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  1. hunter

    Garage sale find!

    Score. Good luck.
  2. hunter

    31 Great Years

  3. hunter

    Springfield XDE

    Thanks I think I will too, waiting on delivery.
  4. hunter

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Well, have a great trip.
  5. hunter

    Springfield XDE

    I pulled the trigger on this today. Thanks for advice.
  6. hunter

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Who is your co-hunter and have you booked yet?
  7. I'll take it Bill sending pm
  8. hunter

    Springfield XDE

    Thanks, Looking like I'll buy it.
  9. hunter

    Springfield XDE

  10. Any Springfield fans out there? I'm thinking of picking up one of these with the external hammer, Thanks for any input,
  11. hunter

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Congrats savor every minute. Despite good advice on this forum I didn't take enough pictures. Take pics all the way through. Good luck. What zone is that?
  12. hunter


    Congrats. Have a great hunt.
  13. Does it include the stove?