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  1. Good luck and let us know how she performs.
  2. If you go with a shed I'd at least get pressure treated floor, my neighbor's shed floor rotted real fast near door. Whatever you do make sure you have a secondary means of egress in case of emergency like fire. Good luck.
  3. I haven't been to Sterling in quite some time but when I got my permit I asked about shotgun the ranger told me it was OK to use rifle anywhere in the park. He said they thought it would be too hard to enforce the shotgun rule in the Rockland county area and it was so small they made it all rifle. Just curious when they changed this. Anyway good luck to all.
  4. hunter

    Last call

    Congrats, nice doe. Where about did you bag her?
  5. Well that seals it. The intimidation tactics of paid for riots worked just like the brown shirts attacked Hitlers opponents. Well done Democrats and you didn't have to depend on Soros alone the BLM movement got millions from large corporations to buy some goodwill. Now, there is talk of retaliation to Trump supporters. Again a move stolen from Hitler. And yes that's how the Supreme Court is supposed to function if you don't like the person you ignore a conspiracy of Democrat states using foreign owned substandard voting machines that can be rigged and 28 different locations stop counting votes at the same time, videos of ballots being entered repeatedly, Republican observers being refused to observe and the fact that the "winner's" son was under investigation for selling the big guys influence for two years but the Justice Dept protected his dad by keeping it a secret. Nice country you people have made for us.
  6. I would go with the ones that have elevation adjustment ability. I put a Skinner on my Marlin 41 magnum and it shot low. He told me to file the front sight which I didn't want to so I took it off.
  7. Thanks for posting the truth. This country was founded on the belief that honorable men would run it. Our forefathers couldn't fathom liars, corrupt influence peddlers would be elected. BTW if you have time you should start a podcast. There's gonna be a big void in honesty when Rush retires.
  8. Thanks I ordered one from Cabelas. Can't wait .
  9. I didn't have a problem with the scope that came with mine. I didn't like the trigger but I just oiled it and shot some practice bolts to help a little.
  10. It seems to me this country has lost it's honor. I believe the founding fathers created this country based on the belief that if someone was a known liar or had engaged in selling access to his office the people would tar and feather him not elect him president. Which I don't think they did , I see a lot of evidence of fraud and when confronted with this the other side says it's not enough to change the result. Well, maybe they have not found all of the criminal conspiracy to change the results yet. But there definitely was a conspiracy. I understand multiple states stopped counting at the same time. I didn't know that was an option. I think we need a universal law for federal elections because leaving it to the states has allowed people with no honor to make a mockery of our most sacred right. God help us all.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll order mine now,
  12. Does anybody own this xbow and how do you like it? Cabelas has on sale with accu draw system and was thinking about buying one. Any info appreciated. Thanks