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  1. Can you tell me what town and road so I can get a fix on it. My brother used to have 20 acres in Smyrna with excellent deer hunting. Our cousin got a ten point a few years back.
  2. Congrats. My niece graduated there a few years ago. Fine school.
  3. I think the important thing to remember is at a time when we expect looters and the prisons are releasing felons the Democrats side with the criminals against law abiding citizens. Just like they do with illegal immigrants. Oh yeah don't forget they held up the emergency stimulus package for Americans being victimized by this Covid 19 catastrophe to stick unrelated bs like money for Kennedy Center. Have they no shame? Have people who vote for them no conscience?
  4. First IMO the confusion about death rates and such comes from us being lied to. First the politicians told us not to worry, go to Chinatown for dinner you racist. Both Sen Feinstein and a NYC Chinese pol among many. Next they are averaging what is going on in the epicenters like NYC among the entire population of the country to downplay it. They told us we don't need masks. Now they know we need masks but are telling us to use a bandanna so they will have enough masks for Drs and nurses who deserve first availability but lying to us is only going to lead to more cases. My family is staying in but we still have to get food and meds when necessary which is once a week. May God help us get through this.
  5. Congrats on your land it looks great. Tractor too.
  6. Sounds like you do have a great wife and good luck on the new pistol.
  7. Good luck to all. Rob, that's why I'm not applying I don't think I will be able to wait another 13 years so I'll probably book a bear trip in Maine or Canada this fall and enjoy while I still can.
  8. Maine Moose lottery opened recently. My son in law is in, I'm not. Who else is applying?
  9. Congrats. Great trophy. I have seen two in the wild. Couldn't get a shot off either time.
  10. I've been meaning to add a 22 magnum. Is it more than a Henry? lol