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  1. Agreed. It should be decided by the people or more accurately, the individual person most affected by the pregnancy. What it should not be is decided by this person for that one. Nice to see you agree with the individual's freedom of choice.
  2. And you never seen such narrow roads. They cut the hedge right up to the road. When we returned our car, the lot was lined with cars with broken passenger side mirrors. Fortunately, the gears on the stick and the pedals are in the same configuration as here. Anyway, I think Eddie is on a bus tour, so leaving the driving to someone else
  3. Beautiful country. I fly fish because of something a ghillie said to me there. By happenstance, my wife and I found ourselves staying at a very famous salmon lodge in Connemara some years ago. They just happened to have an available room that night. As I found out, anglers would fly in from all over the world to fish there. I grew up in a Canadian steel town and fly fishing was something done by rich white guys in Connecticut. It just wasn't part of my world. As I sat around the communal dinner table at the lodge, listening to the fishing stories, I grew more intrigued with each tale and thought that maybe this was something I could do. The next morning as we were leaving, I saw one of the ghillies preparing the rods for the day. I approached and asked him a question: "Why do you fly fish." Being an old Irish guy he was going to give me an old Irish guy answer. After a moment, he replied. "Well, there are two things that I know are coming in life, but I don't know when. The first is the strike of a salmon and the second is death. And to tell the truth, lad, I really like the anticipation of both those things." I bought my first fly rod three days later. Eddie, that's a lot of trip you have there in 13 days. And a lot of breakfasts. I found that after the third Irish breakfast, I was done for the rest of the trip. I may be there in Sept as well, so I'll wave from the river.
  4. You asked if the oil exec was being too sensitive. I said yes and provided an pertinent example of a ballsier oil exec responding to a president who traded on being an asshole. Can we go back to baseball trivia? Did you know that MLB rubs new balls with Lena Blackburne Baseball Rubbing Mud - a special mud from a secret spot in NJ - to break them in?
  5. We've gone from an Exxon CEO calling it as he sees it by referring to Trump as an effing moron to the Chevron CEO whining about Mean Joe. So, yes.
  6. You neglected to include this response: A powerful CEO getting his feelings hurt because of mean words. Seems a little snowflake, doesn't it?
  7. In the old days, we had fewer things and they were cleaned and stored with mothballs, then brought out in the sun to air out in the spring. Now we just buy too much stuff and shove it in a dark closet. Ground zero for moths. I had clothes moths in my apt. It was like the death of a thousand cuts. Pick up a sweater and find some holes. Wool carpets had tracks where larvae ate. They ate through my wool base layers that were wrapped in a sealed bag. Finally, I had enough and called in an exterminator. Take every item of clothing you have and run it through a dryer for 30 minutes then seal in a contractor bag. Dry clean others stuff and don't bring it back until the chemicals have been sprayed. Remove everything from your closets and pull furniture to the center of the room. Exterminators come on for three hours and spray every crevice. (While the eggs and larvae are in the sweet wool or fur, the adults live in tight crevices like baseboards and wall outlets.) Come back in four hours and wipe down every surface of your house. There's a white powder on everything. Put clothes back. Pray.
  8. Everyone needs to be sprayed with beer at least once in their lives. A drink thrown in their face as well.
  9. It's weird the things you remember. I can't say that I'm much of a baseball fan but can tell you what Tinkers to Evers to Chance means or what "the shot heard 'round the world" was. Just dig trivia, I guess. I do love baseball movies, though. I cry at the end of Field of Dreams every time I see it; believe that Gary Cooper was Lou Gehrig; and love the colloquial wisdom of Bull Durham. Hell, I even watch The Bad News Bears just for Matthau. It probably comes down to seeing this as a little kid which put baseball in my brain and a started me on the path to a love of language and word play.
  10. No, like you said, it was a typo and there really is a Bruce. Except it wasn't and there isn't. It was bullshit. When you found out you actually bought John Voight's LeBaron, did you start talking about the fine leather seating instead of its provenance? In baseball terms - for North - you're like the Fred Merkle of HNY.
  11. So when AP got in touch with BP and asked about "Brice Cromwell" and received this response: You think that Ms. Baldino sent the email and then a moment later thought, "hmmm, could they have been asking about Bruce Cromwell?" There is no Bruce Cromwell. Your dogged desire to remain below the Mendoza Line is unparalleled.
  12. Powerful. Especially as it comes from an oil executive. I was curious about Mr. Cromwell so I looked him up a while ago. There's no one named Brice Cromwell at BP. https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-BP-oil-executive-gas-277122158792 Cool story, though.
  13. No one is beyond reproach and some should be held to a higher standard. That's the point of the Johnson, Nixon, Clinton and Trump (times two!) impeachments. If there's actionable evidence that Biden did something illegal, off with his head. Another swing and miss. When you come up to bat, do your teammates on the bench wince? Start packing their gear up? Give you that pained smile and say, "good try," when you walk back to the dugout?
  14. Her opinion of Trump has nothing to do with the veracity of Trump's grift. He stole 250M from his loyal followers and kept it. Other than the little he doled out to friends and family. His kid just announced the opportunity to sign daddy's official birthday card. For a fee, of course.
  15. More on grift and the movie. From an obviously raving leftist. I hope you didn't give this con man too much money, North. https://anncoulter.substack.com/p/dineshs-stupid-movie?s=r
  16. grift noun 1. (sometimes used with a plural verb) a group of methods for obtaining money falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, dishonest gambling, etc. 2. money obtained from such practices.
  17. I haven't watched the movie. Is this part of the proof of the dump? Meanwhile, in the land of sane. One of Trump's real lawyers who defended him during the second impeachment trial, speaks about Eastman. Of course, the real tragedy is that this had nothing to do with "saving the country" and everything to do with "protecting the grift." I hope you're satisfied with how your money was spent, grouse. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/kimberly-guilfoyle-trump-rally-speech-introduction-1367489/
  18. Last week. Slow day and just one brown. Sweden in Sept for salmon and sea trout. Looking forward to that.
  19. I don't know, sport. You're like Trump and will swing at every pitch.
  20. The advantage/disadvantage of the political sub has been debated to death. It won't change unless a new owner takes over. This is a very valuable forum for a lot of people and provides both useful information and a social connection. Does it need it grow? Sure, but that won't happen without a major refresh. I do find there are too many subforums and things could be combined, but again, with an absent owner, it's unlikely.
  21. So you shitpost on someone else's time and dime? How very Trumpian of you.
  22. And posting memes. Nothing quite says "I'm committed to the cause" like shit posting memes at 3:00 am.
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