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  1. Just Lucky

    Looking for suggestions

    I am up in rochester at highland hospital with my father. He is feeling better and wants pizza. I am looking for suggestions on where to get him some. Thanks guys
  2. Just Lucky

    Anyone watching the NFL draft?

    As a redskins fan this is my favorite time of year as far as football goes. At least there is hope
  3. Just Lucky

    Antler King Products

    I planted some antler king throw and grow last year in 2 different spots. Neither took, maybe it was my fault, I don't know, but I will not buy it again. I have better results with bulk seed. My spots I used white and ladino clover, buckwheat, and winter rye did very well.
  4. Just Lucky

    2019 Lawn Thread

    Nobody likes the first guy to mow their lawn. Peer pressure makes the rest of us have to do it now, lol
  5. Just Lucky

    Hiking At Stewart. Cynthia Finds A Garder Snake!

    I would rather run into a 500 lb bear while walking in the woods than any snake. Hate snakes
  6. Just Lucky

    Full crossbow inclusion

    I disagree with you about full inclusion but this makes me laugh, thank you
  7. My theory is it is stupid not to have your kids vaccinated. I have a sister who doesn't believe in it. Our ancestors suffered and found a cure to eliminate such diseases in our communities. Why would you not vaccinate your kids?
  8. Just Lucky

    Recommendations for a taxidermist

    I agree 100 percent, there are good and bad taxidermist out there, just like everything else, that is why I want to look now so I can be prepared come deer season in case one is needed. I would rather pay for a good quality job than settle for subpar work and save a few bucks. I had my other taxidermist do 2 deer for me 8 and 6 years ago and am still pleased. It is a memory for me on the wall to enjoy for the rest of my life, and I do not want to regret who I choose that is why I starting to look now.
  9. Just Lucky

    Recommendations for a taxidermist

    Thanks, I will have to get ahold of him
  10. Just Lucky

    Recommendations for a taxidermist

    I do not have a taxidermist this year and am looking for a local recommendation. I hunt in chemung and steuben county. Thanks
  11. We started looking toward New Hampshire but the whitetail population is low. We plan on heading to eastern Kentucky by the west Virginia boarder this summer to check that out. Wife says 3 to 5 years and we are leaving ny.
  12. Just Lucky

    Keeping ducks, someone please talk me out of it

    I had 6 ducks when the kids were little. They greeted me at my truck everyday when i got home from work. They would follow me around walking in a line when i was outside too. I got them for the kids as an easter present. That fall I took them to the butcher shop but I told my kids I took them and gave them to a local farmer. That christmas we had mexican chicken for dinner.
  13. Just Lucky

    Frost Seeding Clover

    2weeks ago i frost seeded anew spot and one I started last year. Used ladino and white clover from banfield and baker. $5.99 a lb. but it grew and did well last year from them so wanted to stick with what worked. Here is pic of new spot
  14. Just Lucky

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    My sxs is a thousand pounds. I do not know the weight of the trailer but it is a 10x6 trailer with a wooden deck floor.
  15. Just Lucky

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    I have a 2015 frontier I bought about a month ago. I don't like the wide turning radius. I also found out when towing my sxs it towed worse than my 2005 explorer did, not bad on acceleration but takes longer distance for braking.