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  1. XGX7PM

    Getting back into cars

    Sometimes when you get out of work early and took the car, you still hunt because you have daylight.
  2. XGX7PM

    Getting back into cars

  3. XGX7PM

    Getting back into cars

  4. Can he teach me how to shoot a bearded hen?
  5. XGX7PM

    Happy birthday Dom !

    Happy Birthday Dom
  6. XGX7PM

    My new place

    That's awesome, congrats my friend!
  7. XGX7PM

    Leaked Jeopardy video ...

    Is anybody surprised a sports better threw something? Vegas has a line on everything, sure he made out like a bandit in more ways than one. All in all it was an entertaining run...
  8. XGX7PM

    Seen my first fawn of the year.

    My first was on camera yesterday, it's that time.
  9. XGX7PM

    Happy birthday PREDATE !

    Happy Birthday Predate
  10. XGX7PM

    Wood Chucks

    The ones that have survived my fields over the years' are smart enough to dig their tunnels so they pop up in directions ł can't shoot. 220's are what's working for me anymore.
  11. XGX7PM

    Happy birthday Robhuntandfish !

    Happy Birthday Rob
  12. XGX7PM

    Gun Raffle has me PISSED

    BS. Would never support the club again through any fundraisers.
  13. XGX7PM

    Bigfoot will be found this weekend!

    There's your proof of a grand conspiracy... They're working together.
  14. XGX7PM

    What be this ?

    Custard Apple is my guess.
  15. XGX7PM

    Bigfoot will be found this weekend!

    No better proof than this!