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  1. ApexerER

    Age these deer

    Would I shoot them? Is that a trick question?
  2. ApexerER

    New view.

    Looks like a beautiful spot to sit out and enjoy a beer!
  3. ApexerER

    Ghost History..

    Cool story, thanks for sharing, I love reading stuff like this.....So sorry to hear about your father...
  4. LMAO at the picture in my mind of you creeping up on your neighbor while he was mowing!
  5. ApexerER

    FYI boaters..

    The problem with all these laws is, laws don't make idiotic people less idiotic. Or criminal less criminal for that matter. I have been boating my whole life. I used to sit on my dads lap and steer the boat. Got my own 16ft Sportcraft with a 60HP Merc before I was out of highschool. I bought a 1988 Sea Ray with a downpayment from my Graduation money when I graduated in 1991. I was really annoyed that I had to take a boating course to legally ride a jet ski sometime in the late 90's when I had already been boating and riding jet skis since I was old enough to see out of a windshield. I have never come close to having an incident on the water. WNY, you keep saying that you need to pass a drivers test for a car and I agree with what you are saying. But a written test or course you have to pass online isn't going to change the fact that a moron is a moron. IMO it is just another hoop for people to jump through and for the lawmakers to say they did something. For instance how is a person taking a course online going to learn that a boat doesn't have brakes, or that tides current and wind all play a roll when you are trying to dock or load your boat on a trailer. Or how to deal with an oncoming vessel while you are trying to keep your boat headed into the waves. A book can teach you port, starboard, forward and aft, red right returning, no wake zones etc but it can't teach you how to boat. Now if they want to give an actual test like a driving test.....where you have to drive your boat to a ramp, back up the trailer, launch your boat, dock the boat and put it back on the trailer and they are going to actually fail people and not allow them to operate a boat when they can't accomplish this, then maybe we could get rid of the idiots on the water....and maybe I could again use a public boat launch....
  6. ApexerER

    Life expectancy

    Well my mom just turned 70 in July and my Dad isn't that far behind so suddenly 70 doesn't seem that old. I want to live as long as I am able to enjoy life. I am not sure what enjoying life will mean for me 30 years from now but I watched my grandmother live to long. She had to leave her house that she lived in for almost 70 years to go into assisted living, wasn't able to do a whole lot for herself, and went from one of the most cheerful loveable people that I have ever been around to being quite depressed about needing assistance and not being able to take care of herself. She actually told me that she has lived too long and was more than ready to move on. That was probably the saddest thing I have ever heard. She lived for about another two years and it was difficult to watch. I hope I am gone before that point.... I am 46, I remember not that long ago thinking 30 was old and 40's were my parents....really old...lol.
  7. ApexerER

    Thoughts on this guy?

    I wouldn't be wondering how old that guy is until after he is on the ground....I would be more concerned with getting crosshairs or a pin on his vitals....Nice looking deer!
  8. ApexerER

    The Latest Rage

    If any of you guys have ever purchased a backpack for your son or daughter you would think those prices are quite reasonable considering the protection with this. It is sad that I even have to think about such things but one of these might be in the cards for my daughter this fall. She is going into highschool this year. I never even knew there was an option for something like this and I would like to believe it would never be needed but now that I know, I am going to consider it. Actually what I am thinking at the moment is what can it hurt. $50-$75 bucks for a regular name brand back pack or a little more for something like this. I am going to read a little more about those inserts that look like they will go in any backpack as well. Thank you for posting.....
  9. That to me is ridiculous, with all the private/unaccessable hunting land out there, there is no way we hunters could put that big a dent in the statewide coyote population. They should be treated like red squirrels....
  10. I don't understand why there isn't an open 365 day season on Coyotes....
  11. ApexerER

    Quickly approaching

    My goals are too enjoy myself, the woods and my hunting buddies....pretty much the same as every year....
  12. ApexerER

    An owl and an eagle chainsaw carves

    They are both pretty awesome as always!!!
  13. ApexerER

    Came across this boat for sale

    I still say it sounds like you got an awfully nice boat that runs well for the money. Few little issues are to be expected with anything that is used....
  14. ApexerER

    What is the farthest you ever kayaker/ paddled

    I had planned on Kayaking from Ballston Spa to Saratoga Lake last summer. According to some people who had done that paddle it took 3 or 4 hours and we wanted to spend a whole day so we backed up to Rock City Falls. It started out perfect...nice slow relaxing trip...Drank some beer. After about a mile the creek got wide and was only a few inches deep. No biggie...Get out and walk until it goes back to being able too Kayak. Make a long story short, it was only Kayakable in very small stretches. We mostly walked over wet slipper rocks while dragging a Kayak while I was wearing water shoes from Ocean State. We basically walked dragging a Kayak from Rock City Falls to Ballston Spa thinking I was going to break my ankle or a toe with every step. According to my Fitbit it was just shy of 9 miles. My wife rescued us in Ballston Spa as it was getting dark. So the farthest I have gone is almost 9 miles but I was dragging...not paddling....
  15. ApexerER

    Some photo from today.

    And if you kill one of those deer you get a new crossbow as a gift!