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  1. Welcome, do you have a weapon or need help picking one out? Are you going to bow hunt, crossbow or muzzle loader also? Still hunting is a great goal but might be hard for a first hunt. Most if not all shots will be rushed or moving target. As I advise a lot of people look into joining a club. Find one upstate that has land to hunt where you want to hunt. There are many that are quite reasonable so don't join the first one that may require a second mortgage to join. My experience has been great with every club I have been in, Guys have invited me to hunt their land, gave me tips on where to hunt both club land and their own. Butchered deer with my brother and myself. All clubs had a range too both gun and archery some even have trap shooting. Good luck.
  2. I think Long Island is like that too bonus dmps.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll roll the dice.
  4. Does anyone have any idea when is the best time to apply for a doe tag. My zone has become difficult this year more than usual. So should I go before the end of the month or after the start of the new month.? Would I do better at my town clerk or not matter?
  5. Same here my son in law didn't get drawn either. I didn't apply. I was lucky once but now only going after sure things like over the counter bear tags and stuff like that. I think there are places I can get an elk tag without a lottery too. Well, good luck to all.
  6. I will buy something Wednesday while on Long Island.
  7. Mike, I know that seems true but look at the facts. When Obama was in office the media said nothing about illegal children in custody but when Trump gets elected every media outlet uses pics from Obama's administration to attack Trump. Only found out pics were from Obama's time on Fox. Coincidence or coordinated? For three years every Democrat said Trump was a traitor but not only did the Mueller Report exonerate him, Rosenstein just admitted under oath before the Senate they knew this was false in the summer of 17 but they let it waste $30 million and drag out to give them an advantage in the mid term elections. The other night I think a CNN reporter stood in front of burning buildings and said it was a mostly peaceful demonstration. Really?
  8. Good luck to all you Maineiacs waiting for the Moose draw today. Hope you all get one.
  9. As for compromise I think it was Obama who perfected asking for ridiculous demands so any "compromise" gave everything he wanted, only seems reasonable to compromise, right? I have asked people before how many of us need to be killed by illegal aliens before the Dems feel it's too many and I feel whatever it takes to guarantee their power is the correct answer. Only now it includes Police Officers and Ameicans killed by rioters. Now add in the complicit media and they have a billion dollar propaganda machine. Did anyone notice the media describes rioters as "protesters". This nation wide coordinated violent uprising is supposed to be in response to an isolated criminal act, which was swiftly dealt with by the police, to help the Dems just like Black Lives Matter was created to help Obama get reelected when he didn't deserve it. By his own standard, Obama said when elected if I don't fix the economy don't reelect me. So he needed help. Please remember when they found sixteen different Democrat fund raising organizations using the same defunct funeral home in New Orleans for "offices" ie a place to collect donations, that one organization was referred to by the Dems as "Rent a Riot". Not so funny now is it?
  10. Can you tell me what town and road so I can get a fix on it. My brother used to have 20 acres in Smyrna with excellent deer hunting. Our cousin got a ten point a few years back.
  11. Congrats. My niece graduated there a few years ago. Fine school.
  12. I think the important thing to remember is at a time when we expect looters and the prisons are releasing felons the Democrats side with the criminals against law abiding citizens. Just like they do with illegal immigrants. Oh yeah don't forget they held up the emergency stimulus package for Americans being victimized by this Covid 19 catastrophe to stick unrelated bs like money for Kennedy Center. Have they no shame? Have people who vote for them no conscience?
  13. First IMO the confusion about death rates and such comes from us being lied to. First the politicians told us not to worry, go to Chinatown for dinner you racist. Both Sen Feinstein and a NYC Chinese pol among many. Next they are averaging what is going on in the epicenters like NYC among the entire population of the country to downplay it. They told us we don't need masks. Now they know we need masks but are telling us to use a bandanna so they will have enough masks for Drs and nurses who deserve first availability but lying to us is only going to lead to more cases. My family is staying in but we still have to get food and meds when necessary which is once a week. May God help us get through this.
  14. Congrats on your land it looks great. Tractor too.