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  1. diplomat019


    Lunch in Islamorada
  2. diplomat019


    I got a screemin reels ipa from saltwater brewery hidden underneath this gem.
  3. diplomat019


    Im not a stout guy but WOW on some of these.
  4. diplomat019


    I’ll be in miami this week. Hello J Wakefield!!!
  5. diplomat019


    You go to jersey for that (kane)? My fam lives around the corner from them. Tried their stuff out and was really happy.
  6. diplomat019

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    Make sure you are within striking distance of a toilet for the next 24 hours post meal.
  7. diplomat019

    WNY comes to Region 3 - - Meetup

    As of now I’m in. Just keep me posted
  8. I guess you guys are right. She graduated college at 22 and bartended for 7 years and then this happened.
  9. Say you dont like her politics. Her ideology. Etc. say something with a little bit of reasoning. But knocking someone cause they were a bartender is ridiculous.
  10. And her bartending has to do with what? Im sure many members here have tended bar as well. Whats your point?
  11. Women dont fart so i knew it was fake....
  12. Greg ruined another thread that was pretty good. Decent dialogue going on and then this happens.
  13. Not really but you’re kind of right. What they tried doing was lumping in local college players with that specific regional team. For example if you look at the Birmingham roster they have a lot of players from the SEC. Trent Richardson’s on the team for example. Orlando has a lot of Florida players. Etc. So I think they were trying to corner that fan market a little bit where the local college players are on that local team. I watched some of the highlights from yesterday and it wasn’t that bad from what I saw. Clearly not NFL caliber but definitely watchable
  14. diplomat019


    This is from brooklyn. Last time i was at OH there was someone from upstate telling us about the new site they opened. Im not big in stouts but this ine was awesome!