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  1. And I use google docs so all my info is readily accessible no matter where I am.
  2. Great idea, I just started in the reloading world so I can document everything pretty easily. Right now everything is scratched out on paper but I like @Doc idea of an excel spread sheet.
  3. The 7mm-08 will probably be the next hunting rifle I buy. I currently use 30-.06 and there is nothing wrong with it but when I have a scratch to itch it will probably be the 7mm-08 that will do it. It will certainly be more enjoyable to shoot at the range that's for sure. I thought about the 6.5 Creedmoor as well but after seeing some less than stellar performance in person it's no longer on the list.
  4. I've only done it personally once. Bunch of us where curious about it so we tried it. Seemed like a lot of time and work for what you got so maybe that's why we have never done it again.
  5. Do they start to grow antlers around the same time as a wild buck or do they start earlier in year?
  6. I have never had cow tongue before but I did have deer tongue once. It was not bad at all different texture but good.
  7. Not to be negative but the forum can not get new members and while guest traffic might be good actual member posts are way way down. I don't see that as a good thing for the future.
  8. My god I can't believe you are still dealing with this after 2 years!
  9. Nice! Depending on water levels I might try and get out for some small game with my daughter on Sunday.
  10. You are correct you never once said the word inferior. I don't know how else to say it but when someone besides yourself reads your posts in this thread its very obvious that your take on hunting is going one on one with the biggest most mature buck in the woods and that style of hunting is superior to any other style of hunting. You heavily implied if not out right said that your style of hunting is superior to any other style of hunting that anyone does. Other members disagreed with you and you doubled down with your method your style of hunting is superior and anyone else that does not do it to your definition is not hunting. The opposite of superior is inferior. So the assumption is if you say your style is superior and essentially the only true form of hunting then we the rest of the forum members are left to conclude that our way of hunting which is not your way of hunting is inferior.
  11. I am definitely not the almighty and I am pretty sure I have let that be known over the years. I am in the camp that hunting means a lot more to me than chasing a big buck. I have no problem with the way you or anyone else hunt's. This all started when you called big buck hunters superior and the only true hunters hunting to the definition of hunting. Keep in mind that's your definition of hunting. And not that it matters but yes I have. I have two bucks on the wall. One is 130" that was dumb luck. Right place right time on opening day of the rifle season. Buck number 2 is 126" and I had him on camera before the season. Laid eyes on him twice during bow so I knew where he was hanging out and was pretty sure I knew exactly where he was bedding down at night. I changed the way I entered the woods that year so I wouldn't drag my scent across his travel route. Finally on Thanksgiving it all paid off when around 11am he got out of his bed and came in front of me at 60 yards. Both those deer are my number 3 and 4 favorite bucks I have killed. My number 1 and number 2 deer are much much smaller. The first is a tiny 6 pointer that I shot when my daughter was in the stand with me. I believe she was 9 years old at the time and it was her 5th year sitting in a stand with me. My second favorite deer is a tiny fork that was my first bow kill after bow hunting for 3 seasons without being successful. To this day I still have no great desire to only hunt big bucks. It's not my thing it's not the reason I hunt but according to you I am an inferior hunter.
  12. Perhaps you should not cast the first, second or third stone if you do not like to get called out for calling people out.
  13. 1000's of real hunters like yourself that finds, scouts, learns and hunts down one single mature whitetail buck one on one and go until they kill that one buck or bust? I'd be honored to meet each and every one of them so I could shake their hand and bow to their greatness! All Hail King For Seasons!!!!!!
  14. You know I really don't know this gentlemen at all. Mr. Chad Draper from his one quote here sounds quite a bit like you. A real hunter, one that has gone toe to toe with the oldest and wisest of bucks in the woods and has come out on top. Now is he a member of a forum? That I am not sure of so to me you are still the greatest hunter on any forum in the world! In my humble opinion Mr. Draper is real man much like yourself hunts to the truest definition of hunting a man that finds, scouts, learns and hunts down one single mature whitetail buck one on one and go until they kill that one buck or bust. ALL HAIL KING FOUR SEASON! We bow in your presence.
  15. LOL, We get it. You are the greatest hunter on this forum or any other forum in the world. We will all now bow down in your presence. All hail King Four Season
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