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  1. thx for sharing this.. great idea and honestly, I would not have thought it would have worked before seeing this and your pics.. We have a horse farm and I have a couple of those exact containers stored up in the loft of our barn, so I am going to try deploying a couple and see what happens.
  2. Updated price…. $375 firm…. A great plow at a great price!!
  3. I am in the electronics manufacturing industry.. The Conformal Coating makes a huge difference in terms of longevity of the boards and components (the leaded vs. lead free solder not so much of a difference)...
  4. I’ve got a deerborne 2 bottom plow for sale in good shape.. $450 message me here or text at 585 seven three eight 9163
  5. I have 2 boxes of Federal Fusion 25-06.. one box has 18 rounds (the other is full). not looking to gouge anyone.. $80 for both boxes which I think is roughly what I paid for it before the ammo craziness kicked in.. message me here or text me at 585 seven three eight 9163
  6. Maybe there is a way we can create a networking thread here.. the collective group will know more people and have more connections than each of us individually.. my current job has been great for the past 3 years but we are being bought out…. I found this job simply by talking to the right person at the right time (I never would have thought I would have found a CFO role with a public company that way, so you never know)… just an idea….
  7. Always tough decisions and very hard to walk away from "the big pay day", but I have tried to focus on the long term, what is going to make me happy day-to-day, what is going to progress my career and so far it has worked out...
  8. I'm really hoping to hear how you like the Optima and how it performs out beyond 100 yards. I have been looking for an Accura, but they are hard to find, so may choose to go with the Optima.
  9. only good things happen when you clear the woods.... What's the saying, "a chain saw is a deer's best friend"
  10. this is great to hear.. Thanks for sharing your experience!!
  11. It is so ridiculous what we are seeing right now.. entry level manufacturing resources demanding sign on bonuses... people leaving for 40% increases.... it is maddening..
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