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  1. The one buck rule makes people feel it would be easier to kill a mature buck, but also lessens the trophy, just like bow hunter elites feel about crossbow or gun. I like the way ny is currently with plenty of opportunities and different seasons. If any part of the season was extended I would prefer later in winter over September.
  2. I wouldn't call again. Buck make decent people do stupid things. Oh well lesson learned. There is still a bigger buck running around, but I had this one patterned prior to heavy rut but knew I had to wait for gun to get him because of his pattern. During rut he left chasing does. I waited till Thanksgiving to go after him figuring the shooting would bring him back to his core area. I seen him thanksgiving evening but had no shot with a shotgun. Yesterday evening I got closer and sat in the brush waiting and he showed but oh well, guess I will try for another Sorry I don't have a good picture of him, just off one of my cameras I have out to catch people trespassing
  3. Yes, same deer. Tracked to gut pile. When I found the pile I went back down the hill. Went to his house and he said he got him this morning, kinda bummed, especially since never heard shot. Deer was maybe 300 yards from where I shot him. I had called him last night to let him know I was gonna be heading toward his property to find the deer in the morning and where I was coming from so there wouldn't be an issue. We have a mutual agreement if you shoot something we can retrieve, just call first.
  4. Yes I know, right now I do have permission so didnt argue, just let it be.
  5. Neighbor says he shot him this morning. Blood trail went to his property. I don't know, blood was heavy from last night, and unlikely to live through the night Pics of blood in the woods
  6. I live on 2 acres i own and lease 50 acres out my back door from a timber company. I have the land without a mortgage is the way I look at it. Works nice for me. And having a powerline right of way on it makes a natural funnel, so the hunting is pretty good
  7. Been up since 430. 3rd cup of coffee. Gonna head out the door and up on the hill about 7. Hopefully find the buck quickly. No cell service once I leave the house so won't have any pics until later
  8. Travel patterns I have killed by far more in the early morning. Evening I have more luck closer to food source, so really it comes down to your hunting land
  9. Look at hospital, and insurance profits, then tell me why we have a healthcare issue. Lawsuits are another issue, but create more profit for insurance companies. Insurance premiums, and deductibles increase, and so don't the insurance companies profits. I heard once if you get sick you can pay the hospital 50 dollars a week and eventually the bill will be paid, but you can pay for insurance every week, but you will always owe them more.
  10. I wear orange during gun. Foolish not to. I find those who are not wearing orange are usually up to no good
  11. We have some coyotes but not much you can do. Have had to do this before and so far the coyotes haven't gotten my deer. More concerned about if he circles back into the thick brush where its 5 ft plus tall. Could take the better part of the day to find him when you get in that stuff. He can be dead 10 feet from you and can not see him.
  12. Well tonight at last light shot my target buck I have been after all season. He went down on impact, then got up and went into the woods. He was in heavy golden rod brush when I shot . Tracked him into the woods, and stopped. Have good blood, but didn't want to push him into the neighbors.Gonna be a long night. My father and I are heading out at daylight in the am to get him.
  13. I seen 4 different deer yesterday, different times, and all different spots. They were all alone and moving from one spot to another, not browsing. Had my 3 year old grandson with me for the last one so that was cool. The deer I seen were no longer in the fields but in the pines on hill sides. Maybe cause of the rain.
  14. Heading out the door at 530. Been up since 3 deciding my plan of attack. Gonna head to a treestand in the back corner of my land. Seen a hunter last night in a sling hunting the property line. Went to their camp and met them last night. After talking with them and finding out how they hunt, gonna use their tactics to my advantage. Shot a doe yesterday morning, so we shall see what today brings.
  15. Doe for team 4, I shot her opening morning with my grandfathers old 870.
  16. Mask were a pretty good test run to see how people would comply, and turn on their friends and neighbors. Watch out when the hotline comes out for citizens not complying with gun laws.
  17. Sorry to hear. From my experience with 2 different deer which were both all day track jobs, he headed back to where he was shot. I had it happen to me once in gun, and once in muzzle loader. Almost like a rabbit with a dog behind them, they run a circle.
  18. The vaccine should be up to the individual, not mandated or with held. Simple, you choose
  19. I will be hunting on the ground in a spot I have sat opening morning for the last 2 years. Deer seem to move through early so we will see. I brushed it in a few weeks ago to cover my movement
  20. I hang my stuff outside a week before seasons start. Different clothes for different seasons. I don't use any sprays except sawyers in early bow because of ticks. Most my hunting is on the ground on different lands with different amount of pressure. Sometimes I sit, and sometimes I still hunt. When still hunting I pay more attention to my path for visibility then the wind to be honest. I try to stay inside the cover and stop by trees. When sitting I always kick the dirt and leaves around to stir up the natural smells before sitting whether in a stand or on the ground. I don't know if it helps but I think it does. And after I kill a deer I find having their scent on my clothes makes sightings more frequent.
  21. Had a fork come through about 25 yards. First time in this stand this year. Was hoping some nuts, but none here neither
  22. I didn't watch him. I was too busy picking belly button lint. I won't waste my time listening to him.
  23. You really believe that? You really believe it was a fair election, without fraud? Or are you ok with the fraud as long as Trump is out
  24. I never hear them although I am almost deaf, I see them first. I have smelled them though before seeing them.