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  1. Morning hunt with my grandson today. This is first chance to get out this season. He is using the moss berg rifled shotgun and I am using my old Remington smoothbore . Fingers crossed he gets a buck today. As far as me just being out with him is a good day for me
  2. Here is a short video I put together for Dino about his trip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rVaacZZ6Uc
  3. I work in a grammar school. Wearing a mask has been mandatory for me if I am indoors since all of this Covid stuff started. No mask required when I am cutting grass or plowing snow. Can’t wait every day to get home and breathe.
  4. Ran into a young hunter this morning. Both he and I were headed to the same spot to sit. I said I would go back further up the hill. Very nice young man said I could have the spot and he would walk further back. He did not have to do that, maybe he felt sorry for a old guy? I hope his kind gesture is rewarded with a big buck today! By the way it is another quiet day here for me.
  5. Slow day for me. Congratulations to all of you who got a deer today. Few minutes left so maybe something still will happen.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to make the posts about your trip. I know reception was sketchy and it took time to upload. I looked forwarded to seeing and hearing what was happening throughout your adventure. I will talk further with you about your trip when you get back. Be ready I have several questions about all kinds of things. take care, brian
  7. Dino, Enjoying the posts from your trip. See you when you get back. brian
  8. 48 years ago I took my hunter ed safety course and became a legal hunter. Never missed a opening day of firearm big game season in all those years. I am a average hunter with average success. Still learning to become a above average hunter.
  9. I was wondering about that knife also. Looks a bit like a green river blade with a custom handle. Probably carbon steel. Looks kinda like the one I made and gave to Dino.
  10. "Marty" would be proud of you! If possible keep sending updates my friend.
  11. Just having a little fun. I recorded it one night at the cabin. Gets dark real early and being alone it is a very long night. Hope I did not offend anybody. Like I said it was goofy. take care and good luck hunting, brian
  12. I could not find a Yeti hunting forum so I hope it is ok to post this in the general hunting. It is a true story about hunting the giant wild yeti complete with pictures as it appeared in a archery magazine. Be careful out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOwtiQponvU
  13. Hey Dino Saw the picture and knew it was your post. Old wind mill is very cool! Glad to hear you had some fur caught. Best of luck hunting brian
  14. Ground hunting with the self bow this afternoon. Watching what looks like a freshly worked scrape. Real thick cover, the deer will be close if I get the opportunity.No deer sighted yet but keep reminding myself all it will take is just one deer to turn a good hunt into a great hunt. Good luck everyone.
  15. Good Luck my friend. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure when you get back. Take care and be safe. brian
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