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  1. Not the largest buck I have ever shot but it will certainly be the most memorable with my little girl sitting next to me.
  2. Has anyone hunting the Cornell lands? Applied this year and am looking for any info in regards to ease of access & is it worth the 2 + hour drive. Any pros/cons would be helpful!
  3. Out in 6A. Beautiful morning! Pulled two cards on the way in. All activity is an hour or two before light or and hour after. Not very encouraging. Deer become pretty wise after being shot at for over a month.
  4. Skipping tonight & tomorrow. Waiting for the cooler weather to set in. Hopefully the bucks on camera will start to show during legal hours.
  5. Out in 6A on the edge of the field where 12 came out last night (all Does). Steady wind but hopeful the nice 8 I have on camera will show at some point.
  6. After driving back from a family Thanksgiving in VT I decided to head out for the afternoon watch. I was super tired but saw a lot of deer in the fields on the drive home. Got home and changed as quickly as possible and headed for my homemade stand in a large maple. With a light snow falling and my heated seat pad, I quickly nodded off. Next thing I know it's pitch black out and I have NO idea what is going on. It was after 9pm...I had been sleeping for hours. But I certainly was refreshed on the way out. I always wonder what I missed on watch that night.
  7. In the ground blind in 6G. 59 degrees and light wind. Tried to get my 9yr old up but she wasn't having it. I'll take her with me tonight. Good luck to all.
  8. Wife was in a meeting today and got talking to the lady sitting next to her. Long story short...I have 100 acres to hunt in 6a now. Currently sitting on the edge of a secluded field watching 6 does and two bucks on the other side of the field. Gotta love the wife!!!!
  9. 62 and light wind in 6G. Pulled a card on the way in...nothing. Going to stick it out till the rain shows.
  10. Update... So I went to talk to the couple who own the land and to thank them once again for allowing me the opportunity to hunt. I did ask if I had done something to upset them and that's when the circumstances to yesterday's news were revealed. The daughters husband (doesn't hunt) has a friend who hunts and has seen pictures of the deer in the field and some I have shared with the landowner over the years. Well turns out that he and 3 of his buddies decided to approach the landowners about leasing the land. Seeing as how it was a friend of the son-in-law and they didn't want to upset their daughter (which I actually understand, I wouldn't want to upset my daughter either) they reluctantly (his words) agreed to lease their land. However, they wanted to wait till the end of the year and then have a sit down talk about it but I guess the new guys wanted it ASAP. The landowners said they feel awful about how the whole thing went down and really hope that this doesn't end our friendship. To which I replied "nope, just to cleaning your driveway out in the winter." I actually meant it as a joke but they said "yeah, we figured." Anyways, the landowner helped me go out and collect my stands and I feel we parted on good terms. I told him if it doesn't work out with the new guys... "you have my number." So here's hoping for next year and I'll be on the hunt for new land come next year.
  11. I live about 10 mins away so it was perfect. Now that I have had time to let everything digest...my plan of action is to simply go over tomorrow, ask if I did something to upset them along the way, ask to pull the four stands (there are more but those a wood built) and as much as it will pain me, say thank you for the opportunity to hunt for the past 14yrs and walk away. I would love to give them a piece of my mind but like many have said...what would that do. Yup, I would feel good for about an hour...but the thrill would be gone and I may even eventually regret doing it (maybe not). Not going to lie, I am still like WTF?!?! over the whole situation still.
  12. I completely agree fourseasons, I do believe (now that I have time to reflect) that this was probably worked out in advance. Just burns me that they didn't call or anything to just give me a heads up. And for adding up all my time spent there...that's not a bad idea (though I know I'll never do it). Fun to think about though! I'm waiting to the next good snow and seeing if I get a call "we can't get out of the driveway".
  13. No worries...my wife can always make light of the situation
  14. They offered $1800 to hunt, and he took it. My wife had the best quote though..."S!$t! I already sent out their Christmas card."
  15. So I don't really post on the forum. However, I certainly enjoy reading all of the post and seeing the end results of many long hours in the woods, but after what just happened I'm not sure what to think about people. I have hunted this piece of property (125 acres) in 6g for the past 14 years. Over the course of those years I have done a ton of work for the couple who own the property. Every spring I clear the trails, built two wood sheds, snowblow their driveway, resided their house (yes they pay for materials) & built their grandson the most kick ass treehouse a 5yr old could ask for among other things. And never once did I accept money. My reply was always "you let me hunt and that is more than enough payment for me." So as I pull in to park this afternoon I see a truck parked where I park. Knowing no one else is to be on the property I go to the house to notify them so they can take whatever action they'd like. And this is where the shock comes in...I go to tell the husband there is a truck parked and he replies "yeah, you see a couple guys stopped a few hours ago and asked to hunt because of the deer in the field. And before I could say no they offered me xxxx amount to get rights to hunt it for now on so I agreed...you understand, right?" I stood there in stunned silence...absolutely shocked. His reply to the now awkward silence "you've been really good to is but these guys are willing to pay." I turned and just walked away, got in my truck and drove home...disgusted with what just happened. I am sitting in my truck in my driveway still in shock. Okay, rant/disgust over...had to let it out before I go tell my wife what happened.