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  1. the blur

    HELP squirrel in my wall

    Do NOT use poison !! The animal will seek water outside, and die. Then a Hawk, or Eagle will die from eating a poisoned Squirrel. and the entire food chain will suffer.
  2. the blur

    HELP squirrel in my wall

    Sun flower seeds as bait.
  3. the blur

    tioga boar hunting

    So it's like killing a cow and stuffing my freezer.. ok, I can deal with that, but wouldn't call it hunting. I'll call it going to the meat reserve..
  4. the blur

    tioga boar hunting

    Did anyone ever hunt there ? I may need to, just to put meat in the freezer. They offer Elk, and exotic deer. I know it's a fenced hunt, but is it on 1000's of acres and semi real ??
  5. the blur

    How Does Your Garden Grow

    I guess the short time frame alleviates the leaching of oils into the water. But if you ever clean a gutter, there is always shingle particles in the gutter, which will make it into the drywell... no matter what.
  6. the blur

    How Does Your Garden Grow

    Let's change the subject for a minute.... I need to install a drywell, drainage cement ring for my barn. So now the roof water, asphalt shingle roof, will be draining into the dirt, about 20' from my garden. I'm not too happy about that, since the roof shingles are oil based. Should I be concerned about oil's leaching into my garden ? The cement ring is certainly deeper than my garden will ever grow,... but you never know...
  7. the blur

    First Chuck Taken for 2018

    Absolutely !! I have a few Raccoon mounts. Cow (female) Elk Mount. Bear Rug. The coolest mount I have is a Raccoon Rug !! No one else has one !!!!
  8. the blur

    First Chuck Taken for 2018

    There was one yesterday on my lawn eating grass... or digging around. I will definitely get one when they have their winter fur.... and yes, it's getting mounted !
  9. the blur

    First Chuck Taken for 2018

    I saw 1 on Long Island. I was surprised.. but it was a wooded area.
  10. the blur


    They are so cute, I'm mounting one !
  11. the blur


    Trapping !! We're in the trapping section.
  12. the blur


    Is there a Ground Hog.... Wood Chuck season ? We have 1 eating the garden, and I don't want to take him out of season. I'd rather stuff him for the fireplace mantle in prime fur.
  13. the blur

    1st plot ?????

    What is a good plot to grow in the shade ? I'll hack down all the weeds... but there is a nice tree canopy overhead …...
  14. the blur

    1st plot ?????

    Will my seed grow once I douse the area with roundup ? Too bad the deer don't eat weeds !
  15. the blur

    Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    Non Typical is what they call it. If they are indeed pumping a caged-in pet steroids.... I wouldn't eat it. Much less shoot it. But each his own. I know some of these farms are 5000 acres, and finding a pet deer in 5000 acres is no easy task..... But hey, I went bear hunting over bait so don't let me judge. But it was a wild bear, and it taste good