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  1. Best parenting advice

    Nose and toes, my kids, nephews, and godsons used to hate this. Make them stand against the wall with nose and toes touching the wall. But the older my daughters get ive learned to breath because my wife tells me that the more i raise my voice the less they listen. Good luck kids are all different. However godsons only react and listen now after a hard day of splitting firewood.
  2. I hate snow

    Finally done here little damage to the house but its on a piece thats getting knocked down in the coming weeks. Going to see what roof looks like in the next day or so. Hoping trees hold up to the weight they are all sagging good. Hope everyone else made it through ok.
  3. I hate snow

    Same here went to work closed at 1030. Got home and i had 5 huge pine branches on my roof and already lost a section of my fence. Heading back out to shovel and see how the trees are holding up.
  4. I hate snow

    60 degrees a couple days ago and now im looking at 12" plus of fresh snow and it still coming down. Told my wife when we go to myrtle beach at the end of the month i may not come back. Lol. Ready for spring to get here hoping this will be the last blast of snow.
  5. Olympic Games

    Speed skating, the high ski jump, snowboarding, luge, skeleton and bobsled.
  6. Winter Olympics

    I dont watch curling but i will watch speed skating and some of the skiing and snowboarding events.
  7. I'm Annoyed !

    Funny you mention it. Yesterday i was at the end of my work day and our server crapped out which locked up my cnc machine. So im trying to work with the IT guys and the new operator on second walks in and starts hitting estops opening up saftey doors to start his pms. Needless to say he probably wont make that mistake again. I was just lucky i didnt have it running production when he did it.
  8. The official Superbowl 2018 thread

    Eagles because my good friend is a die hard and because ide like to see someone else lift that trophy. But either way ide like to just get a little extra cash from a couple of the pools im in at work.
  9. Scroll skull..

    Amazing work.
  10. Great danes/lab mix to good home

    Just turned 3 in december
  11. Unfortunatley i have had to make a decison and have to get rid of my dogs. They are great dogs but they like to run and be outside. But with 3 kids and living in town i cant give them the life they need. They are great with kids and cats, ride good in trucks. Both fixed and must go together. The black one is female and her name is Kala, the silver one is my male his name is Huntley they are brother and sister he was first born she was the runt. If interested send me a private message. I'm located in chenango county.
  12. Lowering Hunting Age

    It would be great my daughter wants to go hunting but shes having a hard time getting her draw weight up. I hope it passes means i would get to add my kid to the hunting group and 2 of my god sons.
  13. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    Ide ask your doctor. Everyone in my house got it this year and last year do to my son being a premie. The flu tends to run through my wifes work place(medical field) she says that the ones who get the flu the most seem to be the only ones who skip the shot. But there is a couple of them who get the shot and get the flu regardless. Hope your daughter gets better it sucks when kids get sick, especially at that age.
  14. Fill in the blank

  15. Herb phillipsons is selling.......

    That sucks me and wife usually stop there before going to the casino.