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  1. DL the snkrs app if you dont have it.
  2. Prestos might be the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn.
  3. I bought a sneaker collection that I proceeded to sell. Then got pissed i sold them, and started re-buying them. I had some gems that I basically gave away and you can barely find for a normal price.
  4. What town? Theres one in mamaroneck im gonna take my boys to, but im looking for others for them.
  5. I don’t remember night games there. First night game I played was in HS somewhere in hopewell. night games made u feel like you were big time
  6. @Biz-R-OWorldall of this talk of summer leagues and stuff is a far cry from msa travel at crane rd lol.
  7. Only an idiot would argue for no voter id. What’s your point?
  8. Polls are silly. And are 0% reliable. Does anyone remember hillary vs trump???? If I polled 100 people on here about the 2nd amendment, I could make a headline that says “ 100% of Americans polled fully support the 2nd amendment “. And if you polled 100 beta cucks from San Francisco you would get the exact opposite result with a headline like “ 100% of americans polled believe the 2nd amendment should be heavily restricted “.
  9. Those bats are classic. Raw metal with some rubber grip.
  10. I get what you’re saying. I’m also not saying I agree or disagree. But my response was directed at the quote. I thought I did a adequate enough job of giving the cliff note version of Chipmans answer.
  11. Well. If they lie on the background check like Hunter Biden, then they already committed a felony
  12. Ok. So I watched the hearing and I found the quote. The quote referenced is correct, BUT is taken out of context without hearing the whole statement in my opinion. Chipman said that people who lie on the federal background check while purchasing a firearm commit a felony by doing so. He also states that data shows there is a correlation with people who lie on their background check and then go on to commit violent crimes with illegal firearms. Chipman goes on to say that he believes it is the ATF’s responsibility to arrest the criminals who commit a felony by lying on their backgrou
  13. I cant find the video. I’ve read what has been covered. If you have the video can you share it. Thanks. I have done my fair share of searching and can not find this quote anywhere. I’ve searched those exact words and can not find them “Our priority will be to attempt to intervene before they (legal gun owners) commit a crime” - Chipman
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