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  1. Yeahhhh. I skipped to that part just to see what you meant and I thought he was having a stroke or something.
  2. Or just AFTER you got into bed, peeking out between the slats in the closet door.
  3. Try Dutcher's. I did a bit of business with them in the distant past. Only reason I don't anymore is I don't travel in that direction and there's a U-pull it yard 5 minutes from the house.
  4. I read that too fast and thought it said Bruin 410 AMISH crossbow. I saw the pictures and thought "other than the color it doesn't look very Amish?"
  5. At least yours went for something good. I sold my M1A when I got behind on property taxes. Life happens. Should've sold the house.
  6. I always had a hard time sawing through bone. Don't know what it is about it but none of that other stuff ever bothered me but saw through the legs, nope, couldn't do it. Took about 10 deer before I finally got past it.
  7. Hey!? 1st rule of Fight Club...
  8. It would've been a heluva ride though!
  9. Depends if I'm standing up or sitting down at the time.
  10. OK, with all the news about TP lately, it's time we find out; are you an "under" or and "over"? I was raised an "under" but my wife's an "over". We used to take turns on every other roll but eventually I figured that I spend A LOT of time in the woods from 9/1 to about Christmas and she never gives me a hard time about it, so I'd let her have this one. I know, I know; that's a lot to give up but I'm trying to be a better man.
  11. Just finishing up my 1936 Drums Along the Mohawk and about to start my 1933 Erie Water by Walter D. Edmonds.
  12. We're actually in a pretty good place right now. Wife is a stay-at -home mom so child care isn't an issue and if you want dairy products I have to keep working so my paycheck is pretty steady. Thanks to Dave Ramsey we are debt free except the house and while I don't have my 3-6 month emergency fund fully funded I am on the way there. So we are on better footing than if this had happened in the last 3-5 years. **Bosses just started handing out memos on company letterhead stating that the holder is employed in a "Critical Industry" in case of travel bans.
  13. What I wouldn't give for a nice peaceful Russia collusion story.
  14. I'm sure he probably just carried in the empty bag to use as a seat.