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  1. No impact on any of my few hunts this year. Years past it would've been great, especially when the snow is present and reflecting light. ł like the change, expect to take advantage of it eventually so long as it sticks around.
  2. Congratulations to everyone who punched a tag this year and to those who didn't but enjoyed themselves anyway. Congratulations to those who learned from their time in the woods. Congratulations to those who just got out and were able to clear their minds... A big Congratulations to anyone who just experienced their first season hunting deer in NY and an even bigger thank you for joining us. Memories made, freezers filled... lessons learned. TIME WELL SPENT. Some will hang racks and others won't. How ł/you/we measure success vs how anyone else measures success is irrelevant. Some of us made memories we will cherish forever. Whether they were first time experiences or unbeknownst to us, the last of many because we may lose someone we love and/or enjoy spending time with before we have another chance to make more memories with them. The petty strife is setting in and it's depressing. Thank you to everyone who kept this thread and the overall forum positive and had allowed others to learn from or take pleasure while reading about your experiences. Here's to a successful and drama free 2022...
  3. The fog is lifting, can see all the way up to the top of the hill now! Here's to hoping...
  4. In til dark, good luck to everyone on their final "2021" sit... If ł knew it would be foggy like this ł would've opted for the Xbow over the muzzleloader. Oh well, it might clear and my view may expand further up the hill. Little knee biter at the neighboring parcel was on a property line trail yapping. We'll see how everything plays out.
  5. ł second the urinal, we have one in our tower. Used a oversized funnel leading in to a 5 gallon jug with a gallon of rv antifreeze in it. Will swap that out for an upside down 5 gallon jug which leads down clear plastic tubing in to small french drain. Didn't have a chance to "plumb" it this year, ł have been working non-stop since covid began.
  6. Was a huge success. Reaction was priceless, got to double dip because he was equally excited to see that thing glowing!
  7. ł love mine also. Was a godsend while working in a paper mill. ł was in stock prep (wet end) before training new hires. Dry boots are huge!
  8. Right... The tag line for the come along isn't very visible in that picture, but it kept enough tension on it that it wasn't going anywhere. At one point we had to disengage and it the tower was briefly suspended with only the come along securing it. Twist was our biggest concern. The farm jack was lag bolted to a scrap piece of 2"x12" wedged in to the ladder and there was a scrap piece of 2"x4" attached to the runner via lags and tension. Every couple clicks on the farm jack we cinched the come along to keep pace with the overall lift. It's anchored on all 4 feet with spikes and a auger style anchor with cable in the center.
  9. Rivers edge landmark, tower/blind. Tower was $500 and the blind was $700. 10' tall, 6'x6' platform topped with 3/4" pressure treated plywood. Put foam mat on top of the plywood, some insulation and super quiet. We have a buddy heater w/ a 20lb tank and we got blackout curtains on sale dirt cheap... Those are hung and it's pitch black in there for the most part. Wrapped lower portions of the frame in pipe wrap so there is no metal clinking from anything. Cost of lumber led me to just buy a boxed setup. Definitely impressed with the quality and would recommend it to others if these can be found. My father and ł raised it ourselves without a tractor... it required a few adjustable ladders, a come along and a farm jack. Was a little nerve wracking but we got the job done. Braced it with 2x4 while raising it to prevent any twist. Wish ł did it sooner, now ł'm spoiled... Kicking around a lockout system for the ladder but the python lock is working for the time being.
  10. My lifetimes were all purchased over 10 years' ago. With that said... #1 --> Dirt. Speaks for itself... Since everyone is piling on past their number one, ł'll also add the "teaching tower" and a lifetime license for my stepson... both are tied for #2
  11. No More Heating With Firewood In New York? https://wyrk.com/heating-with-firewood-in-new-york/ Mods feel free to move to the political section if deemed fit. This is just CRAZY.
  12. ł did a light engraving with my Dremel. Our names and "Year 1".
  13. Everything came together perfectly, excellent set of mementos to complement the memory.
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