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  1. Red

    Brought my 2017 crossbow buck home!

    Beautiful buck and beautiful mount. Congrats
  2. Red

    2 for 2

    Very cool i hope you both get a bird with it this spring.
  3. Red

    Happy birthday Non-Typical!

    Happy Birthday
  4. Red

    New eagle WIP

    That torch is bad a$$. I'm sure Thad will save you a ton of time.
  5. Red

    New eagle WIP

    Great work.
  6. Red

    TRAIL CAM PULL 4/13/19

    That mountain lion will make one hell of a mount lol. Nice pics.
  7. Red

    Sad but nice day

    Very nice story and nice tribute.
  8. Red

    Crazy broadhead

    You couldn't pay me to use those big game hunting. I can't imagine how screwed up they would fly and sure they would bust apart pretty good even with a good hit. I'll but there will be a some people using them just because they think they look neat.
  9. Red

    I hate this time of year....

    I hate the summer it's to hot. Even today was to warm. I enjoy it when it's 40-50° out.
  10. Red


    My fathers name is Newton I definitely haven't heard that make a lot.
  11. Red

    Happy birthday First-light

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Red

    Happy birthday Jeremy K !

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Red

    Happy B-Day Philo

    Happy birthday
  14. Red

    Happy birthday ATbuckhunter

    Happy Birthday