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    In Orange co NY, Sussex n Morris co NJ the rubs are real good w new scrapes popping up daily. Seems a pinch early but Sat morn my brother seen two bucks chase does n the same area a girl I mentor watched another buck chasing a doe. Getting closer
  2. We did kids let's see wives, gfs, etc women pics
  3. this evening at the Walkill refuge we had a NWTF event. Thank God for Christina McGannon for running it. I wasn't there but two girls had close calls out of 4. Barb is the mom of Saige a girl I mentor. Barb is great n this was her first bowhunt!
  4. Let me help you understand what I'm saying. If there's any dogs guys here theyll understand. Dogs can be outcrossed, line bred, in bred or sometimes what's called back bred. Through the breeding your objective is to stack the desired genes. When it works out which takes a bit you get consistency. the pups act n behave similar to the parents, our kids are not bred this way n we get dif personalities, same for outcrossed litters. If you would like dogs that act like the parents you should go for consistant/proven breedings., better chance of getting a winner. Before this turns into a breed thread impriperly done you get dogs w more probs. the breeding mentioned earlier cannot introduce genes not already there (in genes). If the wrong genes stack n you have a prob Its intensified. This relates to guns in that you can get a winner or a decent gun of any make. Just like dogs you can get an ok one anywhere. But chances are highest when they're bred properly. Guns when manufactured properly. I only recommend high percentage picks. Hope that makes sense. It's all about percentages in my book. Hmm in other words don't get married cause the odds are against ya
  5. Never seen a Glock outshoot a Kimber. They have been seemingly having probs I'll give you that. Sold my Kimber rifle cause it was junk. Friends of mine have good ones, Id personally not suggest them. Their 1911s I've never seen a prob with. I have not have shot any new ones though.
  6. Fair enough. Wanna add Kimber customer service sucks n they're known to return unfixed guns.
  7. Buck master if you've tested it n it shoots for you God bless you. Nothing about a smooth bolt or looks though to me that, good triggers, fit n finish certainly matter, they still have cast parts n imo are not the best. Shoot what works for ya. I'm standing by my old 700 or new Tikka recommemdation. If you shoot better guns than what you're using you'll see. Shooting Glocks at 7 yards n Kimbers at 25-50 is a huge dif. How many shoot that far w a Glock? Prob gonna hear crickets here. But quality n buy once. It's cheaper.
  8. Sorry guys my buddy Jimmy is in one pic, not sure how to erase n upload correct one
  9. Might be fun to show off some of the kids w game. Let's see some pics
  10. I've shot most so nothing closed minded about it. Look it's like Glock, a friend of mine swears by em. My brother has one that actually shoots great. They're built on wide tolerances. If you get one on the closer end they do shoot, most don't. Now one cheap gun shooting better than another without extensive testing of loads, powder types, length of cartridge/brass, head types, etc etc means nothing. In fact it proves ignorance. If you did all that w only those two guns it proves lack of experience. It's like saying smoking won't kill you your aunt smoked 3 packs a day n lived to 100. It's a fluke not the norm