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  1. Red

    From the woods to the wall...

    Beautiful buck . Great job on the mount.
  2. Red

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    I bought myself a crossbow does that count lol. I'll have to stop and get something for the wife tomorrow.
  3. Red

    The Movie "Alive"

    Good movie
  4. Red

    Chevy Equinox

    We must have bought a lemon. Wedge had a 2010 equinox the past 5 years the first three years were a real nightmare. The first year was really bad ended up changing dam near every sensor on the car then a new motor luckily we bought the extended warranty. 2016 the car was only 6 yeats old had to replace the exhaust manifold and the entire exhaust. The past 2 years its run really good.
  5. Red

    Happy birthday XGX7PM !

    Happy birthday
  6. Red

    Another Massive Storm Coming Wednesday

    Just drove from south buffalo to Cheektowaga pretty much 0 visibility. Getting off the walden ave exit i had to drive with my head out the driver window. I stopped at Tops got some snacks a bread and dip get home and realize i forgot the bread at the register they can keep it.
  7. Red

    Might make news..

    Glad your ok. Hope they don't take all day to clear it up. If it's to late when you get back today I'll get the $ for the banquet to you the next time your in Buffalo this week. Good luck
  8. Red

    1st snow blower

    The assisted turning is really sweet. I told my wife yesterday that next year ill be buying the heated hand grips. I'm also liking the idea that the wife can use this when I'm out hunting and i wont have to worry about her getting buried in. The ariens truly does start with one easy pull or just plug in it's so user friendly. You and your wife will love it.
  9. Red

    A sad day....

    No problem roughly how tall of a flagpole are you looking for? Pm. me so we don't derail the thread I'll find you a flagpole.
  10. Red

    A sad day....

    Definitely i usually don't save them unless i know some one that wants one. If you would like one i can keep an eye out this spring/summer and salvage one for you.
  11. Red

    A sad day....

    I use a corded Milwaukee the thing is a beast cut down tons of steal and aluminum flagpoles with it and it runs like the day i bought it. For cordless i use a rigid and love that as well.
  12. Red

    1st snow blower

    I had to drive the family to detroit for a hockey tournament this weekend. The entire time i couldn't wait to get home and try out the snow blower. What a great piece of equipment it ate threw the snow with ease took me 20 min to do the side walk and driveway i wish i would have bought one of these years ago.
  13. Red

    Lost a hunting partner today

    Sorry for your loss
  14. Red

    HuntingNY Youth Photo Contest

    Hunter assisted with the gutting and dragging of my muzzle loader buck.
  15. Red

    Happy birthday Cabin Fever !

    Happy birthday hope you have a great one