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  1. Cops won't do anything if she reported to them 30 years later, but seems like she found a way to make it get noticed. It is horrific when someone is assaulted, and almost as bad when a false claim is reported because of the doubt it creates for real victims.
  2. Just Lucky

    Interesting start to morning

    Good shooting,
  3. What about Larry Sharpe. I like alot of what he says but I am afraid he is going to split the vote.
  4. Just Lucky

    Asking for trouble

    If you leave things out for people to see you are making it easier for them to mess with your stuff, correct? I do not think that is very hard to understand. And to answer your other question, you would have to put forth alot of effort to find my hunting gear in the woods. I do not put my things out in open areas for others to see and mess with.
  5. Just Lucky

    Asking for trouble

    You would be correct but doesn't bother me because of why he said he did it. Oh and it was a coyote.
  6. Just Lucky

    Asking for trouble

    Yes, anything left in plain sight is an open invitation to criminals, that is why they are criminals. Why make it easy? And he never said he did not have a PA hunting license, mute point cause of trespassing. I agree what he did was not right, but it could have been prevented had the trapper not put the trap out in the open for all to see. But again not a big deal to me what the guy who killed the coyote did.
  7. Just Lucky

    Asking for trouble

    Wouldn't be poaching. Regulations above state no closed season. Trespassing yes. Again for the reason he stated it doesn't bother me. The reason people do things decide right or wrong in my opinion. The law may say it's ok to lay a trap in an open field next to a highway but is it ethical? How is that scene good for promoting trapping? If you do not want people to mess with your stuff should not leave it in the open for others to see. Why make it easier for people to screw you over.
  8. Just Lucky

    Asking for trouble

    Dumb to post. Personally don't feel the action was a big deal. Coyote is now dead either way which I believe was the goal. I really could care less how the coyote died, nasty creatures
  9. My wife bought the copper pan. They are nice and real easy to clean. They do seem to last awhile too. Had it about 2 years now
  10. My brother who runs a kitchen turned me on to stainless. One thing I do is put it in the water and clean it when still hot.
  11. Deer hunting with gun. I love still hunting with shotgun or muzzleloader
  12. The nice thing about stainless steel its easy to clean with steel wool.
  13. Just Lucky

    Corning/painted post

    I used caton butcher shop last year. Did a good job. 15 minutes from corning. There website has address.
  14. Just Lucky

    Do you use pee?

    I have used it. My experience has been it puts deer, buck and doe on alert. I have decided not to use it this year because I don't think it has helped.
  15. Just Lucky

    anyone add new ground this year?

    I leased 50 acres this year. Now I have 5 different areas of private land to hunt. All within an hour of each other.. It's nice to have choices.