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  1. Here you go, I think the files were to big. The threaded part is what you turn...I used one of those rubber cap openers to turn it....
  2. Here is a couple pics. The threaded part is what turns to adjust it. Wont let me load a pic. Says upload failed and gives me a triangle with 200 in it.
  3. Whenever I hear on the news so and so was arrested and they had 200 rounds of ammo, I think to myself, my god these people would think I am a terrorist. And I don't think I have enough ammo. I would bet I have significantly less than a lot of you on here.....
  4. Thanks Rattler, I adjusted it...It was a piece of cake. Just took the ring off the bell with a strap wrench. Turned the focal part counter clockwise until it was parallax free at 50 yds. Put the ring back on the bell. Took me about 15 minutes....
  5. https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/oem-nissan-pathfinder-body_control_module.html This is my guess. You should be able to find out online how to test it. Its an expensive part to just guess.....
  6. I would say we got 8" and it settled overnight to around 6". Its already melting....I imagine it will be gone in a day or two...
  7. Awesome! Can't wait to see it lying across a deer!
  8. I am going to work still but it isn't normal. Business is dead. I came back in at 8 so one of my employees could go home....My hands are so dry from washing them so much and using sanitizer like crazy. My big jug of sanitizer is half gone. I am going to have to start rationing...
  9. Congrats on sticking it out all these years....That is really awesome.....
  10. I took Tae Kwon Do from about 8 years old until I turned 16. Girls and my drivers license ended me wanting to spend 5 evenings a week or any evenings for that matter. I regret ever stopping and have thought about taking it back up after a 30 year absence. Some things have remained a natural reflex like ankle blocks and blocking but I am nowhere nears flexible enough to kick someone in the head these days....lol
  11. That's beautiful. Only you can decide what to charge. Anything from here you go....too the materials only to what I can only imagine what a handmade piece like that is worth....
  12. I was only relaying what I heard and specifically said it was hearsay but I would think if you were getting deployed to Podunk USA along with everyone else you know and work with you would have some idea of what was going on.....They aren't just going too NYC. They are spreading troops across the country, from what I heard.....and again, it is only what I heard......It was a better source than a facebook post, how much better, I really don't know but figured it wouldn't hurt to relay the info....
  13. This is 100% hearsay but I was over at my best friends house last night. His wife's sister (fathers, uncles, cousins, brother inlaws neighbor LOL that's what I felt like typing that) Anyway, his wifes sister is a higher up in the army. She was saying they are deploying troops throughout the country, along with the National Guard, homeland security and coordinating with first responders preparing for a Nation Wide shutdown as of April 1st. They want to make sure they are prepared to try and prevent people from leaving their homes and breaking into businesses etc... If this is the case...I wish they would just do it and get it over with....
  14. I run a gas station/store/carwash. I have no choice but to interact with the public at this time unless I want to quit my job which I am sure not going to do....As of yester day our business was about 50% of normal with everything closing and today doesn't look much better. I ran to Lowes and there was about 15 cars in the parking lot. I assume mostly employees cause the store was empty. I still couldn't find anyone to help me of course. I did score a case of paper towels....