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  1. There were birds strutting right across from the Price Chopper in Malta this morning. Hope they are still active come May..
  2. I used one of those. It worked great. Very minimal adjustment at 40 yds after using the laser.....I was just a little low...
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself! It was great to meet you!
  4. @Buckmaster7600, thank you so much for yesterday. It was amazing how much i learned in a couple hours and how my groups tightened up. Had a great time!! @UpStateRedNeckit was great to meet you and good shooting! I am in for sure anytime you want to do this again and will be looking forward too it!
  5. Good for you! I wish you all the best.....I am 47 and still don't know what i want to do when i grow up.....
  6. My new truck locks as soon as i walk away from it. Really like that feature. You can't forget to lock it.....
  7. This is what i have done a couple of times.....I'm guessing it sounds more like ahhhhhh in the heat of the moment. I am not sure if the sound matters as long as they stop thinking what was that.....
  8. There is a pond behind my parents house. When i was a kid you could go out there any time of day with some night crawlers and a sinker and as soon as it hit the bottom you had a bullhead....Only time i ever fished for them. They were always very easy to catch....Haven't been in the woods back there in 30 years....lol
  9. That would be a swimming pool for me in Florida....and only after i looked in it....hahahaha
  10. Your braver than me. I'd be scared of snakes and alligators swimming like that in Florida!
  11. This is really awesome of @Buckmaster7600to do this. I hope a few more of you guys can join us on Sunday. Looking forward to meeting you guys! Come on 518 guys! Everyone can use some instruction and who doesn't like blowing off a few rounds!
  12. That's really awesome. Hope you guys connect again this year.....
  13. I am good for a while when it comes to hunting. I have done very little recreational shooting. Although i am looking forward to blowing some ammo at @Buckmaster7600 next weekend!
  14. I just swapped out my Trump flag on my house for the Blue Lives Matter Flag. Trump flag is now in the Garage....
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