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  1. XGX7PM

    Did the Dirty Deed Today

    This is my neighbor, he loves cutting his grass but won't cut mine...
  2. XGX7PM

    Did the Dirty Deed Today

    Not looking forward to cutting my grass. Need to have a pond dug and that'll be one less field to mow.
  3. XGX7PM


    Pretty sure ł have had these exact ones before. A friend brought them in to the VFW in Little Valley. They were awesome!
  4. XGX7PM

    Notre dame on fire !!

    Any chance this thread will die of natural causes... Soon?
  5. XGX7PM

    red squirrel blues

    Peanut Butter on the trigger wires, ł set it in a box. Catch em like this in 110's all the time.
  6. XGX7PM

    red squirrel blues

    ł have a pine wind break so this is a recurring issue for me. 110's are great once you get the population under control. They have colony traps that work good to get a handle, just give em all a bath at once. ł don't use poison because you have no control of where they'll take the last breath. Could be in a wall and you won't know until the smell makes you want to cut holes in the walls to find it. Can be messy...
  7. XGX7PM


    As great of a haul as that is ł can't like the post. Living in a tough neighborhood it's painful when you happen across people you grew up with that are wandering down that terrible path. ł am no snowflake but it's a damn shame how out of control the drug problem is in our beloved country. No man should have to put a pad lock with chain on his grill so it isn't stolen and traded out for a junkies next fix. Can't blame the cops. They make good collars and then our judicial system fails us.
  8. XGX7PM

    Happy Birthday Nobody

    Hey Nobody, you're a very quiet guy. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!
  9. XGX7PM

    Lost my dog today

    Sorry. Dogs are family... always tough.
  10. XGX7PM


    What pisses me off more than tailgaters are all these idiots who don't dim highbeams. They're going to kill someone, especially with the way they keep getting brother and brighter.
  11. You'll love it. This has been my EDC setup for over 6 years'.
  12. G27 with a Comp-Tac IWB Hybrid @ 2°Clock. Adjustable depth with those "J" clips. Great setup for under $100 and very comfortable.
  13. XGX7PM

    Happy B'day Biz-R-OWorld

    Happy Birthday BizR
  14. XGX7PM

    This Grouse Is Getting Personal

    Makes me think of my old friend Quad. ł love it man.
  15. XGX7PM

    Northern lights tonite

    Definitely on my bucket list.