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  1. I mounted the sheds on a replica skull from cabelas. Easy, and turned out ok
  2. Was out today setting a new stand up. About 50 yards from the new stand I found the pair of sheds from the 10 point I pursued most of the season. Glad he made it. I know have 1 of his sheds from previous year, and this years pair.
  3. I worry more about a teenager with a cellphone in a car injuring one of my loved ones then a mass shooter with an AR.
  4. I have had zero issues dealing with cotton Hanlon. I have received 2 things by mail this year. If I need something from them, I call the office and leave a message with Roberta, and get a call back quickly.
  5. It worked out well for me this year with that gun. I shot 4 times and killed 4 deer. Filled my buck tag, my doe tags and a doe tag signed over to me.
  6. Today I Green scored the 8 point I got opening day of muzzleloader. I got the horns from the taxidermist yesterday. I was conservative with measurements. I came up with 140 5/8. With differences from left to right I got 132 2/8. The circumference of his bases are both over 4 inches.
  7. My dad was one of those guys. He taught me a bit about that, but mostly let me learn from my mistakes. I got my last 3 bucks while covering ground. Now he sits in his shed behind his house that over looks food plots mixed in a 10 acre golden rod field. Father time has certainly slowed him down. With limited access to private land, still hunting, and tracking is becoming a lost skill. Most hunting is done sitting in a stand today, regardless of weapon.
  8. More important then caliber is the size of the butt of the gun. My daughter has a 7mm-08 mossy girl. It fits her, but when I shoot it it hurts like hell because of the butt being too small in my shoulder socket. One of my 20 gauge is the same way.
  9. He went along ways, I think. The shot was maybe 100 yards with a 50 cal, 245 grain sabot, and two 50 grain pyrodex pellets.
  10. He was dead in the next bed. Had spray about last 30 yards.He was facing more quartering towards me then i thought. No exit hole. He was full of blood inside. Tracked him from low side of hill, across, up, and back down. Found him about 11 am. Shot was a little after 730.
  11. Hit a nice buck in thick brush at 730 am. He laid down 2 times within 50 yards. Only small spec of blood in 2nd bed. Just jumped out of bed again about 150 yards. Again small spec of blood. Semi broad sided. Blood appears to be from mouth based on bed. No blood in the snow while tracking.
  12. Shot muzzle today, all good. Gonna clean and put rifle away. Back to buck hunting in the am tomorrow.
  13. A little snow this morning. Finally felt like gun season
  14. I have a Barnett doa, with a carbon fiber front. It is longer then most but well balanced, and lighter then most other cross bows. I like the longer length of the crossbow, but finding 22 in bolts can be hard at times. I have had it for 6 years, and replaced the string once.
  15. I am not worried about a replacement tag. Next time I am out will be muzzle loader season. At least he is not suffering anymore.
  16. Took a buck tonight, however the meat was not any good. He had been shot previously in the left shoulder. Stinky and puss oozing out of wound. That is the 2nd one I have gotten like that in 5 years. Too bad, he was a nice buck
  17. Spent all day out in the woods. I sat 2 different spots. Only seen 2 fawns about 430. Gonna be wet and windy tomorrow. I am going to sit on the low side of a hill in the pines. I plan on carrying my open sight ranger 120 20 gauge. First deer I ever killed was with that gun, handed down from my grandfather.
  18. Let's see if anything comes by this evening
  19. The hunter. Boyd is known to be a great bow hunter and shot. It seems every year I hear from someone about the big buck he got.
  20. This year I was in my blind just before 530.
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