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  1. Drones

    How is it not fair chase?
  2. Watched a dog take down a deer today

    Coyotes do too, but we don't hesitate.
  3. Honda pioneer 500

    They are over the budget i set. I am looking at under 10k. And I want new
  4. Honda pioneer 500

    Yhanks for the offer treeguy
  5. Honda pioneer 500

    I am located in the fingerlakes area.
  6. Honda pioneer 500

    Wanna use it for stand movement and small plot work. Moving things in and out of woods. And snow plowing a small driveway. I like the electric shifting auto.transmission honda has. I did look at the ranger 500 but i worry about the belt slipping.
  7. I am gonna get a new side by side. I am looking to stay under 10,000. The pioneer 500 seems the best one so far. Smaller width, enough power, shifting transmission, and I think it will hold its value. Only thing it doesnt have is a dump box, but not really a big deal. Anybody have or use one? Thanks
  8. What's your dream outdoor trip?

    I now a guy that did that about 10 years ago. Got a huge moose and a black wolf while there.
  9. CANON CamCorder & Camera FOR SALE

    Let me know by the way if 2 dollars and you pay shipping is the best offer.
  10. CANON CamCorder & Camera FOR SALE

    So know we have a number you want anyways.
  11. CANON CamCorder & Camera FOR SALE

    Had to try, you said best offer
  12. CANON CamCorder & Camera FOR SALE

    2 dollars. I gotta pay shipping and handling?
  13. The future of deer hunting

    Nope I will bit**, whine and moan.
  14. Wonderful Quote From The Late Charlie Alsheimer

    I think fsw/rwh has alot of knowledge on whitetails and hunters. He is not wrong on his assessment nor correct. We all are after multiple things when we hunt, not just one specific thing. I personally enjoy his knowledge of whitetails and would like to pick his brain. I have taken 2 nice bucks and had both mounted. Another one European done. The rest are on the outside of my garage for the neighborhood to see. About 18 buck in all. I have a spot I have tried to kill a mature deer at for about 3 years with no success. I would love insite. Mature deer are there
  15. The future of deer hunting

    I will spend more time and money for hunting deer than I should because I like it and its my choice. I do not want to pay more for a license. When I spend money on a license it isn't really a choice and it doesn't get used for the resource it is intended for