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  1. Very good!! Did you score those at deccicos?? It was their beer sale of the week during thanksgiving at somers.
  2. Have you tried super soft? Idk why it took me so long to try, but its very good imo. I think i like it better than juice bomb as far as their brews that are always available.
  3. If anyone has a 4s they aren’t using please pm me.
  4. Funny you make this post. The other day my friend who i hunt with, and grew up hunting with, was reminiscing about my first hunting outfit. It was my old mans. A solid blaze orange pants and jacket. I was a big ball of blaze orange in the woods. And i did score a bunch of deer with that get-up.
  5. I’m a niners fan and I'm dealing with this same nonsense. Trying to figure out how to stream it.
  6. Not my favorite from sloop but I definitely enjoyed it. My buddy who is from Syracuse picked me up some local brews while he was up there for thanksgiving. Really looking forward to them.
  7. They ran down a ridge that was parallel to where i was going. I was hoping that i could catch them moving once the sun came up but i didnt. Plus there was zero chance of creeping in quietly with the frozen leaves.
  8. 3n. Gonna sit for a couple hours before football/snow. as i pull into my parking spot there are two deer standing there. This is after me complaining about not seeing anything the last two weeks in 3n. I just had to laugh.
  9. Froze my toes off this morning. Saw a doe with two fawns. And i saw a fisher. Warming up now and grabbing some food. Then getting ready to sit the afternoon.
  10. I hunted white pond, lockwood and watershed. They're local and convenient for me. So when i don't want to take the trip to the Catskills it’s a quick ride.
  11. Just sat down in 4s where im fortunate enough to have access to private land. Couldn’t get a clear shot on a 6 opening morning. Hopefully he is still around. Hunted 3g/3n public land after opening weekend and didnt see a thing....except other hunters lol. Good luck today guys!
  12. Lets hope we all see some brutes tomorrow! Good luck fellas!!!!
  13. Im in Miami for another week. I was going with my kids to pet stores to look at dogs. Long story short there was a vizsla. 8months. Lady said it was $500 but could go lower. She said the rest of the vizslas sold but this one hasnt. I would seriously consider driving back with the dog if somebody wanted it. That price is too good to pass. I wish i could buy it but i cant. And I hate seeing that dog in a store. If I had to guess the dog wasn’t linebred, but they have it in their genes. If somebody was 100% serious and I could physically drive it back to ny (hudson valley) then I would really consider doing that. Let me know.