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  1. Agreed, but how was the mob aloud to be belligerent to everyone just going to church. This new mob rules is disgusting.....
  2. Awesome pic, I would love to see on in person someday....
  3. Not having a debate because of covid is ridiculous. Even before all this, the debaters were more than 6 feet apart and so is the moderator. Shouldn't have to change anything other than maybe the audience....
  4. Late to the party as always. Happy belated Birthday to both of you....
  5. You can always buy an extra ladder section. We do that for a lot of our stands so they are higher.....
  6. Tons of Rabbits this year in Saratoga county. In my yard and the neighbors. I have never counted but I bet there are evenings I have seen 50 of them walking my dog.
  7. So sorry to hear Grampy, Prayers for you and your brother.....
  8. Nice Gman, you could open your property for ecological tours......Really awesome!
  9. What does per capita have to do with it? If one area of the per capita is committing most of the crime. Nobody wants to have ever have an honest discussion. They just try to fit the facts to fit their agenda. What nobody seems willing to say is very simple: If you follow the law, you will never have an interaction with the police no matter what color you are...…. Somehow I have made it to 47 and my only interactions with police have been traffic violations a couple time. Did I like getting a ticket? Heck no. Did I give the cop a hard time. No, I used yes sir, no sir, thank you sir, have nice day..... My best friend is Mexican and I have a really good black friend. I pick on them both and they pick on me for being white. Its all joking between good friends. Neither of them have had a run in with the police because of their ethnicity. Neither of them support BLM and they are both Trump supporters. Most importantly they are two of the best people I have ever met and I would trust either with anything. They are both disgusted by what is happening and both have made firearm purchases recently with a lot of input from me.