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  1. Just Lucky

    Heart recipe

    Salt, pepper, and garlic fried in butter. The best
  2. Just Lucky

    Chemung county buck

    He is a beautiful buck. I met the guy yesterday and asked if I could take a pic, and he said yes. He was even nice enough to say where he got the buck. Here is the pic I got of the buck
  3. Just Lucky

    Cigarette smokers

    I just responded to your comment on Amazon. Perhaps you should stay on the subject if you do not want others to veer off subject. And I also welcome jobs to NY but not at the expense of 1.7 billion dollars from the tax payers. And good luck this weekend in the woods.
  4. Just Lucky

    Cigarette smokers

    I am for it to go somewhere else other than ny. Its gonna cost tax 1.7 billion dollars.
  5. Just Lucky

    Cigarette smokers

    When I smoked I would put the cigarette out and tear the buttopen a bit. Birds and critters use them for building nests is what I was told.
  6. Just Lucky

    Getting ready for the 17th

    I love that you refer to it as opening day of deer season. I do too. I call oct. 1rst the first day of bow season, not deer season.
  7. Just Lucky

    One last pa buck with dad.

    Prayers for you and your family
  8. Just Lucky

    Got one grunting

    Use an app on your phone to respond
  9. Just Lucky

    Don't Shoot The Messenger

    Day time picture buck closer to camera, yeah that looks like corn
  10. Just Lucky

    Sooo..Folks With Mechanical Knowledge....

    All new vehicles have some draw, and when you disconnect battery cable and reinstall modules will wake up. Not a way to test modern vehicles cause it will give false results. Use an amp clamp around negative battery cable and see how many milliamps are being drawn. Wait around 30 minutes for modules to go asleep and look at reading. Industry standard is 50 mAmps max, however if its over 30 its too high imo. Then start to remove fuses till draw goes away then you will know which system is the issue. You could also measure milli volts across fuses without pulling them but then you have to convert over to mA to determine.
  11. Just Lucky

    Getting ready for the 17th

    I have gone through 3 boxes of bullets with my 270 since September. Gun is ready and have confidence in my gun, now I just have to do my part. Tree stands and ground spots have been up. I have access to several pieces of property so I can also still hunt and not burn up a piece of land. I bow hunt but I love gun season. Going to my lease land for opening day with my father Saturday. Spots are ready and did not hunt it during bow. He taught me how to hunt on that piece of land as a kid growing up before leasing was a thing over 25 years ago. We haven't hunted it in probably 15 to 20 years because it got leased by others. When it came available this year I was in a position to afford it and leased it. I have been on the property maybe 6 times now this year and see deer every time. The deer are still in the same spots that I remember as a kid. Very excited and good luck to everyone and be safe.
  12. Just Lucky

    Hunting camp food

    We do hunting camp at my old mans house. Friday night is always Reuben's and saturday is chilli.
  13. Just Lucky

    What do you do to control your Buck Fever?

    I really don't focus on antlers cause if I do there is a greater chance of missing. I focus on my target. It is almost easier when deer is moving along for me to find the next opening they will come to and be ready for the shot when they come. Focusing on antlers makes it worse and more apt to miss, probably biggest reason I am against ARs. I also practice alot with the weapons I hunt with so I am confident in them. If I don't hunt with it I don't practice with it.
  14. Just Lucky

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    I think we have enough unforceable laws and restrictions. We have declining hunters and I don't feel more restrictions would help that. There are bigger buck now than ever before in the regions i hunt do to less hunters and less access. Shoot and kill what makes you happy.
  15. Just Lucky

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    The biggest problem with ar is it destroys the deer herd population. If you shoot all the does and babies there won't be bucks born. That is what I have seen. Gotta have seed for the next season.