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  1. Lots of inspiration here. Will be assembling my tower blind this weekend. What's everyone covering their floors with? ł will have plywood decking, and kicking around a couple ideas about how to cover it... ł want something that will have some insulative properties but more importantly be weather proof and QUIET. My enclosed space will be 6'x6', ł already have a my buddy heater w/ hookups for a 20lb tank, shooting chairs and a urinal design which will run through flexible pvc down to a French drain. Heavily leaning towards one of these as opposed to outdoor/boat carpeting --> Thoughts?
  2. Looking to "gift" a few hunting/survival themed magazines to a young reader with an interest in the outdoors. Any suggestions? ł used to read Outdoor Life and a homesteading magazine ł can't place at the moment.
  3. Lot's of valuable members like her have been lost unfortunately. Would be great if they came back around, wish them the best whether they are lurkers now or not. -My car has a "sopranoes trunk" too... but ł ratchet strap them to my trunk against my spoiler... Time to buy a truck ł guess.
  4. ł would love to, but haven't secured a spot in 9F yet despite optimistically getting 2 dmps for 9F between my stepson and ł. Wishing everyone who can make it out good luck. Definitely a great opportunity for the new hunters.
  5. Cattaraugus state forest, this morning.
  6. Long Island, ł believe.
  7. We have .243 snap caps. BB gun and a paper plate in the back yard are a daily routine already. We walked out with 2. Now to sort out the rebate...
  8. Thank you, everyone. Plenty of good feedback. Will be going to check it out shortly!
  9. Anyone have any experience with: Savage Axis XP Youth Model, Bolt Action. Read more good than bad, but would appreciate member feedback if possible. Will be chambered in .243 Not looking to debate caliber, just wondering about overall quality and action. Feedback from those who have handled the firearm either personally or put it in a young hunters hands would be appreciated. Thanks!
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