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  1. Just Lucky

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    I dont think he was a mechanic. Doesn't seem to have enough common sense to know how to lift a car safely.
  2. Just Lucky

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    As a mechanic who has worked on them thats a load of crap. They are just another vehicle. You use jackstands if won't go on lift and I have never seen one bend. Perhaps the fool who tried to lift it should know the limitations of their equipment.
  3. Just Lucky

    A good weekend

    Never knew that. It makes sense.
  4. Just Lucky

    Here ya Go Guy's

    It has never been about safety. Its about control, and power. Sickening, and unfortunately seems nothing will be done about it.
  5. Just Lucky

    New world record non typical

    I think it would bring more than a million. Its a piece of historical art and someone with the coin would buy it to put in their den. People spend more money on less IMO.
  6. Just Lucky

    New world record non typical

    Selling the rack would probably fetch enough to retire.
  7. Just Lucky

    Here ya Go Guy's

    I dont believe I have given a reason for why I feel it should stay illegal. Again I do not think the arguement about booze, pills, ect matters. I don't feel more legal drugs are a good thing for society thats my reasoning and only one. I understand where your coming from and thats okay. Alot of my friends agree with you about legalizing it. But do not think for a second its being legalized for any other reason than tax dollars. If they give out permits for growing like they did for medicinal grow permits there will only be a few large companies that profit. And those companies will have lobbyists for sure to keep laws in their favor. And when it is legalized will the government release all prisoners that were convicted of marijuana charges? Will they also expunge criminal records of such charges? I dont think so. I think the law will become stricter to protect those big companies. Drug czars protect there business at all costs. It may become worse than it is already.
  8. Just Lucky

    Here ya Go Guy's

    I dont think the police focus much on weed anyways. I am sure there maybe a few that do but not many. I am sure its a sleep aid and may have other things it helps with. I just dont think it should be legal for recreational use. Again I am not against using but when legalized it will be abused more than it is now. And the argument about booze, pills, ect doesn't work for me. 2 wrongs don't make a right, imo.
  9. Just Lucky

    Tuning A Glass Friction Turkey Call.

    My dad had it for 15 to 20 years and gave it to me about a year ago. I am no good with a mouth or box call but i think i do really good with it.
  10. Just Lucky

    Tuning A Glass Friction Turkey Call.

    I am not sure of the model. I will have to get it out and let you know. I will have to let you know. It may be the wet one, but i will have to look
  11. Just Lucky

    Here ya Go Guy's

    I really think that legalizing weed is a bad idea, and I ain't against the use of it. I just think making easier to get will be bad. Its already easy to come by, but lets make it acceptable? The only reason its being lealized is for money, period. All the other reasons are BS.
  12. Just Lucky

    Tuning A Glass Friction Turkey Call.

    It works as advertised from my experience. Al is a stand up man too I have found.
  13. Just Lucky

    Full crossbow inclusion

    I would. Thats why I bow hunt. More time in the woods. I love to hunt deer
  14. Just Lucky

    Tuning A Glass Friction Turkey Call.

    Check out the enticer Turkey call. Do not need to do that. They are made in pa and just work. Price is good too.
  15. I am pretty sure i will be there. Daughters birthday is jan. 5th but wife said its fine.