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  1. I own guns because I hunt. I am not a collector, or gun enthusiast. I don't even know if I would own a gun if I didn't hunt. I don't keep things that I don't use. That being said I disagree with gun laws. I don't care if my neighbors own full automatic guns, cannons, or tanks. I think a murderer is going to commit murder if they want regardless of a law just like a junkie is going to find his fix.
  2. I frost seed clover in the early spring when snow first melts. Easy to clean out weeds then too. I will mow it in early July, and once in late August, broadcast winter rye, drive over it with sxs and that is about it. The following spring and Late August I do the same thing. The plots I have done like that are self sustaining for me then except mowing one time late July, or early August.
  3. Sounds like you don't want the challenge of other hunters in the woods with you, cupcake.
  4. I am glad I am not in a union. I like to be paid for effort, and ability, not just seniority.
  5. This bill is gonna pass, along with others unfortunately.I don't think anything we can do will stop the Democrats. They are more organized. So what can we do to stop them? And please don't tell me about becoming part of the nra, that isn't working.
  6. Don't see the Erwin wilderness management unit on your list. I went on it once when I moved to Corning during muzzleloader. That day I just walked. Ran into people on the roadways but not off them. I seen a doe that day I could have shot and found rubs. Appeared to be good property, butI have access to multiple private properties so didnt hunt it again. I did fish one of the ponds on the land that summer too, but didn't catch nothing
  7. I lease from cotton hanlon and have had positive experiences. First year had a few trespassing but caught them on camera. Talked with Bob at the time, and got permission to put a cable up on the powerline part. Also confronted a few that were caught. I found out who the trespassers were and went to their home to address the situation. I stayed civil but firm about not being allowed on the property. Once confronted, have not had issues since. I now live next to the land too so that may help. I would recommend leasing from cotton hanlon. I am allowed to use their land all year lon
  8. So I no longer have to take responsibility for being fat?
  9. Joe Biden can't even speak a complete sentence. Joe may have been in the room but he certainly did not write or say this. This stolen election is gonna have terrible consequences.
  10. Wife and grandson making pizza and wings
  11. Except the tone in which msm reports it
  12. I think it is good that different options are available for people to get the safety course complete. With all of us having different schedules in our lives, it will allow people to get the course, and put more hunters in the woods. We need more sportsman in this world to protect our right to hunt. If numbers decline, the sport of hunting may not be available for future generations.
  13. If it's about the environment you should look into renewable energy. Check out the long term effects of solar farms, windmills, and lithium mining. Not too friendly for the environment. We can and should have multiple options if you ask me. That is how a strong, energy dependent country should be. When a country isn't dependent on a single power source it is a win for everyone.
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