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  1. I'm over in that area a lot and have a job coming up at the football field this summer I'll keep an eye out.
  2. I've used cheap stands my whole life and some have been extremely comfortable. My favorite was the big game boss XL the platform and seat where give and comfortable. To bad they stopped making them years ago. Last year I bought 3 hang on stands for under $100 each from dicks. Most comfortable stands I ever sat in but after the first sit in each stand the stitching on the webbed seat pooped and had to return all 3 stand. I think I'm stuck between the millennium 100U and the Alpha 2.
  3. Their gonna keep the flag off of it until Monday at 1 when they have their ceremony. There's a 3' diameter goldball on top of the pole with a eagle with a 4' wrong span on top of the gold ball.
  4. I work for Ace Flag out of Depew. Thank you. That's the same flag pole that Salvatore's has 135' steel pole with a 30x60 flag on it.
  5. Thank you. They plan on doing the Christmas display off of the new pole as well. They said they get real crazy with the light display.
  6. I've been installing flagpoles for 9 years now. I've done a bunch of 80' poles actually just did one yesterday in Bath NY at GoodRich Auto. Today I installed the largest aluminum flagpole that the manufacturer makes. It's a 110' pole 10' in the ground 100' exposed. We did this one in Hamburg at West Herr at the corners of Camp and Southwestern. I temporarily raised the 20x30 flag to make sure everything was good then took it off until Mondays Flag day ceremony.
  7. Beautiful buck congrats.
  8. What are your favorite hang on stands that weigh around 14# or less? I'm looking at the lone wolf assault and alpha 2. Also the rivers edge light foot. Also XOP Guide gear and a few others. I want something light but most of all something confirmable enough for all day sits and a stand that will last.
  9. This is gunner. He's a 3 year old pocket pit. He's a rescue dog.
  10. Lol. I'll gladly took them every bit every extra info and knowledge I can get will help. I'll make sure to were my THP t shirt and hoodie while I'm out there. Lol
  11. I bought an Iowa preference point the other day gonna keep applying until I have enough to bow hunt there. Looks like 3-4 preference points are needed to draw for bow season. Time to do my homework. A lot of what I'm reading is zone 5 has some nice state land.
  12. I'm still interested in this. Let me know if you're off any days this week or next and I can come and grab it or if you're gonna be anywhere near Erie county in the next week or two I can meet you around there as well.
  13. Probably pregnant and will be dropping sometime soon.
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