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  1. I would if I could get my wife to go along with it! But, she's allergic to tar paper.
  2. Haley/Gabbard 2024

  3. Gun rights organization. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. You don't have to be a Jew. I'm a Methodist and I belong. They have a good documentary (Innocents Betrayed) about what happens when the people are disarmed and left at the mercy of people who aren't.
  4. I will get it when I can for the same reason I wear a seat belt and a helmet and those who don't should do it for the same reason. Because I feel it is the right choice for me. Not because of Andrew Cuomo's opinion, Donald Trump's opinion, my bosses opinion or random internet-people's opinions. If your choice is different than mine then good for you. If you feel that makes me a sheep then good for you too. I won't get all butt-hurt over it because internet people aren't real. If you don't wear your seatbelts and go through the windshield it's no skin off my ass, if you choose not to get any vaccine, whatever your reasons, and get sick, it's no skin off my ass. I might think it was a poor decision but I'm not going to ride you about it because, well, see above. My wife doesn't want it now because she feels it it too new but is willing in the future if it proves to be safe. I would take a vaccine for athletes foot if someone came up with one.
  5. Yep. And it will eventually fill in everything if you don't stay on top of it. I have a piece of old pasture about 6 acres that was left alone for about 5 years and it filled completely in with honeysuckle and buck brush. Took me two winters of solid work to get it cleaned out to where we can use it again.
  6. Quarantine everyone in one building and then blow it up? https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-asia-china-51783591
  7. Got all my debt paid off except the mortgage (never going down that road to nowhere again!); not only did I stay working but we are still getting a $3/hour bonus for working during the Chinaids. I took a new position at work where I make more money and only work 3 and a half days a week instead of 6. Consequently I have more money coming in and less going out and tons of extra time so I've been able to take care of a bunch of stuff that's been falling behind over the years. I am also happier due to the reduced stress of the work I'm doing now compared to what I was doing. We had some trouble with a few things (had to replace washing machine and POS Buderus boiler) but since we don't have a bunch of loans and credit cards it was more of an inconvenience than an emergency. I don't travel much, don't like parties or crowds or being out around people generally; "social distancing" for everyone else is normal for me; so in that respect, other than the damned masks, my day to day hasn't changed much at all. I didn't get a deer but I saw some, only got out goose hunting a couple times and didn't get any, but I'll have next year. With the new department I moved up on the vacation seniority list from #6 to #2 so I'm already planning for next fall.
  8. Chesapeake Bay Retriever. It's cool watching him work on geese and the best part is at the end of the day he goes home with the guy who brought him.
  9. That would make the next series of pictures very interesting. :)
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