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  1. I have never seen a non typical on the hoof. I would love to get one someday...I like every deer I have harvested...
  2. Can you guys please get in the woods! I haven't gotten much work done since October 1st keeping up with this thread....Don't want to have to start now....
  3. I agree with Grampy, Get some food in that spot. If you have bedding and the deer don't have to move for food I would think you would have a ticket. As Grampy said, if the Doe are there, the bucks will be at some point. We have a ton of what I call scrub brush on our lease. We brush hog shooting lanes that deer have to cross but don't clear it like that.
  4. Welcome, look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures from the great white north!
  5. I am looking for some warm gear. 2x is way to big for me as well. I have lost about 35lbs and my XL gear was swimming on me this season...Good luck, nice setup for someone...
  6. Oh. Sorry man...maybe I shouldn't have asked. Hope everything works out for the best. Wish I could help...
  7. I agree, I won't use them anymore, pencil sized holes through and through....
  8. I started hunting in Schoharie County with my Dad in 1989. Had no choice but to hunt with a shotgun. My Dad purchased a Remington 870 with a slug and bird barrel for me for Christmas the year I turned 16 and could deer hunt. I still hate that gun. I developed a terrible flinch that I still have to talk myself out of before I take a shot even though I haven't shot a slug gun in probably 20 years. I wish my Dad had purchased a 20 GA for me. I hope I never have to go back to carrying a shotgun for deer.....
  9. Not from WNY so I can't help you but didn't you just move and get that spot all set up for hunting?
  10. We have a guy that hunts on the lease with us that is afraid of being in a treestand. He uses buckets.....He must have 10 or 15 of them around the property....I sat on one for a while last weekend since the ground was all dug up around it in the snow. I was thinking I should put a stand here....
  11. Reading that just put my week into perspective.....Thoughts and prayers sent.....
  12. I would love to go cage diving with a white shark. You would never catch me in the water without a cage on purpose. Even when we go to Cape Cod I don't feel comfortable being deeper than my waste. Something about getting eaten alive I guess. I love Shark week on Discovery. I find the Great White fascinating. I am no shark expert but the comments said she was feeding on a dead sperm whale. I am sure that is why she was so docile. She could swim over and take a bite anytime she wanted....Still wouldn't have caught me in the water....
  13. "Fat guy in a little coat" Fat guy in a little coat" That's what a medium would be like on me.....Nice coat though....
  14. Thought I put that post above in the live from the wood thread. Shows how good I can see without my reading glasses. Got too Dunkin donuts this morning at 5:30. Our agreed upon meeting time. Get a coffee and sit down. Nobody is showing up. I send out a group text no answers. Now I am agrivated since 4 guys said they were hunting this morning and I drive by far the farthest to the lease. It is freezing cold and I am contemplating cutting my loses and driving back home and going to bed. I start making phone calls and my friend Tommy is the only one that answered. He said he is coming but he is running late as always and he still had to load his sled. So I just go to his house and put his sled in my trailer knowing it will be faster than waiting for him. So finally we are ready to head out as it is now past sunrise. We get there and ride our sleds out to the power line to come up with a plan. Tommy tells me to climb in the stand we call the Remington stand and he is going to take a slow walk and try to get something moving towards me. About 20 minutes after I am in the stand I can see two deer moving through the woods heading from where I was expecting if Tommy pushed something. It is going to be a long shot so crank my scope up, get on them, they both look the same size so I decide I am going to shoot whichever one gives me the best shot. One stops directly in the middle of the power line, I hold high and squeeze off a shot. There was no reaction that I could tell, they both just ran off. I wait for Tommy to finish the drive and nothing more comes out. I climb down and jump on my sled and ride to find the tracks in the snow. I find what I think are the tracks and follow them about 30 yds and no blood. Well it was a long poke and I blew it. So this time Tommy is going to sit in a tripod stand and I am going to walk to him. I do and push nothing. As I get to him he says he is going to go look for blood again, that all the time I have been hunting with him I have never missed. So he takes off as I walk back to my sled where I started my walk. I get there and get back out to the power line and my phone rings and its Tommy saying get over here, I hit the deer and he has blood. So I go to where he is and sure enough, there is blood, not much but its there. I look back at the stand and I am thinking holy crap, that is a long ways. I asked how far he thinks that is and he says all of 300 yds. Now I feel sick to my stomach, I am wishing I missed or didn't take the instead of taking such a long poke and making a terrible shot. We come up with a plan that he is going to follow blood and I am going to take my sled and go all the way around incase he bumps her. So I do that, call him and tell him I am in position. He says ok he is going to start on the track. Seemed like 30 seconds went by (it was probably 5 minutes) and he calls me and calls me and calls me a &%÷#×$+*. He says he has her but she is at the very bottom of the steep ravine. So I go back around wondering how we are going to get her out of there. Luckily Tommy had 100 foot rope in his truck and I was able to get my sled to the edge of the top of the ravine. I pulled her with my sled 30 feet or so, backed up and retied the rope until she was at the top. Sled pulled her like nothing. I know this is a long post for a doe but I enjoy reading the stories so hopefully nobody minds. First two pics are her at the bottom of the ravine. Much easier getting her in the snowmobile trailer than the back of a truck. This was by far my longest shot. I don't think I have ever taken a shot more than 100 yds before, probably more like 75.