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  1. Red

    Magnet Fishing

    I bought a magnet last summer to try this out and misplaced the magnet before I ever had a chance to take it out. I did try it in the kitchen on the appliances the wife's wasn't to thrilled lol. She probably hid the magnet on me. Jk
  2. Same here I was locked out for almost 24 hrs kept getting the same message.
  3. Sweet looking gun. That sure is big price tag.
  4. I never heard of it until we got this dog. The women that rescued it said it was called a pocket pit kind of like a mini pit won't get any bigger than he is now. He's about 1/3 the size of a full grown regular pit.
  5. This is gunner. He's a 13 month old pocket pit that we got a little over a month ago.
  6. Happy birthday Jay I hope you're having a great day.
  7. Watch ""You Had Me at Meah"" on YouTube Not sure if I've sent you guys this video before
  8. Never had a life line before but a bought a couple at dicks yesterday. I got 2 30' lifelines for $30. They'll go on the 2 set ups that the kids will sit with me.
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  10. Red

    New pup.

    I like ruger gunner and radar.
  11. Red


    I took the kids Como park yesterday they had a blast and the were only 6 other kids there.
  12. Hornady SST 165 grain out of the 308. Breneke 2 3/4" out of the mossberg 500 12 gauge.
  13. I love those pics especially Sam in the bunny suit that's awesome. I had a few pictures of me under the sink and holding the red ryder but that was about 7-8 phones ago. I'm gonna have to see if the has the pics.