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  1. Good luck with the new gun Al.
  2. When I started hunting I used to camp in the Adirondacks, Moose River Area. It was fun but I felt I was spending more time camping than hunting.. I would try to get back to camp before dark to get the fire started. After six or so years I started hunting the Catskills out of rental units like Motels or lodges and eventually bought a camp down there which was closer to my home in LI. I loved it but couldn't do it now.
  3. The only requirement I have heard was you have to list it on your pistol permit to hunt with it and then only single shot 45 or 50 cal. I believe CVA makes an inline that is legal to hunt with. I don't think you could carry it loaded without a permit and having it listed but that's just my guess. They have changed the law recently to hassle law abiding people and accomplish zero to hurt their protected class, you know felons.
  4. I have to say the cheap plastic sleds tip easily on uneven ground so you have to tie your load to the sled. Not sure if jet sled is immune to that but I would tie the load down just after experiences I've had with the flat ones.
  5. I have said for many years that reparations are deserved. First we have to find out who was descended from slaves as just being black does not qualify a person. Second we have to hold the places in Africa who sold slaves accountable as it was their idea. In fact they still practice slavery in that part of the world but it doesn't bother Democrats only what happened here 200 years ago. They blame people who weren't here or were here but didn't own any slaves. Third we should hold accountable the countries who engaged in transporting the slaves as they didn't swim here and we weren't even a country for half the time, Last reparations have been decided I think it was 40 acres and a mule. So luckily with advanced DNA tests we can find out what part of Africa the victims came from and that country should provide the land. Of course that's fair because part of the reparations is to compensate victims from being stolen from their country. The countries who shipped the slaves should have to provide free transportation. We should provide the mule. I would be ok with substituting a small tractor but the mule is probably better as fuel costs may be a burden. Last any victim who doesn't want this deal should sign a NDA to shut up for the rest of their lives. Most of us came here fleeing poverty and starvation from Europe and found far better lives than our families faced in their home countries. Most of us faced discrimination when we arrived here whether Irish, Italian or whatever. Now I know slavery was a far worse fate for the poor victims who lived it but not only is it over but a half a million American white people died to end it. Does that count for anything? Are there any reparations to those families?
  6. Lube, I think you're over committed to this property. First I think prices have come down since two years ago. More important you aren't considering all your sweat equity your giving away for free. I would think for 3K a year you could finance a smaller parcel that would suit your needs and you would own it. You might have to travel a bit to it but there's nothing like owning your own land. Good luck.
  7. I too have had all good experiences. Sometimes a real home run.
  8. I use a Primos monopod trigger stick. It can be adjusted from standing to sitting height. Has anyone noticed the new type they're using that's a tripod with a locking mechanism that holds the rifle in place without touching it. A little too much for me. I also use mine as a walking stick.
  9. Thank you for the info. Like I said not worth getting into trouble over.
  10. Does anyone know the law regarding mailing ammo in NY. Can I mail ammo out of state? What about face to face sale? I found some ammo I can't use but not worth getting in trouble over.
  11. I believe those rounds are fine. I use the same type in my 30-30. They should be flat nose lead tip so they don't set off the rounds in the tubular magazine. The letters SP stand for soft point.
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