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  1. That must be some buck. Good luck this season.
  2. No. That there is the big lie. Trying to equate the crimes of the current administration with the foibles of the last. Trump might have been crude but he wasn't on the dole from China and Ukraine. When you can show any of the items mentioned above being done by Republicans I'll listen. So because both sides sold us down the river makes every unAmerican policy the Dems are forcing down our throats OK? Yeah Biden let at least five million illegal aliens in but it's not his fault. He forced us to get vaccinated but let them in without vaccine and no test for covid. He left billions of dollars of weapons to the Taliban but that was the smart choice not taking them or destroying them. I especially like when people on this site stand up for the party that is trying to take our guns away. Well done.
  3. Please get on the meds today, you already had a delay in finding the tick. This can be even worse than the cautionary tales posted here. Good luck.
  4. Congrats Good luck
  5. Yeah, it looks beautiful, but the big question is whose magazines will it accept? Like the Ruger PC will take theirs or adapt to Glock. POF just came out with an assault lever gun with a 30 round clip in 9mm.
  6. How is that Taurus? Looks nice. I got the urge a while back and got a Marlin in 41 mag to go with my 57 S&W. The entire collection looks great.
  7. For coughs I carry hard candy and unless really sick it helps keep throat lubed and cuts down on coughs. Good luck everyone Be safe
  8. Phade, as a retiree I guess I'm not as sensitive to the Sunday ban as well as being used to it in Maine but I def see your point. I think Pa is moving away from the Sunday ban as last season I believe they allowed Sunday hunting on each opening weekend; bow, gun and ML. Hopefully. Any interest in Tenn? I heard land was affordable there a while back when down there.
  9. I heard there was an injunction on that bs law but check with the gun store.
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