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  1. Hello, was looking to bow hunt from a ground blind at Stewart tomorrow any recommendations on where to set up?
  2. Hello, Was wondering if anybody knows the rules and regulations for night hunting in Stewart State Forest and Sterling Forest New York I have a DEC permit that allows night hunting for Long Island. I'm not sure if it allows it for the whole state and if they allow night hunting in Stewart or Sterling regardless of permits.
  3. I was curious if anyone has seen or heard of Bobcats in Sterling Forest? I was looking for specific info on locations and sightings and scouting in and around Sterling Forest...if anyone has any Bobcat info please let me know. It would all be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
  4. Small game season opened on Long Island ( Region 1) today Nov. 1st. I am curious if anyone does any night hunting for predators here on L.I. ? I know there are no coyotes here ( except for a rare sighting). I was planning on bow hunting red fox and racoons. This would be my first attempts at night hunting I have been doing my homework and curious if anyone else has night Hunted on Long Island and could share their experiences and or knowledge?
  5. Hey Crappyice, I realize you are not seeing my point. I am posting about keeping a positive image for hunters. I understand and agree with you about harvesting and the organics of the whole process and conservation. Explaining this to someone you know to better understand what hunters do and why we do it is great. Just remember there are hundreds of people who see the carcass on your vehicle that you.will never talk to and open up dialogue in a positive way. Most of them will only see the negative of it and never get the dialogue. Again this is about promoting a positive image
  6. Hello Fellow Hunters, This thread has had some great responses. I would like to be clear that I agree that we should be proud of what we do as hunters. I know I am very proud of getting my first Turkey with a bow on Sunday. I even posted my harvest on Instagram from Timber to the table . My initial post was not my opinion it was more factual.I am ok with a hunter putting their harvest on the vehicle and they should proud of it. We as hunters know it's no easy task to harvest a wild animal and there is a lot "homework" involved to be a successful hunter. I know in more rural areas hun
  7. I want to apologize I didn't mean to offend anybody or stir the pot. Yes in rural areas it is more common to see a deer strapped to a vehicle and there are a lot less people around. Although if you come from a City or Suburban areas and have to drive a few hours A lot of people are going to see a dead deer on your vehicle. There are many people that are okay with it including myself , but in general there are more people that are not okay with it especially in more populated areas. It's more about promoting a good image for Hunters now and in the future. By the way I received this in
  8. In this thread are a few pics of deer on racks behind the vehicle. I'm not sure if anybody realizes or how far they're traveling but you're blowing your car exhaust all over the animal. In essence you are fully contaminating the carcass and contaminating the meat with poisonous exhaust fumes not to mention all the other Road crap that spits up from the rear tires and gets all over. It also does not promote hunting well. In my experience it does bother a lot of people to see a dead deer carcass on a car when driving with the family Yes we all love hunting here , but as we know not everyone'
  9. It was unbelievable I'm officially hooked !! can't wait till the spring season.
  10. Got my first Turkey !! Got into my ground blind around 6an. It was a quiet morning only some annoying birds chirping. My blind was set up on a strip of field. around 9:30 I started to throw out gobbler Yelps with my box call. About 10 minutes later I hear movement from behind my blind, I peeked out the back window and there were a half a dozen gobblers about 5 yards from my blind.. I carefully closed the windows facing the other direction and slowly open the windows facing the gobblers. At this point they had started to move away to about 10 to 15 yards, I couldn't believe it was about
  11. Gotcha..lol. I have been trolling this website and have learned plenty from Blackbellbills' posts and others. I'm very glad to join this forum , everybody's been so helpful and informative. Thanks again and Happy Hunting.
  12. ???? I have no idea on what references you were making it made no sense to me.
  13. Hello I'm a new turkey bowhunter ...I was looking to head up to Stewart on opening day to scout first and then hunt on Sunday. just curious is there going to be lines and be crowded. It will be my first time hunting at Stewart and was curious on what to expect. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated and good luck to everyone who is hunting .
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