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  1. Swamp_bucks

    Early season food?

    Orchard is an old over grown one right next to the road. I have seen deer in it before and the oaks are not on the same property.
  2. Swamp_bucks

    Early season food?

    So im trying to get a game plan together for opening weekend. I have 3 ideas for that first saturday. Going to depend on wind,weather,ect. But what food do you look for the first couple weeks to try and hunt over? Option 1: Is a huge patch of white oaks loaded with acorns. Found a tree in the area that had the most droppings under 4 or 5 oaks. Along with 2 old scrapes and rubs from last year. Option 2: small apple orchard that i know is loaded this year. Also hoping to scout another one this weekend. Option 3: 15 acre hay field,i have stands preset for the 2 corners they normally come out in. As of now im leaning towards the acorns. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Wasnt in the woods but i was checking fields that are right next to stateland i hunt on my way home this morning and saw 2 bucks one was about the size of my big 8 which scored mid 90s(not huge but big for me). The other one looked like he was double him. Both still in velvet.
  4. Swamp_bucks

    No rifles in Orleans or parts of Broome

    Yea. I know a couple guys i work with hunt in the binghamton area told me theres still parts of broome that are shotgun only. I dont no where but they let me know just in case i went down that way since im not far.
  5. Swamp_bucks


    I was in my 8th grade social studies class when they told us. By lunch uth and 8th grade had an emergency assembly telling us to keep quite on the busses and in the halls so we didnt freak out the younger kids. Actually found out last night a guy ive worked with for 10yrs is a volunteer firefighter and spent a week at ground zero helping out. He was getting choked up talking about it and told me it took him 15yrs to be able to get to the point he could go back to the city.
  6. Swamp_bucks

    Maine 2019

    Congrats, and enjoy the vacation.
  7. Swamp_bucks

    Found A Nice Deadhead

    Maybe hes got a brother running around? Its a nice looking deer.
  8. Swamp_bucks

    Football concussion advice

    That sucks. They arent fun, i will say ive seen how quick a concussion can affect a young athlete. Brother played soccer in hs and one of his teamates was a good wrestler but got 3 or 4 concusions in about 5 yrs. One day he and another player went up for a header in a game and hit each other and knocked him out the concussion was so bad. He couldnt walk upstairs for 6months missed a hole yr of school sun hurt his eyes and that was the end of all sports for him. Never was the same when he got back to school. Its a tough choice but if it was me ide get a couple doctors opinions on it.
  9. Swamp_bucks

    People dumping on state land.

    One of the main pieces i hunt is like this. Always crap at the turn around and one of the pull offs. Ive found old trailers to paint cans leaking. Drives me up the wall. DEC doesnt seem to care seeing how ive called to report it and i know a couple of other people that hunt there and hike have also and nothing ever gets done.
  10. Swamp_bucks

    Turkey vest for deer

    Thanks for the input looks like ill just stick with my pack i have. Dont need the vest getting in my way while trying to shoot. Would probably work out better for gun though.
  11. Swamp_bucks

    Turkey vest for deer

    Trying to figure out my setup for the season using a hangon. Thinking maybe getting a turkey vest to keep all my extras in and not having to worry about having to put a bag somewhere once im in the tree. Does anyone use a turkey vest during deer season?
  12. Swamp_bucks


    Thanks for the heads up need some new binocs hopefully norwich walmart has them.
  13. Swamp_bucks

    Tasco 8mp camera

    Yep bought 3 weeks ago checked it yesterday and it took better pictures then my cheap moultrie i had out. Will be buying a couple more. Brother also has 2. I like the 5 seconds between pictures setting. Havent tried the video yet.
  14. Swamp_bucks

    Scouting stateland.

    I have both types of spots for that reason. The 3 pieces i go deep on get pushed hard most of gun season so i like to be in behind the drivers on hidden chunks or hard to drive sections. Those spots are mainly my gun spots. My bow spots tend to be within 75yrds-400 from the road. Do to the lack of pressure from other hunters. I like to be able to move and have as many options as possible.
  15. Swamp_bucks

    Scouting stateland.

    Didnt get to the entire piece save that for gun season for a walk. Very excited about it though theres sign all over the place