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  1. What does the ammonia do?? I googled this last night an seen about the peroxide. Didnt see anything about ammonia, just curious.
  2. Hello folks. I am looking for info on bleaching skulls. I have a bunch of skulls that i have accumulated that are yellowed. I wanted to know if anyone can tell me if there is a way to whiten them.
  3. Pat where are you that you got snow? I would really love to have a fresh coat of snow on the ground in the am but in know its not gonna happen.
  4. Welcome mikeg i am about 15 mins away from you in prattsville.
  5. An estimated live weight of 300 lbs and just under a year old!!!! Thats pretty wild.
  6. All of my vacations consist of staying in a tent. I have got everything i can carry in a box 1.5 x 1.5 x 3 feet long that is tent, tarp, axe, rope, lantern and air matress. I have camped on the St lawrence river, moose river, and when i go to a convention either it be trappers woodsmens or what ever i stay in the tent absolutly love it... I would also love to take like a week or two trip to the adirondacks to tent it and hunt and set up a couple trap lines.
  7. Awesome buck i dont think i would be able to pass that one up to let him mature more if i hunted for the big boys
  8. It was killed a couple of weeks ago. Its not mounted yet. Well the old fella in the museum is full of it then cause they have a male mtn lion mount in there that he was telling us was killed in ct and came from out west some place he may very well of heard about this story earlier and is using it to his adantage then.
  9. 10 dollar entry fee but you could spend hours in there.
  10. I like the fact that he goes were a evvery day joe like you and i could go. One episode i watched he was hunting on a golf course.
  11. For those of you who have never visited the wildlife museum in Vail Mills NY i would highly recommend it. They have over 100 of americas biggest whitetails mounted. They are replicas but still very interesting to look at. They have mtn lions, wolves, bears, antique gun and trap displays, fishing displays, a great place for the outdoorsman.
  12. This Mountain lion is mounted in the wildlife museum in Vail Mills NY
  13. Nothing big but decent little bucks. I am not a antler hunter so one of these guys will do.
  14. i have no intentions of shooting at a deer 50 yds away i will not shoot at a deer anymore than 30 yds 40 if everything is picture perfect but as hunters we all know that very rarely happens. i just enjoy shooting with my gf and friends and try to push the limits sometimes.
  15. Ok i guess it would be the pre rut time just before everything goes crazy when you start seeing bucks you have never seen before and they are acting real stupid and looking for that hot doe but not on the chase yet.