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  1. that is what I did with my F250.. Best decision I ever made!!
  2. One of the best national anthems ever... RIP!! 1994 ASG: Meat Loaf performs national anthem - Bing video
  3. Blanton's and Pappy are distilled by Buffalo Trace in Frankfort.. Many of the distilleries are in a 20 mile radius, so easy to hit a few in a day (with dd of course). Fun to tour. There are a lot of "craft" distilleries as well, many of which have nice restaurants as well. I enjoyed touring the smaller places better, as you got a better view into the process and they also seemed more liberal in the tasting as well. Can't go wrong either way.. Nice area and people are super friendly. One other thing.. Schedule tours way ahead of time, especially due to Covid group sizes are smaller. Scheduling a month out will ensure you can book times that work for you.
  4. Wow 86 miles!! For the past 3 1/2 years I have been driving 69 miles each way and that was tough.. can’t imagine doing more.. I had a couple drives home last year that we’re pushing 2:45.. I just changed jobs and my new commute is 20 minutes and loving it.. everyone be safe in the morning…. Even if we get less than expected, the wind is going to have it moving around!!
  5. AT&T stadium is crazy! To your point it is a great consistent experience. To build something other than a dome in this area would be a mistake in my opinion.
  6. Favorite is a Colt Defender…. Just feels perfect every time I pick it up!!
  7. Not looking good.. Big Ten teams always seem to struggle with the SEC….
  8. congrats on the win... A 1000 acres is a huge chunk of change in todays day and age..
  9. If you really want something that will WORK hard for you and get you from point a to point b (and showing fast is not your desire), I would reconsider the Kubota…. You can not beat the Diesel engine for power and reliability.. the machine is built well and now has rear independent suspension which make a big difference.. I am on my second one and it does everything I need it to and more.. not cheap but nothing good ever is..
  10. Just curious does the rope have a copper wire running thru it? All of our horse pasture fencing is something called Electrobraid.. it is like a rope with a hot copper wire running thru it.. we have had issues with bucks getting tangled in it.. I think when they are after a doe with their nose to the ground they don’t see it and then get tangled in it.. I have had a buck leave with 30 feet of it before….
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