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  1. Swamp_bucks

    Ok ok, I'm sure this has been addressed but....

    Switching back to fixed blade had an issue 2 years ago on a deer never got penetration and they never opened. Deer was going to be perfectly fine just a little sore. I tried them last year never hit anything but i wasnt confident in them so im going to the cut as soon as it hits method.
  2. Swamp_bucks

    Hunting Cabin For Sale

    Im not interested but not far from where it is. did you put it in the norwich penny savor for sale or craigslist? I imagine someone in the area would want it.
  3. Swamp_bucks


    Enjoying my go to.
  4. Swamp_bucks

    How many acres do you hunt if it is private land .

    32 acres in madison county. Havent taken much off it but 5yrs of hunting it and got it finally figured out last season. Its an odd piece hardest part was because the wind swirls alot on it but figured that out the last 2 yrs and ended up never getting winded last year. Just a matter of getting time to go there because its a 45min drive for me.
  5. Swamp_bucks

    First Shot Daily Pics

    Shooting been getting a little better still have shot out past 30yrds. But heres shots at 20 and 25 with my fixed blades muzzys. Always had a hard time shooting fixed blades never flew like the field points but they flew great. Still deciding between my carbon express radial weave 300 with 4inch vanes or the beman 340 with 2" blazer vanes. Shooting about the same atleast out to 30.
  6. Swamp_bucks

    Rochester fire fighter exam

    I think thats what my brother did up there great program. He didnt make it though one night he was on call. He went to a call involving a bad kid incident and it messed his head up good for a good year. Give alot of respect to people in those fields its not easy i know alot of volunteer firefighters that have seen some messed up stuff.
  7. Swamp_bucks

    Career change?

    This was one of my other reasoning to be able to work a schedule that can be altered a bit. The one co i know has it worked out to get most of the goose seasons off since he doesnt deer hunt. I also like the factor compared to CNC work is at some point the economy wont be what it is now and factory work seems to be the first to start layoffs granted you can get laid off as a CO i guess but theres always going to be people getting arrested.
  8. Swamp_bucks

    Career change?

    This was just brought up to me by a couple of the COs i know that want me to work there. Im going to call their office monday and see what i can do to atleast try before i make the full jump into it.
  9. Swamp_bucks

    Biz Truck

    Im hoping the price in the ranger and colorado for used ones arent to bad in 2 or 3 yrs when i start shopping again my truck will be 14 yrs old by then. Like the idea of a smaller truck since i dont haul anything but what goes in the bed. You really have a nice looking ride there.
  10. Swamp_bucks

    Career change?

    Work hours ill be fine im used to working longer hrs and screwed up shifts. As for the mental aspect i feel i could do it but who knows. Ide love to work with people with disabilities worked a job 10yrs ago and loved the residents and ive looked into it but the by the end of the day i need to support the family and they just dont pay alot in that field. Grampy to the cockienese part i know what your talking about ive seen it. But im married to a woman with a heart of gold but she would have no problem telling me to shut up and get over myself and keep me humble.
  11. Swamp_bucks

    Career change?

    Should of stated going for my county or next county overs jails. Less then state but same bennys but ill take the lesser pay to be close to home. Jeremy i thought it was a challenge thing and went to a harder more challenging area in the shop and it hasnt changed. I enjoy machining ive learned alot and met alot of great people. but its gotten to the point that i dont feel like i get anything accomplished. My father always told me you dont have to love your job but be able to tolerate it.
  12. Swamp_bucks

    Biz Truck

    Nice ride biz.
  13. Swamp_bucks

    Career change?

    This might be a long post. Its been on my mind more and more as of late. Currently i run cnc machines at my local factory but what i used to enjoy about it has faded. Im 31 and kind of at a cross road of stay put or make a leap into a totally different career. I see men that have busted their asses for 40 yrs that can hardly walk by the time they leave this place and most are dead within 5 yrs of retirement. Ive also had relatives work in the field only to be laid off 20yrs later and trying to find work in there late 40s and 50s. So ive been looking into becoming a CO. i like giving back and i feel i could help my community by making sure the people that need to be away from public are while trying to help some people get back on their feet and fix their lives. Corrections is big in my wifes family 3 retired state COs one is currently heading for state trooper training but is a CO in utica. Her dad is someone i look up to and he was a CO for 30yrs. So my question is any advice for someone trying to make such a career change in their 30s? And any COs on hear with any advice? Thanks for any input you might have.
  14. Swamp_bucks

    Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Youve probably had this question. What are you actually looking for that makes a more valuable deer? Typical,non typical? Inches it can produce, blood lin or does it just depend on the buyer. There was a guy up past my parents who used to raise them he was a small outfit and all his seemed to be big typicals.
  15. Swamp_bucks

    Tree Stand Saddles

    The ones ive seen it looks like the same type of harness that the guys use while taking trees down. So you would probably have to climb and learn the correct knots.