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  1. I could not tell you the last time I saw triplets.
  2. Every year I try to get out fishing more but it never seems to happen.
  3. I have had a couple of year old meat before. Always vacuum bag my stuff and it smells fresh after 2 years.
  4. All my guns are either black or a camo pattern. None of them have any character whatsoever. When I see a sexy natural wood stock I get a little jealous.
  5. Congratulations Erica! I just happened to be in downtown Buffalo one year walking by the Federal Building right after the Naturalization Ceremony was over. There was maybe 4-6 newly naturalized citizens still lingering about taking pictures with friends and family holding little American Flags and the smiles on their faces probably could have been seen from space!
  6. Condolences @First-light, 91 full years of life if we all could only be so lucky.
  7. Every big windstorm I hope my elevated blind survives. I'm more worried about a dead ash tree falling on it than I am of it being blown over but I guess that wouldn't surprise me either. Hopefully this year I can get the legs into concrete like we started doing.
  8. Hear that clank of a metal target is so satisfying.
  9. It's hard to keep up that's for sure! I put the semi auto rifle endorsement on my pistol permit the last time I was in the office just in case I ever want to make a purchase. I believe if you do not have a pistol permit you have to go through the same insane process for a semi auto rifle license. Class, Fingers prints background checks etc.
  10. Saturday morning We had a super cool morning hunt. The birds just didn’t come in close enough. We had one Tom gobbling right away 100 yards straight away right where we expected them. Before the Tom came out of the wood line we had a hen clucking off to our right. She showed herself at 20 yards away and worked into the decoys that were 10 yards away. She held there for a solid 15 min just clucking away while 2 Tom’s came out of the woods. No matter what my friend tried with calls he could not get the Tom’s to come in any closer than 60 yards. Eventually after about 30 min the hen joined them and they went back to the wood line. The entire time the one Tom was fanned out and strutting back and forth. His head was almost pure white! after sometime the hen disappeared from view and I thought we where going to get the one Tom to come into the decoys but in the end the hen reappeared and all three walked off. Sunday Morning we went back to the same spot but set up differently hoping to take advantage of what they did Saturday. Had three different birds gobbling this morning. Had two come in behind us. The one got within 10 yards but no way could she swing on him. They both turned around and walked away not spooked or anything just walked away. I thought maybe they didn't like the look of the decoys and my friend thinks he heard a hen come in as well which might have pulled them off the decoys as well. I thought we had em. Ugh frustrating
  11. Moho81


    That was pretty cool and it got a lot darker than I thought it would. We took a break from work to watch it from the park behind us. There was to much noise to see how the birds reacted unfortunately as that was something that I was interested in.
  12. Moho81


    I think it will happen to fast for any animal to really fully react to it. I am sure they will be confused just not sure how much their daily pattern will change.
  13. I have a friend that is taking me and my daughter out. I have never hunted turkey before so I have no idea what I am doing and he lives for getting people, especially young kids out turkey hunting. She will be shooting his .410 this weekend to get comfortable with it then we will be hitting the woods on the youth weekend.
  14. Movies and TV shows are all horrible when it comes to anything gun related. Unlimited ammo, no one ever has a bullet in the chamber always racking a round for dramatic effect, half the time the slide on a semi auto pistol never moves when the gun is fired, no one has trigger discipline, the ultra quiet silencer, etc. It's always entertaining to look for these things when watching a show.
  15. Dry lube? Tell me more?
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