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  1. Favorite Whiskey Thread

    Black Velvet on the rocks or with some gingerale.
  2. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Yea thats what we all said. The deer numbers here are getting worse every year. I wouldnt be opposed to them only giving doe tags out if your a land owner, disabled or a veteran. They have to do something.
  3. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Feel you there 4 of us drove a bunch of pieces in 7m and 7p no tails, no tracks. Couldnt tell you what a deer looked like havent seen one since my opening day buck.
  4. How Much SNOW Ya Got??

    Dusting in my area this am.
  5. Highway Dept dump?

    I know ive seen the county and state just take them to one of the local dumps in the area.
  6. Have to go with the Mossberg 500 in 20 or 12 gauge with the beaded sights, good for any game and always reliable. Close 2nd would be a 22mag.
  7. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Nothing this am was a great sit even without seeing a deer. Off to get the christmas tree then hoping my dad can still make it out for pm hunt. Good luck to everyone thats still out.
  8. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Same here ide like to just see one while on stand.
  9. Christmas lights and decorations. Whatcha got ?

    I need that lamp. Lol
  10. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Oh yea i agree im sure there are alot more. Especially in all the woods in mcdonough and pharsalia they could live their entire life and never be seen. Only seem to hear about 1 maybe 2 a year being taken. I've heard of alot more sightings in the last couple years. Ive only seen 1 and that was 10 years ago, did cut some tracks in the snow a few years ago. Nice to know there are more and more in the area i think there one of the coolest animals.
  11. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    big news in my area a guy took a black bear in chenango county saw a picture not huge but its a bear. any body else that hunts in the county knows its not all that common. I know who shot it(actually know who shot the last 3 that i heard of being taken now that i think about it), im not close to him so i dont want to give out any info. Had a nice coat on it.
  12. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Well its been a long 5 years and alot of hope and prayers but i will be taking my dad out sunday only for a couple hours do to his health. He doesnt have much energy but cant wait to just sit out there with him. Hoping a decent body size anything comes through hes got tags for both. Man has taught me alot hes only killed 2 deer his entire life(18years apart) and i was there for his last buck 10years ago. Hoping to be there for a couple more.
  13. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Such a waste, happens to often found a button buck 2 years ago all they took was the back straps. An old native american woman told me once that shooting a piebald deer would bring bad luck to the one who took it. So if thats true that scumbag has got some real bad luck coming for taking it and leaving it.
  14. any hunting stuff on the xmas wish list??

    I wanted a crossbow, then dicks had a sale and i bought a barnet recruite recurve. Not the best one out there but for $130 my wife told me merry xmas. Found the catch though she already order a 100dollar purse earlier in the day for her xmas present.