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  1. Reread my statement, crossbows are legal in gun season. Compound bows do not take alot of practice to be effective. A second shot from compound does not take very long to do. Try it, you will see. Some people do not do well with recoil, get out around people more and you will understand. And again from a person who bow hunts, being a bow hunter does not make you a better hunter. It only gives another opportunity with different advantages and disadvantages.
  2. I disagree with your assumptions. Compound bow hunting maybe a way for you to challenge yourself in the woods, and it may take you months of practice to get it correct, but not all. It takes skill to perfect any weapon of choice. I have a friend of mine who can outshoot me all day long with a compound, but can not shoot a gun if his life depended on it and that's ok. It is not easier to get a second shot off with a crossbow than a compound. Nobody is lobbying to allow crossbow in gun because it is already allowed. Now for conspiracy theories allowing crossbows could limit gun usage. Antigun activists could use that to their advantage. I hunted with recurve/compound, a compound, muzzleloader, shotgun, and rifle. Everyone and season brings its own set of challenges. How you hunt, and where you hunt is different for us all. I would like to see crossbow added to archery because an archery course should be necessary, and we need to keep people interested in hunting. Using a crossbow instead of a compound does not make someone less of a hunter, or unwilling to put in the time. That attitude creates division in the hunting community and weakens our rights moving foward.
  3. I am willing to keep an eye on anyone's camp in 8y for hunting rights. Hopefully I can help someone out
  4. It is a good thing. More people interested in hunting and safety course required.
  5. Ny state has enough restrictions that are not enforced. I am not for increase size or less bag limits. I don't ice fish but I do target pan fish in the spring. I do not limit out but if someone does, good for them. If population is down the biggest impact would be to close season during spawning but again not enough enforcement. Kinda like catch and release bass guys out hitting beds in May. We go to Black lake every year. Well see and speak to more guys targeting bass during our time up there than anything else. We watch guys using spinner baits, and rubber worms casting into sure and under docks. If caught the excuse is always the same.
  6. I plow with my 2017 pioneer. One of the main reasons I bought it. It beats shoveling. I agree there are limitations do to the machines weight. I also use my snowplow for food plot work, and clearing in the spring. I would be more leery of a machine that someone used for weekend trail riding with their buddies.
  7. With higher gas prices coming, higher taxes on the way, jobs returning to China, and more shut downs, yes. Lease land will be more available because of peoples lack of funds , trespassing will increase, and poaching will be on the rise.
  8. I disagree with almost everything you post about politics. But you got this one right, especially the first sentence. I do not look foward to gas price increases though.
  9. I am gonna pass on the vaccine. I will not be getting the vaccine because, to be honest I am not scared of getting the virus. The fear the virus has caused on our society so far concerns me more. We as Americans have allowed the government to take away our individualism, livelihood, families, faith, and independence. I feel complying allows the government to continue to take from us, and future generations. At what point do we say enough.
  10. It can always be worse that is for sure.