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  1. This whole conversation reminds me of an old story about a tactical wheelbarrow.
  2. Instead of clamping around the forearm you could just bolt through the forearm.
  3. For the heck of it one year I put a wand on my air compressor and slid it under the skin and popped it loose. Worked better than I expected, but not as good as I'd hoped.
  4. We got married on opening day of Northern rifle. Doh!
  5. That's the same sight on my .450 Marlin and for the size of the aperture it is surprisingly easy to make repeated offhand hits on a soccer ball size target out to 200+ yds.
  6. I can't believe I'm not the only one silly enough to get married in October! Congratulations.
  7. I've shot woodchucks with my '06, so if you scale a woodchuck down a .308 seems appropriate.
  8. I jerk mine as well. The dog isn't really necessary for field hunting, but it's a heck of a lot of fun to watch it work.
  9. Getting it loaded isn't too bad but I have a heluva time getting the trunk lid closed on my Prizm.
  10. Boy, ain't that purdy!
  11. What burns me is the protection racket the State of NY runs. They have a law that requires I have car insurance, and then they charge me a fee for having car insurance. I'm going to kick over your hot dog cart, unless you pay me not to kick over your hot dog cart.
  12. covert

    Baiting help

    Here I am looking for advice on how to kill more deer and I find conversations about dicks, and bags with massive racks. Buzzkill.
  13. I don't think that's a bear. I've never seen one push a shopping cart.
  14. Has his gloves on the wrong hands. Or his hands on the wrong arms.