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  1. DanO

    2016 DMP Swap Thread

    Have 7F looking for 7A Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  2. DanO

    Did the deer disappear??????

    We were seeing deer all year long on our trail cams on our property up until September. Since then, the pictures were fewer and fewer and mostly only at night. By the time the season rolled around we barely saw any on our cameras, and neither of us saw any all season long.
  3. Hey just found the site today. Wife and I are both older yet inexperienced hunters for our ages. We moved up to Oswego County earlier this year from Southern New Hampshire. We both just finished our first firearms deer season here in New York and unfortunately neither of us we able to harvest a deer. But that's why it's called hunting and not killing. Drop me a line if you are in the area, always like to meet fellow hunters. Dan