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  1. Well just got a call from the guy ive been taking this year. Not good for his gun. He dropped it going in opening day. Well just slipped into snow. Told him that wont hurt it recoil is worse then slipping into soft snow. Well he just told me he dropped it 3 times that day. Once when i was there, once on a stone wall then bounced it off his door jam in his truck when he got home saturday. And now the scope is cracked. So i told him to go shoot it or if not he needs to use my single shot. Trying to build him back up but hes pretty down on himself.
  2. Swamp_bucks

    Getting to the Field can be HARD!

    I will tell you i havent killed all but 1 big buck in my life but it was at 2pm. And i see more deer on the one piece of stateland i hunt from 10-2. You will be suprised how affective that time is. My dad always told me sleep in and go in when others are coming out. Even when i hunted my grandmothers we saw deer at 11 all the time.
  3. Swamp_bucks

    Getting to the Field can be HARD!

    Ive got 3 kids from 13 down to 2 so that does help(not all as young as yours). But my wife knows my time of year is right now so she pushes me out the door sometimes. But i dont hunt like i used to. I get out whenever i can squeeze it in. Miday,last hr, i do get lucky in the mornings because they all like to sleep in on weekends so i usually have until 10am if i dont have to work saturdays. It does suck every now and then not getting out when i want. but ide still rather have time with them then more time in the woods. Its just a balancing act. Good luck gettinf out and with the new baby.
  4. Congrats grampy, jerrys daughter. Have to work tonight and i got out at 630am. Running home grabbing gear and still hunting/scouting until i have to get my son at 3. Then off until monday so ill get my woods time in now.
  5. Swamp_bucks

    Age of this big 6

    Not good at this but ide say 2.5. Nice buck either way.
  6. Swamp_bucks

    Shoot or pass?

    Ive got a friend that would of pushed that shot and given me crap for passing. Thats why he lost a 6 opening day. You made the right choice. Now you know you still have a chance at him and hes not wounded somewhere slowly dieing.
  7. Congrats to those that punched there tags so far. Just found a guy at work got busted for baiting,taking a doe with no tag and a couple other tickets.
  8. Went to lease this afternoon didnt see anything. Thats about usual for gun season there. Good news as i was leaving the field next to the lease had 12 deer in it so they are there. They just went to wrong field tonight.
  9. Swamp_bucks

    State land challenge let's see some pictures

    See what i can do in the morning. Ide take a picture like the first one but some kids stole it over the summer.
  10. Love those browtines. Nice buck, Congrats.
  11. Swamp_bucks

    Field to Fork Program for New Adult hunters.

    Thats great. Good for those new hunters and you guys. I bet they are hooked now. Its a really good thing your doing for them.
  12. Well sat from 540 to 430 nothing but a doe on the way out. Dad saw 1 deer at 650 but no shot. Not a good opening day for my group only 1 little skipper taken. And congrats to all of you that punched tags today. At again in the am.
  13. The guy from work im taking so he can try and get his firsr deer is already at gas station waiting for me. Hes 45 mins early. Lol think he a little amped up this morning.
  14. Up getting ready and going throuh check list. Good luck and be safe.