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  1. ł hate the rain. Been raining in my part of 9M all morning. 2pm brings snow... come on 2pm!!! Had to rig my umbrella as ł lost the original pin. ł need to buy maybe two more because this one is broke and ł want a spare.
  2. Good luck to all out there today... ł'll be joining tomorrow and Sunday, the time to punch those last minute tags is upon us.
  3. It's still hunting season what is going on around here this year???
  4. Whenever ł happen across a bucket in the woods ł feel obligated to give it a sit... Odds are it's in a good location. Previous shooting lanes may be grown in but a little bit of work to open them back up can pay dividends if it's land you're able to improve. ł would open the satellite and topo maps then give the area a good look taking your exact location in to account. Honestly can't hurt to give it a try. ł have a few 5 gallon buckets ł've placed around my property, bought a swivel seat for about $20 that snaps on as a lid that ł carry out when ł plan to set on one.
  5. New spot to finish out the day, in my Great Uncles treestand. Put it off this year but ł have to give it a sit before it's over. C'mon deer!
  6. Good luck to everyone riding out the last day of Rifle! Seen a group of 3 does sunning around 11 and 1 in a thicket half hour later. Need to see some horns. Worse case we'll be back out next weekend for ML as ł want one more for the freezer.
  7. http://www.chestnuthilltreefarm.com/store/c/31-Dunstan-Chestnut-Trees.aspx
  8. Slowed way down as ł drove alongside cut corn watching over a dozen feeding last night in two separate areas.
  9. Fingers crossed the action picks up, had my windows down from the time ł got off the 219 until ł arrived at camp and ł could smell estrous in the air numerous times.