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  1. I haven't seen many either. Most oaks around me are empty. Apple trees have been the same
  2. It was a nice day in the woods today. Hunted till 1pm then got a spot for gun season. No deer, but seen turkey, and a pair of eagles.
  3. I use poison and traps. I do not want mice, chipmunks, or squirrels in my house or sheds. I do not know if it also kills owls, hawks, or any other animals.
  4. CNY powersports have any? They are in cortland
  5. More leaves fall off the trees in the last week? The dropping of leaves change deer habit quickly. Seem to see more in the fields and open areas when the leaves first fall.
  6. Spent the morning with my grandson opening up an old logging road in an area that was clear cut about 6 years ago. With all the pine tops left behind you couldn't even walk through it.
  7. I choose to pass on shooting doe during bow. I hardly ever shoot doe during gun. It has been 3 years since I killed a doe in gun, and probably 5 years before that. When my kids were young I killed alot of doe, and small bucks to fill the freezer being venison was our families primary meat source. I feel if the doe are near, the boys will follow.
  8. I have emailed them in the past, but never got any response.
  9. I like Honda. Great for down hill because of autoshift and driveshaft instead of belt
  10. I still use them but to watch my property for trespassing. People, like deer, are easy to pattern and always use the same easy paths to trespass. I can not watch multiple properties all the time, so the cameras are good for that
  11. I would be ok with cameras being used in that way. I feel using cameras do lessen the quality of the story to be told around the campfire, much like a paid guided hunt. I do not have cell cams, but have used trail cams. I haven't used them in 2 years for deer hunting because using them did take away from the hunt, and I started feeling like the deer were mine, so to speak. That being said when I go in the woods to hunt I plan on killing, that is why I am there, so I have no objection over technology advantages.
  12. The question was do you denounce white nationalist AND militia. The militia is protected by the constitution. Had he said yes the media would have had a hay day with that too. Trump did say sure which groups, but that part keeps getting left out by the media
  13. That was a 3 part question not just white supremacy. It was asked for him to also denounce the militia, all in the same question. Trump asked for group names, but Chris did not give any.I think he answered it well.