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  1. Red


    I've never been in to puzzles but with being out of work right now I help the kids with school work and play outside with them during the day and the past few nights I worked on this puzzle.
  2. I believe you use to have had worked for 20 weeks in order to collect. Right now with covid 19 if you didn't work before but were offered a job and couldn't start that job because of the virus you are eligible for unemployment. At least that's how I'm reading it.
  3. The hunting/gun shops have been closed around here four over a week now.
  4. Winner winner chicken dinner congrats. You're on a roll.
  5. Red

    Drop away rest

    The most popular one that I kept reading about on other sites was the QAD ultra and looks like a lot of guys on here like that rest as well. Thanks guys I should be ordering this soon.
  6. Red

    Drop away rest

    I'm shooting a Parker legend xp 53#.
  7. Red

    Drop away rest

    I've been using a whisker biscuit for the past 20 or so years no real complaints about the rest but im ready to take the jump and switch to a drop away rest this year. I want to keep it under $100. There's a couple of QAD and NAP drop always for under $100 with great reviews. Is there a drop away that you guys would recommend?
  8. Me and the wife watched it earlier this week the people in this show are truly bat shit crazy. I honestly couldn't believe that the tigers were only worth a couple grand I thought they would have been worth much much more.
  9. I keep a spare mag in my pants or shorts pocket with my phone.
  10. That's an insane huve bear. Imagine how big this bear was in November and December when putting on fat for the winter.