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  1. This is a great book to add to your list. Amazon has it in stock.
  2. What happens in WNY stays in WNY ……. Just saying
  3. Dukes bbq in walterboro is very good. First time there some locals could tell I was confused at the food and they had to walk me through what they were serving hahaha. The bbq sauce there is yellow and it is amazing!!
  4. I am the product of poor European farmers. Ive tried it all growing up! i did see the rinella cook his nuts like you explained.
  5. I laughed out loud on the train when i read “sack length” hahahahaha
  6. Just bought my first cast iron and she will be arriving today!
  7. First they came for the toilet paper. Then they came for the windshield wiper fluid….. where does it end?
  8. You did all of what you claim, but posted it here after the statue was removed. It would have been better to do it before. Im sorry you feel I berated you, by my rights don’t end when your feelings start. And I won’t be making a list for your social justice causes. Often the rabid left ask others to do their work for them. So very sad.
  9. I think we are getting off topic. My original question was to shoots but you seemed inclined to speak on his behalf. He gave me his honest answer that he did nothing, and we moved on You have a point about bringing attention to things. But what is the point if you arent doing anything. The notion that “i cant pee to put out a house fire” is a bad one. One person can make a difference. I brought up the failed ride on islamberg because people talked about it and did nothing. It’s very weak and sad.
  10. So when they were in the attack for tearing down Columbus Statues in nyc, I emailed as many politicians that I could to express my concern. Ive also contacted politicians about other issues I’ve had. Regardless if the issue was in my area or not. Sitting on a keyboard and complaining is useless. Just as useless as the people who barked about islamberg and did absolutely nothing about it. Pathetic and sad.
  11. Maybe one or two members live in nyc that i know of. And since if you don’t live in nyc you cant do anything. Who is his target audience?
  12. Or maybe email/call your elected officials and inform them of your stance.
  13. Got it. I figure while im jigging i can have a few tip ups out as well.
  14. I was planning on going out this weekend and lake trout are what I’d be targeting. I was planning in using live minnows if i could find them on tip ups. Do you recommend that? Otherwise i have the minnows in a bag they sell at walmart.
  15. Did you do anything to try and stop this from happening?
  16. Can he chime in on this tread or what? Is that him or was that tattoo not his?
  17. Got a late start cause of the weather. The one area we looked to park was snowed in. So i drove back to the marina to park. I had mapped out some ledges that I wanted to hit but since we parked on the south side i wasn’t prepared to hike across the lake to hit the spots I wanted to. Great day nonetheless. From what I saw nobody was having any luck yesterday.
  18. No. Had a couple bites but that was it. Very new to ice fishing so learning as i go.
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