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  1. Red

    Very proud

    Congrats to Ryan way to go.
  2. Welcome back Jay. The mount turned out beautiful. He's one hell of a buck.
  3. I have a box of 30-06 hornady SST 150 grain. I picked them up a week ago for ba buddy who decided he wanted the chapter Hertz ammo instead. Willing to trade for a box of 308 hornady SST or sell for the $40.00 that I paid for them. I'm in the Buffalo area.
  4. Looks really nice. Congrats
  5. How's the late muzzleloader season in Ohio? I'm thinking about going down there this year the first few days of January and hitting some state land. I'm just in the beginning stages of looking into everything. If I go I'll sleep in my truck and keep the trip as cheap as possible.
  6. When I use to hunt state land I would sleep in the front seat of my car or truck depending on what I owned at the time. I would bring the dvd/tv combo that you hangover the seats for kids. I would watch movies and fall asleep. I use to also keep a small nylon hammock in my vehicle and set that up in the trees and sleep. I spent many years driving back and forth 90 minutes each way Saturday and Sunday mornings and got sick if it. Sleeping in the vehicle was much better.
  7. Agreed he looks like an older bruiser.
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