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  1. hunter

    One Of A Kind!

    I've been meaning to add a 22 magnum. Is it more than a Henry? lol
  2. hunter

    Got Me A Maine Moose Tag!!!

    Do you have a butcher lined up?
  3. hunter

    NYhunting support

    That's funny.
  4. hunter

    Cocking Device For Centerpoint 370

    G-Man, the crank one? BTW I saw there was a recall on some of the rope ones so anyone who has this type should check with Centerpoint.
  5. hunter

    Cocking Device For Centerpoint 370

    I found it on Centerpoint website but they were on back order. They were available on Bowhunting
  6. hunter


    I was taking my wife to a Dr, appointment in the city from Staten Island after dropping our kids at grammar school when I noticed the traffic was bad due to excessive fire dept rigs all heading to the Verrazano so I turned the radio to 1010 for news and heard that a commercial airline had hit one of the WTC towers. While on the bridge I saw the second plane hit the second tower and I told my wife it had to be terrorism because with the radar equipment we have today it could not be an accident times 2. We turned around on 86 street and went back to get our kids. Now for the amazing part; my wife who just got her RN license in August volunteered for two weeks. Going back and forth on a Police Boat from the St. George Ferry Terminal. She was in the search party where they handed debris in a chain to look for survivors. When it was human remains it was in a bucket. She said they learned not to look in the buckets. She was there when the third tower collapsed and called me in a panic asking which way to run because she could barely see with the dust. After a few days they realized there were no survivors and she worked in the first aid for injured rescue workers. After a week or so they set up a first aid station on the Staten Island side where she continued to volunteer until she was no longer needed. I was a volunteer fireman for five years on Long Island but I learned what real courage is from my wife Gina.
  7. I just found this from the manufacturer today and ordered it. Hopefully I can get more practice before the opener and get a deer with it this year. Has anyone else got one? How does it work for you? I bought one for a different brand that was supposed to work but it didn't so I returned it, at least I got my $100 back. Anyway, I'll post my experience when it arrives.
  8. hunter

    What is it ?

  9. Anyone interested in doing a group deal I have five acres we can put it on near Steam Mill State Forest on Route 8 near Masonville. The land is near Route 8&7 intersection in Guilford. The five acres is big enough for one hunter, my brother and I hunt together alternating who gets first shot in am then pm basis. Naturally opening weekends would rotate between bow, crossbow, gun and muzzle loader.
  10. Gunroker is a good site too. I've done many deals there both buying and selling. The buyer pays shipping but you pay the ffl fee so make sure you know who is going to handle that and how much they charge. I pay $45 when I receive a pistol because he's close to the County Clerk. Can get it done for much less if I'm shipping or getting a long gun. A lot of gun stores will list on gunbroker for 20% and include the ffl fee just be careful of minimums like $100 regardless of what the item sells for. The closest guy I've dealt with near you is Master Class Shooter in Monroe, Nice store with a range, nice people too. They charge 18% including ffl fee with no minimum. You might find someone closer but now you have an idea what you should pay. Generally if you sell to the gun store you'll get screwed because they want to make a large profit. Try listing them here first as I'd like to see what you're selling as would a lot of people here. Good luck.
  11. hunter

    4P Hunters

    Good luck. Sounds like a dream come true.
  12. hunter

    Pulled the trigger on a deer rifle

    Good luck. I borrowed my co hunter's 7-08 when I had trouble with my 300 win mag to take my moose and it worked well. Capable of more than deer.
  13. hunter

    New to me garand

    Congrats Looks like a beauty.
  14. Thanks to all for info and real life situations. Unfortunately I travel a lot so my DA will only apply to my county as you noted rachunter. Honestly I believe many of the dems think any misery they give gun owners is a bonus.