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  1. Had a successful last week in the woods. Connected on a nice little 4 point in Pine Bush last Wednesday. Hunted Pine Bush again on the fresh snow last Friday, tracked a doe to 35 yards and was able to put a good shot on her. Then drove down to Finger Lakes National Forest for opening weekend, passed up a basket rack and ended up harvesting another doe. Good week!
  2. Up and at them again this morning. My buddy from Miami, Florida got his first ever New York deer last night. Arrowed a doe in 4J and she went 20 yards and fell in view of his stand. Pretty cool stuff, he’s surprised by how big even the doe up here are compared to the deer down in Florida
  3. Switching things up a little. Temps are warm here in the capital region so I decided against the stand this morning. Snuck in at around 4:30 and set up on the ground inside their bedding. Worth a shot, at worst I’ll help out some other guys who surround this bedding area lol
  4. I’ll absolutely take his info if you have it. Can never have too many options!
  5. Looking like Fred the Butcher if my searching is correct? I’ll give them a call when they open up. I appreciate it!
  6. Interesting night in 4J. Had a 3 buck bachelor group stroll by (two spikes and a 4 point) followed by a doe that was about twice the size of any of those bucks. Never gave me a shot, she was a tree peeper and had her eyes on me the entire time I saw her... gotta get rid of those ones!!
  7. Hey all, I’m wondering if anybody uses any local butchers to process their meat for them? If so, I was wondering if I could get a gauge on prices and/or overall experience? In years past I have just driven my deer up to my home in Northern Washington County but with my schedule this semester of school it looks like doing so will be tough. Thanks in advance and good luck in the woods!
  8. Looking for a 4C or 4L. I have an 8S and/or a 4J up for grabs
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