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  1. Just got back from my nephews game at the dream park in Cooperstown. Watched him score 1 run, rbi double next inning through a kid out at 1st from right field and then bottom of the inning cracked a 3 run home run for his first of the year. They still lost but put up a huge comeback at the end.
  2. I was watching a clip from exodus on youtube that just talked about this from a couple of their guests on the show. Whats the best hunting advice you’ve received? Whether it’s something that’s helped you harvest more deer or just enjoy hunting more. I have one for each. First is helping me hunt better is just trusting my instincts. I’ve always second guessed myself and over the last couple years I go into the season telling myself to trust my instincts ands it’s starting to pay off for me. The other would be everyone’s idea of a “trophy” buck is different and be happy for the hunter and their harvest whether it’s a 3”spike or a world record.
  3. That the buck you kept having encounters with last year?
  4. Yea I agree I use HuntStand, google earth and the DEC website to get info on the pieces I plan to hunt. My favorite feature is the topo/aerial on HuntStand especially in the hills helps me narrow down bedding points and for me to see what is the leeward side depending on wind.
  5. How many people take advantage of cyber scouting to help narrow down places to hunt? I’ve really started using cyber scouting more to help me narrow spots down better before I waste gas driving to or around the desired area. Granted you can’t see trails in hardwoods but it is great for CRP fields and swamps to really figure out their travel patterns. The pictures are a spot I found last year doing this method. It’s a swamp that’s maybe 25acres but had 5 bucks to my knowledge living in and around from hunting the area and visually seeing them. maybe this will help a new hunter with scouting or add another way to scout for a seasoned hunter.
  6. Looks like you have a couple nice ones growing
  7. Do you give tours? Be cool to see how an operation like that works.
  8. How much emphasis is put on the correct doe for breeding? Clearly the bucks potential genes helps with the good growth of the offspring but clearly the doe has to play some affect into it? Just wondering is there a certain doe you breed with a certain buck each year because you know the outcome of great genetics?
  9. My brother I think is going this route since he’s not a big fan of hang ons and sticks
  10. This will be my 2nd year with this setup. The beginning of last year was a little rough just having a new setup but by mid October I was getting up and down trees in 5-10 mins and a couple times within 100 yards of deer. absolutely love it winds wrong someone comes in on me. Just get down pack up and move. Just had to get it in my head I need to leave earlier just because setup time is involved. Just stick to a system ropes in the same pockets, putting sticks on the same way, packing it up the same,etc. Practice at home or in the woods somewhere and different trees to get used to it.
  11. I have the XOP vanish and customized the mini sticks to make them double steps and removed the locking mechanisms and am using the j hooks this year to keep them secure.
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