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  1. His death is difficult for me, but one of his life long friends said it best, " he is a happy camper, he is with the lord"
  2. Went out this afternoon, more so for therapy. Lost my dad, hunting partner, and best friend last Sunday to cancer. Seen a nice doe broad side about 30 yards when I was approaching one of the spots he use to sit. Also found the makings of a waterfall, pretty cool. This season will be different for sure.
  3. I watched a video on you tube of a vertical crossbow, and the advantages over a horizontal one. I also looked for availability, but doesn't seem like there is much. I looked on dec about regulations and it appears they would be legal. Has anyone ever seen, or used one? And what are your thoughts on them.
  4. Was the idea of a serpentine to fly like a field tip? I never really notice a difference between field tips and broadheads when practicing, other then the damage done to the target. I also don't shoot long distance when practicing.
  5. Haven't been on here lately since starting up my own business but have some time this evening. Hope everyone is well. Rainy evening, and started to wonder I always read about what broad heads everyone likes, but do not hear which one's they do not. Is there a broadhead we all should avoid? Which broadheads are the worst, and why. I can not think of one that I have used that I would avoid. I prefer montac, but not really sure why, guess because they work.
  6. I mounted the sheds on a replica skull from cabelas. Easy, and turned out ok
  7. Was out today setting a new stand up. About 50 yards from the new stand I found the pair of sheds from the 10 point I pursued most of the season. Glad he made it. I know have 1 of his sheds from previous year, and this years pair.
  8. I worry more about a teenager with a cellphone in a car injuring one of my loved ones then a mass shooter with an AR.
  9. I have had zero issues dealing with cotton Hanlon. I have received 2 things by mail this year. If I need something from them, I call the office and leave a message with Roberta, and get a call back quickly.
  10. It worked out well for me this year with that gun. I shot 4 times and killed 4 deer. Filled my buck tag, my doe tags and a doe tag signed over to me.
  11. Today I Green scored the 8 point I got opening day of muzzleloader. I got the horns from the taxidermist yesterday. I was conservative with measurements. I came up with 140 5/8. With differences from left to right I got 132 2/8. The circumference of his bases are both over 4 inches.
  12. My dad was one of those guys. He taught me a bit about that, but mostly let me learn from my mistakes. I got my last 3 bucks while covering ground. Now he sits in his shed behind his house that over looks food plots mixed in a 10 acre golden rod field. Father time has certainly slowed him down. With limited access to private land, still hunting, and tracking is becoming a lost skill. Most hunting is done sitting in a stand today, regardless of weapon.
  13. More important then caliber is the size of the butt of the gun. My daughter has a 7mm-08 mossy girl. It fits her, but when I shoot it it hurts like hell because of the butt being too small in my shoulder socket. One of my 20 gauge is the same way.
  14. He went along ways, I think. The shot was maybe 100 yards with a 50 cal, 245 grain sabot, and two 50 grain pyrodex pellets.
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