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  1. It was about 40 yards, you can see the entry hole in the pic where the is as he layed, almost in the shoulder
  2. Hey everyone, got it done today with very limited time. Story in the harvest thread. Hope all is well with everyone!
  3. Hey everyone, haven't been on here much with the new job and have had very little time off. Missed all of bow season. Made sure I was off this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sat dark to dark on Friday with the crossbow and didn't see a single thing. Went back to the same stand this morning, not sure why since I saw nothing yesterday. Well I sat thru lunch without seeing anything. Finally about 2:30 I look over my right shoulder and there is a very small deer just outside the thicker stuff. Think it was probably a button but not sure. Was just glad to see something, it quickly went back in the thicker stuff and I figured it was bedded in there. At 3:30 I thought I heard a grunt but with the wind I wasn't sure. I waited till it was calm so it could be heard and hit by grunt tube a couple times. 30 seconds later i hear crashing and see the white tail of what I assume was the button bounding away. Crap, that wasn't what I wanted. Not even a minute later this guy comes out of the thick behind me on my left, I look saying what are you, get a glimpse of the rack and say to myself besides dead...lol. I shoot and he runs 30 yards, starts plowing and I put another one in him. Was a little disappointed to see the 2 on one side but the rack is unique. Glad I could punch a tag with the limited time I have.
  4. I heard about the chicken wing run.....do you know when it is?
  5. Are there really states that if a women is going to die and aborting the baby would save her they wouldn't do it? I don't know that answer but i highly doubt it..... The way you are applying life liberty and the pursuit of happiness means you can apply it to anything that makes you happy. For some people that is hookers and cocaine....Are hookers and cocaine protected under the constitution since that is the pursuit of happiness for some? The supreme court is supposed to rule on the constitution and that is exactly what they did.....
  6. Would there be more oil on the market making more supply if we weren't over regulating, preventing drilling and fracking? The answer to that is yes, more supply, cheaper price......Pretty simple...
  7. Do you think abortion is a constitutional right? If so, can you show me where it was written? All the supreme court did was make that decision. The correct one in my opinion. It should have easily been a unanimous decision and would have been if it wasn't for judges that don't follow the constitution. Now or 50 years ago. Now if you want to ad an amendment to the constitution making it a right, then the supreme court would uphold it as a right. and BTW, i do believe that little Ms Grouse in your story should be able to get an abortion in the first trimester if she so chooses....and she still can.
  8. There was a drone but i don't believe it took any pics of me. The one high up was taken from the Batchleorville Bridge. I have had no idea the photos were being taken. I was looking at the posts on Facebook about the poker run and found them. Actually that isn't true, I could see myself way off in the distance but only because i knew where i was...lol
  9. Never did a poker run before, I ran one on Sacandaga on Saturday. What a blast, met some new friends and burned way to much fuel but it was worth it!
  10. Milo and Remmy in the boat yesterday
  11. lol, should have never happened in the first place. There isn't anything in the constitution or bill of rights that gives you the right to abortion. I don't understand why people are so up in arms. All it does is revert to the states now. Nothing will change here in NY
  12. I didn't take it as being directed at me. I was just trying to explain why a gas station may go up more than one time a day. It is something that never used to happen. Although when the market was normal and stable fuel moving a few cents a week was normal. Fuel going up 40 cents in 1 day has happened a couple times in the last year. I have never seen fuel increase 40 cents in 1 day in 20+ years prior....Its all uncharted territory.... I can't answer for what happens in Queens but around here if a person was gouging nobody would go there. For gouging to actually work around here you would have to get 10 or 15+ other gas stations to do the same thing with you to make an area a high price and that would never happen. I pass 5 gas stations on my 8 mile ride to and from the one i run. 3 Stewarts, a Cumbys and a Xtra Mart. No way could gouging happen, you would stand out like sore thumb... I do remember the gas tax holiday on June 1st. The market was up more than that, that day so there was zero relief seen at the pump. I kept records for anyone that would question why we didn't go down but nobody questioned it....
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