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  1. Im in Miami for another week. I was going with my kids to pet stores to look at dogs. Long story short there was a vizsla. 8months. Lady said it was $500 but could go lower. She said the rest of the vizslas sold but this one hasnt. I would seriously consider driving back with the dog if somebody wanted it. That price is too good to pass. I wish i could buy it but i cant. And I hate seeing that dog in a store. If I had to guess the dog wasn’t linebred, but they have it in their genes. If somebody was 100% serious and I could physically drive it back to ny (hudson valley) then I would really consider doing that. Let me know.
  2. Now i feel like we are moving goalposts. “Well if it was somewhere else this wouldn't have happened”. Im assuming everyone is in favor of this secret police force since nobody is commenting on it. That’s extremely scary. All I hear in here is “limited govt” etc. yet our biggest anti- big gov members arent saying peep.
  3. Nice. The 2K19 KGB/Gestapo. @Rattler I am surprised you didn't reply directly to this. Do you suggest we do this? I know if this was a left leaning member of the site they would have been obliterated. How come we are just letting this pass? Hidden police? Automatic weapons on the street like this is martial law? Scary stuff Its kinda shocking that in Texas of allstates this happened. Texas is usually regarded as the place where this stuff won't happen since their citizens are armed.
  4. Streaming pornhub... i mean youtube eats up a lot of data. Thats why im on an unlimited plan. Also. I use metro pcs. I have service everywhere i go. 50 bucks a month and its unlimited data. Check into that. This way when it’s the 18th and your data is all eaten up from “youtube” you will never have to worry about that again.
  5. A buddy i went to college with is from dover. All he ever told me was that is was white trash and they would attack you if you drove thru.
  6. Not bad. Probably wouldn’t buy it again tho lol
  7. Thanks fellas. Gonna look into all of that. Bowman- if i go to wintergreen falls is the swimming hole a can't miss or do I need to do some hiking etc? gramps- already planning on a Cooperstown visit Ill keep the fishing in mind Thanks for the kind gesture
  8. I rented a place in fort plain for a couple weeks at the end of July with my two boys (8 and 4). Just looking to relax and have fun. The air bnb host already filled me in on some things. Any of you guys got any spots to hit? Was thinking of maybe some local swimming holes? Stuff for the kids?
  9. I liked it as well. Would definitely buy it again.
  10. Sloop Next Level. They deliver once again!
  11. Nod Hill Refelctsha. Top notch!