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  1. I would be very careful.. If it were me I would want to know if there are any contracts currently in place or would want to establish parameters around what the owner of the rights can or can not do.\ For instance, when shale mining was in play in NYs, I signed an "exploration lease".. I specified in there that they could not come on my property between 9/1 and 1/1 and also specified that they need my permission before they came.. They agreed to it and paid me almost $6k and never called or showed up. If I didn't have some level of control, I would not go down this path.. I c
  2. I have actually thought about it for a specific spot on my property where a ground blind or tree stand is not an option.. the reason I have not done it yet is that I am not sure how to keep it from filling up with water... any ideas??
  3. Some whopper perch in the mix.. gray job!
  4. KC's speed is very difficult to deal with....
  5. love the 3rd one.. very unique and beautiful job!!
  6. I’m assuming you angled the tines forward so it digs in and creates its own down pressure.. are the tines a single piece of angled Stella or is each one a “wedge” (two pieces welded together to make a wedge)?
  7. Just curious Moog, got any video of it in action.. just curious.. looks like a great idea/invention!!
  8. If just one or 2 of the fiberglass rods broke.. you can replace them.. I have replaced them with fiberglass snow blow markers.. cut to length, drill a whole and use a bolt or rivet...
  9. I have had one springer... He was a GREAT hunter and was also a GREAT family dog. The only advice I would give is if you want to hunt I would get one from a hunting line vs. a "bench"/show line. Lost him 2 years ago at 12 years old and still miss him every day.
  10. What's everyone using? What do you like about it? what would you change?
  11. Anyone in a shotgun only area that does not have a Savage 220 should invest on one.. It is scary how accurate they are and the knock down power is very impressive.
  12. The reality is that with all of the internet buying options available, (car max, caravan, etc..) the dealers have to price very competitively online (and on the lot) to compete and get the buyers attention..
  13. Livingston... lots of Ag... lots of deer.. rolling hills (for the most part)...
  14. Go there all the time when we are at camp.. Rumor has it they are opening up another location in Henrietta (they have one in Batavia as well)
  15. The one I expected to see but did not was moving to a Saturday for opening day of regular season.. there was something “magical” about the season opening on Monday.. maybe it was just the fun we used to have the weekend leading up to it..
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