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  1. I agree that was a very cool video. Looked like a ton of fun.
  2. I got a speeding ticket in december 17mph over a couple weeks ago I got a plea in the mail for one parking ticket no points. I took that all day. I got 6 speeding tickets in 2018 and 5 in 2019 and 1 in 2020. I have 0 points on my license luckily they are all plead down to parking tickets. When I was in my late teens early 20s I hardly ever got lucky and had them reduced or not reduced to no points.
  3. I have 15 tats. I haven't gotten any ink in about 10 years. I would love to add a lake or some kind of water and a tree with mine and my wives name and anniversary and below that our kids names carved in the tree. I think it would really tie in with the deer and fish that are already on my back.
  4. Tons of tics in letchworth state park. 2 years ago we met some friends and their kids out there Easter weekend. My oldest had a tick in his head one of my buddies his 2 kids and dog all had ticks buried in their skin.
  5. I have a old 22 that looks just like that one except for the trigger guard. Some one ages ago must have broke the trigger guard and replaced it with a old spoon handle. Lol
  6. Anyone need some turkey load Cabelas has some. For almost $12 per round.
  7. I'm very sorry for your loss. Those are strong and beautiful words that you put together. I wish we all had that strong faith that you have. I wish the best for you and your family.
  8. We just got 100 of these flags in at work today between online sales and in person sales I'll bet all 100 will be gone by game time tomorrow.
  9. I never buy tickets for this but did earlier this week. I didn't know what day the drawing was. Yesterday afterwork I scanned my tickets while at the gas station and it said no winner. I ripped the tickets up and tossed them . Last night we stopped at the same gast station to fill the wives van up she said we should play the lotto . I told her what I did and she called me a jackass lol
  10. Just got my new Bills flag. Can't wait to put it on the flagpole later.
  11. I'll admit it I'm a fan of the song and video.
  12. Jay was looking for those turkey loads 3 years ago I'm pretty sure he must have picked some up between then then and now.
  13. Red


    I stopped at a gun shop yesterday and they had a case .22lr 5000 rounds. They wanted $900 for the case.