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  1. On the positive side. If the other nfl teams want to learn how to get 3-4 yards per play they can learn from the jets.
  2. Looks like the Treehouse Fairy showed up!!!!
  3. I have a great friend from college who’s from Syracuse. He swore by labatts. I had one horrible experience with it and couldn't look at it again. Go Bills tho!!
  4. @crappyice can you please teach a lesson on proper grammar? Ill venmo you money if you want
  5. Its good. I’d buy it again.
  6. @phantom I just want to say on behalf of all of us. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Before you there was a guy named rattler that was as uneducated as they came. Couldn't put together a proper sentence and spewed right wing nonsense that made us all look bad. It was a simple case of cointelpro. But you are on point. Thank You for what you do and don't let the naysayers get to you. Molon Labe
  7. Phantom, You hit the nail on the head with all of this. Thank you for having the guts to post this and say what everywon else is alredy thinking. We need more patriuts like you to speek for the silent majorety.
  8. Pizza is always good, except when it sucks. But sucky pizza isn't that bad either Damn bro. You just went deep on that answer. The 2020 Sophicles. Respect!!
  9. Ive had pizza in italy. For me, italian pizza and your standard ny slice are different species. Same genus Difference species As far as your claim on icelandic women. Thats more of an opinion.
  10. Pizza. Its literally dough, cheese and sauce. Yet it’s amazing how it can be so bad at some places. I know we all hear about the nyc water being the true key ingredient, but for christs sake. Im disgusted at what ive seen served. How far have i taken my issue you might ask? Here you go. I wouldn't dare eat chain pizza in ny, aside from maybe a sbarros at an airport. I spent the summer in Florida and the only pizza I would eat was dominos. I knew exactly how it would arrive every single time. I couldn’t gamble on pizza showing up looking like a cake with ketchup on it. The pinnacle of sh*t pizza was about 5 years ago at Disney. One night we stayed in poolside and ordered pizza to the room. Pizza menu with “true ny pizza” on the menu. Ok. When it came delivered i was appalled and couldn’t figure out how such a simple 3 ingredient item could be produced in such a manner. So fast forward to present day. I will eat what I call “designer pizza” across the country. Trendy pizza joints that make different concoctions. But as far as a regular slice or plain pie. NOPE. I will not eat that outside of the metro area. End of rant. Thanks for listening.
  11. Possibly. Once you get the details let me know.
  12. 100% agree. The hypocrisy is ridiculous. But it is interesting to see how a conservative will stand there and point the finger and say “Look. They said to go out and live your life” as a way of pointing to the failure of the left. But in the same breath we have conservatives who are holding anti mask rallies and have totally disregarded mask, social distancing, etc. But if you remove yourself from whatever you label yourself as, you would assume that conservatives would be applauding these liberals for holding their same idea.
  13. To be fair.... if you have been following covid threads on the forum many of our own members disregard the virus. Also to be fair. Conservatives have anti mask rally's all the time. And disregard social distancing etc. The left criticizing the “slow response” is another argument. But if we want to be fair, these clips are conservative talking points. Or better yet. Are they liberal talking points and conservatives are really liberals???????? Lol. So hear is a question for you. Do you support the liberal ideas of getting on with our lives. Or do you support the conservative ideas of getting on with our lives. I think we need to know who’s side your on.
  14. I met one of the brewers from great life brewing when they were fairly new and promoting their product. I loved the beer i had. Rip van winkle has some decent food. The beer was mehhh. I usually go to rvw during gun season while hunting the area.
  15. Does anyone know if dom ended up making his beer bread?
  16. Equilibrium collab with tripping animals. Brewed with marshmallows. A little too sweet for me but ok.