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  1. I was hoping you won an argument with your wife.
  2. We use Lorex/Flir. They've been close to 0 degrees. Still work well after 2 years or so. They want you to pay for the cloud storage, but last I checked, you can't back up all 16 or 32 cameras. We have 2 NVR's and certain cams don't record during certain timeframes to save data. The nvr holds like 5 days of footage for 16 cams each. Audio works ok, but we keep it off for legal reasons. (At work) Phone app is decent for live viewing.
  3. I just got my yellow belt in Koala Kai Karate.
  4. Plus this. P.s. Biz, are you a Chiefs fan because of the coach that's from your town?
  5. Then there's this... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/eli-manning-retires-as-the-highest-earning-player-in-nfl-history-heres-how-much-he-made-in-16-seasons/
  6. Without Eli, Brady would have 8 rings.
  7. I miss you guys! Hope everyone is well and has a killer season.
  8. Lucky you. My girl thought it was an acorn.