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  1. 28 yards, hopefully 24hrs from now it will be a nice fat doe I'm shooting at
  2. Just have to go through my pack one more time make sure my hang and hunt stand is ready to go,one more arrow shot tonight from a random distance. Try to make it through an 8hr shift at work tonight get home sleep(won't happen) until 2,then off to the woods and hopefully sitting by 330.
  3. Good video. Next year my biggest adjustment is getting better at back tension. when I feel like I'm doing it right my shots are good but it's at that point I still think about it and it hasn't become second nature. Thanks for the video
  4. Follow through is my biggest down fall. I know when I'm not doing it realized I shoot to the left when I don't follow through. Makes a big difference with my thumb release.
  5. Electronics help but I don't like taking them. I like to print out coloring pages with animals they might see and let them try to color them,give them there own binos or maybe little bow or toy gun so they can pretend they are hunting . Also like moog said once they are done they're done.
  6. I don't know if I agree 100percent yes you shouldn't be grabbing a bow which leads to torque issues. Which I learned along time ago. However there's a big difference in an elite ritiual grip angle and a bear charge. My bear had a more square grip then my new elite so getting used to how it sits in my hand Nd balancing made a big difference. It's all good and shooting well and my groups are better than ever before. Good luck this season.
  7. Well waits almost done. As long as the forecast keeps showing a west wind i have my first sit picked out thursday night. It's down in a creek bottom that has great bedding on private and the west wind sets up that bedding perfect. As long as nobody walks down the main trail I should be good. They have to come through the stateland to get to the meadows and into the orchard I'll be posted up along. The trail coming out if that bedding was down to mud 2 weeks ago. This spot is a get in early and hunt because after youth weekend it usually gets hammered.
  8. That was me last week just got to the point I put the bow down for 3 days because I couldn't hit anything.
  9. 22 yards broadhead pulled the shot a little
  10. Just finished sharpening broadheads,clothes packed and in totes,stands set and hang and hunt setup ready. Only thing left is to sight in the rifle I always forget to do that before bow.
  11. Well I think I love my wife alittle more after today. She told me before be I left for work she found me a sitter for Thursday night so I can pick up my son at 3 from daycare drop him off at her mom's and off to the woods. She said since I've been itching to get out she said to go. this week just got better.