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  1. Will do! We drove all the back till we hit a hunting club and then turned around. The road continued through the camp but at that point I was ready to start fishing. I will for sure report back and thanks for the tip on that area.
  2. Here is my unbiased opinion on COVID-19. We have over 104 million adults with at least one shot. Lets assume that everyone gets the second shot. So for arguments sake 104 million people are vaccinated as of today. That’s basically somewhere around 1/4-1/3 of our total population population. Then we add in the people who had covid and antibodies. That increases our numbers too. Children are not getting vaccinated. Age 14 and under is about 60 million. We are vaccinating millions of adults per day here. As time goes on people who were originally hesitant to get the vax for whatever their
  3. I’ve read Texas cases are on the steady decline despite being wide open for weeks.
  4. There were some people there. It got more crowded towards the afternoon. This was my first time fishing there. I fished from livingston down to roscoe stopping along the way. The willowemoc seemed shallow. Maybe 1 foot in most spots. Is that usually how it is?
  5. Scouted around Flugertown today. Thanks for the tip! Gonna head there in a couple weeks to camp.
  6. Of course brotha!!! Caught one small brownie at the pool. Mainly fished the willowemoc but had no luck there. Good times tho.
  7. Why post that and potentially incriminate yourself? Wait until someone on here sends that pic to the local authorities to snitch on you.
  8. Vaccine 19- Roscoe Beer Co.
  9. I’ve always filleted My fish but I’m no expert at it and I feel like I’m losing meat on smaller fish. Good to know that I could fry them as is and we are good to go. Thanks.
  10. Do you scale them? I’ve read different takes on it.
  11. Katz Deli for pastrami sandwich Johns on bleeker for pizza get a pretzel and hot dog from a vendor Go to chinatown and haggle for some stuff do the stuff that you cant do or get anywhere else
  12. I was in some areas but I wasn’t getting out of the water in those spots LOL. When I saw other people doing it I felt a little more comfortable
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