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  1. Finally someone has the guts to say it!! Thank you for being a true leader. The time has come for you to make your presence felt on a bigger stage. Take the next step and save our country before it is too late. LIONS
  2. Grouse. We need you to rise up. This can not wait any longer. The country is falling apart. This is your call to do what is right.
  3. I never got back with my salmon trip. First off the tips and advice I got from everyone was great. Thanks to everyone who chimed in. The trip itself…. I camped with a couple friends at selkirk which is on lake ontario. We were there late September. Didnt catch anything but that was more on myself that lack of fish. After seeing the other people my setup wasnt the best. We fished mainly black hole. People were getting them at the dsr line but i didn't feel comfortable being so close to everyone being this was my first time. So we backed off and fished less desirable areas with less congestion. Im not sure if I would fish the salmon run again if im being honest to myself. I wasnt a fan of the sheer number of people around as well as the type of fishing it was. I also envisioned being more tucked away in the woods and a lot of the locations we went to were right off main roads or very close. Im sure there has to be areas that are more secluded, but i didnt get to them.
  4. Democrats support illegal immigrants because they look at it like a vote for them. This isn’t rocket science.
  5. Grouse is sitting back letting the rabid left tear down this country and hasnt physically done anything! Why? You NEED to act now before it is too late! The country needs you at the border. Please act quickly
  6. Its so sad to see people sit home on election day and do nothing. Almost as sad as when people sat home for the ride on islamburg.
  7. Why would you lie? She probably will win because people from upstate ny do not get out to vote. Thats why she will win if she does. If people from outside of the nyc area actually vote then zeldin will win. Its not rocket science.
  8. @outdoorstomnot sure if this was ever mentioned. What is the fee for deer search?
  9. Vote like your life depends on it. This sounds exactly like the vote or die slogan that was being pushed with obama. My life does not hang in the balance of my vote, just like if i dont vote I wont die. It’s so sad to see sheep push this propaganda.
  10. Because Trump, arguably the greatest president of our lifetime, even agreed that sadaam had no room for terrorists in his country. He killed them on sight. So I brought “The Stud” up because he validated my point. Iraq was not a terrorist breeding ground that it has become post sadaam. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
  11. My point was iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. No weapons of mass destruction as well as it wasnt a terrorist breeding ground, hence Donald “The Stud” Trumps comments. Sadamm was a bad dude, but executed terrorists better than anyone. Many people agree.
  12. Sadaam Hussein hated and killed terrorists. Donald “The Big Stud” Trump even acknowledged this.
  13. Haven’t been to stewies in about 5 years. But somehow people knew when the release trucks would be out. Literally driving behind them. Never liked that.
  14. i spent years chasing cocks at stewart with my gsp. I always despised the “hunters” who were chasing the dec release trucks.
  15. @Chef start your own website and we can all just transfer over there.
  16. Ill be up in the Catskills Saturday. How bout you? Family property?
  17. Just finished shooting. Getting my gear ready tomorrow. This will be my first season with the bow.
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