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  1. 2016 was the year for that to happen. I wished trump, hillary, cruz, and bernie would have all ran. They all had a good following and could have really shaken things up.
  2. Somebody make this happen. I wish I could!
  3. I think movie theaters are going to be a thing of the past. We are trending that way with all the available streaming options. There is no real reason to go to a movie theatre anymore unless you want the experience. My kids are probably going to view movie theaters like I view drive ins. Cool nostalgic stuff but not something I want to do regularly.
  4. Mutton Snapper in Islamorada
  5. Islamorada Beer Company- Sandbar Sunday
  6. 3 Sons Brewery- Berry Box Fruited sour. Absolute Fire!!
  7. Spanish Marie Brewery Social Distancing Double NEIPA
  8. That looks juicyyyyy
  9. Idk why I didn't see this popup in my notifications. Anyways yeah it is lol. Possibly gonna try some surf fishing this weekend. Got some pompano rigs and I brought my saltwater tackle down with me. If I do go out, hopefully I have some good news to share.
  10. J Wakefield collab with Other Half All Together Not bad. A little too tart for my taste.
  11. Coopers Daughter Black Walnut Bourbon. Very smooth.