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  1. I get the same thing Turkeyfeathers posted above, then I just put the URL back in and I am on to this site. Weird.....Happened again just now...
  2. Has to taste better than balls.....Here, try the Iguana legs....OK, what the heck.....Here try these deer balls....NFW! Maybe they eat Iguana balls down there.....
  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
  4. So sorry to hear. Few things in life are harder.....
  5. I can't get behind any of these stupid laws that only attack the law abiding gun owner.....What is the statistic on criminals building a "ghost" gun? The percentage, if it isn't 0% has to be so low it doesn't even make a blip. You have to ask yourself, what are these laws doing to stop criminals. The answer IMO is nothing. Safe Act, Safe Act part II, Safe Act part III if it is put into law. None of it does anything to protect law abiding citizens and nothing to stop the criminals. Every step is an attack on the law abiding gun owner and it's purpose is to make it such a PIA to own a firearm that law abiding citizens either won't bother or become criminals themselves. Win Win for those that want to rid us of our firearms and rights, all while claiming they believe in the second amendment and our right to own a gun. You just have to jump through so many hoops to own that gun it isn't worth it.....How many people don't get their pistol permit for no other reason than it is a giant PIA?
  6. Welcome, quite a resume.....I look forward to reading your contributions....
  7. Congrats on the new member of the family. Enjoy the puppy stage. It goes fast....
  8. He was chasing Doe all over the place. I also think the flash on my phone made the white really stand out. I went home and looked at it and couldn't decide.
  9. A lot of people love the sniper 370...I have never shot one.....I can guarantee two things.....It will kill deer and you can't beat free....
  10. Wicked Ridge has some interesting new bows coming out for 2020. As far as I know, nobody else has released their 2020 bows yet. As far as being NY compliant....you will have to go look or email and ask questions (which is what I have been doing). Crossbow Nation is a good forum with a lot of info and the people there seem willing to answer any questions and Archery talk has a crossbow section that has some good info as well. Problem is nobody lists the width of their crossbow, they all list axle to axle and some only list it when cocked because they want only the most narrow spec published.
  11. NYslowhand gave a lot of good advice. The only thing I can add is, I bought an elcheapo (Barnett Gamecrusher) when crossbows became legal in NY. And like he said, I had to ditch the terrible scope before I even hunted with it, it was so bad making my elcheapo less cheapo. Now I have a nice piece of Nikon Glass on an elcheapo crossbow and I really wish I just purchased a much better crossbow. The stupid 17" width rule makes the choices much harder since most of the new bows are much more narrow. So now I am reading everything I can about crossbows because I would like to purchase a new one before next hunting season. So I guess if I was you I would do the same thing. Start reading, there are so many different options out there, I have no idea what to do. The Scorpyd is probably the nicest, fastest and by far the most expensive crossbow out there. Basically I am weighing my options against that $1600 dollar model (for a bare bow) and trying to decide if spending that money is worth it.
  12. Beautiful, If I ever am lucky enough to kill another wall hanger, I will be taking a long ride....
  13. You know I have never really paid attention to that. Here is the pic I have of that deer on my computer. I mentioned that I was extremely happy with the 8 pt mount and went back for the 9 pt the following year and have never been as happy with it. I actually colored in around the eyes a little more with a furniture marker because I thought they looked weird. It still looks weird to me and maybe this is why. The 8pt was amazing to me...right down to the dew droplets on his whiskers around his mouth. Maybe it will look better to me if I color those nostrils in. I have not been able to pin point why I don't like the mount as much. Just doesn't seem anywhere near as natural to me.... I also think his neck it too small.....