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  1. Haven't found the buck. He went into clear cut area. We jumped a bear about 20 yards from last blood. Waiting to hear from a dog tracker.
  2. Shot a dandy about an hour ago. Little blood on impact. About 50 yards have piles of blood. Then a decent blood trail as he is walking down hill. Marked spot and backed out. Waiting for help to arrive. Like to have eyes up and another set on trail.
  3. I will save some money next year hunting if that happens. Was gonna say bucks but didn't want confusion
  4. I have the honda pioneer 500 utv. Weighs just under 1000 lbs, same width as a 4 wheeler, and does food plots, plows snow, and goes where I want. Added feature is driveshaft instead of belts. Price should be around 10k. I use the black boar plot attatchments, on virgin ground and works for me. I have the removable box on the back, and storage container under the hood.
  5. I have always pan fried in butter with salt, pepper and garlic. A whole heart is too much for one person. My wife won't eat it, and the kids are all moved out.Last night I boiled, sliced and pickled one. Will see how it turns out.
  6. I have seen more deer this bow season then the last few. Buck sign seemed to be about the same. I don't have crop fields that I hunt. Acorns were non existent in my area but beechnuts seemed to do well. I do alot of edge hunting like powerlines, edge of pines, beech brows, over grown pastures. Also the one property I hunt was logged heavy 3 years ago. Last 2 years activity was low, but this year that 125 acres exploded.
  7. I choose my 870 12 gauge over my 270. I think it probably is because of the history of the gun more then anything else. The gun was my grandfather, then my father's, and now mine. Also because the only rifle I own is a salvage axis II 270 and quite honestly I don't like the gun. I put a scope on my TC black diamond this year and plan to use that more often this season.
  8. I wait till 2nd day to still hunt. Too many neighbors on opening day. I have taken 6 bucks, and a few doe on opening day over 27 years. I usually head into center of one of the properties I hunt. This year I will sit a treestand that I moved in the spring. I haven't used it this year during bow. I located the spot last year late in the season and thought it would be a good spot, we will see.
  9. Had a really good day today. It is my son's 25th birthday, took the 8 this morning, and got a phone call from the board of elections that I won the town counsel seat. Now to get ready for gun opener on Saturday. I found a nice area, prior to taking my buck this morning to hunt with the gun once pressure is put on the deer. Figure I will hunt it 2nd weekend of gun
  10. I do not find tracking deer in the rain anymore difficult than when dry. Blood is harder to follow if not heavy, but leaves kick up good. I am impatient though and never wait as long as I should.
  11. 1030 this morning shot this 8. Broken brow, and ear torn in half. Crossbow on the ground
  12. Choosing to go in late this morning. Gonna poke around in a area that was logged 3 years ago and set up another new spot to sit during gun. Maybe see something, too today.
  13. Seen 3 running around. 2 doe and a fawn. Seen them 4 different times. Was hoping a buck would show but did not happen. Have tomorrow off for my last day of bow season then work 4 days and 9 straight days for gun.
  14. Having some coffee and getting ready. Forcast shows rain should hold off till about 10, we will see
  15. Find the food. Sometimes easier said then done
  16. Haha , yep, bigfoot, chupacabras, and werewolves especially with the full moon this year at the start of gun season.
  17. Pulled into drivaway tonight about 530, got out of the truck and coyotes started singing across the road. Cows did not like that and started mooing. When they get going sounds like the purge whistle in the movie
  18. When I go in the woods to move stands, or bowhunt I will use the same entry/exit ways. Not sneaking around but moving and looking. I pay attention for bedding areas, trails and watch for deer movement. I will use an example of an old dug road I always use to access one of my stands. I will also still hunt up it with gun, but not much luck, more sign then anything. After doing that say 5 times, I will come from the other direction on another dug road. I will catch deer laying in the area facing/ looking toward the dug road I normally would use. I call it peek a boo. My father taught the tactic to me. I have 2 eight's and a 10 from 3 different properties doing this. I have also gotten smaller bucks, and does. Also missed quite a few. The hardest part was learning to look for laying deer by logs, brush, dips ect. The deer blend in very well and when laying movement is minimal, maybe head lift or ear flicker. I deer hunt with bow, crossbow, gun and muzzleloader. I enjoy all 4, but for me still hunting with 12 gauge 870 and fixed 2x scope is my favorite way.
  19. I think there is a difference in spooking vs. Disturbing deer. Spooking deer, I think results in that deer, or group not returning. Shooting, bow, or gun results in spooked deer. Sneaking around with bow does the same. Disturbed deer, such as jumped when bedding, move and circle back. Casual walk to and from stands with bow I think disturbs. Or moving stand, cutting wood, ect. Alot of my success with gun hunting depends on disturbed deer looking for me on a particular path. Deer will pattern us as we do them. I jump shoot alot of deer coming in the back way after they have me patterned. 3 out of 4 of my biggest bucks have been killed that way.
  20. Spot light is too big, I have a stream light that works wonderful
  21. Gotta make a decision this morning. Been milling it all night. Found a half dozen scrapes yesterday evening within 50 yards of each other. Then neighbor messaged me about a buck chasing a doe on the back of her horse pasture that buts up to my land. Which spot? Based on wind I would be located on wrong side of pasture. Gonna sit on the scrapes.
  22. Getting ready for a morning sit. Sat all day yesterday. Only seen 1 all day at 9 but was a dandy. No shot with an arrow
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