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  1. I am a Leupold guy but have a Vortex that i am very happy with and their Customer Service is exceptional....
  2. Good luck with the sale and move! Congrats!
  3. I can't imagine that cute face gives you that much trouble.....lol
  4. I would probably swap that GFI outlet out and if that didn't work then the breaker. Neither of those are hard or expensive. After that i would probably be calling in backup....
  5. Take a look at gunbroker and see what they are going for.....Everyone wants something that takes 3" or 3 1/2" shells now...
  6. Yup, never heard a word about it on the news, it wasn't in the Saratogian. the only thing i could find was the blurb in the Times Union i posted....
  7. Looks like a great day!
  8. They were probably scared if they said anything negative about it the mob would come in force.......
  9. I wonder if this will kick the Demorats out of the city council in Saratoga. The business owners have to be furious. I know they were where my daughter worked. And every tourist was asking my daughter if this is normal etc. Nobody was happy about it. Get some people on the city council that will allow the police to do their jobs and this crap would end in two seconds. Spit or throw something at a cop......Your cuffed, stuffed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law....Game over. These cops are told to stand down and basically allow whatever happens to happen.....
  10. Here is the narrative that is exactly the opposite of what I saw.
  11. Maybe i should get my daughter some mace.....
  12. I used them on some crossbow arrows. They worked great and were very easy....
  13. Always has been. Never in a million years did i think i needed to worry about my daughter working there. Its a very upscale place she is working at. We need to take the choke collars off the police so they can do their jobs. I felt terrible for them....
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