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  1. Hoping she's feeling better soon, glad it wasn't worse but wish it hadn't happened at all. My ex gf used to always think ł was being mean when ł would remind her to pay attention while helping with such things around camp. Safety first, these things happen in the blink of an eye.
  2. XGX7PM


    That's what notebooks are for my friend.
  3. XGX7PM


    Thanks, having to buy up another size in Jean's and none of my suits fitting me was not going to work. Jeans were tight with relaxed fit 38's, thinned out enough to carry my G27 with IWB in 33's! ł had a career change, went from a really nice desk job after the Gov shutdown to a very physical job in production. Waiting on the callback from the old job and want to really stick these results while pursuing an ideal weight/leanness. Everything lined up and it's been working out. No actual time spent in a gym or "exercising", just huge change in diet and much more active at work. That's why ł think it's time to add an exercise regimen of some sort. P90x or Insanity just seem like what would be more convenient working 12 hour shifts. 30-60 minute workout first thing in the morning would be ideal. Truly appreciate all the kind words.
  4. XGX7PM


    So back around patties day ł decided it was time for a change. Let myself get up to 255lbs and had to get it turned around. ł greatly (not dangerously) reduced my caloric intake and became more active. Good news is ł recently hit my major goal of sub 200lbs, currently at 198lbs. But ł'm stuck and am not seeing any movement, time to change it up again. This time in the fitness department as my diet has improved 3 fold in 2019. Anyone done "Insanity"? ł am thinking it is the change up ł need to get me to my final goal of the 170lb-180lb range by 2020 as it's cardio based not overly time consuming and requires minimal equipment.
  5. XGX7PM

    Skinning Shed

    Turned out great Larry, been meaning to build a dead shed but haven't trapped in a while so the motivation isn't there. ł want to go with a plastic one and put in a drain tile so ł can spray it down every now and again. Plumb the drain tile in to a french drain. One of my many projects at camp that ł will get around to... Eventually.
  6. XGX7PM

    Skinning Shed

  7. XGX7PM

    Happy birthday dbHunterNY and Salmon_Run !

    Happy birthday guys
  8. ł have a bunch of Ryobi tools. They work great for me.
  9. XGX7PM

    Need help identifying

    If anyone is familiar please let me know, my father recently came across this and we know nothing about it and would prefer not to remove it to view the full signature if possible.
  10. XGX7PM

    Yelling Goat GTG Friday June 28th / 7 pm

    Wish ł was there, working 7a-7p all weekend including today...
  11. XGX7PM

    Getting back into cars

    Sometimes when you get out of work early and took the car, you still hunt because you have daylight.
  12. XGX7PM

    Getting back into cars

  13. XGX7PM

    Getting back into cars