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  1. I would recommend the boatyard for a good dinner.
  2. You actually should not do that. The chickens will still lay eggs if their strength is not needed to stay warm. Adding light during winter months is not beneficial to the birds health.
  3. I don't know aboit that. We have 4 cylinder engines that produce over 300hp now. Power brakes, power steering, traction control, safety standards, ac, and heated steering wheels. And most importantly, vehicles that regularly go 200k with major components failing. Muscle cars look nice, but it takes a quarter mile to come to a stop from 60mph, hand over hand steering, floating out of control at 70 mph, wind noise buffering, 8 track radios, and useless fuel leaks on top of intakesthat flood when the temperaturedrops below 30.. Fun to drive on the weekend to dinner, but I will take fuel injection anyday.
  4. I don't believe EV are a solution to pollution/ global warming. I like EV because they are the evolution of the automobile. All manufacturers have recalls for possible fire safety issues. Using that on EV only is a scare tactic.
  5. Have you ever driven an EV? You should find time to drive one. Immediate torque on acceleration, quick brake time, better controlled traction control, quicker interior heat warm up, and lower maintance cost for consumer. The reliability of electric motors are better then combustion engines. And you can bluetooth sound through the vehicles sound module to sound like your driving Dale Earnhardt's # 3 Chevy on sunday raceday if you want. Battery technology has improved significantly over the last decade. And will only continue to improve. Alot of money is being spent to make it happen. I would bet the debates today over EV, and combustion engines are similiar to when diesel engines replaced steam engines, and gas engines replaced horse and buggy. Infrastructure was not always there for combustion engines neither, but look at us now.
  6. The slow charge on the battery from 110 volts over extended time causes excessive heat. That is why it prematurely wears out the batteries. In the last 6 months my work load has turned from combustion engine vehicles to 75% being electric vehicles. Being one of the only certified technician in the area it has really increased my workload. But now it's more brain, and less brawn.
  7. Plugging ev into 110 are actually for emergency only. Doing so will shorten the life of the batteries. If I could afford one I would buy one for sure. I would also have a real truck for work purposes though, since finances wouldn't be an issue.The immediate response of the vehicles are great. There is not any lag. Bluetooth whatever sound you would like the vehicle to sound like too. And they look nice with all the new technology included. They also are quite simple to work on. Software updates, relay failures, and battery replacement, either packs, or individual cells, depending on manufacturers. The EV would be more of a toy/weekend cruiser.
  8. Don't worry, biden is getting another uraniam deal going with Iran.
  9. Worked outside on next years firewood most of the day. Got a cord cut split and stacked today from trees I cut down about a month ago. Took a ride around the hill on sxs. Snow still quite deep on the north west side of hill. Found a nice antler (5 point with mass). Did not find the otherside. Seen 4 deer, and 3 deer while riding the trail. Was nice being outdoors and productive today.
  10. A grown man who gropes children deserves no respect. The videos of him touching and sniffing children is beyond disturbing
  11. The government has over reached and abused their powers over the last 2 years. The convoy is about ours, and future generations freedoms. The convoy is about protesting all the things you just mentioned, not just 1 thing. It is not about being Republicans, or Democrat. But united as Americans and standing for all individual freedom for all Americans. Sadly something our politicians forgot about long ago.
  12. Federal employees are not part of the private sector, sorry if my first statement was confusing. Healthcare workers should have the choice, just like you and I. I work with the public, and I have a choice, so should they. Employers can choose employment requirements, but not be forced by the government, federal, or state. I may not agree with someone choice, but I don't have the right to choose for them.
  13. There still are mandates. Federal employees, healthcare workers. It is about all Americans freedom of choice. I fully support the convoy
  14. A philly cheesesteak, with fried cheese curds. And since I don't have to worry about tomorrow, a 18 pack of busch. I haven't had a beer in almost 3 years.
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