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  1. Red

    Rescude a dog yesterday...

    Amazing job. That dog looks really sweet.
  2. Dipping them yourself is really easy and very cheap a bucket of water and spray paint. If you don't like how it turns out you can spray paint the skull white and start over. Or you can also but sheets with designs on them and dip that way but those are pricey.
  3. Red

    Happy birthday Four Seasons Whitetails

    Happy birthday
  4. I'm going to try and sit for 2-3 hrs then come home and take the family to go see wreck it ralph breaks the internet before we go to my brother in-laws for dinner.
  5. Good luck i hope you have an easy recover in the morning.
  6. Red

    Hunting camp food

    Each guy at camp is in charge of dinner on separate days I'm either doing a venison stew or some pork loins on my day. Another guy is doing venison meatball bombers and not sure what the other guys are cooking.
  7. Not a single deer sighting yet this morning i think I'll call it a day
  8. Red

    What we're in this game for....

    Beautiful buck and great story. Congrats on that beast.
  9. Took my son out for the afternoon we seen 2 had a buck bedded 25 yards from us in the thick stuff for almost 2 hrs never presented a shot. We had an 8 pt on trail cam only a few min before we got in the stand.
  10. Red

    Happy Birthday nyantler!!

    Happy birthday
  11. Red

    Favorite weather for opening day

    Love a good blood trail on the snow.
  12. Red

    Favorite weather for opening day

    35° no wind an inch or 2 of snow already on the ground. No snow falling during the hunt.
  13. Red

    antler ice ?

    Vs-1 in liquid form or the stick form like the ever calm? I know the vs-1 comes both ways