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  1. Has anyone received a tag in the mail? A first choice denied when you bought license?
  2. Thanks for the info and good luck.
  3. I thought the Camp Carbine only came in 45acp or 9mm.
  4. Great hunt. Great write up. Great Taxidermy.
  5. I bought a HuntStand map and I can't make out details. Maybe I should have waited till Winter so the photos may have shown more details, In fairness I did see what I was getting but I thought the finished product would show better, it didn't.
  6. Best of luck, enjoy.
  7. I would think $300 for a weekend and more for a week, maybe $500. As for capacity you could advise 4 or less, but every situation is different. I used to hunt with a buddy who didn't but liked camping so he was always glad to come with me. Plus some parties will bring kids or seniors who hunt with a buddy. My brother and I usually sit together and take turns who gets first shot, Good luck.
  8. Good luck. I'm trying to get my wife to retire and get out too, probably Pa also.
  9. Welcome, do you have a weapon or need help picking one out? Are you going to bow hunt, crossbow or muzzle loader also? Still hunting is a great goal but might be hard for a first hunt. Most if not all shots will be rushed or moving target. As I advise a lot of people look into joining a club. Find one upstate that has land to hunt where you want to hunt. There are many that are quite reasonable so don't join the first one that may require a second mortgage to join. My experience has been great with every club I have been in, Guys have invited me to hunt their land, gave me tips on where to hunt both club land and their own. Butchered deer with my brother and myself. All clubs had a range too both gun and archery some even have trap shooting. Good luck.
  10. I think Long Island is like that too bonus dmps.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll roll the dice.