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  1. hunter

    Shotgun Ranges Near NYC

    I think Nassau County in Uniondale allows slugs but call to make sure. Don't know where you're coming from this is closer to Bklyn, Queens
  2. hunter

    Good rifle for daughter

    Just keep in mind that a Henry single shot will probably cost more than an entry level bolt like Savage Axis or similar. Also how tall is she? Does she need a compact version?
  3. hunter

    1988 winchester 94AE 30-30

    That's a bargain. If I had room in safe I would def think about it but good luck.
  4. hunter

    Any HVAC guys here?

    When you add ac you have to extend the return ducts high near the ceiling and have registers with dampers that close .High open in summer and low closed opposite in winter. I have been in houses that didn't do that and top floor never gets cool. In fact only need to do it in top floor. Good luck.
  5. hunter

    looking for advice

    I had no idea about Dicks. I will never spend another dollar there but this deserves it's own thread and you should probably start it since it was news to me. TY
  6. hunter

    DMP TAG Exchange, Swap, Donate

    Need 7P have 7M
  7. hunter

    New Stand

    Looks like a beauty. Good luck.
  8. Sorry I forgot to update but I was advised to leave them untreated. Olive wood has natural oil and doesn't need treatment I was told but thanks to all for your advice.
  9. Congrats and Happy Nurse week to all nurses, My wife is a Nurse Practitioner and one daughter is an RN, A major accomplishment for sure.
  10. hunter

    Too Many Guns?

    Helmut those cartoons about the 6.5 were funny as hell. I'm trying to figure out how to send them to my brother. I'll get my daughter to help when she has a minute.
  11. hunter

    Too Many Guns?

    My brother just got a 6.5 Creedmore and I can't wait to shoot it. Dinsdale good luck with the search, I actually find the Glock too small and I don't have big hands. I have an offer from a store of $300 cash and more if I take inventory so no worries. I probably won't do the deal for a week while I figure out my trade options. dbHunter don't worry I didn't really go gun crazy till was in my 40s. Until then I was happy with having enough guns to hunt the game I was after and a handful of pistols. Imagine that lol. Rob all good choices it's really a matter of which one is first. Silent death outstanding I'm doing my best to catch up. ATbuckhunter a great philosophy to live by.
  12. hunter

    Too Many Guns?

    First love my 7-08 Ruger, I know not the same league as you guys mentioned but a great rifle. Second Dinsdale , I have a glock 42 in.380 for sale willing to trade if interested.
  13. hunter

    Too Many Guns?

    I agree with you all and I will use "collector" from now on.
  14. Hi, my name is Hunter and I am a Gunaholic. Or gun hoarder. While I own a good number of guns I can always see the benefit of having another. My pistol collection was getting too big so I decided to sell a few. When looking through my stuff I found three boxes of ammo for one of the intended sale guns. Naturally I thought I might as well go to the range and shoot it and it's little brother too. So I take my CZ 70 in 7.65 or .32 cal to the range and fall back in love. This is basically a clone of the Walther ppk I believe and I'm keeping it. Next up is my .25 Beretta and even though it's a tiny gun it works perfectly and you can carry it when you wouldn't take anything else. Whose crazy idea was it to sell these? Obviously the problem is I need a bigger safe.
  15. hunter

    How many of you have....

    When I read the OP I thought well how will I forget my shells or my poncho I carry up the steep hill at my brother's but forget when it's raining. Glad I'm not the only one.