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  1. Or she comes right out and says it ain’t happening…. Lol
  2. Love watching the piliated woodpeckers work over a tree.. always inpressive
  3. I found them.. they actually are 2 3/4…. I have 8 rounds.. they are yours if you want them…. I also have 8 rounds of Winchester Supreme platinum tip.. very good slugs as well..
  4. I believe I have some 3" laying around.. maybe 8 to 10 rounds... I will look tonight and if I find them they are yours if the 3" are of interest
  5. As the owner of a horse farm, I would be glad to know you were successful in taking out a coyote. I would also prefer that you asked for permission to retrieve it to prevent me from finding in 10 days from now in a state of decay that I would prefer not to deal with..
  6. All of those bucks were taken on that property... Actually, a reasonable asking price for the area, but would expect it might sell for more than asking.
  7. I only use a butcher than has the ability to hang and age before butchering... I always chuckle when people say "it was great i had my deer back in 24 hours"... There is getting the meat off of the bone and wrapping and then there is real butchering... There is a very big difference between the 2...
  8. you know you are old when your most important tool in your tackle box and fly vest is a pair of readers!!
  9. FYI for anyone looking.. I just noticed that on the sportsman warehouse website it says they have Blackhorn 209 in stock.. won’t last long!!
  10. I’ve been fortunate enough to get 6 boxes of magnum primers at Running Brockport over the course of the past few months.. right place at the right time.. also lucky to get 4 bottles of 209 powder from cabelas.. happened to look online one day and it was available to order to ship to store, so I did and it went thru.
  11. Runnings in Brockport had some on Sunday.. they were the standard size primers and not the magnum
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