution, 4 XOP mini sticks with stick brackets. Total was 300 since sticks are on sale. One issue I had with these sticks was that single step so i did some research and found the solution. Went to Eastern Woods Outdoors and they have aftermarket double steps for $11. So I bought 6(2 extras) , and 2 of their 18inch steel cable aiders for 11 dollars each. If you are customizing sticks this would be the website to look up. Everything should be here in a couple weeks cant wait to put it together. Last purchase will be getting 8mm static rope to convert to a rope mod to make setup even lighter.
  5. I'm hoping the Bill's win if they play the chiefs or browns. I'm with biz if you want to get past the chiefs 10pts from the offense isn't going to do it.
  6. Pay off my debt and my close family. Buy a big chunk of land and put a dream house in the middle of it/hobby farm Donate a bunch to our school's music program so it doesn't get cut Buy a place on the beach in north myrtle Make sure my family generations to come are set Oh yea retire at 33 with a hobby farm to keep me busy
  7. Sorry for your loss moog. If you need anything dont hesitate to ask.
  8. Just stopped into Mayhoods in Norwich and picked up some more 20gauge shells. They had a decent amount of ammo all more odd ball. 280, 6.5(I believe) might be worth a call if you have any odd ball calibers. Phone is 334-2001
  9. I get maybe paying for a deer lease but for small game I would just hunt some stateland and save my money. Especially once deer season ends you'll have thousand of acres to yourself.
  10. Trade in values are up. Someone I worked with back in october traded a 2009 f150 with 155k and box was rusted and he still got 9500 on his trade in.
  11. I'm kinda in the same boat. I just put 600 into my truck and decided to go get a smaller car to drive for work to save my truck. I dont want the payment of a truck right now so I'll go buy a 5k car in cash and wait a little longer to buy a newer truck.
  12. If you can get it back to the spot and can swing it I would go the amish shed route. Some come with a loft and porch all ready to go.
  13. A little below average sighting wise. I usually see more during bow however I didnt go out much after i took my buck on 10/30. I had a bunch of close encounters early bow passed a couple bucks opening week. Screwed up on a doe. Gun sucked but that's pretty usual for me. Did have some positives saw my first piebald while on stand, my nephew getting his first deer ever , my brothers first bow kill ever also killed my biggest bow buck.
  14. That'what I did last year. Also since it was a cheap steel tube stand I filled it with spray foam and that killed alot of the sound also
  15. This time of year you shouldn't have to many issues with people out in the woods. Atleast from what I've noticed around my area. Wish I could help with the area you are in. Good luck.