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  1. Looks and sounds like you had an amazing trip. Congrats on a beautiful goat. The pictures of the view and animals are awesome.
  2. He's a big boy. He sure got much bigger this year. I hope you get him this year.
  3. Not the best pic but he finally get rid of r velvet and is hard horned.
  4. I took my 12 year old out for a couple of hrs we seen 7 deer between 7&8 am all 25 yards and closer. He decided to bring the Xbow instead of his gun. Had he brought one of his guns he would've had his first deer. That's hunting for ya. He did get to put the scope of the xbow on one of the deer but there was some small limbs in the way. We had a good time.
  5. That's awesome. The boys will definitely draw blood this year. My oldest is doing the same he can't wait to get out.
  6. I'm so pumped. I can't wait to have the boy out hunting. It's gonna be an epic season. Gl to you and your son too. I'm glad you're loving the flagpole. That's one heck of a place that you have there. Let your brother know that I didn't forget that he wants his repaired and painted. I've been out of work 4 of the last 7 weeks.
  7. Erie county just passed it so 12&13 yr olds can deer hunt in Erie County.
  8. Beautiful buck. Good luck I hope you get him this year.
  9. I love the browning cameras. They take a really nice quality picture. I'm waiting for FedEx to deliver my new browning stroke force HD today.
  10. What's helped me in the past is standing about 10-15' away from the target draw your bow back with your eyes closed open your eyes when Ashford and release. Repeat that over and over again. Also sometimes I'll stand closer and shoot a few without opening the eyes..
  11. That's awesome news.
  12. Those euros will come off of the v walk really fast if he wants to put one up there. I told him I'll gladly get his first deer mounted if he wants doe or a buck.
  13. Lol I'm starting to get really pumped. I'll be pulling my hunting clothes out tomorrow and washing them with the same soap.
  14. I bought Hunter his life time license for his first bday . Hunter turned 12 2 weeks ago and finally got his tags in n the mail today he's very excited.
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