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  1. Thats all really great information. Will does typically bed in the same areas all deer season long? This has always been a difficult thing for me to learn but once i figure out bedding areas i believe it will make my hunting a lot better. Thank you all for the information. I feel magazines should focus on topics like this more than describing how to set up between bedding and feeding areas. rather teach people where bedding and feeding areas may be.
  2. Some beds i find are in the middle of a grassy hay field that is all weeds but only a foot high or so and that just seems like an unlikely place for deer to bed. But the good clover and alphalph fields are close by. So maybe i am overlooking where im hunting.
  3. I have always been curious how you locate deer bedding areas. How do you know that an area is a bedding area or a place they lay for a half hour? When im hunting i have seen deer lay down and get up walk around and lay down again but its not really any thick stuff. So i would assume that these areas are not bedding areas its just a place for them to rest.
  4. I started tanning hides with nothing but my knowledge. It is pretty simple to some degree. I used a curatan by vandykes. It comes with directions on how to do it and all you really need is time and a smaller garbage can that is clean to soak it in.
  5. I would try using a housecat distress if alot of cats been going missing
  6. I always heard to use 40 volume peroxide and baking soda. you can find a lot of information on it at in the forums. I dont know why they call it bleaching even though you definatly should not use bleach.
  7. I did say that if it was a poor hit and the deer had to sit for some time before you know it would die so the meat would be fine. I would have to agree that the game warden would be more interested in the recovery of the deer rather than just letting it spoil.
  8. I was wondering if you shoot a deer and make a poor shot and leave the deer over night and it is the last day of the deer season can you legally tag the deer if you find it the next day? do you report it as the last day of the season or the day you tagged it? Would you get in trouble for calling in a deer after the season date? What if its 2 or 3 days after the season until you find the deer?
  9. I found that You need to stay with the same grain bullet that you sight it in with or else you can be hitting way off. I just use pyrodex pellets and power belt bullets and they work perfect for deer to 100 yards. I shoot 195 grain bullets
  10. I hate to hear "If I didnt shoot him someone else would" i have no problem with anyone shooting any size buck. the trophy is in the eye of the hunter. I would of let him walk I have let bigger ones than him walk. The problem i see with that statement is that the more people that think that the more small bucks get shot. It might not get shot by someone else. Your not giving it the opportunity to become big. If you are in an area where sightings of deer are scarce then by all means take it. If you have the opportunity to let deer walk to let it grow then I feel you should, but thats if you have shot a good amount of smaller bucks. The way I see it is pass on the small guys and shoot a doe. That is easier for me to say though because I am in 3m and we get a ton of tags where as some only get 1 buck tag and no DMP's.
  11. I would of let it walk to heavy to drag lol
  12. I had a buddy of mine who has hunted for 12 years now but didnt kill his first deer until the tenth year. His first deer he shot was a yearling doe and I know he was damn proud of it and I was just as happy to be there for the occasion. Some people take there good hunting spots for granted. Just because you see does and bucks every day dont mean that the people that shoot the small does and bucks do see deer every day. That might be the only deer they see all year. That is the reason why people should not basically insult someone for the size of there game they took. If you have the opportunity to pass on smaller ones than thats great which I have that but, I have spent more than one season without shooting something from lack of seeing anything.
  13. I have been hunting for 7 years now I believe and sometimes that happens last year during bow I could not go a day without seeing 4 bucks and a half dozen does or so every day. Rifle season came and a saw 12 on opening day and 3 deer until muzzleloader season. and I hunt almost every day.
  14. Always good to hear tips.I am always careful with getting every hair off my meat and i pick it all by hand but the torch idea is great. I find that filet knives have worked the best for boning and and cutting up the meat.
  15. That sounds like something i would try I have a recipe for breakfast sausage and it was alright not spectacular.