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  1. Hornady SST 165 grain out of the 308. Breneke 2 3/4" out of the mossberg 500 12 gauge.
  2. I love those pics especially Sam in the bunny suit that's awesome. I had a few pictures of me under the sink and holding the red ryder but that was about 7-8 phones ago. I'm gonna have to see if the has the pics.
  3. Lost nations in centerville Bush hill state land in Lyndon/franklinville. Both have bear.
  4. Fragile Must be Italian. It's a really cool house to visit if you're ever in the Cleveland area.
  6. My wife's best friend lost everything in a house fire today in Buffalo on Woodside Ave. I usually don't post things like this but this family can use all the prayers and help they can get. They have 9 kids ranging in ages from 6 days to 18 years. They lost everything. Here's the link to the gofundme my wife put together.
  7. If there was gangrene odds are you would have smelled it while gutting her gangrene has a horrible smell plus you probably would have seen some green puss.
  8. I'm hoping to take an 8pt or better but if a smaller buck gets my blood pumping I'll take him. I'm very thankful for the buck that I took during archery season but filling my buck tag on the first Saturday of the season and not buck hunting the rest of bow season was kind of a bummer.
  9. Meatballs in the crockpot for meatball bombers after a long day of hunting. Cheap and easy.
  10. Happy birthday Greg hope you get a birthday buck.
  11. Beautiful cat. That's going to make one hell of a mount. Congrats
  12. That multi flora on that slope is a nightmare. I swear my first year hunting at gregs/gmans place i fell through the snow and was surrounded up over my head in the multi flora what a nightmare getting out.