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  1. Check the 7r area, good land and deer population is good. Also 8y and 8w. Property values are low, plus near the fingerlakes which offers alot of family activities
  2. There are not any deer in steuben county.
  3. This is my 25th season deer hunting in ny and opening day of gun season is my favorite. Here I sit 24 hours before legal shooting time and already got the bubble guts.
  4. I have used caton meat market in pine city the past few years. This year I used cooley in alpine cause I wanted some bacon cheddar burger made. And Cooley ring bologna is excellent.
  5. I always get cold on stand. Usually numb by the time I get out of my stand, but I love hunting and keep going out for more
  6. 1rst time out saturday November 2nd. I couldn't bow hunt this year do to a broken wrist. Been rough. At 830 am had this 8 point come threw. Had a small window to shoot and when he walked in I shot.Waited till 9 to track. While waiting had a 5 point walk by. Had good blood but then faded. While looking for blood seen another buck chasing a doe. Watched for about 5 minutes until they were out of sight. Tracked my buck for about 3 hours when I seen him laying down looking away from me. Shot him again. He went about another 100 yards and I found him dead. First shot was a little behind and caught gut. 2nd shot was in the back looking away but lunged him
  7. I am up in rochester at highland hospital with my father. He is feeling better and wants pizza. I am looking for suggestions on where to get him some. Thanks guys
  8. As a redskins fan this is my favorite time of year as far as football goes. At least there is hope
  9. I planted some antler king throw and grow last year in 2 different spots. Neither took, maybe it was my fault, I don't know, but I will not buy it again. I have better results with bulk seed. My spots I used white and ladino clover, buckwheat, and winter rye did very well.
  10. Nobody likes the first guy to mow their lawn. Peer pressure makes the rest of us have to do it now, lol
  11. I would rather run into a 500 lb bear while walking in the woods than any snake. Hate snakes
  12. I disagree with you about full inclusion but this makes me laugh, thank you
  13. My theory is it is stupid not to have your kids vaccinated. I have a sister who doesn't believe in it. Our ancestors suffered and found a cure to eliminate such diseases in our communities. Why would you not vaccinate your kids?
  14. I agree 100 percent, there are good and bad taxidermist out there, just like everything else, that is why I want to look now so I can be prepared come deer season in case one is needed. I would rather pay for a good quality job than settle for subpar work and save a few bucks. I had my other taxidermist do 2 deer for me 8 and 6 years ago and am still pleased. It is a memory for me on the wall to enjoy for the rest of my life, and I do not want to regret who I choose that is why I starting to look now.