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  1. Alot of it comes down to 2 things TIME !!!! and money . Spending the( time )to know where the deer are at and money to either get to a place that has lots of deer or buy land that has a lot of deer on it . Most people probably not lucky enough to have really good hunting area near where they live so that means spending money to either travel to find a good public spot or buy/ lease land then possible spending even more time and money planting crops to attract deer there .
  2. Yea but did the guy know that ? He could have easily freaked out and shot back and claimed he feared for his life and shot you in self defence and since you were armed and shot first he would have gotten off and you could be dead right now . Next time i would try not using your gun and juat tell the guy f off my property before I call the cops its that simple . You cant say things like I will kill or shoot you to people or shoot a gun next to them . They can press charges against you.
  3. You could also do a group lease something to think about makes it much easier
  4. This video i dont find very scientific You need to put the gun in a vice and you need to make it so the same amount of branches hits each bullet as it goes to the target for it to be a real scientific test.
  5. You got to figure if they are ok Australia would have let them stay there . The dems have a habit lately of just letting everyone poo all over us .
  6. Looks like the dems are at it again .talk about not getting the massege . Americans just voted to have less illagal imgration especially Muslim immigration who alot hate us . If these refuges are okay Australia would have kept them. Like trump says are government really is stupid. Another perfect example of waste of taxpayer money. US reportedly close to accepting hundreds of Australia's refugees |
  7. What about wine grapes do deer like them, is that a problem for Vineyards as well in new york state. I visted a vineyard only once in upstate . Sure enough I saw a deer in the brush on the property . .
  8. 15 CELEBRITIES WHO ARE REALLY INTO HUNTING Modana is on the list who new
  9. Did that work over time i would imagine once the deer get used to the mylar strips and the smell of it that will not stop them .
  10. Any movement to a deer means Danger thats all it take for them to spook especially if it comes from an unnatural shape
  11. Its movement they pick up not the color
  12. Dont move and they dont notice you its your movement that they are spotting or smell or sounds
  13. After looking more closely and looking at the leafs and grass for scale you can tell that is to small to be a mt lion