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  1. Just Lucky

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    My sxs is a thousand pounds. I do not know the weight of the trailer but it is a 10x6 trailer with a wooden deck floor.
  2. Just Lucky

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    I have a 2015 frontier I bought about a month ago. I don't like the wide turning radius. I also found out when towing my sxs it towed worse than my 2005 explorer did, not bad on acceleration but takes longer distance for braking.
  3. My plan is to get some clover down this weekend in my area. Warm temperatures are going to soften up the top and the seed should set in by just running over with wheeler. That is what I did last year and the clover did great
  4. Just Lucky

    Just A Topic For Discussion

    I think it is more of a learned behavior. I do a bit of still hunting and I know that deer pattern our movement. I tend to use the same way in and out most the time. However come later in the season I will come from the back direction and catch the deer watching the trails I ussually come from. I have had alot of success doing it.
  5. Just Lucky

    Personal attacks

    Congratulations on having a grand champion meat cock
  6. Just Lucky

    Champion or Honda 2000w generator

    I have a small champion generator I bought this past summer. It works but is loud, and hard starting. If you have the coin buy the honda.
  7. Just Lucky

    New world record non typical

    All most page 26
  8. Just Lucky


    So none is your answer. Perhaps an abortion protects innocent souls from the hell it could await.
  9. Just Lucky


    For a guy so against abortion I must ask how many unwanted children have you, and are you raising?
  10. Just Lucky


    I dont know how to play pinochle, or hearts but i do know how to play euchre
  11. Just Lucky


    So what is a realistic solution that we can do with these unwanted children? And please, dont say adoption or foster care. Too many kids already never get adopted and grow up in foster care who become menace to society that we complain about having to support due to the tragic events the person endured as a child. Again easy to point the finger and ridicule, especially for us men, but the solution is not. Its a really sad world. I do not agree with the new law, however I don't have a realistic solution. If you make abortion illegal it will still happen.
  12. Just Lucky


    If it is about cost, an abortion costs less than delivering a baby, and raising, including health care, and educating a child. Jus
  13. Just Lucky


    Yep, alot of people do not take responsibility for their actions
  14. Just Lucky


    And I would think a 3 year old locked in a closet by his parents or foster parents, thats starved, neglected and sold to adults for sex, yeah that would be an example of worse than death.