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  1. on what page is that on in the book besides i dont think i ever seen a buck with 2" rack even spikes are bigger then 3" i heard of button bucks being taged as doe but good lord a 3" rack is a male to me
  2. i got a pound of ham and a slice of bread good stuff, im also off a suspension now what?
  3. i didnt know you could shoot two bucks during reg seaon because its antlers are less then 3" lol, were did you get your tags from ?
  4. i was aiming for chest area he jumped my string i guess
  5. thanks even know it was a bad shot but dead is dead
  6. it went threw the nose out the bottom jaw into its throat it droped 15 yards
  7. im not really sure what happen with my shot but it went down 15 yards from were he was hit lol, hit him at 30 yards 8 am sunday
  8. i was in the woods the second weekend of bow and i havent seen one deer yet, i was hunting a afternoon hunt, and to my left a little doe pops up. i got so happy first deer of season im gonna shoot it,it was 30 yards and then right behind it i see movment so i pull down my bow and wait hopeing for a buck. as they approch it turns out to be 8 turkeys, and what was strange to me was the turkeys start to fight with the deer or play idk,and the doe runs off,it was just so funny to see turkeys beat up a deer. they were pecking at it weird,it was just cool to watch i guess even know the turkeys messed up my chance to take the doe.wish i had a camera that day
  9. 308 maybe your mother should have wore a condom when she had sex with your daddy
  10. myke123

    i got a ?

    do small bucks make scrapes like a spike or 4 pointers,or do just bigger bucks.i have a few scrapes in my area but no rubs so thats why im wondering ive seen smaller bucks in the area just no big guys so im thinking theres a big guy somewere, i once heard a small buck wont scrape because of its age any help?
  11. i practice at all angles and heights but a target and a real deer are two differnt things i get real shakey when i see a deer.cant help it idk but i been hunting bow two years now last year and this year, last year was my first year hunting i took a 6 pt opening day and a doe the 2nd day both deer were lung shots died 30 yrds away one shot.this deer was 15 yrds today braodside i missed high.when im shooting in the backyard im never high maybe to left or right but never really high. idk i just missed i guess it happens,i also have only one pin set at 20 yards because im a new bow hunter and i dont feel good shooting over 20 yrds yet i practice at 30 but im not that good of a shot yet.rather miss then hurt a deer
  12. yea ill be out all weekend trying to take one, it was a spike but i was just so happy to see it. i just dont understand how i missed ,ibeen practiceing all summer,even yesterday i shot about ten shot just to make sure everything was still in line,i just had deer fever and it was a clean miss over the back he did drop down when i shot so im guessing i was still high with my sight but it just happens so fast you cant even remember to look back and think what ya did wrong
  13. so today i get out of work early and head to my stand were i been hunting all bow season this year, i have not seen one deer since opening day been out 7 times. so anyways i didnt give up on the spot and go up my stand at 3:15 today,around 4:00 i turn to my left and theres a nice doe 20 yards,to much brush in the way no clean shot ,so she walks away,away from me that would be.i watch her for bout 15 mins then loose sight,around 30 mins later i see a deer headed my way 20 yrds again ,2 mins later this deer turns out to be a spike nice body but spike, so i say im gonna take him its my first chance and might be my only chance so i wait for a good shot,now hes 15 yrds broadside with me i take the shot ,and it blows right over hes back! man i was pissed , but it was me nothing else i was to happy or something .but on the bright side i seen three deer today so hopefully they will be back out this weekend and i will get another good chance.it seems like the rut is on,lots of signs since last weekend.
  14. why think you steve. feel free to comment since you can now read it. and give me your address so i can send you that $1!
  15. you wanna rewrite it for me ill pay you a $1
  16. i should remind you who fantail hunts with http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/46/hillbillythumb252x205.jpg/
  17. thanks to the people who give advice and **** to the smart asses if ya got nothing good to say find another post i understand you got good land to hunt a you get good deer when ever you want or need and yes your the best at telling storys and making up stuff im just not that person
  18. yes i have but out trail cams got a few pics of does no bucks dont like to keep it for peroids of time cuz its state land last year there were a few scrapes i found a few rubs this year no signs yet i see a few tracks not many to find tho because of the water thats in there this year its real wet its swamp so traks disapear easy ive seen lots of deer there just no sight or sign of big bucks in the area
  19. so my story starts like this im 32 yrs old i started hunting big game 10 years ago only shotgun i do not own any land so there for i hunt state land which would be canadice/hemlock stateland water shed i have a area were not many hunters hunt because you have to go threw a swamp to get to my spot but i was lucky to get permission to cut threw a landowners land thats behind stateland but anyways i been hunting this spot for 10 yrs now and ive always been if its brown its down just wanted meat but now im a bow hunter for the last three yrs and im all about bucks the thing is i always gotten does out of this spot except for one buck it was a 6 pointer with a 19" spread which i was happy about but the thing is i want a big buck since bow hunting 3 yrs now ive took 2 6 pointers and a little basket 7 and ive seen 20 or more 4-6 pointers never seen anything bigger i dont know why there is a lot of guys shot gun hunting but not bow hunting in my area the real ? is do you think theres bigger bucks there i never seen anything bigger then a good 6 pointer and why theres food source water thick parts and feilds is it me or the place do i give up on this spot or do i keep at it there is 6000 acres or more but never seen anything bigger
  20. remington 870 fully riffeld with rifle sight lightfeild sabots 2-3/4
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