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  1. No I do not. I could say I am gonna be somewhere and change my mind on the drive to a piece of property or while on a piece of property decide other side of it is better. I am never dead set on where I will be till I get there.
  2. That is shared by my son in law. That is him and my oldest daughter
  3. I got my first one when i was 13. Me and friends thought it would be cool to put a tatoo on our hands between thumb and pointer finger. My dad wasn'treal proud when i got home. Told me to wash it off, and then realized it was real. Didn't say much after that I got 3 more in my 20's. Now 41 have other things I would rather spend money on.
  4. Had 2003 road king. Was fun for the first few years but got tired of tip toeing around it in the garage. Sold it for more than I paid and do not miss it.
  5. How does those who hate coyotes feel about black bears increasing population? I for one have no use for neither but curious what others think. I think both have a negative effect on deer population in an area.
  6. You would know more about that then me. Like I said that was what I was told
  7. I had seatbelt and helmet laws explained to me one time, it is not only about your personal safety but it is also about the guy who gets to clean your body parts off the road. And yes I do feel mandatory orange would discourage trespassing and other hunting violations with most people, not all.
  8. Seatbelt laws are mandatory in cars, as are helmet laws with motorcycle And yes more guys will comply if orange was mandatory because of where they get in and out of the woods.
  9. Wearing orange should be mandatory imo. To not wear it hunting I say you are asking for trouble and yes I think you are responsible for your own safety. Same reason you have conceal carry. I find guys who hunt in full camo are usually on land they don't have permission to be on or not following hunting regulations. I have seen the flames come out of the muzzle of a gun from a guy trespassing and shooting at a deer between us in the moonlight while he was wearing full camo as to not be seen. I have shot a deer on over a hundred acres of private land to have someone in camo come out from behind a tree after my shot yelling don't shoot cause they were where they weren't suppose to be. I have gotten pictures of trespassers on trial cams on my hunting land in full camo but not in blaze orange. Just a few examples of why I support the need to wear orange, not only safety but also if people feel they can be seen they tend to be more honest
  10. I personally have no use for coyotes. I am an opportunist when it comes to killing them, and to be honest I just assume they go die somewhere other than where they are shot. My hunting passion is whitetail. I think when it comes to any area with predators, the more predators there are the more alert the whitetail population becomes which reduces opportunities to harvest deer. I do know a few guys who enjoy hunting coyotes and could care less about whitetail and that is ok too. Especially since they're my neighbors so it works out for both of us. I say good luck to anyone who is in a hunting contest and I would love to see the pictures of your kills.
  11. Is the money raised still going to the fire department?
  12. I have a 10 year old standard poodle. Great family dog, good at retrieving, but very skittish. If she hears a noise she will run you over to get back to the truck or car. Also very vocal about her wants. Typical traits of the breed. The worst part about taking her out is grooming her afterwards, everything sticks in her hair. She is also black so very hard to check for ticks. We just got a chocolate labradoodle and so far retrieves well, very curious about everything she sees and hears. Doesn't run away from loud noises which is good.Likes to bring back limbs from trees 3 times her size. And releases when told to. Loves to play ball. My old poodle has taught her to watch out the window for squirrels in the back yard. Took less than 2 weeks to train to ring a bell to go potty outside. Already scatters the birds at the bird feeder out back. We will see where she goes with hunting, time will tell.
  13. I used winchester amercan whitetail 150 grain for my .270 and do not like them at all. On paper they are accurate .I have now killed 6 deer with that gun and ammo combo. 1 dropped in its track from breaking his spine. Other 5 ran and had to be tracked. Little to no blood trail, and only 1 pass through. This year hit a nice buck opening morning, believe 9 point with split brow tine, again little specs of blood and ended up not recovering him. It was very disappointing. I switched to my trusted and true 12 gauge 870 for the rest of the season. For next year if I use my .270 I am gonna swith ammo but I still am unsure what I am gonna use. I want a bullet to be as damaging as possible from that gun. Minimal meat damage is nice, but useless when the deer isn't recovered
  14. One could argue a gut shot deer is torture. For example, Mr. Jones gutshot that deer so it would die a long painful death. His intent was not a humane death, even though it isn't so. I agree, what the kids did was not ethical to me, but criminal charges against them could mean criminal charges against someone who does accidentally gutshoot a deer is what I fear could happen .
  15. What these kids did to that deer is appalling to me. However I am not sure I agree with criminal charges based on a humane or inhumane killing. The video recording of it is what disturbs me the most. This case has already been used against us hunters, regardless that we do not agree with the kids actions, or we do not want to call them hunters. If these kids are found guilty I believe it can be used against the hunting community more. As stated already, with trapping, alot of critters get "stomped" or hit in the head with a club, or slitting a deer's throat. Is letting a deer gutshot lay over night inhumane aince it wasn't dispatched quickly? It all seems unethical and inhumane to someome and I do not like leaving decisions up to someone elses common sense or feelings