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  1. Sitting on ground today underneath a blow down in a field facing where I am certain they are bedding down. There’s about 100 yards wide of golden rods with thicket behind it and field behind me. I’m about 30 yards off the edge of the golden rods. Zero movement so far.
  2. In Parma (Monroe county), after I posted a little four point came out about 40 yards crossing a trail. Lucky for him no shot for me because I woulda went against my personal antler rules lol.
  3. This is my 15th year hunting and literally every year I find my sightings going down. I am currently on my 7th sit in this spot (probably around 20 or so this year) and I’ve seen.... two deer total. To make maters worse, I think it was the same doe both times as I kicked her up twice @ night on my way out. Anyone else with similar stories? I’m literally between water and bedding areas with 4 massive scrapes in visual sight with trails running in an out of the area.
  4. Walking in 8A, bit rainy but can't get them from bed. Good luck everyone!
  5. Had a doe scream by me at 4:30, didn't stop at all even tried to quickly mouth whaa her to stop but she wasn't having any of it. Five minutes later I hear shots from her direction. Awesome.
  6. In 8A today, sitting in chair looking at back of property that has two huge runs coming out of thick stuff. Saw white ass in the air on the walk in, looked decent size.
  7. What are you using to take these pictures? Really nice quality.
  8. I hunt 8A in Rochester and deer sightings have been dismal on the property I've been on but counted 13 from a drive to Greece to Hilton after work one day lol figures
  9. Sounds like a stud in the making
  10. I don't think it will mean much. He might be more aggressive than other bucks, but I don't think any of this translates into rack size.
  11. Had 3 more doe come in at 8:00, passed again, they looked small... Haven't seen a big doe this year yet
  12. Spooked two on way in and just passed a doe at 7:05 hoping buck behind her, she was blind to the fact I was there... First time on ground this year!
  13. Agree, but unfortunately the laws are passed with the data they collect so accuracy is irrelevant.
  14. Congrats! Nice deer. This is the exact reason why the tagging was changed from buck tag / doe tag to antlered tag / anterless tag.
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