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  1. Russian, but only use for a Reuben
  2. I have been watching a big 10 this year from a far. Seen him following the same path 4 times in the last month at about the same time. Will see if he continues into Oct. I already figured out the way I will approach the area to get to him. The set up will be on the ground in a creek bottom.
  3. Yeah, you stated it. Thought maybe you knew another way
  4. If they do not go to the door how else will they get the gun and arrest people not complying?
  5. Is there anything about private sales for ammo? Also remember the new laws only apply if we comply. I do not see a mass gun grab on all permit holders if everyone stops participating in their system. I don't believe the gun grabbers would be so foolish. And who will the politicians send out to enforce/arrest everyone. You know thwy are not going door to door.
  6. Yes I probably would.
  7. I do not know if the state would. Who is gonna go door to door? The start of mass confiscation would not end well for anyone. I think the the left will relying on compliance as enforcement. I only see the non sense ending by not participating. Issue is who
  8. So what happens if nobody complies? If everyone just lets their permit expire? What do you think the states response will be?
  9. Something not often thought about is look for squirrels nest. Squirrels diet is similar to deer. Where you see squirrels you will find deer. And squirrels are easier to find, then set up, deer will come in
  10. On the subject of EV, the media has pushed fear mongering about ev failure, not success. The auto industry seems quite onboard with EV. They are gonna make alot of money with them. Alot more propaganda against EV then for them. EV may not be for everyone, but neither are duramax, and Cummins diesels. Their is a guy who drives an uber EV, and charges his vehicles, free to him at the dealership. Good choice for him. Daily commuters, back and forth to work, retired person who only goes to bingo twice a week. Someone who is putting 6k a year on a vehicle. Lot of reasons and uses for EV.
  11. That is not only the maverick.
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