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  1. Anyone with a 8Y or 8W that they are not going to use? 7R or 7H for trade if wanted?
  2. Everything you need to hunt/shoot right out of the box. Mathews Z7 Xtreme tactical 28.5"/65. AXT Carbon carnivore 5 pin sight, Ktech stab, QAD HD drop away rest and Mathews quiver. Also included SKB lockable hard case, 10 Gold Tip Expedition Hunter arrows, and 3 Rage Hypodermic broad heads. $600 I would really like this bow go to someone who will use it, but I cannot let it go for any less. Corning, NY
  3. Tiger trout. Hybrid brown/brook trout.
  4. I'm getting ready to deploy to Kuwait and dreaming of all the cool new toys I'm going to buy when I get back. First and foremost a new deer rifle. I have been looking at a few rifles i.e. Browning X-Bolt and a Tikka T3 Hunter. I would like to hear some of your guys feedback on either of the rifles and also if you have any feedback on .270WSM. I have a 30-06 and looking for something in a short action. Thanks for any input, I'll have atleast a whole year to ponder my choices.
  5. My girlfriend and I almost hit one on interstate 86 just before passing over the reservoir heading eastbound a couple of years ago. I know they have bear crossing signs just east of Falconer now too.
  6. For sale Mission Eliminator II by Mathews compound bow. I purchased it brand new last year thinking I would have more time to use it than I have. The bow is set up with a 28.5" draw at 70lbs. Included are a Bull’s-eye 3 pin sight, STS string stop, Apex 4" stabilizer, Trophy Ridge Whiskerbuiscut rest and True Glow 4 arrow detachable quiver. Also comes with Plano hard bow case, 3 Beman ICS Hunter arrows and True Ball wrist release. Purchased last year for over $700 (including everything listed) would like $450 or best offer.
  7. Scent-Lok Full Season Bibs Realtree AP size 2xl. New with tags. Received as a gift and are about 2 sizes to big. Retail $159 will part for $90 or best offer.
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