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  1. XGX7PM

    Southeast/ region 3 meet up

    Region 3 would be a 6+ hour drive for me, would have to be a weekend after the holidays for sure. Kind of a far way to go for a beer, besides the real chicken wings are this side of the finger lakes...
  2. XGX7PM

    New Hunter

    Welcome to the forum, don't be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of knowlegable outdoorsman here from all across the state that will help you out.
  3. XGX7PM

    Better start playing the lottery

    One word sticks out like a sore thumb...
  4. XGX7PM

    New Coyote Rig

    Could you record shooting a deer with that or is the laser within the rangefinder a no go?
  5. XGX7PM

    Red neck

    Mine are tarped alongside my windbreak
  6. XGX7PM

    Red neck

    Ha, ł have 5 riders and only one runs. 2 are on blocks
  7. XGX7PM

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    Count me in.
  8. ł have about an acre on a ledge backed up to a very steep incline ł would like to clear cut. Nothing of value to wildlife in this little chunk. All timber that ł cut will make its way to my woodrack. Plan is to replant the entire section with a handful of White Oak, Red Oak, Dunstan CN and Persimmons. This is in the "center" of my property and sees a good amount of travel from Deer, Turkey and Grouse. There are trails on all four sides of the acre section which ł will plant a clover mix on, my plan is to break up the rectangular area (Approx 150'x300') in to a grid with 18 50'x50' sections. Each 50'x50' grid squares will get a mast bearing tree, this should allow plenty of room to grow and ample sunlight. Attached picture shows topography, red lines are my property border, purple lines are deer travel routes, green is the acre ł plan on clearing and the orange is an area full of crab apple trees they like to bed in. This is planning for the long haul, clearly ł won't see a difference immediately but by the time ł have kids and they're old enough to hunt this honeyhole will be mature enough to be appreciated by them and future generations.
  9. We live in a slap the wrist and pass more laws country now-a-days. The fine is not nearly enough punishment for what took place.We were all young and dumb but it takes a special kind of idiot to do that. Sounds more like a "Thrill Kill" than anything else to me, very troubling.
  10. Magic hour, first sit in this spot for the season. Have to change it up. Good luck everyone!
  11. Go get em Grampy, ł will be out for a light to light sit Sunday.
  12. ł like to be in my spot and settled in at least one hour before legal light. However ł don't play with my phone, as sensitive as deer eyes are to light the last thing ł want is my pale face lit up in my tree like a hovering ghost. My glasses would look like headlights with the reflection of this Forum in them, ł would nickname that treestand the whomping willow.
  13. My apologies if that came across wrong Steve. ł didn't want to be fumbling with the chunk of plywood at an inopportune time. Had ł a chance earlier in the season ł would've had the seat already in the stand. It's an old school ladder stand a quarter mile in to the woods. Didn't know how slow ł would be walking with the dark sky and lingering snow drifts and certainly don't want to sound like a freight train at the last minute. ł sit in it at least once every season in memory of my Great Uncle, work schedule has pushed my reflective sit to the last minute this year.
  14. No reason needed, is there something wrong with waking up early? Had to carry out the plywood seat and get everything set up so ł could be quiet from 6:30 on. Setup was flawless and ł wasn't going to go back to my cabin for an hour. Early is on time... Limited moonlight made for nice observation of the night sky which was icing on the no deer cake. Out of curiousity, anyone ever spent the night before opening day in a heated blind?
  15. ł seen a ruffed Grouse, found it's nest. Sat in my late Great-Uncle' s stand from 5a-11a then moved to finish out the day. Heard two shots at the very end before dark, not a lot happened in 9M from what ł could tell. ł am begining to think the Yote activity is having a negative impact in my neck of the wood... Might have to target them next.