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  1. Sounds great. Go for RN. It can be done online.
  2. No, fortunately I have a good supply for each gun. If it continues long term I might have to switch to a different gun but not the end of my hunting for quite some time.
  3. That's a beauty, only problem; now I want one.
  4. I had a revelation the other day. We just traded in our car and the thought hit me; and it applies to all of us. Imagine your home hanging out with your family or whatever and a knock on the door. You answer the door and there are several law enforcement officers there and they ask you if that's your car in the driveway. When you answer yes the entire tone changes to more aggressive and accusatory. Don't you know someone was killed in a hit and run a few miles away by the same car. So you think it's mistaken identity and you can clear this up easily because you know it wasn't you. But they tel
  5. Picking only one zone limits your chances. I read in the description to be careful of the southern zones as there was not a lot of public land to hunt. So that would suck to get drawn and not have any land available to hunt. The north area has a lot of public land available. The Great North Woods does charge a fee but it's reasonable considering we're moose hunting. Good luck to all of you.
  6. It's open again. Anyone trying their luck?
  7. RIP Prayers for him and family.
  8. I enjoyed Growalot's posts and learned from her. I too wish she'd return. I had the privilege of meeting Sweet Old Bill both he and his wife are wonderful people and I would love to see him return. I moved away from his area and never saw him in person again but enjoyed our visit. Best wishes wherever you and the Mrs are Bill. I think the man who posted those great pictures was Chenango Dave
  9. Good luck and let us know how she performs.
  10. If you go with a shed I'd at least get pressure treated floor, my neighbor's shed floor rotted real fast near door. Whatever you do make sure you have a secondary means of egress in case of emergency like fire. Good luck.
  11. I haven't been to Sterling in quite some time but when I got my permit I asked about shotgun the ranger told me it was OK to use rifle anywhere in the park. He said they thought it would be too hard to enforce the shotgun rule in the Rockland county area and it was so small they made it all rifle. Just curious when they changed this. Anyway good luck to all.
  12. Congrats, nice doe. Where about did you bag her?
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