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  1. Latest I ever saw a buck carrying was when I was a teenager. It was the week after Easter it was 2 small bucks each had one side left.
  2. Just spoke with the person from Mayhoods. They are doing curbside pickup today and starting backup monday. They will be closed every Sunday until this is all done with. This staff members is very reliable and they are currently working.
  3. Wife is sending one of his workers a Facebook message that we know well. As soon as I hear I'll let you know.
  4. I know the owner of Mayhoods I'm sure hes not happy. I went to school with his daughters and a couple of his staff members. Looks like I'll have to depend on wal mart for my needs for now.
  5. They released one last night. I believe they said Aaron was in lock down inside the city they live.
  6. Just got the call going back to work Sunday night. Temperatures checked before entering and I guess some waiver I'll have to read it over but 2 weeks all spring cleaning done I'm bored.
  7. There's been a shotgun in the truck since this all started.
  8. This morning my daughters didn't want to wake up and start school work. So me and my 3 yr old downloaded air horn apps to my phone and the house tablet and connected them to blue tooth speakers and hid. Daughters are now up but they are not impressed. .
  9. Only you can decide that. Everyone's "shooter" is different.
  10. Sold my savage .270 in 2009 to buy my daughters crib. Only gun I wish I never sold. At least it went for something good.
  11. Walmart does sell them but I don't know if the one in Norwich has any left. The gun shop there has had a bunch of ammo but I don't know what he's got either.
  12. I dont have anything in bloom but daffodils are up 4-5", lillies are popping up. Otherwise nothing but grass turning green.
  13. Me and my youngest daughter finished it today. Ended up being 21'X 12 all dug by hand. Tomorrow will be setting up a water supply for it.
  14. I used to have a target panic. But always take a big deep breath before I raise a gun or bow at the range. And I just burn a hole in the target and breath. I'm not by any means a good shooter but I hit what I'm aiming at alot of the time. It did come back bad 3 years ago for a year with my bow but it was a mixture of no faith in equipment and over thinking. For the main question is i stare at the target where I want to hit,breath,draw with my eyes always on the target,anchor,breath,release. I can get my shot cycle off within 5-9 seconds would be my guess.