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  1. When all else fails, you go to the secret call....
  2. I was hoping you won an argument with your wife.
  3. We use Lorex/Flir. They've been close to 0 degrees. Still work well after 2 years or so. They want you to pay for the cloud storage, but last I checked, you can't back up all 16 or 32 cameras. We have 2 NVR's and certain cams don't record during certain timeframes to save data. The nvr holds like 5 days of footage for 16 cams each. Audio works ok, but we keep it off for legal reasons. (At work) Phone app is decent for live viewing.
  4. Plus this. P.s. Biz, are you a Chiefs fan because of the coach that's from your town?
  5. Then there's this... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/eli-manning-retires-as-the-highest-earning-player-in-nfl-history-heres-how-much-he-made-in-16-seasons/
  6. I miss you guys! Hope everyone is well and has a killer season.
  7. He likes cars, so...McLaren, Senna, Veyron, Chiron, Divo? What about Recon or Revo?
  8. I got everything I need to successfully film all my unsuccessful hunts.
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