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  1. Got a bit done, worked in the garage too. Have to put together new weight bench still and squat rack. Threw together some scrap lumber (Driveway markers and bed slats) to hang some old pots/pans from. Kids enjoyed hurtling bbs from the red rider at the metal.
  2. Have this thread bookmarked, when the day comes that ł dig my pond ł will absolutely have a camera with a similar setup.
  3. Mine has been getting redirected too Some tube thing and this:
  4. Still no snow cover fwiw GF and ł have plans this evening or ł would stop by. Safe travels.
  5. Current snow cover in Buffalo
  6. If ł recall correctly they printed mine same day and ł walked out with the actual permit all done in less than an hour even with a few people ahead of me in line. Smethport PA
  7. Buddy and Molly. Jack Russell/Beagle