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  1. Well Senior hunters don't get a break with the Crossbow, so they shouldn't get a break as a protestor. he was very unstable on his feet and fell back and hit his head. The force was minimal.
  2. I agree with you 100%, but i voted in every state and local election in NY and my candidates never even came close. Now that I have moved to Florida my vote counts . I am 70 yrs old, DeSantis for Gov and Scott for Senate . And putting in all conservitave superme court judges.on bench And we have the right to conceal carry. Get out of NY while you have any money left. Dave
  3. I am 68 and never bought a LIfetime License, so When I am 70 it only costs $65 bucks. Think that makes sence?
  4. So you are saying my opinion is wrong and yours is correct. Lets agree to disagree, OK
  5. I always love when someone spouts opinions as fact. For your information the transmission lines are much larger than 18" try 24" and 30" and some areas 36". Your taking about an area with existing infrastructure , but the areas in upstate NY have none. Its mostly dirt roads, just enough room two vehicles to move. Would be unable to close down these roads when they are the only way in and out of the area. There is also a big difference between Transmission lines and gathering lines. And that's not what they do in most cases, only some cases.
  6. Gee, that's a nice fairy tale, wooda, cooda,shooda. I look at it this way, I could have had a nice beautiful house and now my water is contaminated. Had homeowners insurance on my nice house, but too close to a fracking well and insurance company cancelled my home owners policy. Could have sold my house but the property value is down no one wants to buy my house. The roads to my house are torn up from the constant trucks coming and going to the well site, the noise is driving everyone crazy. The burning of the gas sounds like a jet engine, the birds are gone the deer don't come around. Yes it does directly affect everyone. But your home builder, convenience store and grocery store will be far from all the disruption so they will not care what environmental disasters happen to the environment as long as they can make a buck!!! Oh, it directly would affect me I own property in area that would have been fracked. This whole issue in NYS is like the Trump vs Clinton election. The Democrats and the liberals lose and cant get over the fact that they lost, just like the people in favor of fracking, you lose, get over it, move on. By the way enjoy the fresh clean air and water that NYS has to offer contamination free.
  7. Well actually you didn't. As a matter of fact there are no gathering lines or transmission lines in these rural areas. My question is how does the gas get to market? Answer: It has to be piped to the gas companies already existing lines. Which can be miles away from the well head on private property. So a new pipeline must be installed across private property. And how do they get permission to cross everyone property eminent domain.
  8. http://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-northdakota-bust/ Tell that story to the people in North Dakota
  9. Then tell me how the gas gets from the well head on private property to the gas company transmission lines for delivery? which in many cases is miles away !!
  10. You can believe all the studies you want from the OIL and Gas industry. Its all BS. Even if the ban was lifted they probably wouldn't drill in NY. There are two types of gas Wet and Dry we mostly have dry ,less BTU value and less bang for the buck. The Gas companies have already drilled test wells in PA and NY near PA border and came up with poor results. That's why they cancelled contracts in that area after already leasing the land. Why would they walk away after paying Millions of dollars on leases if there was money to make? Not to mention people in PA being cheated by the gas companies out of royalties.
  11. Who's quality of life is being improved by Fracking? Not the people living in the areas that are being fracked. Only the large land holdings in the area, which are not owner by the average person. Hunting clubs and individuals who own large amount of land and who generally don't live in the area. And if you don't think that fracking hasn't contaminated wells you must be living under a rock. The well is only the first step, now how do you get the gas from the well to the transportation lines? Through a pipeline system . So now they dig up every ones land from the well head to the trunk lines. So tell me again how this improves the lives of the people in the fracking areas.
  12. Well last month i turned in my license after 30 yrs. Finally got smart and saved the $200 fee, what a rip off. But i now have a Florida ccw license for only $102. Just got back an don't feel like anyone is doing me a favor, and i can take full advantage of my 2nd amendment rights. Shipped my guns to my brother in Florida and now I can carry them when I come down. Like a different world they treat you like a person not a subject. Just shows how you lose your rights in a Liberal state like NY.
  13. I 'm a bow hunter and now come Saturday Xbow hunter. Lets just say I am over 65 and enjoy being in the woods especially as the leaves are falling all around me. But on October 1st the leaves are still on the trees and it makes it harder to bow hunt, and even harder to track a wounded deer. So I feel the xbow season is just right , leaves down, deer moving more and better opportunity to get a deer. Whats better than last 14 days of bow season, that's all i need and a little luck. I would rather have the best of the bow season than the worst part of the season. Just MHO .. To me the XBow season is at the right time. Good Luck to All.
  14. Are there any snow birds on this site? If so have any of you hunted Hogs in Florida?
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