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  1. the blur

    Snort wheeze .. o my

    I had a deer stomp it's foot at me. Only happened once, but it was assume to see. 30 yards.
  2. the blur

    Long Island Goose guides?

    I'll join you if you find a guide...
  3. the blur

    Shot through the neck.

    Aren't those .243 exit wounds amazing !!! .243 exit wound the size of a golf ball. I once had 1 the size of a baseball. That's with cheap ammo !! My buddy with a .30-06. 150grain ammo. exit wound is .30
  4. the blur

    Shot through the neck.

    Hydrolic shock.... or something like that. It's the energy that is transferred from the projectile, to the mass. Like a giant shockwave. I read a few articles on it. I forget the exact name, or terminology, but speed kills...
  5. the blur

    Hearing protection, wood blinds

    I passed on many deer because I didn't have my hearing protection on. It's just not worth it. Hearing loss is permanent.
  6. the blur

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    I know trappers who use corn for bait. Corn attracts more Raccoons than anything else. You will see 20 brazen Raccoons come from 10 miles away to scavenge the corn pile.
  7. the blur

    The Neighbors Corn Pile

    Dicks / Field & Steam sells corn.
  8. the blur

    HELP squirrel in my wall

    Do NOT use poison !! The animal will seek water outside, and die. Then a Hawk, or Eagle will die from eating a poisoned Squirrel. and the entire food chain will suffer.
  9. the blur

    HELP squirrel in my wall

    Sun flower seeds as bait.
  10. the blur

    tioga boar hunting

    So it's like killing a cow and stuffing my freezer.. ok, I can deal with that, but wouldn't call it hunting. I'll call it going to the meat reserve..
  11. the blur

    tioga boar hunting

    Did anyone ever hunt there ? I may need to, just to put meat in the freezer. They offer Elk, and exotic deer. I know it's a fenced hunt, but is it on 1000's of acres and semi real ??
  12. the blur

    How Does Your Garden Grow

    I guess the short time frame alleviates the leaching of oils into the water. But if you ever clean a gutter, there is always shingle particles in the gutter, which will make it into the drywell... no matter what.
  13. the blur

    How Does Your Garden Grow

    Let's change the subject for a minute.... I need to install a drywell, drainage cement ring for my barn. So now the roof water, asphalt shingle roof, will be draining into the dirt, about 20' from my garden. I'm not too happy about that, since the roof shingles are oil based. Should I be concerned about oil's leaching into my garden ? The cement ring is certainly deeper than my garden will ever grow,... but you never know...
  14. the blur

    First Chuck Taken for 2018

    Absolutely !! I have a few Raccoon mounts. Cow (female) Elk Mount. Bear Rug. The coolest mount I have is a Raccoon Rug !! No one else has one !!!!
  15. the blur

    First Chuck Taken for 2018

    There was one yesterday on my lawn eating grass... or digging around. I will definitely get one when they have their winter fur.... and yes, it's getting mounted !