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  1. Just had a big bodied 7 or 8 pt at 20 yards I tried to get video but he was nervous he was down wind of me
  2. I have a stand set up that's 10 min away from the first job site this morning. I'll get a short sit until 930 or 10.
  3. X2. Very rural and with some really good hunting.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear this I truly hope he makes a striking recovery. I hope you get a flight out there.
  5. Live from three glass tower stand I had 3 adult doe at 38-45 yrds 15 min ago. Hooefully doezilla shows up. I'm sure going to love the tower on days like today. With 3 windows open at 2' wide each I can still hear the deer coming and i get to relax with my boots off lol.
  6. I didn't watch the video but if some one deliberately spits on me game on I'm knocking then the F out.
  7. My buck tag is already filled for bow season. Early next week I'm going to spread some winter rye in this area in hopes to get him with the muzzle loader. Gman was telling me about the winter rye last weekend and planted some in front of the tower stand that we built this summer. I was amazed at how quick it germinated and figured I have to do a quick plot where this buck is living.
  8. This button buck piebald comes in every 5 days or so.
  9. I sat in this stand opening morning until 1015 am then had to go to work look whos should up and hung around 10 yards from my stand.
  10. 30 yrs ago Along the railroad tracks in silver creek near sunset bay beach. Chasing rabbits in the brush along the railroad tracks with my uncle.
  11. I was out hunting gmans place this past saturday. We hung a ladder stand back in May in a nice thick area just above an apple orchard. All summer I kept saying that I wanted to hunt this stand opening weekend even though we built a huge sweet tower stand in my favorite spot and gman put in a food plot in front of the tower and there were deer on camera in front of the tower stand morning and evening. I still went with my plan to sit the ladder on the far end of the property. At 930 i look over my left shoulder and see a big bodied deer coming in through the thick stuff I see what appears to be a nice rack. I take my eyes off the deer grab my bow stand up and draw aiming at the opening where I seen him heading for as soon as he stepped that front shoulder out i released and my arrow and could see it was a perfect it he turned and ran the direction he came from. I could see a ton of blood on the ground from the initial impact and heard him crash but decided to relax and wait an hour. 5 minutes in to the wait is when the adrenaline set in and I started to shake for 5 minutes. I called greg and he said he would be there in about an hour. I called the wife and another buddy to tell them the news. I normally would wait to spread the word but it was a 4-5 yard shot and i seen where the arrow hit. Gman and Brandon arrived at 1030 and we had a short 75 yard track until we find my buck. I entered high lung and exited the heart. The buck died in front of the pop up blind and food plot. Gman has this buck on camera eating in the food plot 20 min before i shot it. The 4 wheeler was broke so i dragged her across the bridge of death lol. Thank you Greg for allowing me to hunt your place and set up and build stands on your property and thank you for all of the hard work that you do with the food plots and prep work that you do that allows us to see and and hunt such a variety of wildlife.
  12. Lol My wife had to take both boys yesterday while i was hunting and was gonna take them again today but I took a 8pt yesterday morning at gmans place so I surprised her by coming home at 6am and doing hockey duty. Earn them brownie points when you can lol