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  1. Good opinion piece in the WSJ a couple days ago about high tax states like NY.
  2. I'll see you all, this coming fall, in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

  3. covert

    Big Woods Cabin Fever

    For the few days we had any snow I got my '73 Elan SS out and pulled the boys around on the sled. Been working on clearing some land. I have part of an old pasture that's growing up. Clearing the honeysuckle and buckthorn. Has some nice black cherry on it though that are getting up aroung 8-10".
  4. Not to be a Debbie Downer here, but who gets the $11 million when the wall doesn't get built?
  5. covert

    Correct way to test/check wheel bearing??

    Not always. I had a '97 Ram 1500 that had a bad front wheel bearing and the first indication I had was when the brake pads FELL OFF going down the road at 60 MPH!
  6. covert

    Antler restriction

    Experiences definitely. I don't have very many inches.
  7. covert

    back tag question

    Could just put last year's on the pack. Same number now. I hunt Northern zone so much I always forget it when I go out down home. Ends up riding in my wallet most of the time.
  8. covert

    Bonehead moves?

    Grunted nice 6 in from 250yds to ground blind where I was sitting with my boy. Shot under buck with stupid crossbow. Grunted him back, shot over buck with stupid crossbow. Sold stupid crossbow, bought rangefinder.
  9. covert

    35 Remington vs marlin 444

    Oh I don't know, seems a bit small to me. I use a .450 Marlin.
  10. covert

    It's Big Woods Time 2018

    Ahhhhhh. Thanks, sitting here in the office I needed that!
  11. covert

    Question About Tinks

    Send it here. There's a guy at work who's constantly sucking on one of those electronic puffers and I've been dying to fill it with buck lure!
  12. Yup. Look at the election map. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and NY City blue, everything else red.
  13. covert

    Lawn freaks, show us your lawns

    Yep. T422D. Wasn't ignoring you, just don't get on much.
  14. I had to look up Emma Thompson just to figure out who the heck she is.
  15. covert

    broadcasted corn

    You'll want to get that velvetleaf in the middle pic out of there though. Rotten sh-tuff. Will overrun you and the seeds will stay viable for something like 40-50 years. I spent a weekend hand-pulling about 5 acres by hand last year. Smelled cat-piss for a week...