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  1. Ill be up in the Catskills Saturday. How bout you? Family property?
  2. Just finished shooting. Getting my gear ready tomorrow. This will be my first season with the bow.
  3. The sheep are people who care about this. The “elections” have already been decided for years to come by Soros. You are a sheep if you invest any of your time into this theater. You are also a sheep if you read things online to become indoctrinated.
  4. They are not screaming because they are in support of those corporations. Just like the right doesn't scream when they subsidize their interests. Its a very simple concept. Also, you are a sheep if you think any politician cares about you.
  5. One thing you have conveniently left out is that you have been indoctrinated by the globalists. You have been fed their propaganda. And shoots and grouse have read articles on this, hence why they are free thinkers. You can save you Soros globalist rendition of your education. I’ll stick with the free thinkers who read articles online.
  6. According to national parks webpage Yellowstone is 2.2 million acres. The daks is 6 million acres. This is a pic i took off of Yellowstones website itself as far as what it covers.
  7. https://www.adirondackcouncil.org/page/the-adirondack-park-19.html
  8. I just read something that said daks is larger than Yellowstone
  9. Ammo manufacturers must cream their pants when democrats are in office. They have to secretly love it and almost want it on some level.
  10. In college we found a bodega in white plains that sold to us. St ides were the beverage of choice. I cringe thinking about the taste of them.
  11. Good one with the riding atv’s and sippin 40’s. Although that is fun, its not what I want people doing on election day!!
  12. My sources are telling me that this is already happening but they are keeping it hush hush. Arrests have already been made to civilians. I cant speak much more into it, but be careful what you write.
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