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  1. Try that during rifle season, and let me know what happens.
  2. Totaled my car the other night in 3M. Big doe came out of nowhere. Literally nowhere. Just after dark. $24k worth of damage. Highway speed !! Airbag blew up in my face. Seat belt pre-tensioners slammed me into the seat. Entire front clip. Radiator, A/C Motor air box, plus plus plus, fenders, doors, hood. Deer piss all over the roof and truck. Car parts are still laying on RT 17 Get out there & kill them all !!!! Tags are widely available!!! Cops said it's an every night occurrence.
  3. Please confirm: my archery tag is either sex, and thus: I can take only 1 buck all season on Long Island 1C, and then another buck with my regular season rifle tag. So I can get 2 bucks, one with my bow, and another for rifle. and then whatever DMP's I happen to get.
  4. If I buy my archery tag with my regular season tag, is that an extra DPM tag ? How does this work now that I am a certified archer ? I can get 1C DMPs easily, but do I need to blow a DMP if I get an archery only tag ?
  5. Are you guys removing water sources from your property ?? My neighbor with 15 horses, should I ask him to move the water trough inside ???
  6. There's a new antibody treatment, but you need to ask for it. They inject you with antibodies in the early stages of covid. That's all I know, read it on CNN. Yep CNN.
  7. The Bears must be eating well.
  8. I can't see spending $5k on a mule deer hunt. They are sooooo similar to white tail. Antelope, sure, I did that for $2k. 225 yards, 2 hours, 1 hour later at the butcher !
  9. ok, you get a deer this season. Are you sending it out for testing ?
  10. Would you eat a deer that seemed 'not healthy' ?
  11. I just spoke to a guy in Goshen. He said he will not be hunting for years to come. Waste of time. Deer sightings are far & few between.
  12. When do they give out the extra doe tags ? Oct 1st or Nov 1st ?
  13. I just got my archery. When I apply for tags, does my archery either sex tag apply to a specific unit ? Or I can hunt anywhere ?
  14. I was at my LGS, and overheard a guy buying tags in zone 4. Isn't it too early for tags to be on sale ?
  15. Wasn't it warm out opening weekend?
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