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  1. Just bumped a doe away from my stand while climbing up. Obviously moved way to fast.
  2. Another lone doe. They kick the fawns off already? Seems early
  3. How is it that 2 lb squirrel can be heard 100yds away but 2 deer can sneak in behind you and not make a sound
  4. Blew 5 or 6 deer out from my stand on the way in while still dark. Tiny spike in now.
  5. My wife realized along time ago if I wanted to be in the woods I was going to the woods. I will be out this weekend despite the fact that my pool is still open, my lawn is full of leaves and my boat still needs to be winterized. Priorities man!!!
  6. Awesome looking dog....I love my dog more than anybody I now....
  7. Is that a cough coming on? Probably should stay home and rest...wouldn't want it to turn into the flu....
  8. ApexerER

    New here

    Welcome to the forum! Why are you coming to NY to hunt when you live in Ohio? Aren't there Giant bucks behind every tree out there?
  9. You went back and corrected it....At least I left mine so those that noticed got a chuckle....I didn't even realize I did that until someone posted a response to it.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am not really sure that is what I am looking for. I like having the quiver on the crossbow while I am walking and then taking it off and hanging it when in the stand.
  11. My fall turkey hunting consist of seeing if I notice turkeys while I am deer hunting. I always seem too, it is just always before or after the season. If one presents itself for a shot while I am bow hunting and the season is open, that will be the way I take a fall bird.
  12. Yea, my compound quiver fits on my crossbow no problem but the bolts fit it so tightly that the are very hard to take in and out. The arrows are much thinner than the bolts. Now that I used my compound quiver on my crossbow a couple times last season my arrows are loser than I would like in that quiver. I assume because the bolts stretched it out. That's why I was wondering if there were crossbow specific quivers that hold more than 3 bolts. I might make my compound quiver my crossbow quiver and maybe see if I can make the holders a little larger so the bolts go in and out easier and then just get a new quiver for my compound. Or maybe if I just use it and leave the bolts in it, it will stretch out and loosen up on its own.