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  1. Sage makes great rods. I have an 8wt VPX that I use for salmon and love my T&T 6wt LPS. But more often than not, I reach for my Redington CT 4wt for trout.
  2. Nothing will make you feel smaller than the "well, you blew that cast" from a flats boat guide who just spent 45 minutes trying to find you a fish.
  3. To be fair, that's one of the more coherent things he's said and a pretty good synopsis of Fright Night. Walker has a future doing youtube movie reviews.
  4. But I love old comedians. Best night of my life was when I was invited to the Friars Club for dinner. Hung out on in the Shecky Greene room. Here's Buddy Hackett telling his famous duck hunting story.
  5. Damn ... when the Post refers to an ex-president, a New Yorker no less, as "florida man" and puts him on page 26, it's not looking good. Maybe Fox News is kinder? "Three-time loser?" Nope. That's okay ... he has some very solid support among the voters. "Trump or death" seems like a hell of a good slogan to win the hearts and minds of the people. Going to be a fun couple of years.
  6. Perhaps people are hunting rabbits.
  7. This is trolling, right? But I wasn't commenting on Clinton. Nor have I ever. Are you defending Oz for being a carpetbagger as there are/were others in the political realm of this country with the "they started it" tactic or criticizing me for calling someone a carpetbagger without listing every carpetbagger throughout history in the footnotes? Honestly, I think I just like saying "carpetbagger."
  8. So you agree that carpetbaggers should be run out of town on a rail? Okay. Or is the point that the people will vote for who they want to vote for and it's up to to figure out why? Fetterman is easy to understand. So is Clinton. I'm not sure I understand the hypocrisy.
  9. Excellent. Then I'm sure you know The Ballad of Hector the Stowaway Dog. The only movie to star an airedale.
  10. Hey Al - nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing well. Socialist politics? The last time I was accused of being a Markist, so I guess I'm doing a little better in your eyes. The difference between me and Oz is that I'm not running for office. I'm also taller, but I think he has better hair and more money. Did you know that John Wayne's nickname came from his childhood airedale, "Duke"? How cool is that?
  11. I didn't say any of that. I did say that: a) Walker is stupid. Uniquely so; b) Fetterman won because the people rejected a TV personality who was clearly a grifter and carpetbagger. Given the choice, they chose. Biden does not have dementia. He's just too old to be president and there needs to be an age cutoff for all members of congress, the courts, and those wanting to be president, as well as term limits for all. Again, if you want to understand why Biden is president, see b) above. Referring to you as Ted Lasso is a compliment. A rather large one at that.
  12. North, I just realized that you're the Ted Lasso of the forum. Walker is unfit by any and every standard. I don't know if it's a result from his football days (if so, he has a good case against the NFL), but he is abjectly stupid. Fetterman is easy to understand. Given the choice between a local boy with some health issues and a carpetbagging snake-oil selling fancy lad from the big city (and not even a PA city), the decision from voters was expected. This election was a complete repudiation of Trump and the batshit crazy GQP. At a certain point, you have to take a hard look at the piled-up losses and come to the realization that maybe it isn't the other guys (or the myriad excuses that grouse is clutching at) ... maybe it's us. I can assure you that the powers-that-be at the RNC are looking at that. If Trump announces tomorrow, prepare for the near destruction of the GOP in a Thunderdome-like shitshow.
  13. Perhaps the stupid and ill-informed electorate didn't understand your personal sacrifice of multiple shitposts per night on a niche hunting forum while on your employer's dime? You need better PR, dude.
  14. Cancel culture, strawman tilting and surreptitiously checking out the other forum all in one post? Solid. The mods here handled the announcement of the new forum appropriately. Past that, having two forums focussed on NY sporting life is a benefit to everyone.
  15. That's the take. Once again, Trump is proven to be the biggest loser in American politics and the GOP (along with the rest of the country) is fleeing from him while DeSantis laughs his ass off. If Trump is stupid enough to declare for 2024, he will implode in the primary.
  16. I know you have a soft spot for flying aces, Bill, but you might like this bit of naval history:
  17. You literally respond to nearly everything I write. I'm beginning to pick up a bit of a masochistic vibe. I swear, if you call me "daddy" it's over between us.
  18. And yet, everytime that bell rings, you come running. I really wish you knew how to quit me.
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