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  1. I just picked this up at BJs yesterday. Looks to be pretty good so far.
  2. I know someone who uses a set of the clamp on forks on a loader to move logs onto the landing for his sawmill. They seem to handle that well. As long as the bucket is good and square; otherwise by the time you get 4' out to the end of the forks there can be quite a difference between them.
  3. covert


    A few small groups here and there but nothing close or heading my way. Mostly 4 to 9, one small flock of 20 or so. This field we've been seeing most of them go over after 9 so I'm not too discouraged yet.
  4. covert


    First time out this season. Just me and my 2 dozen decoys. 12 dive bomb socks, 12 old outlaw silos I got at a garage sale and my old rattle-can camo mossy 500. Don't know if I'll do much, but I'm out, and sometimes that's enough!
  5. covert


    I've shot two bucks with a .450 Marlin. Both kept walking and never reacted like they'd been hit at all. I kept shooting until they dropped. Hit them 3 times each. Heart, lungs and neck on the first with 350gr FP, lungs twice and shoulder on the second with 325gr nerf bullets. Nice clean .45 holes straight through. Now I have it loaded with 250 gr Barnes TSX hollow points. We'll see how they work, eventually.
  6. Anyone get another envelope later with more license pieces? My license and tags came a couple weeks ago and then yesterday I got another envelope with the reporting panels and label panels that I already had, no tags, and the dates are changed from 9/1/20 - 8/31/21 to 8/10/20 - 8/01/21? It does have one more panel showing I registered for HIP though.
  7. During Southern zone gun season. Northern zone I either do or don't, I don't put much thought into it because we see so few people. Bow season I don't. I only hunt my place and the home farm.
  8. I've never seen a headstone that said "I wish I'd spent less time hunting and more time mowing the lawn."
  9. I'm at work, anxiously awaiting pitchurs!
  10. At least you didn't get busted up. I never wore a harness until one day sitting in the stand and I realized I had a wife and two little boys living in a single-income household. A guy I work with just came back to work after a year out of work and three surgeries to rebuild his ankle after he fell taking down a ladder stick.
  11. Yes. They made into a stupid mall later. Since everyone on the news is talking about "Charlestown Mall" burning I thought it would be nice if someone pointed out that it existed as something interesting before it became another abandoned mall.
  13. covert


    My original "Made In USA" Lacrosse Burlys lasted almost 15 years. I'm lucky if I can get the new ones made with the cheap Chicom rubber to make it 2. I can't wear Muck boots, they don't fit my feet right so I find them uncomfortable. I did have a pair of Northerners I liked but they were not very tall.
  14. You might want to get that checked out. I think it's a symptom of the Chinaids.