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  1. Do you guys use a Fox Pro caller ?
  2. I have 2 opportunities to hunt Coyotes. 4F or 4O . Which area has more Coyotes ? I have not been up there yet to scout...
  3. Does anyone make sausage & salami on Long Island? I have a bunch of wild game I want to turn into sausage. The one butcher on Long Island can't do it anymore...
  4. the blur


    There is an endless amount of Raccoons out there. You can probably take 100 off a small parcel. But certainly can't waste them. Need something to do with the fur.
  5. the blur

    Exit 119

    Try that in Middletown, and let us know if your truck is there in the morning
  6. the blur

    Exit 119

    15. “Loaded firearm” means any firearm loaded with ammunition or any firearm which is possessed by one who, at the same time, possesses a quantity of ammunition which may be used to discharge such firearm.
  7. the blur

    Exit 119

    Even if someone cites that law, you'll still tell me I'm wrong !
  8. the blur

    Exit 119

    Judges & officers don't know every law. If you cite a law reference, the law sticks. Someone cited the actual law, and you guys are still disagreeing with it. You can disagree with it morally, and that's fine. But the law is the law. Just like if you carry a loaded magazine, you'll be charged with carrying a loaded gun. I morally disagree with that law, but it's the law, and a judge will stick you with carrying a loaded firearm, just because you left a loaded magazine in your truck after hunting.
  9. the blur

    Exit 119

    The word "improved" is open to interpretation ! Just goes to show, how 10 people bashed me, when indeed there is room in the law for legit trespass. I'm going hunting. Cya !
  10. the blur

    Exit 119

    Do what any lawyer would do. Cite the section of law you are referring too. Ticket Dismissed !!
  11. the blur

    Exit 119

    I'm telling you, I remember this from my hunter safety class 35 years ago. It's 100% legal trespassing, under certain conditions. The trespass ticket would NOT hold up in court. The posting laws must be adhered to as well. They are very specific. You can't just bang up a blank sign. That's worthless.
  12. the blur

    Exit 119

    Is this because of the casino ?
  13. the blur

    Exit 119

    Certainly true now. Wasn't true 20 years ago.
  14. the blur

    Exit 119

    I actually ate a road kill from RT302. The guy in front of me hit a deer. I stopped, and waited for the cop. Asked for a road kill tag. The cop shot the deer twice, gave me a tag. and I drove to the butcher. The driver was happy the deer didn't go to waste. I almost hit 2 deer there opening weekend. Certainly a good place to hunt if you can find land.
  15. the blur

    Exit 119

    I'm sure there are gangs in Middletown. I can't believe what happened to it. I used to like hanging out there. OC fair. I went into Boston Market. The line was at least 1/2 hr... and just not moving. It's not like the upstate that I knew growing up. Drive North on 302. Not as far as RT52. West side of the road, corner property. I have seen deer in this pasture often. Always later in the day. The deer don't seemed bothered by the road noise. They don't even look up a passing car. and I have seen more than 1 deer car crash in this area. That area is loaded with deer.