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  1. Please confirm: my archery tag is either sex, and thus: I can take only 1 buck all season on Long Island 1C, and then another buck with my regular season rifle tag. So I can get 2 bucks, one with my bow, and another for rifle. and then whatever DMP's I happen to get.
  2. If I buy my archery tag with my regular season tag, is that an extra DPM tag ? How does this work now that I am a certified archer ? I can get 1C DMPs easily, but do I need to blow a DMP if I get an archery only tag ?
  3. Are you guys removing water sources from your property ?? My neighbor with 15 horses, should I ask him to move the water trough inside ???
  4. There's a new antibody treatment, but you need to ask for it. They inject you with antibodies in the early stages of covid. That's all I know, read it on CNN. Yep CNN.
  5. The Bears must be eating well.
  6. I can't see spending $5k on a mule deer hunt. They are sooooo similar to white tail. Antelope, sure, I did that for $2k. 225 yards, 2 hours, 1 hour later at the butcher !
  7. ok, you get a deer this season. Are you sending it out for testing ?
  8. Would you eat a deer that seemed 'not healthy' ?
  9. I just spoke to a guy in Goshen. He said he will not be hunting for years to come. Waste of time. Deer sightings are far & few between.
  10. When do they give out the extra doe tags ? Oct 1st or Nov 1st ?
  11. I just got my archery. When I apply for tags, does my archery either sex tag apply to a specific unit ? Or I can hunt anywhere ?
  12. I was at my LGS, and overheard a guy buying tags in zone 4. Isn't it too early for tags to be on sale ?
  13. Wasn't it warm out opening weekend?
  14. 10 years of dicking around in 3J, finally got a Doe. Big fat doe too. Wanted to go back, but never went back for a buck.
  15. 10 different butchers will do it 10 different ways.
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