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  1. yellow perch

    I target crappie, perch and sunnies alot. Use jigs tipped with wax worms seem to work the best for perch. And all rock bass go back in the water. I think they taste nasty.
  2. New to fly tying

    I finished my first fly over the weekend. I never did it before and just watched a couple videos. Took about 10 hours to finish. Did not turn out as I envisioned.
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    Smoked chicken halves and roasted cauliflower
  4. Throw N Grow

    But how does that help hunting in October and November
  5. Coyote den?

    Thanks for correcting me on the spelling of "varmint", now i will sleep better tonight, with my nightlight. Or is it 2 words?
  6. Coyote den?

    I don't know how old you are but I can guarantee that there are more predators now than there was when I was a kid in the southern tier area. When I was a kid there was foxes and an occasional bear sighting. Coyotes, bobcats, fishers, and bear populations have definitely increased. They will continue to increase with hunting land access declining. Its perhaps decs plan I would kill a "varmit" without hesitation, but maybe I am just a city boy, lol. Or maybe you are soft
  7. Coyote den?

    I would have got rid of it whatever way necessary. Nothing unethical about protecting yourself. Our ancestors did away with predators for a reason. You where more humane than they would have been.
  8. Outright Thievery

    Anyone use one? How did it work?
  9. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    But you would not know which is easier or harder, you just assume. Nor did I say it was harder, I said compound bow hunting is not harder. I said crossbow hunting was not easier. With hunting different weapons it takes different tactics. Some would say gun hunting is more challenging then bowhunting cause deer are more pressured. Isn't that part of the bow hunting communities argument. If you hunt the same way in every season, one will seem more challenging than the other.
  10. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    A peep sight and release are the same IMO. But you do it a little different than that so kudos
  11. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    And shooting a compound at 70lb. draw weight with 80+% let off ain't difficult either. The fun and challenging part is the game of hunting.
  12. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    Shooting ain't hunting. I believe I read that on this forum
  13. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    I would say its hunting either way. I don't feel compound bow hunting is harder then crossbow hunting. You should try it before you decide.
  14. Synthetic winch rope?

    I am not sure of the brand. Bought 2 different length ones when I bought my sxs. Its a 2500lb. winch. A short one for plow and a longer one for if I get stuck. Really easy to swap. I carry both with me in a storage compartment.
  15. Synthetic winch rope?

    I am, but just got mine at the end of january. I have used it alot already with my plow, so far so good. I went with it cause cables rust and if it sits a lot without use I worried about the cable not being functional when I would need it.