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  1. ApexerER

    Red neck

    Hold my beer, watch this!!! I would say I am about 20% redneck. Haven't yet confirmed that on ancestry.com. I live in a very small house but it is in the middle of a neighborhood unfortunately. I do have more than one riding lawn mower parked in my back yard if that counts. I love the woods and being outside. I for sure would get along better with any redneck over most people.
  2. I don't have anything to say that will make today or any day any easier. I am sure you Dad is looking down on you and is proud as hell and is with you everystep of the way through your hunts and life.
  3. ApexerER

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    I am no expert but it sure looks the same to me. Glad he was caught, I have no idea what the penalty is for something like that but I am sure it isn't stiff enough. Before reading this forum and watching shows like north woods law I thought poaching was few and far between. Maybe because I live in a neighborhood and travel to my hunting spot so I never hear those late night shots etc. It is obviously occurs a lot more frequently then I ever thought. Its really disgusting!
  4. What am I going to do with myself at work now....I caught up on this thread from yesterday in less than 5 minutes. The end of deer season blows.....I might have to start at the beginning of this thread and relive the season.
  5. ApexerER

    View from the new home

    Congrats!!! Looks like a beautiful spot! I purchased my home 15 yrs ago this June. I can remember when my wife and I thought owning our own home was a pipe dream. I just didn't understand how we would ever be able to afford it. Good for you for working your butt off and achieving your goal. We need a lot more people willing to do that!
  6. ApexerER

    Visited again by DEC

    I wonder if DEC keeps track of who calls. I imagine there are several people that have to deal with this sort of thing. At some point I would think they would have to tell them to stop crying wolf and you are not doing anything wrong. We placed a new bow stand this year. There are house's right behind it. I can see them plain as day from the stand. There is a dead end road that comes down between two agricultural properties, like someone sold a field to a developer. Maybe 20 houses. I sat the stand pretty often during bow. It was on the edge of bedding and a corn field that was planted for the first time this year. I knew I had plenty of setback for bow but ranged wondering if it was a legal stand for rifle. The house is 178 yds from the stand or 534 feet. I was wondering if I would get called on sitting there but never did. Maybe nobody ever saw, I was always in Camo during bow season. Nobody sat there during Rifle with blaze orange on. More so to just keep the peace and not have any issues like you are dealing with because that stand would have been perfectly legal.
  7. Not exactly live but I was busy pushing all day yesterday instead of live from the treestand. There were 10 of us and we did 7 different pushes on different areas of the property. Not as productive as last year but not bad either. The guys were able to take 3 doe and a nice 6pt with no brow tines. 1 coyote. I missed on a long poke at a coyote. It seemed like we pushed out more coyote than deer but several shots were taken at them, all but one being misses. Two guys got a look at a big boy but he went through so fast no shots were able to be taken. It was a nice last day, hanging out with boys. I need to get some boots that are better for walking than the 2000 Gram Cabela's boots I got. They are heavy and by the end of the day I felt like I was lifting cement blocks. Can't believe the season is over already. Where does the time go. Here is a pic of the 6
  8. ApexerER

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    Wow, glad you are ok and made it out of there. Hope you get some answers.....
  9. Wow, catching up from yesterday and this sure went of the rails. Can't believe I just wasted my time reading all of this....
  10. ApexerER

    Deer patterns

    Man, looks like you should have been in a stand right there. Some beautiful deer during daylight!
  11. ApexerER

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Thanks for all the posts. Love reading all the stories!
  12. ApexerER

    Would You Support Elk in NY?

    Would you support Elk in NY? Don't we have enough free loaders to support here in NY?
  13. Well, I know its not me. There are for sure some impressive hunters on this forum. I am always impressed by the guys like @buckmaster7600 that go out track a deer down and are very successful stalk hunters. I couldn't stalk a deer that was blind and deaf. Not to take anything away from all the great stand hunters on here.
  14. ApexerER

    New Bow 2019

    Can I be next inline? I wouldn't know where to start....lol
  15. ApexerER

    New 6.5 Grendel build

    Just curious what range has 1000 yds to shoot? What power scope do you use at 1000 yds? I would think my cross hairs on my 3-9 Nikon would cover the target at 1000 yds....Obviously I know nothing about long range shooting....