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  1. I like morning hunts leading up to full moon.
  2. We took the grandson last week cherry, and blueberry picking.
  3. I am planning my vacation time for this year. While doing so I checked the full moon schedule. It is early this year, October 20th. Curious if the rut will be a little early do to the moon. I may take off the 18th, and 19th, instead of the last couple of days in October.
  4. Check Newtown battlefield state park. About an hour from watkins, and they have cabins
  5. Seems about the same as a fish finder for fishing
  6. Gonna be oned with spots still, killed. That is where I don't like the early season. I won't kill a doe eary either with bow because I feel the babies still need to learn from mom.
  7. Cut on half and sell as flower pots, or use. Sell each half for the same as a complete barrel
  8. I love going to black lake. My wife always wants to go to the ocean. My go to for the ocean is topsail island. This summer for our 25th anniversary my wife and I are heading down to northeast Kentucky area. Just getting in car and going, no plan.
  9. I am anti mask, not anti vaccine. At my job I can avoid direct contact with people, but not them. I work on strangers cars all day. Yes, people are gross. You see the how nasty when in their vehicles. I also own a landscape business. I can not avoid contact with that neither. I meet with customers to go over designs with stone walls, flowers, colors, ect. It is important to treat each customer as an individual. It can not be done when covering your face, and unable to see facial expressions.
  10. You keep refering to the little guy. Who does the little guy get his supply from? The big guy? I have no problem paying half price for a product I can have dropped on my doorstep shipped from amazon that I ordered myself. I don't need to pay twice as much to have a little guy order for me. You do realize that amazon, and other large companies have alot of employees. Also I have found the little guy usually pays less, and offers fewer benefits to their employees. You sound like one of the little guys who have been price gouging your community, and offering minimal benefits to your
  11. Point was you said farmers have no issue with coyotes. I too know farmers who get some venison early.
  12. Farmers I know shoot coyotes all year long. They carry a rifle on the tractors for that specific reason.
  13. So don't all his American employees
  14. Yep, every business has a choice. I have no problem supporting American workers. If a business wants me to wear a mask, I do business elsewhere. Being an American is great. The power of choice.
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