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  1. I have seen the commercials for them and was wondering about them. I have never been a video game person but they look really cool. One thing i was wondering. I have to wear cheaters to read things close up. Would i need them for that?
  2. That looks really cool....nice job
  3. Looks like a beauty Bill. I am sure it will bring down many birds in the future!
  4. I am not sure what to say, i have never met you and i feel like we are friends. I am so sorry for your loss and will have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers....
  5. It would probably work great for that. I don't have one so can't say for sure. When i use hand warmers i have fingerless gloves with the flip over mitten and i put the warmers in the mitten part. I can say for sure it doesn't work well for that. It will fully charge my phone if it is down under 20%.
  6. I don't have that one but i have something very similar. I got it as a Christmas gift. It works pretty well but i like the regular hand warmers better. They are much lighter. I do always have it in my pack because it is a phone charger as well. It would probably work good in a muff.
  7. You too, but i am not going to lie. I am expecting my taxes to increase both personally and on the business i run at the very least. None of that will be good for me or my family....
  8. Trump was a jack@ss and that i think is what led to his demise. (if our voting system is correct which is another debate all together) But if you looked at his policies and what he did for not only the USA but the rest of the world with the middle east peace agreement, drawing down troops from the war on terror etc. i am not sure how you couldn't like at least a good portion of what he did. And you even said, he effected your life daily life very little. I can only pray for the same outcome with Biden but i won't hold my breath....
  9. Hey my Friend. This is a really good post and should be read by everyone. The problem is, there is no longer any middle ground. We have had many debates or conversations. They have always been civil but we do not agree. I wouldn't vote for what you would and vice versa. Do we have middle ground? I honestly don't have any idea. While I understand what you are saying when we debate, to me, the bad way way way out ways the good and there is no way i would vote for it. I also can't fathom "the right wing" as a bad thing...At least not the way it is portrayed. Why? Because we want the constitution followed the way it was intended? We want government to control their spending? Because we are tired of getting screwed over by laws that don't help the middle American like Obama Care. Because we want voting laws that insure the integrity of our elections? Because we don't agree with Illegal immigration and want it stopped? We want the 2nd amendment upheld? I could go on.... What is so horrible about these things? I also disagree that the Republican party doesn't have a message that people respond too. More people voted for Trump than anyone ever. Biden just got more....
  10. Be safe Buckmaster and like others have said. Please document with plenty of pics.....
  11. Remember when the horrible protesters protested the safe act and they trampled the grass......Good times....