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  1. ł love the hue. Bear pic from your most recent post is awesome too.
  2. @G-Man Would like to hear about this one:
  3. That's awesome! There was a chapter in Lockport but ł believe they went by the wayside.
  4. Gov. Paterson signed the law, ł got my lifetime just in time to avoid the DMP fee. 10.1.2009 was the cutoff.
  5. Awesome news Jeremy, glad to hear all is well!
  6. How many forum members here have a junior hunter in their family? How many of those members who answered yes have invited said junior hunter to this forum?
  7. This is America. Unless you're Amish, your phone is in your hand while you're on break.
  8. First off ł have laughed at a lot of what has been posted across this forum, not saying ł haven't. What's been going on has me contemplating the following: 1.) This is a public facing forum. What we do/say/circulate is viewed by all... Hunters, aspiring hunters, and antis. -We are painting a picture of who/what a NY Hunter is to all the outsiders looking in. We aren't exactly painting a great picture with consitent pety squabbles, personal attacks and questionable threads. 2.) Potential hunters of all ages (and their parents) are wandering across this forum an
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