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  1. Keeping your Brother, Family and you in my thoughts and prayers my friend. Hopefully today brings more movement in the right direction.
  2. Welcome Ryan, you're joining at the right time!
  3. XGX7PM

    Live Bait

    Anyone know of a good spot for live bait near Little Valley N.Y. ?
  4. Maybe spray a coat of that flex seal to give some extra rigidity and make the burlap less prone to damage. Smell can't be much more offensive than what was already used for assembly if it gets to air out good. Makes me wonder, a lot of us are using ozone for our hunting gear.... anyone using one to descent trapping gear or have it set up in their dead shed?
  5. Raccoons or bobcat?
  6. can we get more of your friends to next gtg?
  7. XGX7PM


    ł was in history class, it was extremely weird that day at school. The teachers were instructed not to discuss it with the students so most didn't know what happened because kids weren't carrying phones yet. It was the only day ł can remember that my history teacher didn't have the news on with closed captioning during class which immediately struck me as odd. It wasn't until classmates began getting excused from school by there parents that we heard the first rumor of disgusting events that were unfolding. Never Forget.
  8. Ever use the ground swivel spikes to raise and lower? Spikes plus some rope or a ratchet strap make the process much safer especially when it's a one man job. Glad you're ok and hoping nothing shows itself later.
  9. Happy birthday Top Cat the third... ł mean Tacks
  10. Happy Birthday to both of you, hope it's a good one!
  11. ... ł didn't know ł couldn't do that...?
  12. Wow. That is the only coon ł have ever had anything positive to say about. Looks awesome Wooly. Amazing like always.