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  1. the blur

    Who takes coyotes in CNY?

    Trapperman . com Many fur guys taking fur.
  2. the blur

    .17 WSM for squirrel

    How about a .17 pellet gun ?
  3. the blur

    bait pile

    No worries about swine virus entering your ground water ?
  4. the blur

    Coyote hunting

    You use a night scope, or a spot light ??
  5. the blur

    Coyote hunting

    What scope do you use ? Night time IR scope ?
  6. the blur

    Raccoons are mean & nasty

    I have heard....... big garbage can filled with water, and give them a bath. Kinda hard in freezing weather.
  7. the blur

    Raccoons are mean & nasty

    Relocating them is illegal. You must euthanize them as per DEC. I have heard stories, if you relocate them, you need to go at least 20 miles, or they come back. But then you create a problem for someone else.
  8. I live trapped a nuisance Raccoon. This thing was as nasty as a pit bull. Growling & Barking at me. Showing it's teeth. Snapping... aggressive. I can see why it was a little pissed off, but I wouldn't mess with a Raccoon. This thing would have shredded me to pieces if I was within reach. They aren't so cute & cuddly as the facebook posts suggest.
  9. the blur

    Kansas deer

    .243 is deadlier than anyone cares to admit.
  10. the blur

    Tioga Hunting Ranch in PA

    I did the hog "hunt" there. ok...ok..... it's a hog shoot, not a hunt. Just because I felt like killing something with my new gun. You walk 400 acres... and eventually come across hogs, axis deer, fallow deer, red deer, rams, etc. You get within 50 yards, and shoot. They don't even scatter, they look around... People come from all over to shoot "trophy" deer. Anything with antlers is big money, and many people do it. It's one step above going to the food store, and 1 step below hunting over bait. I'm ok with it... as a cheap thrill, pricey thrill rather.
  11. the blur

    Snort wheeze .. o my

    I had a deer stomp it's foot at me. Only happened once, but it was assume to see. 30 yards.
  12. the blur

    Long Island Goose guides?

    I'll join you if you find a guide...
  13. the blur

    Shot through the neck.

    Aren't those .243 exit wounds amazing !!! .243 exit wound the size of a golf ball. I once had 1 the size of a baseball. That's with cheap ammo !! My buddy with a .30-06. 150grain ammo. exit wound is .30
  14. the blur

    Shot through the neck.

    Hydrolic shock.... or something like that. It's the energy that is transferred from the projectile, to the mass. Like a giant shockwave. I read a few articles on it. I forget the exact name, or terminology, but speed kills...
  15. the blur

    Hearing protection, wood blinds

    I passed on many deer because I didn't have my hearing protection on. It's just not worth it. Hearing loss is permanent.