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  1. Antlers...still?

    I saw a buck last week. 1 antler on March 13th.
  2. Ticks are active in cooler

    But the host was dead, in a cooler. No blood circulation.
  3. Ticks are active in cooler

    My friend & I pulled a deer out of the cooler today... It was hanging for 4 days in a 33 degree cooler. 2 big ticks still crawling on the carcass. Even after sitting in the cooler for days. I don't get it, these things just do not die.
  4. Canned Hunts

    I did a bear hunt up in Canada. Not canned, but baited. I know the odds of seeing a wild bear (without bait) are none to slim. So I figured I'd do a baited bear hunt for my 1st bear. 2 of us drove way north into Canada. Very remote area. The guide has to bait for 2 months prior to opening day. Every day, same time, and I think the guide rings a bell at the bait site when they fill the bait station. It's a lot of work for the guide. Serious commitment. Guide puts me into my stand, baits the site, rings the dinner bell, 22 minutes later bear comes in & I'm thinking, .... this is NOT hunting. But I got my bear, and I'm done. My hunting partner, he sat for 7 hours before the bear came in. Just at dusk. We both got bears on day 1. He sure is thinking this is hunting after 7 hours. Is it hunting?? yeah, why not. You can call in deer, Elk, Moose, and you can bait animals too depending on where you hunt. Would I do it again... Probably in 5-10 years if I want another bear.
  5. spots in 3M?

    Always see deer by exit 119. Every year, year after year. Just need to knock on doors...
  6. Moon this weekend

    The deer are nocturnal. I saw deer 5am on the roads. I see deer 1am on my front lawn.
  7. ticks

    Elevation plays a role... they say.....
  8. Big Bear

    That's why I hate hunting alone. Even a 200 lb deer is not easy to get out. I'd have to cut it in 1/2, and make 2 trips.
  9. Thanksgiving day harvest

    .243 is so deadly.... and over looked..
  10. What harness is everyone using?

    I use the ground. Very solid. Both feet planted, unless I'm leaning back on a log
  11. Middletown

    Sunday of opening weekend, I go to Dicks. Total power outage, store was closed .... I think 1/2 the mall was out.
  12. I pardoned a Turkey

    Big flock of Turkey 100 yards in front of me. I wanted to see what my Nosler Partition does to a Turkey I knew the park Ranger would evite me for good, so I gave a Turkey a presidential pardon. They sure are ugly. The only thing uglier than a Turkey is a Turkey Vulture.
  13. 3M Doe

    You can't miss a 3M doe tag. They give them away like candy. I see herds of does every time I drive through Orange County. 3 years ago, someone hit one in front of me. I stopped and the cop gave a tag. If I wanted to trespass, I could easily take (5) doe in 3M.
  14. I'm looking for land in Orange / Sullivan county. Please post any lots
  15. AR's suck

    Lost 2 deer due to AR's. 1st deer was a beautiful fork. Perfect 4 point, perfectly symmetrical. I would loved to have had him on my wall. He was bedded down behind my stand the entire time. 25 feet away, we both spooked each other when I came down to take a leak. Then he looked at me all pissed off that I was in his home territory. He gets up slowly & calmly; stares me down, and walks off slowly. I could have blasted him 10 times over. The 2nd deer was a big bodied bruiser. But 180 yards away. I couldn't make out the # of points. I tried to look, and confirm, but I couldn't be sure. But the time this was happening, he was gone. Very muscular deer. Had to be legal, but it's hard to tell at a distance.