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  1. He makes great calls. Also one of the best guys I know.
  2. I agree it is very difficult with keeping a scope clean when jumping deer. I don't track but I do alot of still hunting. My go to is a 12 gauge 870 with a 2x fixed weaver scope. Always having to be conscious of angle gun is and where you put your hands. The heat off your hands will fog the scope fast. I have several flannels that I cut the bottoms off for wiping down the scope. I check visibility through the scope while hunting periodically because it sucks when you jump a deer and can not shoot because of view of the scope. I have called it quits because of fogging too. That being said, I have learned to be very efficient with that gun, and I prefer the low powered scope over iron sites.
  3. I kill every snake i see, I am like a little girl when it comes to them
  4. Yes, I believe their is a reason the Democrats are pushing mail in only voting because of covid, but support the riots. Also Democrats supporting no voter id. Seems the fix is in. What else the democrats have coming?
  5. I had a 4 cycle combo unit. It was complete junk. I mostly use my walk behind string mower for trimming. I do use my stihl though when needed. Not sure of model but works as it should
  6. We used home depot for our counter top in our old house too when I remodeled the kitchen. No complaints.
  7. I did some last year, big maple stumps. The guy had 4 of them. I charged 600 dollars. 150 per stump but they were large. I figure 100 + per stump.
  8. You do know the difference between federal and state shutdown ? You should look into it before sinking to calling people ignorant. It doesn't way well for you However this post was about Cuoma not the federal government so I stayed on that and didn't even touch economically how his decisions have hurt future generations. I know You have your opinion, and that's ok, but I also have mine. Great thing about America is we are allowed to have one, hopefully that continues.
  9. This entire shutdown has been an experiment by Cuomo at the expense of current and future generations. I don't feel he has done a good job at all. Taking away individual freedoms, increasing spending, calling for confiscation of hospitals ventilators, sending hospital patients from a hotshot to an area without cases, transfer of positive covid 19 prisoners from downstate to upstate, telling people without jobs if they want to work then get an essential job( which alot of debate can be had over). I am sure there are more but at the moment that's it. Passing an executive order that he can do what he wants without question for the next year. These are things that you feel he has done a good job with? He is a disgrace as aleader of a state in my honest opinion.
  10. If a fart can get through underwear and a pair of jeans, how can a mask made of cloth save you from covid? Asking for a friend.. Here is another
  11. Making a mask mandatory 4 months after a pandemic started is like starting birth control after you’re pregnant. Seen this and got a chuckle.
  12. So people are now using correctly? I witness otherwise. By wearing one, I will agree it protects strangers in public, however used wrong it increases for the person wearing which in turn increases exposing our own loved ones. I have also witnessed that in less than a week people with masks people are no longer practicing social distancing. False sense of security is being given. So better to protect a stranger, then our own family is now what we should be doing? I am a believer in protecting mine first, then others. Again if someone is concerned for their own health change your own habits but to force on others is wrong. Freedom of individual choice is what my concern is. And based on state executive orders alot has been taken.