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  1. I called Maine and the lady gave me figures from last year; 3,647 resident moose permits issued and 321 non resident. When I did the math I got 0.088 percent or just under 9%.
  2. I don't know percentage but I guess it could be worked out if you divide non res into res. It's funny you mention Wyoming because a lot of western states have a huge percentage of federal land plus receive huge amounts of federal money so it should be more even.
  3. The lottery favors residents a lot. My son in law didn't get a tag but my friend who is a resident got a bull tag, like his fifth.
  4. Good luck to everyone in it. I think they're drawing Saturday. My son in law is in, so if he gets lucky I'll go with.
  5. Try Lost Ponds area in Moose River Plains. Good luck.
  6. Just a reminder you don't pay shipping on gunbroker the buyer does. The few guns I sold on consignment at gun stores were much less profitable than gunbroker even with ffl fee that seller pays. Good luck, it's a beauty.
  7. I had both Barnett and Centerpoint and they work fine for hunting. I eventually bounced for a Wicked Ridge with the built in accudraw system that is a pleasure compared to the detached system I bought for the Centerpoint. When I had mine you had to buy it separately from a different company, but the crossbow worked fine. Good luck.
  8. 25 acres sounds like a nice piece, you should be able to put a food plot or two in there and have some great hunting. Good luck.
  9. Hi, is this a year round house or mainly for hunting? How much land comes with the house? I pass through Deposit on the way to my place and there is a large state land parcel up route 8. Steam Mill Forest which has about 4,500 acres with multiple parking areas. Good luck. Not familiar with the quality of bucks there.
  10. Just an FYI there is a trade DMP thread under Deer Hunting More eyes to see your needs. Good luck on trade and hunt guys.
  11. Prayers for you n family. Feel better
  12. I think the coyote showed up for the rabbits lol.
  13. So sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman.
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