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  1. Bigger than a fawn, not a yote. Do you have a daytime photo from that cam?
  2. Red flashlight in hand, reflective trail markers to get to trickier spots.
  3. ł have been consumed latlely, does this proposal include language to ban scents?
  4. In Alden also, been fun keeping the driveway clear today...
  5. My son has one too. My little guy is 17 days old...
  6. Pair a red flashlight with reflective trail marking tacks. Pin them high and far between, you'll have zero issues. You can use patterns or even two different colored pins to navigate multiple routes effortlessly. Personally, ł like to be in position well before legal light. ł have punched tags minutes in to the season including my biggest buck to date and would not want to jeopardize an opportunity with a late start especially when some years ł am limited to a handful of all day sits.
  7. My thoughts are in line with that, the hide is still on. Clean knife and deep freeze will follow.
  8. My harvest from yesterday is hanging from a tree and the temps are fine to leave it out until tomorrow when ł can cut it up. In the past my harvest has been snowed on and ł never thought twice about it. What about rain, bacteria concerns etc?
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