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  1. Anyone notice stateland was empty yesterday or was it me? We hunted a 700acre piece no trucks when we went in or out. Brother left at 8 and there was 1 truck. Other buddy took lunch at noon anf wad only one truck he said when he got back at 2. The guy i saw was on private. Not complaining just seemed like the woods get emptier every year.
  2. Bucks running does hard yesterday in 7p. 3 out of the 4 of us saw bucks running them.
  3. So after debating for 2 days on where to go i decided to hit up a spot on stateland in 7p i scouted this summer. Think i even made a post about it. At 620 i finally get to the ridge i wanted to sit. Its about 1.25 miles in finished getting dress and my area setup i hear something running and here comes 6 deer flying past me and up the hill. I thought they had all moved past. Well at 730 i needed to readjust so i stand up slow and up jumps 2 deer under 50yrds away both does. 800 i saw one sneaking through the brush going the other way. About 830 i hear a deer coming in finally get eyes on it and its a basket 6 more then willing to take it but he came down wind saw him run 200yrds and kaboom someone else killed him watched the deer fall. 900 i decided i couldnt see enough so shifted up the hill. By 10 didnt like my spot again so i get ready to move over 20yrds and i hear a deer coming ends up being a doe she walked within 10yrds of me. Waited 20 mins to make sure a buck wasnt coming and moved over. No more than 20 mins later i hear crashing here comes a doe flying past at 80yrds with a small buck trotting behind. No shot on him then i saw a huge body buck running through with a decent rack. That was it until 4. At 4 i got up to stretch and thought what i heard was a grey squirel running behind me so i didnt pay attention to it. But it kept getting louder and finally see an ear flicker. Its a doe at 50yrds feeding on something. At this time i think i can hear 2 but couldnt tell. So i slowly sneak down onto my knees and get ready well doe gets to an opening about the time i put my shooting stick in the snow and it crunched. We got in a stare down for a couple minutes. During this i finally tell there are 2. Well she looks back and i glance over and all i see is a nose poking out behind a tree. Then i hear a grunt she jumps away so i get saftey off and lock into the opening. I see the buck enter my scope stop where she did and squeezed. Didnt move an inch. 2nd biggest buck both stateland in 7p and both since 2016. Had a friend 300yrds away who sprinted over to celebrate, brother showed up along with a hunting buddy who also filled his tag on a 6.(hunting together since we were 12 first time ever doubling on a buck). Drage was about 1.4 miles phone died on way back to truck so dont no exact distance. Have a pic of them helping drag but wont load. Buddies buck is last picture.
  4. Story later but sat from 6 till 3 when this guy came in. It was by far my best opener ever. Got it done it on stateland again.
  5. Nothing tonight but i cant complain about this season i wantrf to tag atleast 2 with a bow and i did. Now time to put it up and grab my favorite rifle. Brother and a good friend are coming over for beer tonight then all 3 will be hitting the woods in the morning together.
  6. Doe is all cut up and in the freezer getting gear on for one last chance at filling my buck tag for archery because late season i have a ml and will take that instead of my bow. I will be from the ground also.
  7. Cant wait opening day even though i enjoy bow season more has always been like my chritsmas and bday all rolled into one.
  8. Hoping to make it out for a sit if i can get what i need to done during the day. Have a bedding area i can sneak into. Really trying to fill the buck tag with a bow.
  9. Still thinking my 30-06 but i will propbably walk alot saturday so my mossberg 20gauge open sight may get put in its place. Guess ill decide when i wake up saturday morning.
  10. If you know the gun just aim and shoot. The more you second guess it thats when something will go wrong. you got this hope to see a pic by 8 saturday from that stand.