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  1. hunter


    Congrats. Have a great hunt.
  2. Does it include the stove?
  3. hunter

    Jayco Jay flight

    Good luck and Happy Camping
  4. hunter

    Moose Draw

    Sometimes it seems easy which is fine with me as I've been skunked enough times. My friend who was my co-permitee found several bulls for me but couldn't find a cow for his own son the next month in the adjoining zone. So no I didn't think it was too easy. If you want a challenge go there for deer and track them in the snow. BTW the draw is usually in June and fee for nonresident is about $700 for moose tag and big game license plus application fee. Good luck to all applying anywhere.
  5. I don't understand why Trump or anyone else in the Republican side doesn't call out the Democrats on the truth; That they want as many illegal aliens as they can get in here to become Democrat voters. The fact that many of law abiding Americans will be killed, raped, robbed and assaulted is the price we have to pay for this dream and it's OK with them.
  6. hunter

    Carrying a 1911

    Just a word on gun stores, I like the Davis in Goshen over Sufern by a lot and they have a range. Master Arms is a nice knowledgeable guy but his prices are high. Master Class in Monroe has nice staff and a range. They give a discount on gun purchases if you buy an annual membership which I am considering even though they're not close to me. Good luck on your new pistol.
  7. I have one full 20 round box and one with 14 or 16 left Hornady 150 grain hunting ammo for adoption to a good home. I sold my Mauser and didn't get a great deal so kept the ammo. I think I also have a bag or two of 100 round reloads in military configuration If I can find those I will include them also. This is free just subject to being legal and when I can meet up with or send.
  8. hunter

    Shotgun Ranges Near NYC

    I think Nassau County in Uniondale allows slugs but call to make sure. Don't know where you're coming from this is closer to Bklyn, Queens
  9. hunter

    Good rifle for daughter

    Just keep in mind that a Henry single shot will probably cost more than an entry level bolt like Savage Axis or similar. Also how tall is she? Does she need a compact version?
  10. hunter

    1988 winchester 94AE 30-30

    That's a bargain. If I had room in safe I would def think about it but good luck.
  11. hunter

    Any HVAC guys here?

    When you add ac you have to extend the return ducts high near the ceiling and have registers with dampers that close .High open in summer and low closed opposite in winter. I have been in houses that didn't do that and top floor never gets cool. In fact only need to do it in top floor. Good luck.
  12. hunter

    looking for advice

    I had no idea about Dicks. I will never spend another dollar there but this deserves it's own thread and you should probably start it since it was news to me. TY
  13. hunter

    DMP TAG Exchange, Swap, Donate

    Need 7P have 7M
  14. hunter

    New Stand

    Looks like a beauty. Good luck.