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  1. I run 7 trail cams on my property. Last night, 2 bucks came in. 1 buck I have never seen before. He came in 1 side of my property, and traveled straight through, hopping 2 fences. He didn't stop, he passed right over my food plot, and kept on going. He was definitely exploring looking for poontang, and traveling a new route. The other buck that came in rubbed every tree that wasn't already destroyed. Definitely a 2nd rut.
  2. I was sleeping in the woods... I have been known to do that There is a nice V shaped tree down. It's not too comfy, but good enough for a snooze. My back pack is my pillow. This doe starts snorting at me, bobbing her head, stomping at me. I'm like... go away doe, all I have is a buck tag left. Let me sleep ! Some of them get so defensive. I look behind her, and sure enough, there is a group of 8. They are already yarding up. There was a buck way back, but I couldn't count points. Wasn't sure if it met AR... Still a good day in the woods.
  3. Incorrect. They have DEC check points at the bridge requiring all hunters to "check in". They also go after orange hats & camo hats, and pull you over. I believe the DEC has power to do that, while regular cops need to find something wrong.
  4. 2 fawns, and a group of 8 deer total. The 2 fawns didn't have spots and were fairly decent sized. No idea why they are yarding up so early. 5 deer took off immediately after the shot & crash, the 2 fawns stayed around. That's how I knew they were her fawns.. They eventually ran off to the others in the group. Then I'm thinking... maybe that's why the mama doe was stomping at me. She was protecting her fawns. She certainly had time to run away, and I gave her every opportunity to run. So maybe, just maybe, mother does approach danger, while other deer run away immediately.
  5. Had a Doe confront me in the woods. 1st time ever. She snorted at me, stomped at me, from about 80 yards. This lasted at least 2-3 minutes. I really wanted a buck, but she would not leave. Snorting over & over. Finally I put my electronic ear protection on. This is all from ground level. I sit on a log usually. She noticed me 1st actually, and got my attention with a snort. I waited another 30 seconds... and set the cross hairs. ... and 4 hours later at the butcher... Very unusual occurrence in the woods. Normally deer run without hesitation. This deer hesitated & confronted me. Bullet went straight in from front to back, and didn't exit.
  6. You scent control guys crack me up. You spend hours dwelling over scent control. Spend all kinds of money on nonsense. Then oil up your gun with Rem oil & left over Hoppes #9, and think your gun doesn't smell.
  7. People learn the hard way. Don't wear camo or orange going over the bridge. Even if your 100% legit, why waste hours being hassled for no reason.
  8. the blur

    Lost Deer

    What round do you shoot ? Sounds like a dead deer to me, that just didn't know it. He's close by for sure..... and the 6.5CM guy above... you can't use accubonds or bonded bullets on deer. They just make a pencil hole, and keep going. Soft tip or ballistic tip is best for deer.
  9. Next time he'll take the Whitestone
  10. My mature doe died yesterday from a .243. 1 shot. Nosler 90 gr BT. It was a big fat doe, she ran about 30-40 yards, because she was looking at me, and I shot her in the neck. Anything more than .243 for deer is unnecessary. My previous deer was also a .243.
  11. I got lucky in more ways than 1. My doe was facing me, snorting at me. I shot her straight through the neck, and the bullet traveled the entire body length, but no exit. Barely any blood because it was a straight in neck shot. Sometimes luck works out!!
  12. I made the stupidest rookie mistake, and I'm not a rookie. Big woods. I shot a nice deer, 100 yards, saw it run 50-70 yards, and saw it crash. Big big woods. I turn around to get my back pack, and all my other shiit which was behind me. It was hot outside: Jacket, gloves, hat, pack was all behind me. I spent a minute gathering everything & put it on, ALL FACING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. I turn around to head down the mountain to my deer, and I was completely disorientated as to where I shot the deer !! and what tree area was the general direction. It took me an hour to find it, and it was pure luck that I found it. Should have taken me 5 minutes to find it. I was 100 yards off from the shot area. Never take your eyes off the deer, or area where you shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and keep flagging tape on you, and not buried in your pack.
  13. Do you guys use a Fox Pro caller ?
  14. I have 2 opportunities to hunt Coyotes. 4F or 4O . Which area has more Coyotes ? I have not been up there yet to scout...
  15. Does anyone make sausage & salami on Long Island? I have a bunch of wild game I want to turn into sausage. The one butcher on Long Island can't do it anymore...