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  1. XGX7PM

    Squirrels beware!!!!

    Wow, that's awesome.
  2. XGX7PM

    Trying my hand at glass tile

    Looks like it's coming along well. Same process ł would use, prevents bad cuts and getting confused about which one goes where.
  3. XGX7PM

    Raccoon double

    220 in a bucket, fish oil.
  4. XGX7PM

    Name the cartridges

    7.62x54 ?
  5. XGX7PM

    If only it could talk........

    One can only dream my friend.
  6. XGX7PM

    Bigfoot sighting

  7. XGX7PM

    Bigfoot sighting

    ł got a pic of a mountain lion in NY and a Bigfoot.... Didn't want to share because there are a lot of sheep.
  8. XGX7PM

    CCW Pistols

    ł carry my G27 everyday. Have not had a reason to consider anything else. However ł do recommend adding a magazine floor plate grip extension so you have somewhere for your pinky to go. That makes a world of difference. Also, in my opinion night sights are a must on an EDC.
  9. XGX7PM


    There was a Euchre tournament at the Little Valley VFW last night.
  10. XGX7PM

    Happy birthday XGX7PM !

    Was a great get together and ł look forward to the next one.
  11. XGX7PM

    Happy birthday XGX7PM !

    Thank You everyone, much appreciated!
  12. XGX7PM


    My Fraternity has a district wide Euchre tournament that encompasses Niagara & Orleans counties. ł have never been able to participate in the tournament due to my work schedule put have played a bit.
  13. XGX7PM

    Planting Conifers

    Thanks G-Man, always appreciate your input. Makes sense to me. The open square is something ł thought about also, seems like a solid idea. Rust is something ł'm reading up on as it has been brought up to me before.
  14. ł have been doing some reading about conifer stands. ł have pushed a 14 acre chunk of pines many times which is planted as a grid with equal spacing between each tree. Always see sign, and we've harvested a few deer on this parcel. Some of what ł'm reading says that this is a great approach for timber harvesters but not ideal for wildlife habitat. They go on to state you should instead plant pockets of 2-15 trees with odd spacing instead of a grid pattern. ł would like to eventually plant a 2 acre area with conifers to increase bedding and thermal protection and was going to plant it as a grid but now ł'm not sure. This task won't be checked off my to do list for a few years but ł'm wondering how others feel about this?