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  1. I can't wait to get out there next Sunday and get some stand hung shooting lanes cut and the bridge stretched. It's gonna be a good time. I also can't wait to see the windows That you picked up for the box blind I'm very pumped about that.
  2. Red

    Any get flooded?

    About 15 years ago it was snowing really bad I had to stop under the railroad under pass just north of FrAnklinville to brush off my windshield it was snowing so hard my wipers couldn't keep up.
  3. Red

    How long is to long

    I moved a little over 6 months ago I put my mounts in my car and strap them in. It looks silly but it works.
  4. Red

    BethPage Black

    All I can say is wow what an amazing course. I hit the fairway on the first 2 drives pared the 3rd hole. Then hole 4 really kicked my ass bad. I let that get in my head and I did bad on the next few holes. After telling myself to just enjoy it I went back to having fun. What a great time. We got off of the course at 9 and are heading back to Buffalo.
  5. Red

    BethPage Black

    We ate a delicious breakfast and are now back on the road. 280 miles to go.
  6. Red

    BethPage Black

    I woke up a little early figure I would get the charcoal going for breakfast and everything cleaned up before the guys wake up.
  7. Red

    BethPage Black

    We're set up in our hammocks at Erwin State land in Painted post found a pull off drove down in to it were set up 15' away from a running stream great night.
  8. Red

    BethPage Black

    We have the second to last tee time of the day. I bought a bunch of cheap balls yesterday figuring i would spend a good bit of time in the woods lol. I'm not prepared for all of that walking but I sure can use the exercise. I'll be happy if I make a few good shots and just take in the scenery.
  9. Red

    BethPage Black

    I only golf once or twice a year but really enjoy it. My father inlaw loves golf and today was his 60th Bday me and my brother in-law are surprising him with a round of golf at Bethpage Black he thinks we're just doing a weekend camping trip. Tomorrow night we'll leave buffalo at 8pm drive a couple hrs toss the hammocks up some where around painted post. Wake up early have steak and eggs on the grill then drive the last 5 hours to the course. It's going to be a great weekend.
  10. Red

    Any History channels , Alone fans

    I love the show haven't started this season yet.
  11. Red

    The butterbean

    I've been watching old 90s fights on YouTube he had some pretty good fights.
  12. Snapping turtles are ugly but very cool. I use to love catching them as a kid I caught a huge one at the sheridan golf it was to big to fit in a recycling bin.
  13. Red

    Happy birthday PREDATE !

    Happy Birthday
  14. Bow closest 3 yards furthest around 40. Gun furthest 126 yrds 12 gauge 28" bird barrel. Closest 2-3' A bunch of us were getting ready to set up a deer drive we I looked back and seen a doe run behind us where we wouldn't be driving. Since the sitters were still setting up I ran to where I had seen the doe run when I literally stepped on her she didn't even get to jump up I put 2 quick shots in her. I shot down in front of my feet the other pushers weren't watching and thought I was kidding until I dragged the doe over to them.
  15. Red

    How many days did you hunt....

    1 day 3 hours