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  1. The one I expected to see but did not was moving to a Saturday for opening day of regular season.. there was something “magical” about the season opening on Monday.. maybe it was just the fun we used to have the weekend leading up to it..
  2. Wildcat

    Buck Fight

    7 or 8 years ago I was fortunate to see a similar battle during bow season.. it took place around 40 yards from me and it was epic!!! 2 studs... The strength, violence and noise was unreal.. i remember feeling incredibly lucky to have witnessed something like that..
  3. I've heard a snort wheeze twice in my hunting career.. Both times there was a subsequent epic battle that left me saying Wow!! It amazes me how strong these animals are when their dominance and survival instincts come out.
  4. 300 grains moving at 3100 fps.... wowza!! That is some rig!!
  5. always very hard.. I lost my English Springer almost 2 years ago and I still find myself waiting for him to greet me when I walk in the door from work.. when you get a good one it is great until they leave you and then it just plain hurts.. sorry!!
  6. I have the Cabela's 1/2 HP and it has served me well.. Can grind 20 pounds of meat in a few minutes.
  7. Next few days should be really good.. for those that have not had a lot of activity, just remember you can go from zero to hero in a few seconds at this point in the season..
  8. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are hunting the same property and things mature, travel patterns and bedding areas can change significantly. I have owned my place for 15 years and the way deer move around the property today is vastly different than when I first bought it. You have to adapt and you have to take steps to modify deer movement (cutting, plots, etc..)..
  9. My radishes are hammered.. looks like someone mowed them at the lowest deck setting.. lol Never had them eaten like this so early
  10. my camp is over an hour away... I would have been in the truck as soon as that picture came to my phone. no doubt!
  11. got a nice buck Saturday afternoon when it was 72 degrees... it was the second shooter I saw within 10 minutes...
  12. The woods early in the day and in the thicker areas later in the day when it was warmer.. Get in close to bedding areas when it is this warm
  13. I Tom of deer in my area of Livingston County today.. moved early this morning, but were also moving when it was 70+..