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    Hunting fishing camping spending time with the wife and kids

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    live in erie county hunt in 9w 9n 9h and 8m
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    mossberg 500. ruger super redhawk 44 mag and muzzlo loader
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  1. I ended up being it out on the boat.
  2. My wife bought me the 17" Blackstone for Father's Day last year so I could put it in the tower stand at gmans. Lol. I ended up bringing it out on the during the air show and other water outings. I love it.
  3. https://www.whec.com/rochester-new-york-news/executive-order-requires-troopers-to-file-for-protection-order-under-red-flag-law-whenever-they-have-probable-cause/6475180/
  4. It was an email ad that they sent me yesterday.
  5. Spypoint cell cam deals. Buy one get second cam for 50% off.
  6. My 12 year old asked me this last week. He likes reading and watching shows on serial killers. I'm going with a 2-3# steak a couple lobsters and 1# of grab legs. Washed down with a Dr pepper or mellow yellow.
  7. I just got today's word in 3
  8. I got the hny in 3 and nyt in 2.
  9. I got lucky and got todays in 2.
  10. I never thought I would get it in one guess lol
  11. Red

    Ground blind

    I just received this blind a couple days ago this thing is enormous I'm 6' tall and can stand up in the center of the blind you can easily seat 3 adults in the blind and have room for a buddy heater and gear behind you.
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