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  1. Complimentary camo face masks if we pre book and mention huntigNY? Upcharge for an ozone charged closet?
  2. ł need to go try, my lifetime tags are not here yet either. ł have never gotten 2 for 9M
  3. Driving to Virginia Beach for a few days in the beginning of August. Looking for input on anything between WNY and VA Beach as far as hole in the wall restaurants and kid friendly activities. Working the itinerary now and looking for suggestions. We're looking to leave on a Saturday evening, get there in time for breakfast and an am check in with everyone rested on arrival. All day Sunday and Monday between the beach and anything else we can find to do. Still looking on to some museums etc. Ride home Tuesday looking to stop at Westmoreland park in VA for some fossil hunting and Cherry Springs in PA, even with the full moon it's worth the stop.
  4. Joining the ranks... Happy Fathers day all!
  5. That's gnarly... Need a little more than super glue for that. Hopefully you get that account unlocked.
  6. XGX7PM


    Nice! Modge podge is a must.