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  1. Red

    Full Metal Jacket-- Jelly Donut Scene.

    I love that scene.
  2. Red

    Pulled the trigger on a deer rifle

    I love the hornady SST. Great bullet.
  3. Red

    Happy Birthday Lawdwaz!!!!

    Happy birthday. Hope you had a great day
  4. Red

    First Shot Daily Pics

    First shot this evening. I only get 16 yards in the backyard but 20 arrows here and there help with form and helps manage target panic.
  5. Red

    Ghost History..

    Didn't this happen a few years ago with another member? He was after a slob a symmetrical 7X7 and some one on here shared a pic of the 14pt harvested. Very cool when stories like this happens. Sucks for the others who were after the same buck but cool to see both peoples stories of the same buck on here.
  6. Red

    Learn from the best

    Great video. Tons of knowledge I have about 30 min left to watch.
  7. Red

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Found some venison steaks in the chest freezer.
  8. Sorry to hear that I hope she has a fast recovery.
  9. Red

    Academy 2019

    Love that scene.
  10. Red

    Lifetime Licenses

    I'm sitting here wondering why I haven't received mine yet and it just hit me I never changed my mailing address for my hunting license when I moved. Oops
  11. Red

    Same buck? Opinions?

    I think it looks like the same buck the tines are close together on both bucks sane spacing between the tines and the brow tines.
  12. Red

    Another Bear...

    There are definitely some very big bears out there. That one for sure looks to be a huge bear. I took a big one in Livingston County in 2010 had to quarter it out. The taxidermist estimated it at a little over 500 lb. Good luck.
  13. Red

    Academy 2019

    What time do you guys shoot? I would love to try and come out a time or two.
  14. Red

    Academy 2019

    What do you guys shoot? I would love to try and come out a time or two.
  15. About 7 years ago me my brother in-laws father inlaw and buddys kayaked 14 miles for fathers day. We went from the foot of Ontario to mississippi muds to grand island to buckhorn park. My arms and legs hurt for a good week afterward.