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  1. 25.06... great for deer hunting and anything else you would hunt in this area..
  2. I agree with the other.. Private sale is your best bet.. Part of the issue (and I have been in this situation in the past myself) is that despite the very low mileage, you have the look at the remaining term on the warranty. It is over after 36 months no matter what the mileage is.
  3. posting for a friend This is a like new 1187 20 gauge. comes with both barrels (slug barrel is rifled), Redfiled Scope, sling, case). there are less than 10 slugs thru the barrel and other barrel has never been fired.. $1400 PM me if interested or have any questions
  4. You really don’t need a boom sprayer... mine has a single spray nozzle and I get about 12 foot width out of it depending on how high I set it from ground level.. I have had mine 15 years and can not remember the brand.. I think they are all pretty similar..
  5. I’ve seen those big ones in Texas... would not want them in my area... a friend of mine has a camp in Maine.. a beautiful and quiet spot.. at night it was so dark the stars almost didn’t look real.. now all you see it the flashing red lights on the wind turbines... not for me!!
  6. Sounds awesome.. I am Rochester area, but would likely be interested depending on when (would also be willing to share a ride with someone else in the area)... I can certainly use some training... this is really generous of you
  7. Done really well the past couple days with BW.. A "clean energy" play that seems to be getting a lot of attention with the new administration's policy/direction.. They have had a tough couple of years, but appears they have things back on track. Analysts think there is still much upside. Never heard it talked about here, so thought I would share...
  8. Our driveway is 800 feet and was gravel up until 5 years ago (have lived here 14 years)... a gravel driveway is a constant WIP.. some of it has to do with drainage and what your soils is like (ours is pretty flat and very sandy soil).. we spent a lot of money over the years on stone and then had got a good deal on having it paved (we got the 800 feet and a decent sized parking area by our barn done for $27k 5 years ago).. I will just say that life is a lot easier for us now that it is paved (although I don’t like the $1200 sealing bill every other year).. not sure if thi
  9. For those that use a 2 bottom plow, what are you pulling it with? I have a 30hp New Holland tractor and wondering if I will have any issues. Thanks in advance for the help/insight..
  10. Must be exhausting to be such a prick!!
  11. Thanks for making my point!!! well done!!
  12. Nope, had to change email addresses and login credentials due to a job change.. been around a long time and try to contribute when I can or have something to share..
  13. agreed, much better back then... A lot of good hunting info and a resource to get answers to questions.. learned a lot about food plots back then from this site.. Not much value these days...
  14. just curious.. I am new to watching/researching PENN.. still watching at this point. re you viewing "overall market momentum" taking it to $140 or are there specific fundamentals that you are focused on. Just curious to get others perspectives...
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