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  1. For sale is a Hoyt Charger in almost new condition, and a Lone Wolf Sit and Climb climber that has been used twice and is in like new condition. Also included are 11 Easton Flatline arrows, hard case, and release. I’d like to sell this as a combo for $650, local delivery in westchester/Putnam.
  2. As the title says... I have a twice used sit and climb wide for sale. I finally realized that I just want to sit. Screw climbing. $250 local pickup only in westchester/Putnam county.
  3. Looking to buy a freezer chest, and was curious what size would be best. Figure it would hold 2-3 deer at the most. Anybody have any advice for a noob ?
  4. Heat. Bank heist at the end of the movie. Maybe the greatest shootout in movie history.
  5. Dude… You're starting to scare me a little bit.
  6. 2012 Bear Encounter RTH (3 pin sight,biscuit, stabilizer, peep, kisser) Right handed. 50-60# in realtree camo. 29" draw length, but adjustable without press. 6 easton bloodline arrows (1 needs to be refletched) 400 spine, 30" long $200
  7. Never used, shot one time into broadhead block. $20 shipped.
  8. I have a 4B that I'd love to swap for a 4G
  9. Appreciate the advice. I'm on that whole "have a new dremel and need a project" kick right now. Thanks for talking sense into me.
  10. All assumptions are correct. My concern is that it gets knocked around quite a bit. Assuming that I don't remove the barrel mid season, is the scope better off on the cantilever or the receiver ? Or am I splitting hairs ?
  11. I currently have a Mossberg 500 12ga. Slugster with the cantilever scope base, and I'm in need of opinions. Does it make sense to dremel off the cantilever base and put a dnz game reaper mount on the receiver ? or just leave it alone. It is a really accurate gun, but I worry about the scope zero every time I take the barrel off to clean it.. Hopefully I'm clear on what I'm asking.
  12. I love mine. But don't think that the "ready to hunt" package from basspro is actually ready to hunt. By it cheap, then spend a few bucks at the archery shop getting it set up.
  13. I live in one of the other "on-Hudson's" and my village has been talking this same nonsense for years. We are freakin overrun with deer in this county. It would seem that the only place without deer are the 100 or so acres of public hunting land. Plenty of hunters, but not hearing many success stories... At least on public land. I need to start making friends in bedford, or north/south salem.
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