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  1. 100%. I’ve been to get togethers with people on this forum who all drank responsibly and then drove home. No disrespect to anyone, but sitting in the middle of the woods, by yourself, away from other humans is wayyyyyyy safer than having a beer and then getting behind the wheel. Not saying either is good, but a car is exponentially more lethal than a firearm. Moral grandstanding is what the liberal left does.
  2. Interesting topic. I wonder how many of you have had a beer and drove a car? I’d bet sitting in the woods alone sipping a beverage is way safer than having a drink at a restaurant and then driving home.
  3. Very sad losing a child. Nobody should experience that in a perfect world. But out of the 542 that passed, according to Ben Shapiro, about 20 or less were considered “healthy” without underlying conditions. I tried to fact check that stat, but covid stats are so difficult to read and decipher imo. This isn’t a illness that effects the youth. Thats a fact.
  4. Expanding on covid vaccines. Polio death rate is 2% for heathy children!!! Good thing we have big government shoving their draconian agenda down our throats. I was just fine letting my kids immune system do the work. But nope!! Big brother and big pharma stepped in for that. Disgusting.
  5. I drew the line with the polio vaccine but this draconian government has to feel the need to hold my hand through life. My body my choice. But snowflakes cry that “they need to be saved from polio”. Screw them!!!
  6. Why wasn't Donald Trump able to deliver a quality vaccine? This is a failure. Many people agree with me. Many smart people! The brightest. I like smart and tough people and they all would say the same. Donald Trump couldn’t deliver what we needed. Sad!
  7. Are you really this concerned about covid ? If you are fine. Go wear masks outside or whatever make you feel safe. But the let the rest of us move on already.
  8. Finally!!! Who gives a crap anymore. Some guy from wherever has covid…. SO WHAT!!!!! Get the shot or get your body into shape. It wont be more than a mild cold at that point.
  9. I’m talking about the people who got the vaccine yet still think they’re in some mortal danger. I like to refer to them as conspiracy theorists. Nothing backs up they’re irrational fears. im vaxxed as well fyi.
  10. The vaccinated are holding This country back. The people who are unvaccinated don’t give a fuck and they’ve already moved on. It’s the people who are vaccinated who are still running around with masks on outside and Living in a perpetual state of fear
  11. Be the leader we need. Take a stand and delete your HNY account.
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