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  1. Ruger ranch 7.62x39 with 16" barrel. Super lightweight and easy to walk around the woods. I love it more than my 30 -30 and my browning BAR 308. I never had deers make it past 50 yards. Got nice 4 pointer this morning.
  2. The sign im looking for are road kills. Thats when i know the rut is on. That's just my opinion. More dead deers are seen on the side of the road during the rut especially on peak.
  3. i have the same one and im happy with it. And same here, i also put a tarp from you guessed it, harbor freight on top of the hauler befor i put the deer on it and wrap it with bungee cords. I also put reflectorized sticker on the back and side of the hauler whic you cal also buy at harbor freight. Warm up the metal and sticker with hair dryer beofre you stick it in the hauler for best results. And to make it more discreet, i cut off the the legs/hooves at the "ankle" level so its make it easier to wrap and hide the deer.
  4. I use a $20 field and stream monopod only for xbow hunting. I find the xbow front heavy and I want to have a clean and quick harvest and makes it easier to track. It doubles as a hiking stick while I'm still/stalk hunting.
  5. Went to the same spot I bumped him yesterday. I was seated looking at my phone when I heared a noise on my 10 o'clock. Saw the deer walking towards me feeding. I have my crossbow on my lap but couldn't take the shot. As soon as he turned his head away from me I picked up my xbow and aimed. He saw me and stared back at me. Took the shot while he's quartering towards me at 22 yards (used range finder after the kill). The hunt was over in less than 10 secs from the moment I saw him and squeezed the trigger. I wished it was longer. Didn't get a chance to watch him... But I'm happy anyways. It's no monster but meat is meat!
  6. I'm frustrated with the circumstances and not at the deer not cooperating I love it that they're smart and a challenge to hunt. Anyway I got a spike this morning at 6:45am 22 yards from where I'm seated. Meat is meat
  7. when i was bow hunting i saw 2 deers that swear if i had at least a crossbow i would had meat in my freezer! Now here i am hunting with a crossbow i watched 2 deers on 2 separate occasions that i could have shot with rifle coz its beyond reach of my xbow! im hoping next weekend at opening day of rifle i wouldnt need something to shoot a deer thats a mile away. This is no joke man. what a series of misfortunes. i can only laugh. The good consolation i know now is that there are deers waiting next saturday for my Browning! Hapoy hunting guys,
  8. i never hunted at 3M and doesnt know anybody who owns a land in that area. Where is a public that i can hunt? thnaks bud
  9. I'm like you. sitting on a tree stand kills me! i cant stand it. no pun intended. lol. Still hunting is more fun for me during the rifle season coz i get to harvest the meat. This bow season while still hunting i manage to be close to 50-60 yards from a buck and a large doe but couldnt take the shot. Im only accurate upto 30 yards max. But the thrill of watching the deer for 5-10 mins hoping itll pass infront you with in your range is agonizingly exciting. Tomorrow ill be back with a crossbow and take that 60 yards shot if i see the buck again....
  10. It’s that time of the year again! Are you guys seeing any signs of rut already?
  11. Hello everybody. New to this forum but long time hunter.
  12. ...I guess you can you shoot the bear too. It's not like you're baiting it.
  13. Hi LJC. Each hunter is different. I think its whatever floats their boat and preference. It may not make sense to you and me but to others they find it more challenging and more fun. I personally hunt with compound bow and rifle and never really like hunting with crossbow. And where I hunt, you can only use crossbow during rifle season so to me there's no point using it. That's just my 2 cents.