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  1. First Chuck Taken for 2018

    I saw 1 on Long Island. I was surprised.. but it was a wooded area.
  2. Woodchuck

    They are so cute, I'm mounting one !
  3. Woodchuck

    Trapping !! We're in the trapping section.
  4. Woodchuck

    Is there a Ground Hog.... Wood Chuck season ? We have 1 eating the garden, and I don't want to take him out of season. I'd rather stuff him for the fireplace mantle in prime fur.
  5. 1st plot ?????

    What is a good plot to grow in the shade ? I'll hack down all the weeds... but there is a nice tree canopy overhead …...
  6. 1st plot ?????

    Will my seed grow once I douse the area with roundup ? Too bad the deer don't eat weeds !
  7. Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    Non Typical is what they call it. If they are indeed pumping a caged-in pet steroids.... I wouldn't eat it. Much less shoot it. But each his own. I know some of these farms are 5000 acres, and finding a pet deer in 5000 acres is no easy task..... But hey, I went bear hunting over bait so don't let me judge. But it was a wild bear, and it taste good
  8. War on weeds year 2

    So after applying all those nasty cancer causing chemicals. Can you grow a garden or food plot ?? Or is the area 'done' for years to come ?
  9. I have an area that is completely over grown with weeds. 2' high of pure weeds. I figure it's perfect for a food plot. But I can't get equipment in there. Manual labor only...…. Has to be cleared & rotor tilled... No valuable trees growing there.... just invasive thorny trees, and heavy brush. It's a 50x100' area. How do you prevent weeds ????
  10. Abundance of bunnies

    I have a ton of squirrels this year. They are very active in the AM. Saw 10 looking out my window.
  11. How Does Your Garden Grow

    I just installed metal fence post, and a deer barrier. 50x100' garden. 6' high should keep out the deer. I know the birds will still by flying in. Raccoons may not like going over the flexible barrier. Too much movement for them. It's a soft fabric fence material. It's my 1st year. So I have the cams up, to see if I have nuisance animals. If I do, I'll trap them this winter & squirrel hunt opening day.
  12. Antlers...still?

    I saw a buck last week. 1 antler on March 13th.
  13. Ticks are active in cooler

    But the host was dead, in a cooler. No blood circulation.
  14. Ticks are active in cooler

    My friend & I pulled a deer out of the cooler today... It was hanging for 4 days in a 33 degree cooler. 2 big ticks still crawling on the carcass. Even after sitting in the cooler for days. I don't get it, these things just do not die.
  15. Canned Hunts

    I did a bear hunt up in Canada. Not canned, but baited. I know the odds of seeing a wild bear (without bait) are none to slim. So I figured I'd do a baited bear hunt for my 1st bear. 2 of us drove way north into Canada. Very remote area. The guide has to bait for 2 months prior to opening day. Every day, same time, and I think the guide rings a bell at the bait site when they fill the bait station. It's a lot of work for the guide. Serious commitment. Guide puts me into my stand, baits the site, rings the dinner bell, 22 minutes later bear comes in & I'm thinking, .... this is NOT hunting. But I got my bear, and I'm done. My hunting partner, he sat for 7 hours before the bear came in. Just at dusk. We both got bears on day 1. He sure is thinking this is hunting after 7 hours. Is it hunting?? yeah, why not. You can call in deer, Elk, Moose, and you can bait animals too depending on where you hunt. Would I do it again... Probably in 5-10 years if I want another bear.