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  1. "Merck would rather burn their competitors to the ground then give them a percent share of the market." So i guess this isn't true.....
  2. I give it a shot once in a while when i haven't seen anything and i am thinking about climbing down. The only buck i ever killed with my bow (a 5pt) came in about 5 years ago now after i rattled and grunted. I have no idea if it was because of the calls or if he would have showed up anyway. I have tried several times since with no luck at all....
  3. Thats what i was going to say. Daketown state forest and up by lake desolation are both very close.....
  4. Merck agrees to let other drug makers make its COVID pill (msn.com)
  5. Congrats Leland! Spend all the time with her you can...My daughter is 16 and it seems like she was born yesterday....It goes fast! Plenty of time to hunt!
  6. I think what he was saying was a 10 was pushing the doe all over. The 8 came close enough for a pic...
  7. Wow, someone dragged up my old thread. Been hunting with that BAR for several years now. It loves winchester deer season XP for some reason. 1" or less at 100 yds. Hopefully i can find some more of that ammo. I have lots of .308 but only 3 boxes of that ammo.
  8. Back when i was a kid and would go to hunting camp with my dad i vividly remember one of the guys pouring a glass of Jack at lunch. My uncle (who is still a very big dude that i wouldn't mess with even tho he is pushing 70) picked up the bottle and read do not operate machinery or a motor vehicle. Good thing it doesn't say a thing about a loaded firearm. He got the message....
  9. I'll take Grampy this week taking a buck that makes him happy he passed earlier
  10. Nice to see your breath this morning. No deer yet but it sure feels like there should be.
  11. Finally saw some deer this evening. I really needed that, I was getting discouraged. 3 doe and two fawns all in bow range and 3 more I couldn't identify. 2 that I couldn't I identify were at last legal time and boy, it was dark. They had me stuck in my stand an extra 15 minutes.
  12. Welcome, I agree. I enjoy hunting a heck of a lot more when the guys are at the lease. The morning meet at Dunkin. Texting each other mostly about what we aren't seeing. Getting coffee after the morning hunt etc......When i know nobody but me will be there, the ambition for getting up and the 45 minute drive isn't nearly as strong. Good luck with finding a partner.
  13. I don't have anything i am looking to sell but there are some quality rifles that won't break the bank to purchase new. Look at Savage and the Ruger American line...
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