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  1. Bill- came up on a flock of 25-30 turkey today while small game hunting. Same area that I had an idea of where they might like to frequent. Got my blood pumping for the spring.
  2. So the last time there was the big scare my friends and I were stocking up as much as we could. So long story short we took a trip out to Pennsylvania and went to Cabela’s. My friend picked up an ammo can of what he thought was 223. It was over $200. Cashier made sure to let us know that all ammo sales were final. He said ok. We walk out to the lot and he looks at it and its 50 cal. Lol. I had a pit in my stomach just thinking about spending that for something i had no use for. Anyways he kept it. And he doesnt have a 50 cal.
  3. Dont sell. Even if you make a few buck it’s probably not enough to make it worth it. Just put those under your bed and forget about them
  4. Interesting. I was on him unless something happened with my scope im not aware of. Ill give it a track in a little. In the meantime hopefully a deer decides to show up.
  5. Took a shot at a coyote. Im using a 30-06. It bolted off. Im assuming i missed but could a coyote take a shot from a 30-06 and run off?
  6. SJ. Ever since you made this comment I can’t help but notice this lol. I guess I never took notice of it because it always looked normal to me. Everywhere I drive locally I am amazed at all the boulders strewn about. Im in the Catskills right now and there isn’t a boulder in sight!!! Maybe it’s just where i hunt in the Catskills, but I cant stop thinking about it hahahah