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  1. Can you post a link to that. I have been looking.......
  2. And those states that opened early are doing just fine. A slight rise when they first opened and now back inline. We should all be open. Saratoga county (where i live) hasn't updated the number of cases in the county since July. I am not sure there are even any cases here. I can't find any info on it. The States needed to test and trace. Its the reason they are doing it now. Its just easy to blame Trump because he is everyones punching bag. He was supposed to setup a network for the entire nation for test and tracing. How would that even be possible? He wasn't against it, he was saying the States needed to do it. Even Cuomo said that Trump gave them everything they asked for and more....
  3. Chef, what didn't he do that he should have done? Its easy to play Monday morning quarterback. He was creating travel bans while Biden was calling him a xenophobe for doing so. Pelosi/Deblasio etc were saying get out and about, there is nothing to worry about. Remember, come down to Chinatown? Experts were saying we had more to worry about with the Flu. Fauci said not to wear masks until he decided we should wear masks. He got and made more ventilators than we ever needed. Sent and refurbished hospital ships that were not used to NY and California. Setup and made an unused temporary hospital in NY. I think his response to the China Virus was very good. Was it perfect, heck no, nobody had dealt with something like this before. There wasn't a playbook. IMO we went way to far overboard with the response and are still overboard. The single dumbest move in this whole China Virus debacle was putting infected people in with the most vulnerable people like our King Andy did to our Nursing homes. We will never hear the real number of lives lost that idiotic move made.
  4. They do stink. I have 3 of them hanging over my fence as we speak. I am getting sick of picking them up cause the wind keeps blowing them off...
  5. He didn't say a single thing in that Article that i don't agree with. When i go to vote, they open the book, i sign my name right next to a copy of my signature, they make sure they match and i vote. As far as i am concerned i should have to show an ID as well which the Democrats are completely against.....Why is that? You need an ID to buy beer, tobacco, movies, rent a car, get on an airplane and many other things I can't think of off the top of my head but we don't need an ID to do one of the single most important things we do as Americans. The only reason to be against that is because you intend to and have been cheating. Now we throw in millions and millions of unsolicited mail in ballots. Who in their right mind thinks that is a good idea? Again, unless you plan on cheating. There are already reports of mail in ballots not being sent to traditional republican areas. Who and how is/are these ballots being checked and verified that they are real and completed by the person they were intended to be. How many democrat groups are we going to see walking neighborhoods offering cigarettes or whatever to fill out this ballot, we'll send it in. Our voting rules are changing in the midst of our most important election and its democrats that want the change....why is that? If he looses i hope he does everything he can to expose what a sham our voting system has become....
  6. I was 10.....I took it until driving and girls got in the way. Can't remember if i was 17 or 18 when i stopped going all together. Wish i never stopped.....
  7. But this is happening. Wind, Solar, renewable diesel, ethanol, electric cars, CAFE Standards....etc....Exxon Mobil is one of the largest investors in renewable energy. Are you looking for more government subsidizing?
  8. Really liked the new series....Looking forward to season 3...I started taking Tae-Kwon-do because of the Karate kid. Wish i never gave it up...
  9. But you are deciding the arguments against climate change are false. There are a lot of scientists that disagree with climate change. They post the studies and their reasons behind it. I'm not smart enough to know what is right and what is wrong. I am guessing it is somewhere in the middle. To me bottling cow farts isn't in the middle. I don't know what other word to use other than ridiculous. Co2 levels were just as high as they are right now millions of years ago. That is a fact that can't be disputed. Man didn't cause that back then. The earth was warmer, millions of years ago. That is also a fact and man didn't cause that. It was also colder millions of years ago, also a fact. Every plant on the earth uses CO2 and emits oxygen. Co2 isn't some chemical spilling into a river. Not to be a wise @ss but maybe we should stop turning green fields into solar farms and plant some trees. Maybe the rising Co2 Levels have nothing to do with cars, coal, electricity, factories etc and more to do with the fact that we keep eating up green space, cutting down the rain forest etc(which isn't in our country so we can't stop it). I don't know and i am not smart enough to know. What i do know is even though you deny it, there are two sides to the the climate change argument. One is just much louder than the other because it fits their narrative.... The great thing is, this is America and we all get to decide what is important to us and what issues we support and are able to vote that way.
  10. Not lazy or denying it....Like i said before, there are arguments against everything. I can post 100 more articles. Someone is right and someone is wrong. Not saying i am right. I'm not even saying it isn't happening. I am just not at all alarmed by it. Especially to the point we are worrying about cow farts. Do i want cars running around with no emission controls and factories polluting and dumping however and where ever they want. No, and we have laws against that right now. Do i want every field i drive by that used to be pretty and green to be full of solar panels....I don't want that either. There has to be a happy medium and i think we are there. At least until other countries follow along so we are all on the same playing field. https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelshellenberger/2019/11/25/why-everything-they-say-about-climate-change-is-wrong/#4992600212d6 https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/04/09/nolte-scientists-prove-man-made-global-warming-is-a-hoax/ https://www.afa.net/the-stand/culture/2019/07/90-scientists-global-warming-is-a-total-hoax/
  11. I passed a half racked 8 last year, at least i assume it would have been an 8pt thinking it would be even bigger this year and the guys across the tracks shot it two days later....
  12. I can't argue with you if you are on the climate change bandwagon. But the problem is that, like too many things in life, you can find anything that fits your agenda. And not just for climate change for anything. The forensic evidence in a trial for instance. Each side has a specialist that fits what they are trying to achieve. They can't both be right.... Just like in a trial, i can have a rebuttal. It doesn't mean i am right, it just means i can dispute things you present as facts. There are lots of scientists the rebuke climate change. You just don't ever hear them on the news....IMO it is also why they changed Global warming to climate change, because the world stopped getting warmer.... It is false that the hottest years on the world have all been in the last 10 years. The earth was MUCH warmer long ago The record breaking wildfires were set by man and are out of control because California refuses to do any forestation. All old growth forest and dry underneath with tons of tinder. If they did forestation, like most states, they would have a younger forest and it wouldn't be as dry which would limit wildfires. What hurricanes have broken records? Katrina cause the most damage ever. Hurricane Allen had the highest wind ever at 190MPH in 1980 Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 hit 185MPH Flordia Keys Hurricane in 1931 185 MPH All the rest have been 175 MPH and less.....So record breaking damage...Yes...more people than ever live on coastlines with high property values and people packed in every square inch to look at the pretty ocean. ....Record breaking hurricanes.....no....
  13. I didn't make any laws. I was telling you what my daughter believes.....She is pro life, unless you are raped.. Pretty sure a lot of people fall in that category. My opinion is, that it was already decided that abortion is legal. But taking it to the the point where you can practically abort when the babies head is sticking out is disgusting.
  14. I have never had an issue with you Chef, but that is a disgusting comment to even think about....And to answer your question....My daughter thinks rape is the only time abortion should be ok.