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Found 16 results

  1. Interesting how bucks spar (fight) after the rut, reestablishing their hierarchy. Those bucks that drop or shed early, also drop in status in the bachelor group.
  2. Latest camera pull in my new spot. Not much showed until now. Couple of nice bucks to watch. Not sure what the last one is? Neighbors dog?
  3. NFA-ADK


    These are some of the larger deer I have seen taken in NY this year. First pic still has the jury out as to the legitimacy of the animal and how it was taken. No facts so I will not point a finger. (LI) Second pic was in Prattsville area, third pic was my buddy's friend who did NOT miss the shot that my buddy did (LI) and the last shot is of a member at my archery range (Catskill area). All with bow except for 2nd picture, not sure of weapon used but I think it was gun. 1-2 and 4 are just slobs that any hunter in NY would be proud of and #3 is pretty nice also! This is not to mention all the brutes on other sites like Some real amazing deer in NY if they can get some age!
  4. Always interesting to see behavior at the zip-tied licking branch, especially when a younger buck shows dominance over an older buck that is licking the branch. In this case, I would guess it is a 1.5 year old and a 2.5 year old...for my neck of the woods. I would have posted the photo/vid of the interaction on this site, but I have maxed out my megabyte upload limit here. But you can see it off site at this link: If it is slow or doesn't work... See the vid on my facebook page. Link below:
  5. This shed buck seems to realize that his antlers are gone and it might be the best path to back down from the wide six-point. Learning his limits…shed buck backs down from wide 6 point .mov
  6. A holdover broken-antlered buck with its beams broken down to just about nubs takes on an antlered buck in the acorns. It hasn't learned yet that it doesn't have antlers now...too many fights. Junkyard buck fights an 8 pter. .mov
  7. A pair of feisty holdover eight pointers fight for the high ground in the acorns. This bachelor group seems to have a bunch of fighters in it as they are continually locking horns. Their antlers are getting more and more broken up. No wonder they are so hard to find. Two 8's battle for the high
  8. Two bucks came into the same zip-tied licking branch this morning, one early in the am and one later in the morning. But what a size difference! No wonder the little guys run like he!!. I cut and pasted the photo to really show the difference in body size as it was taken by the same camera, at the same zip-tied licking branch.
  9. Hello all! I need some help, so any help you guys could offer would be great. I hunt upstate near the Hunter/Cairo/Tannersville area where I have a nice log cabin with about 20 acres. The property is pretty hilly and the terrain is rough especially when there is snow on the ground but I still see plenty of wildlife. My neighbor is a complete di@k who on opening day for every season drives around on his ATV 20 minutes before dawn and continues to drive around throughout the day. Whether its with his ATV or with his truck he is constantly driving around while I am sitting in my blind or up in my treestand. He owns 300 acres surrounding my property but his constant presence is really driving the deer away during the day. I spend all summer setting up new shooting lanes, clearing out trails, putting up new blinds overlooking pines and bedding areas only to have this d@uche drive around during open season, sometimes with his dog. I think his constant presence is what is causing the nocturnal deer situation. Behind his property are 1000 acres of state land where I have walked up and have seen plenty of 8,10 and 12s during the off season. The only thing is none of them are coming down by me where all the does are. Now I have some huge does but I would like to shoot something bigger than a six. Any help? All the preparation, money spent on scent control, blinds, estrus, etc is useless unless I start seeing some bigger animals. This season was a total bust for deer, I was able to nab a nice 180lb sow black bear but the deer are only coming out at night, any way to turn their feeding habits around? Or am I just screwed because of my neighbor? Please help, only a few months until I will start clearing lanes again...
  10. I have been seeing more deer this year than in the past least on camera. LOL, I just wonder where they all go after the first day of the season! The 10 pointer from last year has not been seen yet.....still waiting as he was not taken last year. Attached are a two clips, two young bucks....4 and spike. MDGC0031.AVI MDGC0021.AVI
  11. Have a hunting property in Gilboa area. Deer hunting is really on the decline in the region. Ive been trying to do my best to increase the deer movement in my area. To help you get a better understanding my property is a 30 acre lot. the property goes as follows : 5 acre plot of open field (nothing planted, cabin is located in this field), a thin tree line, followed by another back field. After the backfield is 20 acres of downhill woods. Mixture of oak and cedars. Every so often we get acorns, but not always. I planted 4 crab apple trees in the back field. I am also in the process of planting a 1.5 acre clover field. I have a corn feeder set up in the woods and two mineral licks along the runs within the woods. I also have a camera set up along the thin tree line inbetween the front and back field and a feeder near the corn feeder. Any ideas on my set up? Suggestions?
  12. Pretty cool if you haven't came across this to do some calculating with ur smart phone and deer.
  13. Please let me know who wants Yearling Buck Protection with antler restrictions in their area and let me know what county and WMUs (Wildlife Management Units) you hunt in. Feel free to Private Message me this information. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ARGUE THE ISSUE FOR THE TENTH TIME. There are lots of threads for that already! Please only respond if you want this hunting improvement in your area!
  14. The other day was very stormy. I got picked up from school and it was raining....Got dressed up and in car by 3. We started making our way into the woods. Its raining bad now and the wind picked up like crazy. Out of nowhere....hail! No joke it was hailing on our way to thge stand. They were the size of a raisin about. I got to my stand and the hail still going and i hear air raids. Not sure if for hail or tornado. But they were definetly in another town/county. My dad let me at the base of the tree till the raids and hail stopped while he walked the 80 or so yards to his stand. The hail and rain and wind died. I got up into the stand, hooked up, and the wind started again. It wasnt too bad. but i was in a real thick tree that wasnt very tall and lots of big branches so i thought i would be fine. 20 mins passed and the clouds go away and its sunny. 5 or 6 minutes later, the bachelor group of 6 come out right under my stand..pretty cool i see them right after hail. Then out comes the yearling 4 i named buddy. Ive seen him withing 20 yards every day ive hunted that property so far. The rest of the day i saw does. Think its crazy the activity right after that. Would you hunt on a day like that?
  15. I have been hunting for about three years now. Every year in gun i mange to not see any deer at all. And im starting to think if im doing anything wrong at all. Any TIPS?