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  1. I always carried a beer with me when I drank. After i killed one, i would sit and drink it before starting the gutting and drag. Over indulging is a problem, but nothing wrong with a beer. This is the 3rd season since i quit drinking.
  2. Heading out for an evening hunt. Mother in law passed unexpected monday morning. Got the call while hunting that morning. Haven't been out all weekend. I am ready to get out, see what happens.
  3. I haven't gotten the jab because I don't see the benefit in it, for me. If I felt I was high risk,I can see a benefit. Same reason I do not get the flu vaccine. I see the jab as something that could cause an issue for myself not prevent a issue. If my immune system is doing ok, I don't wanna take something that could compromise it. That is my reason.
  4. Dont think i wanna taste that meat
  5. I posted on facebook 2 weeks ago the lowlifes I caught trespassing on my property. They even took down my cables, and posted signs. Found them in 3 days. I figure I would make them famous. Here they are
  6. Fear and lack of faith are the main weapons used. Still being pushed by many politicians
  7. The electric cars are a long way from clean. Biggest issue is storage of energy. Fossil fuels are currently more efficient and viable. I do not like the mandates for renewable energy, but I do like alternatives. Competition is good for consumers. If government would stay out of the business, all Americans would benefit from combustion engines, and electric motors. Mandates are going to drive the cost up of both fossil fuels, and renewable energy. If left up to private sector fossil fuels will phase out on their own. Alot more "now" power can be created with electric. Fossil fuels currently are more of a stable power.
  8. Calm cool morning in 8y. First time on this piece of property this year
  9. Take the breech plug out, and clean it. I leave mine apart after the season. I never could understand how someone forgets their gun is loaded.
  10. Nothing but squirrels this morning. Gonna get some chores done and head out to a stand i set up yesterday in the rain. Haven't moved a stand this late in years. I figure doing the same old routine on the bucks i am after hasn't worked yet, so trying something different.
  11. No. Myself, knowing nothing about the business, nor politicians should not attempt any type of improvements.
  12. Sadly, as a nation of consumers, I do not believe America could produce all that we consume. BTW, alot of American jobs are created by those ports.
  13. I am in the age group as well. Your point of loyalty is correct, and dedication is correct. It was an eye opener for me. Loyalty should go both ways. I have more time for my things now.
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