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  1. UGH! Neighbors bitched about ground blind

    I almost walked into a ground blind on state land. Scared the crap out of me. He probably had no idea I was there. I backed out slowly. Now I stay away from that area. He's there every year.
  2. Southern opener windy weather

    Not 1 of you would take a shower with your rifle, so why hunt in the rain
  3. Southern opener windy weather

    In all seriousness. Sitting in the rain is not enjoyable. Hunting or not. It's not what I wanta do. Cold doesn't bother me. Wind sucks, but I deal with it. Rain is just not for me. Having said that, I know Deer move in the rain more than they move in high winds. But to each his own hunt. and yes, age has something to do with it.
  4. Southern opener windy weather

    I'm sitting out. Don't want my gun to get wet. I may melt too. Sheesss, last year, I hunted 1/2 day in the rain. It was miserable. I had to buy clothes at Walmart. and another jacket. I was saturated.
  5. Middletown

    Now that Gander Mountain is gone. Where is an outdoors store around Middletown ?
  6. I don't want big bucks. Too heavy to drag out. 4 points is max for me
  7. Prime Fur month

    I'm not a seller. I just do it for fun, and hang the skins on the wall....
  8. It was written by a hunters wife
  9. Ticks

    It's just fully engorged. If you pop it, blood will come out.
  10. Mostly Doe's

    Why is it whenever I sit, I see mostly Doe's? The sex ratio is so skewed. Every 20 deer I see, maybe 1 has horns...
  11. Ticks

    1 isn't too bad. How many did you see total.
  12. Camera on Gut Pile

    Nothing goes to waste.... which is amazing..
  13. Prime Fur month

    That chart is the mid-west. NY has no such chart. I haven't gone out yet.... as I only want prime fur. I may wait until Dec 1. I think fur is determined on day light hours, and not outside temperature. But I'm not a wildlife biologist
  14. Prime Fur month

    Trapping season opened up. But from experience last year, I don't think November is prime season for Raccoon's. What has been your experience ? I know a lot of the mid west guys wait until December..
  15. Doe

    Now I know how you archery guys take 4-5 deer a year !!