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  1. I use gas powered hedge trimmers... A bit heavy after a while, but they make quick work of things..
  2. Steve, Unfortunately, I had the same thing happen in May 2015.. The house was a total loss and we also lost some pets that were in the house... Brutal!! My only saving grace is that some of my gear was at camp, so I had a base to build off of.. I echo your comments on having a list of possesions in your house... Hopefully you never need it but doing it from memory is difficult and heart wrenching after something like that happens.. Taking a video of the inside of the house can help as well. and yes, make sure you have replacement value... Tom
  3. I guess it all depends on the scenario you normally hunt in.. At my place the longest shot I have is 200 yards +/-.. I hunt primarily with a 25.06 and for those distances it performs great. I have never had a situation where I felt it wasn't "enough gun"... If I had opportunities to shoot 400 yards, I would like hunt with something else.. Personally, if I was going to buy another rifle it would be a 6.8 western.. Ammo is tight, but how much ammo are you really going to burn thru a hunting rifle.
  4. I was almost thinking about getting a blanket that would be used to wrap a hot water tank and cutting it down to size.. I will give it a try
  5. Do you have any problem with it getting to 225 when it is below 35 degrees out? I have a similar one and love it but have given up trying to use it in the winter..
  6. Or she comes right out and says it ain’t happening…. Lol
  7. Love watching the piliated woodpeckers work over a tree.. always inpressive
  8. I found them.. they actually are 2 3/4…. I have 8 rounds.. they are yours if you want them…. I also have 8 rounds of Winchester Supreme platinum tip.. very good slugs as well..
  9. I believe I have some 3" laying around.. maybe 8 to 10 rounds... I will look tonight and if I find them they are yours if the 3" are of interest
  10. As the owner of a horse farm, I would be glad to know you were successful in taking out a coyote. I would also prefer that you asked for permission to retrieve it to prevent me from finding in 10 days from now in a state of decay that I would prefer not to deal with..
  11. All of those bucks were taken on that property... Actually, a reasonable asking price for the area, but would expect it might sell for more than asking.
  12. I only use a butcher than has the ability to hang and age before butchering... I always chuckle when people say "it was great i had my deer back in 24 hours"... There is getting the meat off of the bone and wrapping and then there is real butchering... There is a very big difference between the 2...
  13. you know you are old when your most important tool in your tackle box and fly vest is a pair of readers!!
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